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You Do Believe Advertising, Don’t You? (You’re Paying For It!)

Old folks can recognize an interesting change in American life that is unrecognizable to the young. A perennial condition, we suppose. This case has to do with commercial advertising. First radio, then TV provided entertainment free to listeners and then … Continue reading

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Politicians and Government Uber Alles …Will the Public Be Taken for a Ride?

Today’s ‘ride sharing’ business seems to us, instructive. Uber, Lyft and other such businesses are regularly in current headlines; few seem to notice. They are perfect illustrations of the old saw: “The more we change, the more we remain the … Continue reading

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The Business Of America Was Business (Now, It’s Government)

The U.S. is widely known for its wealth, compared to the rest of our planet and that is just as widely attributed to the economic system called “capitalism,” for short. In America, the production of wealth is considered an attribute … Continue reading

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The Prez Wants High Wages And Lots of Cheap ‘Immigrant’ (How Do You Do That?)

A fast food job today resembles the work that not long ago, helped students through college; today, the students rely on government secured loans and the jobs are filled by “immigrans.” That’s destructive for both cases. The loans mean that … Continue reading

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Naked Actresses, Hackers, The Internet … Ho Hum!

A number of British and American actresses are apparently having a snit over the appearance of numerous photos of themselves naked and in some cases apparently lewd, on the Internet. This reminds us of the righteous indignation of the fox … Continue reading

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Politicians Have Created The Illusion Of Wealth … (And We Expect It To Finance Our Retirement)

We’re examining two charts, one is a  Graph     of world  GDP versus equity prices while the other presents imports to rich and to developing countries of the World Economy. Unconvincingly, world GDP has been declining while share prices have gone … Continue reading

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How ‘Government Service’ Becomes An Oxymoron … (Uber And Lyft, Drowning)

We are confused sometimes by government directives. We have become used to freeways with special privilege carpool lanes for instance, promoting using less gas. We got that, sitting there in our bumper-to-bumper crawl lanes watching two or three cars whiz … Continue reading

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