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Anybody Know What ‘Republican’ Means, These Days?

The only folk seeming to know that answer are Democrats. It’s clear to them and they make it clear to their spear carriers that Republicans are the out-of-date, selfish and greedy scalawags who stand in the way of progress and … Continue reading

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The Biggest Loser…

President Reagan (R) was called: “The Great Communicator.” He evidently took the microphone with him; the only effective communication today seems to come from his successor, President Obama (D). Today’s Republican leadership seems to be uh, ‘communication challenged’ in public … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Global Warming (The Planet Isn’t Following the Script!)

Global warming, morphed into ‘climate change’ when the warming didn’t materialize, is used to explain enormous takings and taxings by governments world wide. It’s very big business. The U.S. Environmental Police (EPA) and various state wanna-be’s use it too. About … Continue reading

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The Rain in Spain Falls Plainly… in America

Americans know in their guts that foreigners are corrupt by U.S. standards unless their native language is English or after that, Germanic. From there, things degenerate as one heads south and become hopeless in the Middle East, Africa and Latin … Continue reading

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Pssst! Men and Women Aren’t Identical! Pass it on! (But not out loud!)

Remember when Wall Street and (Dem) White House hotshot Larry Summers was President of Harvard and was forced out for menitioning that men’s and women’s intelligences differed? That the point was perfectly true was no defense. Sex Differences In Infant Care Trump Gender … Continue reading

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New Report: Men and Women Not the Same–(If You Can Believe It)

Remember when Wall Street/Washington big shot Democrat Larry Summers was forced from the Harvard presidency after saying that men’s and women’s brains differed or something along those lines? The feminist outrage washed him right out of office, never mind the … Continue reading

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