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Our Mysteriously Disappearing Healthcare…(or, Why You Can’t Get an Appointment ’til February)

A big local healthcare fight headlined our city’s newspaper this morning; it made an interesting point. Seems a local HMO group with a hospital, a group medical practice and a captive insurer spun off the doctors’ group, then contracted with it … Continue reading

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Another Failure, from Another Hollow God…

President Obama ran on ‘hope and change’ in his last election; he’s running on ‘I have to be better than those awful Republicans even if you don’t like the change and are losing hope’ now. The government no longer publishes … Continue reading

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Being a Jew in a NIMBY World…

The Jews have been troubling governments since ancient times, when they famously plagued Pharoh merely because he was reluctant to release them from slavery. They so annoyed the Romans by objecting to invasion and subjugation that the Roman Emperor had … Continue reading

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Whispering Sweet Nothings During the Last Dance

We’ve seen the presidential (or at least, trying to appear presidential) candidates’ last dance. Video and transcript are here for your pleasure should you wish. And if you consider  that a pleasure… And of course, should you doubt my assessment. … Continue reading

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Presidential Candidates and the Sound of Silence…

Here’s a question for Obie and Mitt baby, if we can get them to stop tap-dancing long enough to answer it: First, we’ve noticed the Welfare Spending Jump just reported, along with the Congressional Budget Office’s prediction of huge health care cost … Continue reading

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Post Election, “Your Fair Share” Will Take On a Whole New Meaning!

We know Medicare and Social Security taxes pay in less than the programs pay out, so we know both are funded now on borrowed/printed money. We know ObamaCare adds some 19 to 34 million previously uninsured  new patients.  And we’re … Continue reading

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War, Politics and Niccolo Machiavelli in a Changing, High-Tech World…

Wars and politics seem a little different now. Not so clear and understandable as of yore, more ambiguous than we have assumed they would be. Your troops used to go in, take over, ‘pacify’ a place and it was yours. … Continue reading

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The Peculiar, Unwritten Rules of the International Nuclear Bomb Game

All governments have secrets, mostly nefarious and usually secret to protect politicians from their own misdeeds. Or rather, to prevent citizens’ finding out about those misdeeds (in my opinion). The entire subject of nuclear weapons seems even more secret than … Continue reading

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Why DOES America Keep Losing Wars?

  Why America Keeps Losing Wars is a good subject but a pretty silly article. You may disagree; see what you think. Seems to me, America has lost every war it’s involved itself in since WWII. The Korean war is still … Continue reading

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Mr. Nye, the Political Science Guy, Says GOP Evolution Deniers Are Morons?

Are we the descendants of monkeys? Bill Nye, the ‘Science Guy’ on TV says any of us who doubt it are morons. ‘Science Guy’ Nye Belabors GOP re Evolution is the story. On the other hand, some say that accepting the opinion … Continue reading

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