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The War On CA$H Proceeds … (Where You’re Not Looking)

Once was, a ‘war’ was against Germany or more coldly, Russia. Now, we have wars on women, wars on minorities and wars on terror. “War” no longer means what it did. It has degenerated into yet another political tool. A … Continue reading

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Remember: War Is A Political Tool …

Why we’re sliding toward WWIII is an interesting if unsettling article worth attention and consideration. Especially if we recall that a war occurs while our politicians hold our coats while we fight. You may or may not agree with that, as … Continue reading

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An Ethiopian Dam amd Automated Burgers channeling the Spinning Jenny …

A fuss seems underway in Ethiopia. The media have not picked it up, but it is leading out onto the Internet.And it recalls a bit of history. Seems that the government there is undertaking a large dam, a water project … Continue reading

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