GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

U.S. mandatory vaccination: A legal and moral analysis (Article)

U.S. Vaccination deaths: Analysis and information re rising mortality (Article)

Finance: World finance leadership war games planetary financial collapse (Report)

The pandemic: Detailed, well referenced current expert analysis and status (Long article) (RECOMMENDED!) 

Education: FBI counterterrorism unit investigating parents protesting to school boards (Report)

The culture: Newborn rescued from dumpster (Report)

The U.S. pandemic: Over 75% of deaths from people with at least 4 co-morbidities (Report)

U.S. Justice Department pursuing political opponents as terrorists? (Report)

U.S. Immigration: Government enables overstays for economic migrants (Report)

 The pandemic: Concerns re monoclonal antibodies (Report)

More pandemic: Large scale data study shows vaccines harm more than help? (Article)

Afghanistan: To receive $308 M from U.S. government (Report)

The pandemic: E.U. admits COVID vaccines destroy immune system? (Report)

More pandemic: Pfizer CE) says vaccine provides “little, if any” protection against current C)V(D (Report)

The U.S. Capitol riot: Eleven charged with insurrection conspiracy (Report) (Rioting while not Democrats?)

Sweden: Increasingly nervous neutrality (Article)

The economy: China closes ports; huge supply chain shock (Report)

The Pandemic: World Health Organization warns against vaccination mandates (Report)

Energy: U.S. Government stops major Alaskan oil/gas development (Report)

Science: A small step forward understanding strange metals (Report)

More Science: DNA mutation is NOT random (Report)

Still more science: Why do we forget? (Article)

The pandemic: An interesting political analysis (Article)

The culture: Thieves looting U.S. freight trains with relative impunity (Report)

Chicago: No dead(!), 8 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after backing into a police car (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         Are U.S. Government branches still separate and equal?

                The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that President Biden’s COVID vaccination mandate is not enforceable against business but may be pursued for health care facilities. The President responded by telling businesses to proceed with mandatory vaccinations anyway. This president seems to show little respect for the U.S. Constitution and by applying presidential orders differently between general and healthcare business, the Court seems to show little respect for consistency. Add the recent degeneration of impeachment into a political tool in Congress and all three branches of the United States Government seem to have traded gravitas for banana republicanism….

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Money, Democracy and Government are just Human Behavior

And human behavior is a composite of individual DNA and experience. With this, probability assures that the variability of individual behavior exceeds that tolerated by human groups and that said tolerance is increasingly challenged as groups enlarge. That guarantees tension between groups and any individuals unaccepting of the behavioral limits peculiar to that group, underlying the need for government with police. More specifically, it demonstrates that individual behavior is increasingly limited by the growth of government since the two share opposing as well as common interests. That is, human behavior guarantees that governmental growth naturally progresses toward autocracy. It’s genetic! Money encourages the tension.

Citizens and governments must compete for possession of money. To that end, governments appropriate monetary control while citizens depend upon their monopoly on the production of the goods and services that the money exists to purchase. With this, the purchasing power of the available money supply approximates the market value of the available goods and services. Using its monetary control to manipulate that value has equipped governments to replace old style tax farming with a more efficient revenue system that lubricates expansion at the risk of financial instability.

Rather than sending out corrupt bully boys to collect taxes, governments hike their spending by borrowing against their taxpayers’ credit. Then, they borrow more to repay the earlier loans, aided by central banks suppression of interest rates. Finally, they just increase their money supply faster than the citizens produce goods and services, diluting the purchasing power of the monetary unit i.e. creating inflation. That both cheats the lenders and is an unacknowledged but very real tax upon the incomes and savings of the citizens. To these, add: ”Who rides the tiger, cannot dismount.”

Politicians on this path find that last years’ spending does not ensure next years’ election; they force each other to compete via ever-increasing bribes of the voters. The resulting debt and inflation impoverish the economy and ultimately collapse the currency unless that is eclipsed by more general collapse, war or both. Most of the world’s significant economies appear to be somewhere on this path. The same policies underlay the replacements of many of their predecessors; the human behavior that generates government also guarantees its instability; it is inherently a repeating cycle.

