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California’s Water (And The Little Fish That Drank It Up)

Water, water everywhere; nor a drop to drink! The lament of Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner comes to mind contemplating America’s southwestern drought, presently peaking in California. Such contemplation inescapably points as well to the odd nature of our species. Consider: Most … Continue reading

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“Gloval Warming” Seems Political Sciene; An Impending Ice Age is Geology …

Because our politicians and now Pope Francis keep pursuing global warming, we instead pursue reality. His Holiness and President Obama are we think, about as unlikely to capture real global warming as we are to capture reality. But the chase … Continue reading

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The Climate Change You Haven’t Heard From Politicians …

If dishonest politicians and the dishonest ‘scientists’ on their payrolls can write about the future climate, we figure so can we. And as no one is offering us any money to lie about it, we will speak only the truth … Continue reading

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