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Is American Society Progressing Under Progressive Government?

Here is a little portrait of present America, assembled from current news: Third graders in public elementary school were found smoking pot in the school restroom. A school bus driver was fired for allowing pot smoking on his bus. A … Continue reading

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Channeling King Cnut…

His Majesty, Cnut the Great, King of England and Denmark and of the Norwegians and some of the Swedes is best known now for ordering the tides to roll back. His heirs in that sort of thing seem to include … Continue reading

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Our Prez Wants His Dessert Before His Dinner (With His New College Program)

Almost a third of our current high school grads sitting for college entry exams, failed them, according to the company that gives the national tests. In Florida, the failures reached 81%. As this was reported, President Obama spoke in Buffalo … Continue reading

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The Many Faces Of Actor Matt Damon…

There’s no shortage of hypocrisy on the Right and it should be admitted but there is something about the sanctimonious Left that no Right wingnut can match. Today provided an example, full brass band and flags flying and entirely too … Continue reading

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Why Blame the President?

Blaming the President seems to me, a cop-out by hypocrites. President Obama’s direction was clear before his first election; inarguable by his second and he won twice, standing tall upon his intentions. If anyone is surprised by any of his … Continue reading

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The Mystery Of The Missing Artists…

What is art? Asking that is among the easier ways for starting an argument. Asking the Oxford Dictionaries gets you: 1the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, … Continue reading

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Root Canals, Cockroaches, Congress, Gonorrhea and Lindsay Lohan…

While applying to Mensa never occurred to me, I did convince a professor to grant a decent grade in Logic 101. It’s possible he had been drinking, but he did it. And still, there are some fairly straightforward things that … Continue reading

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