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Truly Big News On Obesity…

While a cancer cure will be  a big deal, it might be a loser to the biggest deal of all; a cure for obesity. Nothing is bigger than obesity! And today, Science Daily reported progress in that direction. No, this … Continue reading

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Helicopter Ben Drops Another Not-So-Smart Bomb…

‘Helicopter Ben’ Bernanke’s Fed has committed to flooding real estate with an ocean of (legally) counterfeited money by ‘loaning’ it to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the governments’ real estate mortgage cartel leaders. The cartel will thus supply the providers … Continue reading

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Bernanke: The Fed Will Continue the Status Quo, or: Look for Helicopters Distributing Money!

The ‘Independent’ Federal Reserve has now signed on to underwrite (with fake money) whatever spending excesses our masters plan to make for the next two years as: Bernanke’s Decision May Lead Planet Into Financial Chaos explains. You may rely on an … Continue reading

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A Prophet Speaks of What He Doesn’t Know…

What’s going to happen this new year 2012? Damfino. But some things seem more likely than others, right? So let’s ruminate a bit on some of those of current interest. You can return in 2013 and laugh about the misses … Continue reading

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