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May a Feminist Woman Change Her Mind? (Some Surveys Suggest Yes)

Surveying millennial women is reportedly turning up significant attitude changes on important fronts. These younger folk are starting to deviate from the Feminist Holy Writ as preached by baby boomers and by generation X after them. The differences affect women’s … Continue reading

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Gender-Bending At Age Four in California (Probably Beats Bagdad … Or does it?)

We note that a California family plans to ‘transition’ a four year old ‘boy’ to female, at the boy’s request. It makes perfect sense, given the California political mindset. Gender-bending is in fashion on the Left. Boys and girls may … Continue reading

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Foreign Relations and: “Why Can’t You Children Just Get Along?”

We are reading “The Milagro Beanfield War,” a very entertaining recount of the impact of modern development upon Spanish-speaking subsistence farmers in New Mexico. We recommend it highly. It is hilarious, full of action and illustrative of the borderline between … Continue reading

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