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Test Question: Can A Non-Nuclear Turkey Afford A Nuclear Iran?

Sausi Arabia has already announced it intention to have nukes if Iran does so. At a guess, the Arabs won’t wait. But there’s another historic player that has not been heard from, one in which much change is occurring very … Continue reading

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ISIS Shakes The World! (Russia, China And The Oily Arabs, Not So Much … Yet)

News we receive seems fixed upon ISIS to the exclusion of much else, now that Ebola has evidently been fought to a standstill. We hear little of Russia’s de facto invasion of Ukrarine and essentially nothing of China’s current invasion … Continue reading

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Russia and China Playing International Trick or Treat …

American children go door to door in costumes on Halloween, learning to be little extortionists; they ring, say: “Trick or treat!” and hold out some receptacle, expecting the householder to deposit candy. This odd practice is nearly universal in the … Continue reading

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