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Will the Erstwhile Queen of the Winter Olympics Survive in a Post Pandemic World?   The sport may be too difficult, too costly, too unrewarding and too inaccessible for our new reality. Never plentiful, ice rinks grew in a cheap … Continue reading

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Using the visible trails left by skates traveling over ice, early figure skaters competed on frozen ponds and rivers at drawing diagrams in front of judges. Given the conditions, those judges were usually the only people watching and  the competitors … Continue reading

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Figure Skating: A Political Solution For A Real Problem

In its beginning, figure skating – drawing d iagrams upon ice with skates – wasn’t very interesting to most people. Until an American ballet dancer displayed his art on skates and charmed the capitals of Europe. The resulting sport brought … Continue reading

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The Sellin Out of Women’s Athletics (Even in the Rio Olympics!)

The “progressive” Left’s social engineering has proceeded all the way from unrealistic/malignant to its ultimate: slapstick. Philosophers wondering why a hyperintelligent Creator would bother with such as we need look no further than the Rio Olympics to know that we … Continue reading

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The New York Times Disses A Successful Black Female?

“Professional sports” is an oxymoron, seems to us, at least when salaries or winnings are in the millions. We conclude that the New York Times agrees, though as its lawyers are in the picture, we can’t be sure. The Times … Continue reading

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Big Bucks Sports, Honesty, Reality … And Getting The Bulge On The Competition!

Rome famously relied upon “bread and circuses” to keep the plebes from thinking too much; America relies upon food stamps and football. Also basketball and baseball and now ‘immigrants’ are adding soccer. Distraction is not exactly a new grift. Top … Continue reading

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Figure Skating’s Audience … And Perpetual Conundrum

It’s unarguable that both audience and TV have largely abandoned the sport. Equally so is the sport’s need of a paying audience since it lacks both the numerous participants of tennis and the supporting schools of gymnastics. Worse yet, participation … Continue reading

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America’s Figure Skating Faces A Hard Landing

In a recent article, George Rossano pointed to the Russian dominance and American retreat from the top international placements. His observation defines the near future of the sport for very apparent reasons. Figure skating is too difficult, too expensive and … Continue reading

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Figure Skating Isn’t Worth Watching Anymore …(But A Makeup Makeover Won’t Cure Its Ills))

Figure skating and gymnastics are obscure sports for the few. Gymnastics persists on subsidies from taxpayers provided by schools and on profitable private training centers. Figure skating lacks the schools and depends upon ice rinks with higher costs and lesser … Continue reading

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