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Government, Health Care and (Gasp!) Competition…

Have you noticed that when the government becomes interested in something for you and works to be sure that you get it, whatever that is tends to become unaffordable? When only the brightest students went on to college, a lot … Continue reading

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The Biggest Loser…

President Reagan (R) was called: “The Great Communicator.” He evidently took the microphone with him; the only effective communication today seems to come from his successor, President Obama (D). Today’s Republican leadership seems to be uh, ‘communication challenged’ in public … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Mary Lou’s Coffee Use Waitresses Like Hooters’ and Starbucks’?

Here’s a challenge for the thoughtful whether liberal or conservative, seems to me. Marylou’s Coffee is a local (Boston, suburbs and Connecticut) little challenger to mighty Starbucks that has been doing so well it has continued growing. That may be what … Continue reading

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Corny Copter Takes Tacos To Town…

With Iraq and Afghanistan closing, we’ve been told the drones are coming home with the troops and Congress has ordered the FAA to be ready. Some yankee go-getters seem to be thinking ahead: Tacocopter Would Deliver Tacos Via Unmanned Drone tells … Continue reading

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Black Market Barbie in Iran?

The powerful Ayatollahs ruling Iran threaten the U.S. Navy, Europe and Israel but those powers seem to shrug off the threats. Maybe they need to reconsider in the light of what’s happening in Iran to another major power: the world-wide financial … Continue reading

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