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The earth’s most significant country was founded by serious men in a revolutionary experiment that has shaped human history; circa 2018, its government is running as farce. A Supreme Court nominee, an outstanding legal scholar with an impeccable judicial record, … Continue reading

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Congress Faces “Frankenfoods” Fight … Or Does It?

Food fights in the elementary school cafeteria repelled us; those since, including the one going on in the U.S. Congress just now, have done the same. A bill in Congress addresses GMO (Genetically Manipulated) food products to the satisfaction of … Continue reading

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Will The GOP Pass Obamtrade To Find Out What’s In It?

Folk spoke early last century in rural agricultural terms, advising for instance, against buying “a pig in a poke.” Swine needed to be well examined before a purchase if one wish to avoid unpleasant surprises. Anyone selling stock who would … Continue reading

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America’s Public Trough For Retired Presidents

Former President Truman drove himself and his wife back to Missouri at the end of his term without significant wealth; financial troubles followed. Congress taking note, voted succeeding Presidents some help from the taxpayers. Former President Clinton, with access to lucrative … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Is No King, Even If He Acts Like One Sometimes …

We hear that President Obama (The First Media President?) is acting as a ruler and intends to declare martial law and rule from there. We recall that General Motors was reported to have a 100 mule per gallon carburetor design … Continue reading

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Congress, Politics, Nazis … And Morality. (What Do You Think?)

The House just voted unanimously to cut off Social Security benefits payments to former Nazis. The Democrats and Republicans agreed without exception. We wonder what you think? The folk involved are a relatively small number of WWII survivors who have … Continue reading

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Bacack Obama May, With A Single Executive Order, Define His Presidency … (Or Not)

If the reports are correct, President Obama will order green cards, work permits and deportation stays for some five million illegally present in the United States. His speech is due shortly after this writing; we cannot be sure. But that … Continue reading

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Why Are We Stuck With Politicians, When We Need Statesmen?

The short answer: Because that’s whom we elect. (Ouch!) Remember the last war in Europe? No, not WWII; it was the breakup of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, two pushed-together assemblages under dictators. Other than those, Europe has been (for Europe) rather … Continue reading

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The Republicans Are Coming! (So, What?)

The Prez just pointed to how much better off we are since he took over and in response, the voters hired a bunch of unimpressive Republicans to run things. Maybe a result of not being able to keep their doctors? … Continue reading

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Is Tuesday’s Election A Deliberately Poisoned Chalice?

America’s Democrats seem the source of changes; its Republicans appear to provide a calming time out when the changes overly disturb the political waters. Or, in another analogy, a bad cop , good cop interrogation system. Thus, the United States … Continue reading

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