Democracy, like money, exists in tension; though wielded by government, authority remains vested in the sovereign citizens. To endure, that sovereignty must flow from the unalterable Hand of God. Human behavior moves governors to enlarge their authority and thus their rewards as they can, motivating government growth. Since human authority is a zero sum game, the growth of government necessarily expands its authority at the expense of the citizens, effectively diminishing functional democracy. This was central to the designers of the American republic; it was their reason for the dispersal of authority and the restriction of taxation in the constitution they adopted. And as they well knew, that constitution was a triumph of hope over experience.

Human behavior is not altered by constitutional legislation: by 1791, the first U.S. central bank institutionalized political control of the money and in 1803, the U.S. Supreme Court awarded itself the authority to “interpret” the Constitution. In 1913, constitutional amendments provided the income tax and removed selection of senators from state legislatures. The American government was on its way toward today’s unsustainable debt, massive military, bloated social spending, arbitrary business lockdowns, compulsory vaccination and impending financial failure. Nor is the U.S. alone, such conditions are widely shared, predicting an unpleasant, impending denouement that, while it will be the largest, will not be the first of its kind. That is to be expected; it is part of the price of human progress.

Human progress is a social product; grouping multiplies human productivity. However, individual competitiveness vitiates grouping. Government strives to optimize these but is itself compromised by the same conflict. Social and economic change challenges government control, resulting in its defensive reinforcement.  The automobile, simple female contraception and the internet have debased the Judeo-Christian society that produced them, but human governments, as obsolescent now as were the monarchies of old, are tightening control of individuals to stave off the price of their mismanagement. But while imposed stasis will suppress progress, it cannot revitalize a society or rebuild an economy. Those must arise upon a new, welcoming societal foundation that awaits the defenestration of its predecessor and eventually, a constructive revision of its government.

The Post-Roman, individualistic, Reformed Judeo-Christian society that produced Western modernity has ended; America’s expanding middle class and rising life expectancy have removed to China. Europe required a thousand years to replace the detritus of Rome with industrialization; China and Russia managed it later in much less time but at a price of millions starved. The mess our progress has thrown off must be cleared away and our failed societies, religions and governments replaced by improved models to anchor another round of human progress; if that is in the cards for the species. That seems likely to require both some time and probably, an inversely proportionate body count.  After all, TANSTAAFL!

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The pandemic: U.S. continues to fund corona virus research in China? (Report)

California: Sexually transmitted diseases booming; Los Angeles pushing home testing? (Report)

U.S. deaths: Up 49% among working age people – and it’s not just COVID (Report) (Vaccinations?)

European Union to require new cars to record driving data (Report)

The pandemic: Another view of the COVID scene (Video)(More)

Surveillance: A rundown on who really isn’t and who actually is watching you now (Article)

Cdnsoeship: Twitter suspended media site account for posting Congressfolk criticizing Big Pharma (Report)

The culture: The Global Recession of Classical Liberalism (Article) (Recommended)

The U.S. economy: An expose for the savvy investor (Article)

U.S. flights/power punish Americans in cold snap (Report) (Government vaccination and green policies?)

The pandemic: Dr. asks why outpatient COVID treatments have been suppressed (Report)

Energy: Rumors of Coal, gas death have been exaggerated? (Article)

Annual review of war zones (Article)

The culture: The death of truth (Article)

New York City: Newly elected Manhattan District Attorney to request less punishment for criminals (Report)

U.S. Capitol riot: Government refusing to provide info re its agents’ presence (Report)

The culture: Man who killed women serving time in women’s prison (Re[ort)

Energy: Current reliance on renewables causing deficiencies? (Article)

Social Media: How “fact checks” have instead, become political censorship (Report)

 Kazakhstan: Violent unrest; Russia sending troops (Report) A foreign plot? (Article) Update (Article)

The U.S. Federal Reserve: Will it crash the economy or the dollar? (Article)

