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If Travon Had Been White…

A black neighborhood watch representative shot and killed and unarmed, 17 year old white boy who, the watchman claimed, was breaking into cars. He said he shot the kid in self-defense and was adjudged not guilty. It happened in 2009… … Continue reading

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London’s Liberated LIBOR Leaps Across The Atlantic

Leaping lizards! LIBOR has been kidnapped! Well, taken away at least. The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) reports the interest rate banks are charging each other in well, London. London is a historic financial center for Europe, sort of like … Continue reading

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Civics Reality Show

How the Senate does its work. (It’s even worse than you thought.)  Follow the link and decide: Is this how you wish to be governed?

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The Boy Scouts As A Mugwump

For those who don’t remember: A Mugwump is a kind of bird that sits on the fence with his mug facing one direction and his wump facing the other… Pity the Boy Scouts; by trying to engage American boys in healthy, … Continue reading

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Silk Purses, Sow’s Ears and Presidential Pinocchios…

The liberal-leaning Washington Post’s fact checker just awarded our President four Pinocchios for a Benghazi lie. The Presidential promise that Obamacare would not enlarge the deficit, would save money and provide better care is now Pinocchio material, followed by a … Continue reading

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Pope’s Minions Fire Apparently Upright Teacher Accused of Lesbian Preferences…

The Roman Catholic Church hasn’t been persecuted or had to fight on a substantial scale for a very long time in the Christian west. Perhaps that’s a reason for its appearing a bit rusty at such combat.  Its new Pope … Continue reading

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You’re On Candid Camera!

First, the newsfolk protected public personalities from private scandals; everybody knew of President Kennedy’s Great Lover tendencies but such weren’t news until Bill Clinton came along. Then we had the Era of Scandal as the private peccadillos of the powerful … Continue reading

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Reflections of the Passing Scene…(And a couple of questions)

A collection of recent reports to mirror our time and its condition. Conclusions, if any, are left to the reader, though questions may be asked. 1. Drones explains the Feds’ rationale for using drones to kill whomsoever they select for the … Continue reading

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THE NEW RULE FOR THE PUBLIC SCHOOL: If You Can’t Move the Ball, Move the Goal Posts!

Florida college football teams didn’t gain their reputation by moving the goal posts when they failed to move the ball, but that’s the approach under way in testing the accomplishments of its school kids, apparently. Florida Eases Passing Grade on … Continue reading

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Congressfolk Pay Their Taxes? Senator Brown, You’ve Got To Be Kidding!

Congress thinks it’s better than mere citizens, deserving of better retirement, better medical care, better perks and of course, scads of ‘appreciation and opportunities.’ We all know that, right? What we haven’t known maybe, is that a number of Congressfolk and their … Continue reading

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