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The Fighter Pilot Is Dead

The fighter pilot was a romantic figure with his leather jacket, goggles and silk scarf, aloft in a flimsy, inflammable and unreliable motorized kite, dueling his enemy in the air over the WWI front. Individual pilots were known and gathered … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage, the Pope…and Biology

When young western women grabbed THE PILL, ash-canned Judeo Christianity and ran off to live as immature boys at sex parties, they broke the image of the Western Woman. Government ‘help’ provided the necessary convenience abortion, divorce mills and financial … Continue reading

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The New Meaning of: “Responsibility”

A French court has just sentenced a psychiatrist to a year in jail and 8,500 Euros damages for manslaughter because his patient of four years hacked an old man to death. The patient, while his doctor was being locked up, went … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy: More Generous Than Expected?

What do you think of a newly unemployed guy with kids who hurries out to max out his credit card on new gadgets before the credit folks find out he’s lost his job? I think the same, but it’s evidently … Continue reading

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The Hypocrisy of the Gun Controllers or, Using Dead Kids to Empower Government

The howling hyenas of the Left have lurched into full spay over the Connecticut shootings of school kids and staff. They appear happy enough to write off Adam Lanza, the nutcase shooter so long as they can permanently put away … Continue reading

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And Here, In the Best of All Possible Worlds…

Are we really sending thousands of troops back to Iraq? 20,000 Troops Back to Iraq? seems to think so, even though it seems to me, we just brought them home. Who’s paying for all this? Uh, sorry I asked… I know who’s … Continue reading

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Relax! Alfred E. Neumann Is In Charge and All Is Well…

Not only are the scalawags we elected playing us on the debt and deficit but the scalawag-in-chief  leads the parade of mountebanks, churls and financial finaglers piping us into the slough of debt-spond. Our president now clearly intends to destroy … Continue reading

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For the “War on Terror,’ Can Victory Exist?

If you stack dead Afghans next to dead Americans, both piles run to thousands but the Afghani pile, if it matches events in Iraq, will be somewhere between 10 and 20 times larger. Of course, nobody wants to make that … Continue reading

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Real Political Science 101

Government sometimes–usually unintentionally–puts its own reality in front of us with no deniability whatever, plausible or otherwise. Not often, mind you but it happens. It occurred again recently and the report was published as ‘Today’s Lesson” for us to enjoy… … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Takes On the Supreme Court and Alfred E. Neumann…

The Supremes have taken on the gay marriage argument; Gay Marriage at the Supreme Court will explain for you. Maybe the Court will present the facts of the subject, unlike everybody so far. Or not. In case the Court isn’t … Continue reading

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