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Are Any Pro’s Left?

What’s happened to our English word: “professional”?.The Merriam-Webster dictionary offers: “b. engaged in one of the learned professions” which seems to exclude being paid for playing ball. “Professionals” once called up images of doctors, lawyers, public accountants and such, folk with … Continue reading

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Who Are the Little People of Golden Gate Park?

  The Door in the Tree is a genuine mystery, and not the kind indicating some politician is trying to hide something. And most importantly, it has happened, in real life and in real time, to real government. A tiny, little … Continue reading

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Brain Scans Finger Convicts Likely To Repeat Their Crime

An interesting bit of mischief from some neuroscientists: They can predict from a brain scan whether a convicted criminal is likely to offend again. Brain Scan will eplain. An MRI scan of a specific area of the brain differs in repeat offenders … Continue reading

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A Cure For Obesity?

The government says about 36% of us are fat. Obese, not pleasingly plump. These hapless folk (there’s a genetic element) are the new social rejects. Government helped convert despised ‘niggers’ to ‘African Americans with a place in line ahead of … Continue reading

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Update On the Coming Collapse (Cyprus Banks Still Shut)

We last considered Cyprus as its government proposed to bail out its failing banks by grabbing 10 percent of the money depositors had entrusted to those banks. Its parliament refused to do that (mobs in the streets, etc.) so the … Continue reading

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Federal Government Cannot Duck This!

When the politicians get together with science it’s wise to count your change, keep your hands in your purse or pocket and don’t look to either side. Weather science, adding alcohol to gasoline, ‘sustainable’ energy sources and a bunch more … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Costs: Why Are They Kept Under The Table?

Why, with all the present fuss about gay marriage, don’t we hear how much more the Social Security benefits for gay ‘wives’ will cost? Not to mention any other spousal benefits. A widow’s benefit is the greater of her own … Continue reading

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2013 World Figure Skating Championships (That You Didn’t Hear About)

Did you know that the World Figure Skating Championships just finished, in Canada? Maybe not, since American TV mostly ignored the event. So did the sports sections of newspapers. For much of the media, the sport is now nonexistent. That’s … Continue reading

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Another Financial Shoe Drops…

We continue to point to the visible collapse of the world’s finances with this, our third in the ongoing series. South American monkeyshines–Argentina’s supermarket price freeze and Venezuela’s devaluation–were the first shoes to drop, followed by the German slowdown that … Continue reading

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Intrepid Cops Capture 6 Year Old Emily, Arrest Her For Being a Kid

Were you, as so many of today’s kids, imprisoned through your childhood? From about first grade, I walked to the corner ‘convenience store’ that we used to call the grocery. I walked about a mile to school in my part … Continue reading

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