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Gleanings From The Passing Scene… (Politically Uncorrected)

For those prepared to think, this week’s scene seems pretty heavy. As always, you decide for yourself; you’ll know what I think. Now you see it… now you don’t. California provided a small business tax break about six years ago; … Continue reading

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The Brief Life And Convenient Death Of Michael Hastings

Award-winning war reporter Michael Hastings died recently in a car crash. He was said to have been driving his Lexus over 100 mph at Melrose and Highland in Los Angeles. The car exploded into flames and it took DNA to … Continue reading

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Once, There Were ‘Red-Blooded Americans’…

80% of New York City High School Grads Can’t Read was the lead; the story actually stated that they couldn’t read well enough to be college students, which is slightly different. Considering that these are people coming fresh from 12 years … Continue reading

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Senator Rand Paul Tries Talking Death to Death…

While Senator Rand (the younger) Paul continues his anti-assassination drone Jeremiad in his Senate filibuster seems a proper time for a drone update. The Senator’s on about the Obamafolk’s claim that they can legally kill anyone (including U.S. citizens) at … Continue reading

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War, Politics and Niccolo Machiavelli in a Changing, High-Tech World…

Wars and politics seem a little different now. Not so clear and understandable as of yore, more ambiguous than we have assumed they would be. Your troops used to go in, take over, ‘pacify’ a place and it was yours. … Continue reading

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Obama Has Taken Dictatorial Power (Clinton Democrat Dick Morris)

Obama Assumes Dictatorial Powers is the view of Clinton Democrat advisor Dick Morris, not a rabid, right-wing-nut drooling onto his bayonet as he shrieks about the Prez. I’ll admit mentioning these laws before Morris brought them up, but I’ve never advised the White House … Continue reading

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