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It’s Taken Only 67 Years to Erase the Holocaust–(Those 1945 photos were photoshopped!)

Not long ago really–lots of folk who were there are still alive, rather embarrassingly as it now appears–there was what was called: “the Holocaust.” Some 6 millions of Jews murdered by the Nazi regime for being Jewish. ‘Never Again!’ was … Continue reading

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Reagan Was Right: RomBama is the Problem, Not the Solution!

We’re presently supposed to consider President Obama or would-be President Romney as evil incarnate and his opponent as our savior, right? But if you discount the juvenile name-calling and the phony propaganda, it’s more like a Southern California resident deciding … Continue reading

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ObamaCare’s Proliferation of Warts…

Not only is health care owed us but what constitutes that care is also an ever-expanding menu, at least at the University of California. U.C. Berkely Health Plan Provides Up To $75,000 for Sex Change Operations will explain the latest. Used to … Continue reading

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Figure Skaters Can Be More Dangerous Than They Appear…

Few living in Los Angeles then knew there was an ice rink in Hollywood, just next door to a movie studio on a side street. Nothing could have been more remote from southern California living in those days except maybe, … Continue reading

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Why Does Prophecy on Human Affairs Always Seem Pessimistic?

The politicians–either party–promise us stuff they can’t possibly deliver, as we’re now seeing. The Dems provided Social Security and we’re now finding out it was always a scam. They gave us Medicare, too and the GOP added to it and … Continue reading

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Gunless New Yorkers Provide Target Practice for New York Cops…

New York’s Finest used to be the accepted cognomen for the cops in that city, an affectionate identification. Well, unless you were a crook. Now though, it’s not the same. ‘Bloomberg’s Thugs’ might be closer to the Occupiers’ view, though … Continue reading

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The Oxymoron: Government Help!

You retired after years of low income work that left you with an unpaid student loan balance; what did our compassionate government do? Obama says your loan should be forgiven; his bureaucrats however, reduce your Social Security pension to repay … Continue reading

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A very few immutable icons remain unchanged and enduring in our ever-shifting, always moving lives. Nothing we wear, nothing we drive, nothing we depend upon for entertainment remains as it was in 1937 (excepting of course, the current condition of … Continue reading

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You Can’t Hate Government But You Can Hate White Folks (and Their Kids)

Federal FBI and other enforcers descended upon an ex Marine at his home and took him away in handcuffs because he wrote anti-government on his Facebook page. Not kidding; here’s the story: Former Marine Rhetoric. The Rutherford Foundation has supplied him … Continue reading

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Meeting Murphy’s Enforcer: Reality

U.S. government and America’s Big (and now international) Business have been selling out the American middle class–with its enthusiastic support–for over 50 years. And the greedy suckers deserve it, though their children, who will suffer the most, do not. A … Continue reading

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