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How, in America We’re Entitled While in Spain, They Must be Nuts?

Tell me please, who is the sickest nutcase? The politician spending 40% more public money than is available, or the ranting, raving street demonstrator insisting that he do so? Everybody in Spain knows the country is broke; we even know … Continue reading

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Drudge’s “World on Fire” is a Pre-Game Warmup…

A Drudge Report headline today might be an alert for the thoughtful, even those in the U.S.  Consider this: WORLD ON FIRE: AFGHAN SOLDIER KILLS 2 MORE AMERICAN TROOPS… String of Iraq car bomb blasts kill at least 32… Muslim … Continue reading

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Gunless New Yorkers Provide Target Practice for New York Cops…

New York’s Finest used to be the accepted cognomen for the cops in that city, an affectionate identification. Well, unless you were a crook. Now though, it’s not the same. ‘Bloomberg’s Thugs’ might be closer to the Occupiers’ view, though … Continue reading

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A Short, Clear Dose of Economic Sense

James Sanchez writes of the Occupiers’ slogan: The 99%, under the thrall of unsound ideas, are once again oppressing themselves. Thanks to the calamitous state of public opinion, the ranks of the 1% are once again increasingly being filled, not by … Continue reading

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Occupy Using Black Blockheads?

Excepting some over-exuberance in Oakland, last summers’s Occupy tantrums were remarkably non-destructive for Lefty displays of outrage. And they fizzled in the news. We’ve been hearing that the folks funding the thing weren’t pleased and have been adding more aggressive … Continue reading

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