Obama Has Taken Dictatorial Power (Clinton Democrat Dick Morris)

Barack the First, Rex?

Obama Assumes Dictatorial Powers is the view of Clinton Democrat advisor Dick Morris, not a rabid, right-wing-nut drooling onto his bayonet as he shrieks about the Prez. I’ll admit mentioning these laws before Morris brought them up, but I’ve never advised the White House as a Top Democrat so maybe no one was listening.

Mr. Morris is a little unfair here, the President hasn’t  ‘assumed’ the powers; Congress provided them and he simply ran with them. His choice, of course to run with them; he could have said: “No thanks!” You may have heard about this but I’ll bet you haven’t heard that some big shot Democrats aren’t too happy about it. Some actually seem to worry about the country!

The first is President Obama’s statement in open court that he has the power to kill anyone, anywhere, any time he (and he alone) believes they are a ‘threat.’ He defines what a ‘threat’ is, of course and with no one looking over his shoulder. From there, he chooses a drone, an assassin or a team of assassins as  he thinks proper. And it’s nobody’s business but his. That’s his defense of the drone attacks in Pakistan, a foriegn country with which we’re supposedly at peace. Mr. Morris doesn’t believe the U.S. President was provided any such power in the Constitution or since and worries about any one man possessing it. After all, if one has absolute faith in our current President, do we want a blank check for any desired life/death available in perpetuity to all future presidents? What if we elect a -Gulp!- Republican? But there it is, and without a significant peep until Mr. Morris.

The second is a 1950 law Congress used to hand President Truman control of American industry during the Korean War. You may be surprised to hear it’s never been revoked (if you’re naive). President Obama just issued an Executive Order dusting it off and updating it to set his cabinet members up as Czars over all of U.S. industry, banking etc, when he gives the word. The word is: “emergency.”

Finally, it’s the recently signed National Defense Authorization Act 2012 which funds the Pentagon…and has a sneaky little bit buried in it by Congress that authorizes the U.S. military to arrest and imprison any citizen deemed a ‘threat’ indefinitely without a charge. As Mr. Morris points out, the Constitution is supposed to prevent this sort of thing but evidently Congress trumps the Constitution, or thinks it does. The Prez must agree; he signed the bill.

So you now live in a place where the political leader holds the power of life or death over you, where he can send the army to round up and imprison those he wishes without charges and where he can assume absolute control of the entire economy when he says the word. Mr. Morris thinks the Prez now has the powers of a dictator. And Mr. Morres we remember, is a Democrat. No president in the country’s history has ever claimed this, so far as I know. And one law I believe in implicitly: Murphy’s.

Mr. Morris didn’t mention it but I’ll add my own two cents’ worth: A couple of Congressfolk have introduced a new bill that automatically strips anyone arrested under the provisions above of their American citizenship. With that, the military jailors don’t have to worry about any prisoner’s rights, see? Maybe it won’t pass Congress…

I’ll leave it to you to decide how you want to view an American President holding these powers without any checks and balances at all, as is now the case. Bear in mind that whatever you think of Mr. Obama, he’s merely the first in this new line; unless laws are changed, all his successors will fall heir to these powers too.

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4 Responses to Obama Has Taken Dictatorial Power (Clinton Democrat Dick Morris)

  1. Annie says:

    “Bear in mind that whatever you think of Mr. Obama, he’s merely the first in this new line; unless laws are changed, all his successors will fall heir to these powers too.” Dick Morris’ political sensitivities aside, the laws WILL change, because Americans know what is best for America (Constitutional law) and will change the laws unjustly passed so that the rogue Congressmen and Senators are out on their respective ears; and so is the POTUS.

  2. Annie says:

    Reblogged this on LIFE, THE WAY I SEE IT and commented:
    Dick Morris past political associations, the POTUS and legislature are complicit. It’s a cozy arrangement-too cozy

  3. flyoverhere says:

    We have come so far but it seems we have arrived back at the beginning….

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