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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week: Stolen U.S. spyware now used by hackers in cyberattacks (Report) Government: Obama Administration spying on the press greater than previously thought (Report) Libya: Heavy fighting as divided government slugs it out (Report) China: Continues to subsidize manufacturers … Continue reading

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Help yourself: New York City will charge drivers to enter Manhattan; trucks pay more (Report) War on the internet: Australian net site providers will face jail if they allow terror vids? (Report) Oil geopolitics: A new shape for the Middle … Continue reading

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Canada and the U.S. Encourage Economic Growth by Limiting Oil … (While the Saudis Drown Us in it.)

Arctic oil leases are being suspended by the Interior Department. President Obama has killed the Keystone XL Canadian oil pipeline. U.S. law forbids exporting U.S. produced oil. It cannot even be shipped around the U.S. to any extent but in … Continue reading

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Fun-Filled Fact Fades Fast (When It’s About Global Warming)

The Fun Fact of at least, this week and maybe even this month: A study has  shown that adding all that corn-based alcohol to make gasoline more ‘green’ is contributing more toward global warming than plain gasoline contributes. Oops? This … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Another week has escaped us, with its follies and foibles; some are here for your pleasure: This weekend is the end of Federal long-term additions to state’s unemployment benefits for some 1.3 M people who have been without work for … Continue reading

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How’s Your Kid Gonna Eat?

Forcing us to use less energy by raising its cost is American government policy and it’s the reverse of American history. Stopping to consider that our standard of living rests upon expanding technology, that in turn, rests upon an increasing … Continue reading

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President Obama: “Our Planet Will Boil Over”

  The Prez recently stated that allowing everybody a car, air conditioning and a big house will result in our planet “boiling over.” He proceeded from there to describe programs he intends that, he claims, will prevent said planetary boiling. … Continue reading

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On Government, Helping Us…

We are a fascinating species. If I offered to help you stay safe and well by taking your money from you, would you fall all over yourself cheering me on? Not likely, but we voted for politicians who operate that … Continue reading

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What to Expect from 2013 (Or Not…)

Hell, I don’t know what tomfoolery those Washington, D.C. scrofulous minions of corruption we call Congressfolk  when we’re being polite will pull off in 2013 any more than do the big-shot pundits of our equally corrupt media. But I can … Continue reading

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Congress Makes Light of a Burning Issue…

Let’s see: The Chevy Volt saves tons of energy by refusing to go very far, the DDT ban saved both predators and bedbugs, the extra troops saved our victory in Afghanistan and I’m not sure what the Stimulus saved, though … Continue reading

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