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An Actress Identifies A Less Than Entertaining Reality Of People

An actress has noted something we mostly seem to accept as normal: Angelina Jolie: “We’re living in an era of mass displacement.” She is apparently concerned over this. Admittedly, our initial reaction was of the sort that gives rise to … Continue reading

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U.S. Immigration, Europe, Reality And Phyllis Schlafly

North America and Europe are increasingly rattled by immigration now; it is proving troublesome and neither has yet devised any solution to the resulting problems. Primarily, this represents political decadence and a retreat from reality. All Immigrants are first, emigrants; … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Collected bits of the recent news just for you … We have accumulated two  Illegal Immigrants for every new job created since 2000, per reports. Some New Jersey Boys  offering snow shoveling services were halted by police; they were not … Continue reading

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Judge Andrew Hamen, President Obama and a Horde of Wetbacks: (A study in Suspense)

A Federal judge has issued an injunction blocking President Obama’s executive order easing the entry of illegal immigrants into the U.S. This block will be in effect until either it is overturned by a higher court, or by the outcome … Continue reading

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The Human Comedy Plays On In America (Per An Ancient Roman Script)

It is pretty clear that, given the choice, a very large number of people would prefer to go to North America or Europe to live and raise their families. What matters, is why? It isn’t just wealth; that’s plentiful in … Continue reading

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The GOP: How To Oppose Immigration Without Being Deprived Of It …

The Democrats want as many million illegal aliens imported, working and ultimately voting as possible. President Obama has made that unarguable. Republicans resemble a young girl long pledged to the boy next door, suddenly rushed by the son of the … Continue reading

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Amnesty: Invasion By Presidential Invitation?

Ececutive Amcesty seems the topic of the day. We will learn tomorrow whether that is the intent of the President’s forthcoming Executive Order. Presently, no law provides him authority to grant mass amnesty so we doubt that he will provide that. … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On Immigration, Legal And Illegal (But You Liley Won’t Like Them …)

Immigration occurs, it seems to us, for either of two reasons. Either the destination is a magnet or the source is repulsive. Or of course, both. The world is presently seeing a lot of the second sort; masses of people … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Ebola For Those Tired Of Hysteria …

Dedicated as it seems to manipulating rather than informing us, our media has soaked us in ISIS and Ebola as though no other significant news exists, and continues to do so. So we will share some thoughts on Ebola; feel … Continue reading

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Sound The Alarm! The Swiss Are Controlling Their Border! (Who Do They Think It BelongsTo, Anyway?)

  Norway, we are told, may follow the Swiss on immigration. As the Swiss have just voted (narrowly) for immigration quotas, we are told disapprovingly. The E.U. neighbors of the Swiss are huddling over what to do about this, as … Continue reading

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