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In 1776, Americans’ behavior was prescribed by God and delivered to sovereign citizens by His churches; in 2019, a sovereign Godvernment increasingly imposes their behavior upon dependent citizens and their churches. The Founders’ plan has been stood upon its head. … Continue reading

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Twins, certainly. Both represent frightened and fed up electors rejecting their own respective establishments. Both Roman Catholic Cardinals and American voters have pinned their hopes upon unlikely figures snatched from the sidelines in what amount to leaps of faith. A … Continue reading

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The Devil Arrives In Detroit (And Feels At Home)

A Statue of Satan is being unveiled in Detroit. The event is being billed as: “The largest public Satanic ceremony in history.” Typically American hyperbole, we suppose. Discounting that side of things, the event still manifests considerable political significance. It … Continue reading

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Pope Francis, Cuba’s Castro And “Any Port In A Storm”

Western society, erstwhile “Christendom,” seems to be casting off religion. So too with Moslem nations and Israel. Generally following precepts of the political Left, Israelis and Christians are substituting Leftish governments for their previous God; Moslems appear to be in … Continue reading

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Pamela Geller’s Mohammed Cartoon Contest … And Related Nonsense

Pamela Geller is a target; she promoted the Mohammed cartoon contest that drew two Moslems to Garland, Texas intending to murder all present. They arrived with guns, encountered security in the form of an off-duty cop and died for their pains. … Continue reading

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Will A Humanly Intelligent Robot Have Rights? (Who Decides?)

Most humans in most times and places have not seemed to value human lives other than their own.  Nazis exterminated Jews as vermin; Arabs would today if they could. The Catholic Bishop of Beauvais presided over the burning alive of … Continue reading

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Test Question: Can A Non-Nuclear Turkey Afford A Nuclear Iran?

Sausi Arabia has already announced it intention to have nukes if Iran does so. At a guess, the Arabs won’t wait. But there’s another historic player that has not been heard from, one in which much change is occurring very … Continue reading

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Big Bucks Sports, Honesty, Reality … And Getting The Bulge On The Competition!

Rome famously relied upon “bread and circuses” to keep the plebes from thinking too much; America relies upon food stamps and football. Also basketball and baseball and now ‘immigrants’ are adding soccer. Distraction is not exactly a new grift. Top … Continue reading

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Jews, Christians, Western Civilization … Now, What?

The primary threat to human peace and progress appears as always, to be human nature. That explains why our species is one of the few that has never needed a top predator, perhaps. We take care of it ourselves. Presently, … Continue reading

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Quo Vadis, Humanity?

Roman Catholics are Christians; their numbers in the West are shrinking.So are those of Protestants. In the Moslem world, the numbers of committed believers also shrinks. Too many precepts of each faith are becoming ignored as people discover modern technology … Continue reading

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