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Louisiana: Can’t Monkey with Casket Costs, Capisce?

The Progressives formalized crony capitalism early in their reign with the Sherman Antitrust Act, originally intended to protect us from corporate greed, or at least promoted that way. Progressives have always seemed worried about corporate greed but have seldom appeared to notice … Continue reading

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Can We Industrialize the Bottle Battle?

Back awhile, American tourists traveling in Europe tended toward bemusement on noting that Europeans drank bottled water. Everybody warned us before a trip to Italy not to drink water from the taps, it would make us sick. We felt smug … Continue reading

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Adding It Up for Yourself or, 1+1=1.67

Everybody knows the U.S. government owes more than it can repay and is still spending $1.3 T a year more than its income; it’s just that nobody believes it. Our leaders know what they’re doing and they all promise to … Continue reading

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Answer Quick: Is Gender a Biological Fact or a State of Mind?

Maybe we can see a silver lining when Department of Justice bureaucrats force a school to let a boy share the girls’ restrooms because he claims’ he should be a girl. Not, you notice, that he has been surgically feminized; … Continue reading

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The Democrats’ Already Existing Showplace

There’s one place where the Left’s prescriptions for America have been practiced for years; a perfect illustration of the program, right here in the U.S. But the Left is so modest about its years of control you hardly ever hear about the place, though … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Mary Lou’s Coffee Use Waitresses Like Hooters’ and Starbucks’?

Here’s a challenge for the thoughtful whether liberal or conservative, seems to me. Marylou’s Coffee is a local (Boston, suburbs and Connecticut) little challenger to mighty Starbucks that has been doing so well it has continued growing. That may be what … Continue reading

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The Left Bags Another Environmental Triumph in L.A…

Plastic Bag Ban Approved For L.A. Markets tells followers of the Foldin’ State of its latest advance-to-the-rear. As always in modern CaliFunya, it’s improving things for the environment by making it more difficult and expensive for people to live in it. … Continue reading

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How Figure Skating Resembles Congress

A couple dozen elected officers and directors run U.S. Figure Skating all year until in May, they reluctantly answer to the sport’s Governing Council (GC), a congress of several hundred delegates from the skating clubs around the country. The Board of … Continue reading

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THE NEW RULE FOR THE PUBLIC SCHOOL: If You Can’t Move the Ball, Move the Goal Posts!

Florida college football teams didn’t gain their reputation by moving the goal posts when they failed to move the ball, but that’s the approach under way in testing the accomplishments of its school kids, apparently. Florida Eases Passing Grade on … Continue reading

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President Eisenhower Becoming High Roller in His Tomb?

U.S. Sends Troops to Yemen as Al Qaeda Gains Ground adds a new little war to the ever-increasing list of undeclared Obamawars. You probably haven’t heard about it; the media in their inestimable professionalism seem to have decided that, in this … Continue reading

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