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Are You Ready To Be Saved Again?

Our President said he wants Congress to close Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the most spectacularly failed government subsidizers of home mortgages. That’s a bit like Hitler closing Dachau; you have to applaud the notion but it leaves you wondering … Continue reading

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When You Wish Upon A Fed…

Our economy is recovering, right? The stock market has risen, real estate prices likewise and the government says things are improving. Thank Obama! Of course, the numbers of people employed haven’t changed much and folks are still facing layoffs. New … Continue reading

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Smart Bankers SELL Reverse Mortgages (They Don’t Buy Them!)

Reverse mortgages are touted by TV advertisers and knocked by the New York Times, which is in turn savaged by a university professor (Reverse Mortgages) while the financial sky is preparing to fall (World Economy).. Or not. Retirees staring at … Continue reading

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Anti-Green Government, Freedom and Ordinary Vegetables

‘Green’ usually joins ‘government’ to report extravagance, foolishness or both combined these days but this time, we’re discussing combining a threat to freedom with vegetables. No, we don’t mean some mayor is sending his cops out to make people eat … Continue reading

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The Wages of Woodstock…

The America that built this country was run by WASPS–white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestants–who subscribed to something called the ‘Protestant Work Ethic’ and sat comfortably on top of power. Catholics were unwanted but in their own enclaves such as utilities; blacks, Chinese … Continue reading

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U.S. Housing: A Real Life Bedtime Story (For Adults Only)

There’s a backstory of American housing policy but you won’t hear it from the major media; it doesn’t make their heros look so good. But it’s reality nevertheless. President Bill Clinton happily signed the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act to clamp … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Expensive Football/Frisby Now at Los Angeles Beaches…

Your home in the city is your property to do with what you will, right? Yup, provided you don’t want to fire a gun, park too many cars or park in the wrong place, let it go to weeds, install energy-unapproved appliances or insulation, … Continue reading

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