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Naked Actresses, Hackers, The Internet … Ho Hum!

A number of British and American actresses are apparently having a snit over the appearance of numerous photos of themselves naked and in some cases apparently lewd, on the Internet. This reminds us of the righteous indignation of the fox … Continue reading

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Olympic Figure Skating: Let’s Boo The Judges!

Figure skating judges seem mostly invisible for three years between Olympics, coming under (rather disapproving) attention only quadrennialy. They are consigned immediately with the closing ceremonies, back to obscurity. Figure skating  is normally invisible these days and booing the judges … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal

For Protecting the Poor Sport of Figure Skating From Financial Collapse and Further Annoyance of Its Remaining Audience It is a melancholy object for those who attend to the affairs of patinage artistique or as it is named in English, … Continue reading

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Why On Earth Are There Figure Skaters?

Icd… Ice is cold, wet, slippery and concrete to fall upon. Skates are narrow, providing the maximum opportunity to fall over to either side. Figure skates, designed for masochists by a sadist, follow the circumference of a wheel, adding opportunity … Continue reading

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What Color Medals Will America’s Davis And White Win At Sochi?

Ice dancers aren’t supposed to perform jumps; I suppose that is intended to distinguish them from pairs who do perform jumps, often badly. But that is now true of single skaters as well, of course. Competition has been upping the … Continue reading

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How Figure Skating Lost Its Way…

Figure skating was a gentleman’s pastime of drawing diagrams on the ice with skates when American ballet dancer Jackson Haines started performing his art on skates. His creation was called: “free skating” and added to the sport so as competition … Continue reading

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Figure Skating As A Head Game?

Sports followers have notice that head injuries are creeping up the visibility ladder all over the place. Back a while, the term: “punch-drunk” used to accompany older boxers; the sport’s iconic Joe Lewis’ retirement years were as iconic as he. … Continue reading

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What is art? Asking that is among the easier ways for starting an argument. Asking the Oxford Dictionaries gets you: 1the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, … Continue reading

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How Old Is A Real Blonde? (Never Trust A Scientist!)

This is much bigger (at least for female readers) than the Boston bombing or even home-made plastic guns or abortion or President Obama’s next war. This impacts at least half of the U.S. population, personally. And it’s hard science that … Continue reading

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Are Figure Skating’s Finances Learned From Congress?

Figure Skating was a sport when winning only got you a medal. It was costly and difficult; mostly practiced by kids with moneyed parents. National events occurred in rinks and officials paid their own expenses. There were few practitioners and … Continue reading

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