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Being In The Wrong Place, At The Wrong Time…

In a Congress become more theatrical than Hollywood, Senate Republicans, stymied by the Presidents’ Chicken Little act on Sequestration, are considering handing the Prez the power to cut whatever he wishes, so long as he equals the $85 B to … Continue reading

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The Biggest Loser…

President Reagan (R) was called: “The Great Communicator.” He evidently took the microphone with him; the only effective communication today seems to come from his successor, President Obama (D). Today’s Republican leadership seems to be uh, ‘communication challenged’ in public … Continue reading

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When Chicken Little Is Right…

Speaker Boehner, dumping the Tea Party in his Lurch to the Left, is falling into the Presidents’s trap. Both Dems and GOP know we’re headed into collapse; neither knows exactly when the stock market will fold and the banks after … Continue reading

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Signposts Along the Week: Key Reports

The World Economic Decline To the recently reported events in Argentina, Venezuela and Germany, you may add:Japan’s Economy is Terminal. The Japanese have been plodding their road to nowhere longer than any, but their end is in sight, the same … Continue reading

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How Many Soldiers Must You See To Decide There Must Be a War?

We’ve been writing recently of the inexorable steps toward financial collapse as they have occurred. First was the Argentine government freezing supermarket prices in response to inflation coupled with Venezuela’s 46% currency devaluation. (World oil market). Our next milestone toward … Continue reading

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ObamaCare’s Medicaid Expansion Racket Explained

I hadn’t known Medicaid was a racket. Well, that’s not quite true; most government services resemble rackets to some degree when you take fraud and waste into account but with Medicaid, some states are fraudsters too, apparently. New York is … Continue reading

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The More Things Change… (Schools and the Border Remain the Same)

Public schools don’t deny their incompetence to educate. Well, they really can’t, given their abysmal test results, low graduation rates and the pervasive need of colleges to provide remedial classes. Instead, they cry poor: How can you expect me to … Continue reading

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Own Your Very Own Drone!

While most of us think of drones–when we bother to do that–as the Presidents’ toys for killing bad guys in foreign places, others are picking up where the Prez has–so far–left off. Drones will provide details. See, you can buy drones … Continue reading

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Lamarck’s Zombie Stalks Science, Threatens Politicians…

Remember the old school-textbook illustration showing an ape following a crouching caveman following an upright modern man, intended to display evolution? It somehow remained in textbooks long after science obsoleted the idea behind it for an absolute lack of evidence. … Continue reading

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The Sound of a Second Shoe, Dropping…

We recently noted two South American markers (with some surprise) as the onset of the next phase of the world’s economic collapse. We expected some time to pass before the next one turned up. We were optimists… Last time, we … Continue reading

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