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That Saying About: “Too Good To Be True ..?” In Western Democracies …

There were radio quiz shows that provided impressive prize money to successful participants. We recall one called: “The $64,000 Question” at which the prize was said to be that amount of money, handed out on the spot to its winner. … Continue reading

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Dancing Politicians Just Look Silly …(Especially When They’re Elephants)

The House Republicans voted to sue the President; the House Democrats voted against that. These are the people presently conducting the governance of these United (sort of) States. We should not be abandoning God with such goings-on in play; we … Continue reading

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On Voting: “NO!” For President

You’ve likely noticed: All the power seekers sell the same formula: an earthly utopia that will result from electing them. This will always be funded by somebody else, not you. And the power seeker will see to that. And finally, … Continue reading

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Vote Early And Often! (A Glorious American Tradiiition!)

Voting has complications usually overlooked by voters. Who should vote is a beginning; adult male property owners as earlier Americans saw matters? Or nearly everybody able to get to the polls, as seems to be the current view? Should felons … Continue reading

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In The First Inning, Does It Matter Who’s On First?

It’s interesting to watch the reports as the 2016 Presidential elections come into sight or at least, into smell. The flaming radiance of the halo around President Obama (at least, within his party) has obscured development of any serious Democratic … Continue reading

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Why Blame the President?

Blaming the President seems to me, a cop-out by hypocrites. President Obama’s direction was clear before his first election; inarguable by his second and he won twice, standing tall upon his intentions. If anyone is surprised by any of his … Continue reading

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Anybody Know What ‘Republican’ Means, These Days?

The only folk seeming to know that answer are Democrats. It’s clear to them and they make it clear to their spear carriers that Republicans are the out-of-date, selfish and greedy scalawags who stand in the way of progress and … Continue reading

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Dognapping, Retirement, and Are You OK; the President Is!

Sometimes, it can be fun to line up a bunch of news reports on varied subjects, just to see what falls out. For example, we learned this recently from folks who worry about pets: Dognapping Up 70%. We conclude from this … Continue reading

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Root Canals, Cockroaches, Congress, Gonorrhea and Lindsay Lohan…

While applying to Mensa never occurred to me, I did convince a professor to grant a decent grade in Logic 101. It’s possible he had been drinking, but he did it. And still, there are some fairly straightforward things that … Continue reading

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How, in America We’re Entitled While in Spain, They Must be Nuts?

Tell me please, who is the sickest nutcase? The politician spending 40% more public money than is available, or the ranting, raving street demonstrator insisting that he do so? Everybody in Spain knows the country is broke; we even know … Continue reading

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