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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

The gleanings this week: Venezuela: Escaping refugees overwhelming Brazil (Report) Freddi Mac launched a 3% down, no income requirement mortgage program (Article) (Reprising the last financial collapse) U.S. poverty, inequality and redistribution aren’t as they keep telling you (Article) Immigration: … Continue reading

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Punishing Our Kids For Doing What They’re Taught?

American public schools have provided free condoms, referrals for free abortions (No parental approval required) coupled with anti-religious behavioral conditioning: A high school boy filmed the sex acts of a high school boy and girl; the three then posted the … Continue reading

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Government, Preparing Kids For The Future …

We spoke today while awaiting a professional service, with two charming young ladies, twins as it happened. They were completing their sixth year of public education in our city, irrespective of Kindergarten. Our conversation was itself an education. They were … Continue reading

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Education Without Scholarship: A Modern Illusion

President Obama’s wish to buy yet more votes with your money presently includes a wish for ‘free’ community colleges for all. Conservative columnist George Will picked at that in a recent column. This gave rise to some thoughts of our … Continue reading

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The Many Faces Of Actor Matt Damon…

There’s no shortage of hypocrisy on the Right and it should be admitted but there is something about the sanctimonious Left that no Right wingnut can match. Today provided an example, full brass band and flags flying and entirely too … Continue reading

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A Bit Of History, In Living Color…

This is what happened: We raised our kids in the foothills of Los Angeles. It was a nice neighborhood of sizable, fairly new homes inhabited by Asian, black, Hispanic and white families with similar comfortable living standards. The neighborhood schools … Continue reading

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Is “Public Education” a New Mexico Oxymoron?

New Mexico schools usually stand near the bottom of national test results and the state is usually governed by Democrats. This is no coincidence. The state also tends to elect a non-Democrat governor when it periodically runs out of money, … Continue reading

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Public Education and Mail Service Helped Build; Now They’re Demolition

Government’s compulsory public education isn’t very old, only arriving with urbanization and the industrialization of the U.S, following developments in Bismarckian  Germany. It has never been intended to educate folk; rather, it’s purpose has always been to produce citizens instructed … Continue reading

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THE NEW RULE FOR THE PUBLIC SCHOOL: If You Can’t Move the Ball, Move the Goal Posts!

Florida college football teams didn’t gain their reputation by moving the goal posts when they failed to move the ball, but that’s the approach under way in testing the accomplishments of its school kids, apparently. Florida Eases Passing Grade on … Continue reading

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Science, Politics…and Truth

Saying you can tell when a politician is lying by whether his lips are moving amused the ancients; only the languages expressing the sentiment have changed. Scientists on the other hand, have been given an assumption of truthfulness for their … Continue reading

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