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The Ad Blocker Wars …

It’s not necessary to be very old to recall when visited websites were fairly simple and uncluttered. Or turn that around and say instead that it has not taken very long to submerge the desired website data under advertising. America’s … Continue reading

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Is the ‘Free’ Internet a New Oxymoron?

Have you been told of the “Global Internet Governance Alliance?” Maybe, we’d bet not. It was new to us when we saw a reported story from the Times of China. China is a Co-Chairman of its ruling Commission. From what … Continue reading

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The Corruption Of The Internet; A Play In One Act …

China has stepped up to forward the Obamafolks’ nefarious plan to assure governmental control of the only presently free information source: the Internet. One result is a  Silicon Valley Panic. While it is true that China is no U.S. friend, … Continue reading

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As “Healthcare” Became “Obamacare, The “Internet” Becomes The “Obamanet”

THERE was a young lady of Niger Who smiled as she rode on a Tiger;   They came back from the ride   With the lady inside, And the smile on the face of the Tiger. We seem to recall that public … Continue reading

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How Are Guns Like The Internet? (Both Empower Citizens)

Not long ago, Microsoft exemplified business evil in the E.U; it was American, technically ahead and Europe had nothing to compete with it. Now that unfortunate place is occupied by Google It has too much of the search business and it … Continue reading

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Your Federal ‘Servants’ Are Grabbing For The Internet Again

Perhaps the greatest changes in the history of human government are flowing from invisibly small electrons. The impact of the cell phone and the internet has frightened the liver out of governments worldwide. The ones that is, that have not … Continue reading

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Do You Trust Congress With Your Cell Phone And The Internet?

Two highly political technology stories merit  a lot more attention than the once watchdog and now lapdog media are providing. These have to do with cellphones and the Internet. Re the cellphones, industry lobbyists are pressing Congresfolk, who need pressing … Continue reading

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Using the NSA Crisis to Gain Control of the Internet (Before the U.S. Can Grab It.)

The headline reads: “Germany and Brazil Turn to U.N. for Help with American Spying.” The evil incompetents at the NSA overreached, were caught and thereby created a crisis of headlines, the biggest no-no of all for a spy agency. But it … Continue reading

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