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“White Privilege”Is DestructivePolitics

Under “Affirmative Action,” it is blacks, not whites, who are privileged. Whites are discriminated. And American blacks have suffered, not gained under the program. Honest equality requires a level playing field, the same rules for every player. Homo Sapiens may … Continue reading

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A Study Of Black And White Illusions … And Their Costs

A middle-aged Detroit white man driving a truck, hit and injured a 10 year old, evidently black boy in a largely black neighborhood. The locals quickly formed a mob, which,as the driver got out to help the boy, beat him … Continue reading

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An American Rubicon?

American federal government has proceeded from powerlessness imposed by poverty to world-girdling power from an magically ever-filled purse in a couple of hundred years. That’s at least superficially, success. But nothing in our universe is free and such progress carries … Continue reading

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If Racism Is Wrong, Why Is Affirmative Action Right?

If you act differently toward someone because he’s black, that’s racism and in many situations, it’s illegal. In most situations, it’s at least disapproved. But today, black folks are treated differently for no other reason than race in some situations, … Continue reading

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How the Government and the Left Have Swindled Blacks (And the Price They Pay)

Black violence and particularly, black violence against whites is an increasing epidemic with many more victims than Chinese bird flu but with nearly no publicity. World Net Daily has just reported on a large multi-college Beach Weekend at Virginia Beach, an apparently … Continue reading

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If You Succeed in the U.S, You Must Be a Racist, Right?

Certainly you know which races receive the most government help from your money. Quick: Do you know which race receives the least? In our non-racist (by law) society… that has elected a (1/4) black President. If that doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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Racism, Equality and Affirmative Action Don’t Add Up (Without a Dose of Hypocrisy)

Racism is bad and equality is good; right? Racism consists in treating other races’ folk differently than we expect for ourselves. That violates equality. Ok, we’re making sense here. But wait a minute; I’ll hire a tall, black point guard for … Continue reading

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Reversed Racism Is the Cure for Racism? (Or Is It Just Revenge?)

Would you kindly explaing why something I do to you is intolerable while your doing the same thing to me is laudable? Or more specificly, why if I do it to you, it’s racism whereas if you do it to … Continue reading

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