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When Pipe Dreams Become Cost Nightmares

Have you read of a car falling into a sinkhole or stalled in an intersection flooded by a water main break? A lot of people have and more will; see, pipes in the ground, rot. They call it electrolysis and it generally … Continue reading

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The Poet Said: “Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves”…and PETA Must Believe It!

See, there was the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) that had been rescung ill-treated livestock for generations. (Still does.) But the fokls behind People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sneered at that; they wanted to … Continue reading

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Courageous Chinese Women Going Where the Men Go…

Li Tingting and 20 activist girlfriends are courageously defying the Chinese government with ‘occupy’-modeled public protests in metropolitan Guangzhou. Li aims for heroine status and will, if not wiped out, likely be enthroned at least. China’s ‘Occupy’ Toilet Protests Spread will provide details … Continue reading

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Will Feds’ War on Fresh Milk and Hair Dryers Lead to Bald White Women?

A lot of us know the Feds prevent our buying sugar (and everything with sugar in it) cheap from Brazil so we can be forced to buy it at twice the price from U.S. agricultural giants like Archer Daniels Midland, who … Continue reading

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Pssst! Men and Women Aren’t Identical! Pass it on! (But not out loud!)

Remember when Wall Street and (Dem) White House hotshot Larry Summers was President of Harvard and was forced out for menitioning that men’s and women’s intelligences differed? That the point was perfectly true was no defense. Sex Differences In Infant Care Trump Gender … Continue reading

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Most Moms Under 30 Haven’t Married…

Not long ago, being called a bastard may not have been uncommon, but it was usually inaccurate; now it’s the new normal. Most Births to Those Under 30 Are to Unwed Moms explains how so. It’s still not nice, though. And as … Continue reading

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Bird Lovers Unintentionally Provide Unique Game to Hunters…

A recent post reveled that Congress has demanded that the FAA prepare our U.S. skies to receive thousands of drones within the next nine month, as the military returns with thousands of the things from Afghanistan and Iraq. From the … Continue reading

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If Obama Acts Unconstitutionally, Why Don’t Republicans Oppose That, Not Just Complain?

Senate Minority Leader: Helpless, Lazy or Spineless? is a report questioning why Republicans seem to ignore our Presidents’s unconstitutional uses of power. We know the Prez seized General Motors, fired its president and handed it to its union in a made-to-order … Continue reading

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“The Land of the Free…” (Or Is It?)

Living in a place sung of as: “the land of the free” must have meant more back when the lyrics were written; today, they seem a bit ironic. Consider three stories from today’s news and then consider the meaning of … Continue reading

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Government Protection Is An Oxymoron…

They say there is on an increasing scale,  ordinary carelessness, human incompetence and government. The ‘Fast and Furious’ debacle being extracted from the Obamafolk like an inept dentist extracts an impacted tooth has hit a new level of comedic incompetence, a … Continue reading

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