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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Your newstray of current canape’s for your selection; enjoy, curse or ignore as you see fit. Do though, do so with some thought; these are signposts pointing to today’s reality. Germany  is being criticized increasingly by the U.S. Treasury for … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

The pickings have been rich this week and as always, you may decide what they tell us of the world in which we now live. Eqypt/Ethopia  explains that our good friend (at billions of dollars) Egypt, now that it is … Continue reading

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Another Tale of Two Cities (And a Poem)

Our empty Chinese metropolis awaits its best of times, when its emptiness will be filled by throngs of Chinese migrating off the land into cities in China’s long-delayed industrial revolution. While it waits, it represents an enormous investment of resources … Continue reading

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Why Bush, Obama and Big Sis Haven’t saved Us…

Have you noticed that our governors were bragging about how they’ve saved us from terror  since 9/11 with their TSA feeler-uppers at airports and Big Sis’s Homeland Security in general, right up to the Boston Bombing? Why didn’t they save … Continue reading

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Reagan Was Right: RomBama is the Problem, Not the Solution!

We’re presently supposed to consider President Obama or would-be President Romney as evil incarnate and his opponent as our savior, right? But if you discount the juvenile name-calling and the phony propaganda, it’s more like a Southern California resident deciding … Continue reading

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Re-Volting Reality

Be warned; this is a feel-good piece and it’s me it appeals to. You’ll have to look to your sensibilities yourself. But there’s a big smile on me as this is written. That’s because in things political, justice and reality … Continue reading

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The Democrats’ Already Existing Showplace

There’s one place where the Left’s prescriptions for America have been practiced for years; a perfect illustration of the program, right here in the U.S. But the Left is so modest about its years of control you hardly ever hear about the place, though … Continue reading

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Currently Shocking Chevy Volt Firefighter Protection Scam

The Obama folks are always worrying about your welfare, right? Evidently, one of those worries was the possibility that you might crash your Chevy Volt, Government Motors’ gunpoint-produced technical marvel (it being a marvel if you could get it to … Continue reading

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If Obama Acts Unconstitutionally, Why Don’t Republicans Oppose That, Not Just Complain?

Senate Minority Leader: Helpless, Lazy or Spineless? is a report questioning why Republicans seem to ignore our Presidents’s unconstitutional uses of power. We know the Prez seized General Motors, fired its president and handed it to its union in a made-to-order … Continue reading

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Chevy Volt Fails To Complete Very Short Circuit In New York

The Chevy Volt shockingly (per Fox News) ran out of electrons to move it in pretty short order under city driving. Watt’s more, the intrepid test drivers couldn’t find a filling station to replenish them. The real shock seems more … Continue reading

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