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EPA’s Top Finance Guru Lost the $1.2 B at MF Global

We know that the Untied Nations often anoints a thuggish dictator to chair its commission on Human Rights, that’s par for international political management, after all. But aside from that, few hospitals appoint defrocked doctors to run their medical operations … Continue reading

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We’re Running Out of Wars; Attack Iran!

Stressed politicians, munitions makers and military contractors lobby for wars. They contribute a lot to politicians to encourage fulfillment of their desires. Citizens mostly only contribute their taxes and their chidren. Iran’s obvious nuclear ambition makes it a good candidate to … Continue reading

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Uncle Sam and His Citizens Are Broke; Why Are They Bailing Out Europe’s Banks?

As Federal debt (to be repaid by taxpayers) continues to rise, the Federal Reserve has entered into a new program to bail out Europe’s ramshackle banks on top of Americans’ financial zombies. A past Fed Vice President tells all in: … Continue reading

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What, Me Worry?

Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neumann seems the perfect model for todays’ American citizen: 1. The President, Barack Obama, has expanded his Republican predecessor’s claim to the right to kill whoever he decides is a threat, anywhere, anytine, without review. 2. … Continue reading

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Washington’s Corruption In A Single Picture

Read, and weep while you pay: Wall Street Doesn’t Discriminate; a Republican is just as useful as a Democrat… Thanks to the Project On Government Oversight (POGO)

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