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Manage the Migrations of Peoples … Or Be Trampled Underfoot!

History is always being made; it is always visible — if we are willing to look. We are often apparently too busy or engrossed in narrower vistas. Many for instance, are today engrossed in little Ferguson, MO and its spreading … Continue reading

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Ferguson, Ukraine, Ebola … It’s All A Show, Folks, To Fleece The Suckers … (OnlyThe Blood Is Real)

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste” is now Rahm’s Rule. Erstwhile White House Chief of Staff and now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is now immortal with that remark. He will live in political wisdom- or infamy — … Continue reading

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After Religion Is Abandoned: The Collapse Of The Rule Of Law ..?

Never mind whatever facts there are; the Ferguson grand jury must indict. The Federal Department of Justice has sent in ‘Community Service’ agents, the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus has publicly hoped for an indictment and Big Bucks have … Continue reading

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American History Seems Too Confusing For Schoolteachers?

Schoolchildren we know inform us that history is boring. Given that it is full of more blood, sex, war, disease, invention and politics than any movie scenario, we sat down to consider that. We have noted, without paying particular attention, … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

In an earlier America, Saturday night was when a family bathed, the water growing cooler for each younger and smaller user in turn. We will instead, bathe you in driblets of news: The top engineer at (very green) Google finally … Continue reading

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Are American Voters Responsible Adults Or Stupid Children?

Every U.S. taxpayer owes an average of $153,392 of federal debt right now. He is also on the hook for whatever state, county and city debt for which he is liable. And naturally, any debt of his own, though that … Continue reading

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Bacack Obama May, With A Single Executive Order, Define His Presidency … (Or Not)

If the reports are correct, President Obama will order green cards, work permits and deportation stays for some five million illegally present in the United States. His speech is due shortly after this writing; we cannot be sure. But that … Continue reading

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Amnesty: Invasion By Presidential Invitation?

Ececutive Amcesty seems the topic of the day. We will learn tomorrow whether that is the intent of the President’s forthcoming Executive Order. Presently, no law provides him authority to grant mass amnesty so we doubt that he will provide that. … Continue reading

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Are We Paranoid To Wonder Who’s Paying To Organize The Coming Ferguson Riots?

From appearances, the Left is investing big bucks into Ferguson, MO in order to organize widespread black violence on cue.  The FBI has warned that violence is likely when the Grand Jury announces its decision in the shooting of Michael Brown … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On Immigration, Legal And Illegal (But You Liley Won’t Like Them …)

Immigration occurs, it seems to us, for either of two reasons. Either the destination is a magnet or the source is repulsive. Or of course, both. The world is presently seeing a lot of the second sort; masses of people … Continue reading

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