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When Women Feared Mice, Guns Didn’t Stop Traffic …

Some may recall the time when a housewife (if you recall housewives) was expected to scream and leap onto a chair at sight of a mouse. The fear was supposed to be that the little critter might seek shelter by … Continue reading

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Manage the Migrations of Peoples … Or Be Trampled Underfoot!

History is always being made; it is always visible — if we are willing to look. We are often apparently too busy or engrossed in narrower vistas. Many for instance, are today engrossed in little Ferguson, MO and its spreading … Continue reading

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The Dove Of Peace … Roasting Over A Slow Fire

Great power is seldom overcome; it dies from within before the jackals come in to consume the remains. The Rome that was finally overcome by invaders was a relic, a remnant and even then, remained distinct enough to produce the … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Welcome to our Saturday Sampling, a selection of the week’s riches for your delectation, amusement and well, horror or confirmation as you please: If you really wish to know,   Afghanistan Cost  is available here. We leave you to decide the … Continue reading

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Round and Round We Goes, and Where We Comes Out, Nobody Knows …

The Puritan were 17th Century Christian fundamentalists whose female garb would satisfy any Moslem excepting those who insist on faceless females. Down south in Maryland, even Roman Catholics were accepted, something that to a Puritan, was not so far from … Continue reading

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