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Recycling Thomas Jefferson?

Politicians wishing to be put by the voters into charge of the U.S. government generally offer bribes to buy the needed votes. They hide the otherwise obvious fact  that those same voters will have to pay for the promised benefits … Continue reading

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Obamacare: The Service Is Extended But The Bills Are Due Now…

The “You can keep your doctor” joke for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) went flat in a hurry; the “affordable” seems destined to be with us a while. Those old enough to care, noted that he popular and growing Medicare … Continue reading

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Politics As Usual As Far As The Eye Can See (Which Is Only As Far As The Next Economic Dust Cloud)

We seem to be watching two, simultaneous election cycles unfolding at once. One is the obvious Congressional election this November; the other, the Presidential and Congressional cycle of 2016. The first is overt and acknowledged; the second, more covert and … Continue reading

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Olympic Figure Skating: Let’s Boo The Judges!

Figure skating judges seem mostly invisible for three years between Olympics, coming under (rather disapproving) attention only quadrennialy. They are consigned immediately with the closing ceremonies, back to obscurity. Figure skating  is normally invisible these days and booing the judges … Continue reading

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Climate Truth May Be Stranger Than Al Gore …

That everyone talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it has been attributed to Charles Dudley Warner and to Samuel Clemens and if you except Al Gore and President Obama, remains largely true today. And while politicians are … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Another Saturday, another agglomeration of the flotsam and even, some jetsam of the week’s events and reports. Select and dispose as you will. The EPA is interested in a report that says some half of ordinary water faucets may host … Continue reading

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Ode To Dr. Strangelove As He Moves In Next Door …

the U.S. was the first nuclear power; it gained the world’s attention by bombing Japan. The bombing did not generate the attention; that came from the ratio: One bomv = one city. After WWII, a handful of developed nations monopolized … Continue reading

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Does Ukraine Have A Chance? Only Putin Knows For Sure …

A bit over a thousand years ago, the Vikings had taken control of northeastern Europe as well as raiding and settling in what is now Great Britain and France. One of them was the ruler of Kievan Rus, known now … Continue reading

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The Ignoble And Undignified History Of The American Labor Movement

In America, the Industrial Revolution and then the Civil War dumped manpower into cities and provided Progressive politicians a needy following that they have exploited ever since. With a labor surplus available, early industry paid as little as it could … Continue reading

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Labor Pains End With Tennessee Stillbirth; The UAW Is Aborted

The big industrial unions have evaporated from America along with the big industries that paid for them; the recent UAW fizzle in Tennessee only underlines the decline. Three monuments presently recall the era of industrial unions: The cadre of comfortably retired … Continue reading

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