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If Government Wanted Improved Education, Would Education Still Suck?

American public schools have for decades turned out more and more kids who have known less and less but they are nevertheless, very educational. For those who wish to learn, anyway. Pre Progressivism, (John Dewey et al) such schools were … Continue reading

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The President-Hero, Villainous Coal and a Pipe Dream Called ‘Keystone’

Our President told us today that he’s saving us from the heating planet with no need for Congress in his campaign. The Big Man will do it by himself. Well, counting ant-heaps’ worth of bureaucrats as extensions of the Prez. … Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams, Sleep Tight…Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!

Sleeping with mere acquaintances used to be commonplace in America though heavily frowned on by housewives; it was much like today but was more about blood than sex. Everybody was acquainted with bedbugs though few owned up to sleeping with … Continue reading

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New York Times re: Hot Times in the Big Apple!

If the New York Times still leads the Liberal Green parade (debated) we’re in for some hot times in the Big Apple and elsewhere. We already know we use too much energy, live in oversized homes and drive oversized cars. Congress … Continue reading

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EPA Sneaking Power Cost Increase Behind Obama’s Back…(He Needs To Know!)

The helpful Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) is again doing behind the President’s back what he’s explicitly assuring us he doesn’t want done. His EPA is setting up new rules on U.S. power generating plants that will guarantee higher power costs. … Continue reading

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Obama Blows Your Dough on Dancers, Bedbugs and Earth Worship?

Modern Dancers, Bedbug Battlers, Earth Worshippers Get EPA ‘Environmental Justice’ Grants is convincing: The Obamanites are committed to spending first and worried about what they are buying with the money maybe about tenth, if at all. Taxpayer dough has to be … Continue reading

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EPA’s Top Finance Guru Lost the $1.2 B at MF Global

We know that the Untied Nations often anoints a thuggish dictator to chair its commission on Human Rights, that’s par for international political management, after all. But aside from that, few hospitals appoint defrocked doctors to run their medical operations … Continue reading

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