The U.S. Miilitary: The unexpected cost of improved communications (Article)

The Church: Prominent Jesuit says good Catholics can have abortions? (Report)

The pandemic: Discussing death by COVID vaccination versus death by COVID

Media blackout: Largely unreported 5,000 people protest New York vaccination mandate (Report)

The pandemic: Large-scale mask rebellion by British schoolchildren? (Report)

Science: Matter and antimatter respond similarly to gravity (Report)

U.S. Credit Card Debt: Scary? (Report)

The pandemic Update on: Ivermectin treatment of COVID (Article)

More pandemic: Another view of the vaccines (Report)

Still more pande,oc: Almost half New York C)V(D hospitalizations not due to COVID (Report)

Chhicago: 6 dead, 25 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was held for hours at gunpoint by deputy (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         What Do China, Russia and the U.S. Have In Common?

                                Quite a lot actually, but we submit this short list as most significant for now:

  1. Nervous governments imposing increasing controls on increasingly restive citizens,
  2. Nervous citizens who have jettisoned their social security for bait-and-switch politicians and
  3. A politicized and corrupt economy increasingly crippled by government policy.

 If history is any guide, this resembles disposing of a lighted cigarette by tossing it into a paint storage closet. Our new year promises to be interesting …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The pandemic: New study shows vaccines damage immune system; likely permanently (Report)

More pandemic: Vaccinated dead show evidence of autoimmune attack (Report)

New Zealand: Doctors receive payment for euthanizing severely ill COVID patients? (Report)

The international monetary system: Analysis and prediction (Article) (Recommended for the knowledgeable)

The economy: The impending result of COVID policies (Article) (Recommended)

The United States: Now among the world’s top ten debtors (Article)

The pandemic: Why COVID vaccines are dangerous and ineffectual (Article)

How to live in a failing economy (Article)

U.S. Guaranteed income: Programs appearing in several cities; more coming (Report)

U.S. flight cancellations continue as crews refuse vaccination?  (Report)

The Pandemic: U.S. government (CDC) admits PCR) test cannot distinguish COVID from flu (dReport) (More) FDA says rapid COVID tests unreliable (Report)

Afghanistan: Update (Article)

New York City: Police break up child’s birthday party at restaurant for lack of vaccine passports (Report)

COVID Vaccination increases probability of infection? (Report) Doctors’ warning (Report)

COVID Vaccination: Mandate reinstated by U.S. Government (Medicare)

Naval shipbuilding goes international (Article)

The U.S. Culture: Internal Revenue Service requirement of reporting theft proceeds as income went viral (Report)

The pandemic: NFL teams secretly using Ivermectin, Hydroxychlorquine for COVID? (Report)

More pandemic: World Bank estimates lockdowns pushed 97M back into poverty (Report)

Still more pandemic: 80% of U.K. deaths in the last month double/triple vaccinated? (Report)

California: Reducing promised homeowner’s benefits from solar power installations?

The pandemic: Unvaccinated doing better than vaccinated when infected? (Report)

More pandemic: Scientist finds easily available, inexpensive, 99% effective COVID treatment? (Report)

The NGO problem: How to separate charity from politics in poor countries (Article)

New York City will use race and ethnicity in providing COVID treatment? (Report)

The pandemic: A non-government view (Article)

The U.S. economy: 2022: The Year of Breakdown (Article)

California: New minimum wage $15 hr. (Report)

Chicago: 3 dead, 23 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

 A naked man was not arrested after following a woman on a walking trail (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         When Realpolitik Trumps Reality

The two primary U.S. health agencies (CDC/FDA) have admitted that the PCR tests used to diagnose COVID are unsuitable for that use. It seems that the tests produce too many false positives and cannot differentiate between COVID-19 and the flu, accounting for the heretofore mysterious disappearance of the latter. If the tests are unreliable, so must be the published data generated from them and the decisions based upon those data as well. That seems to impeach the already questionable vaccination mandates … So, why are they still imposed?

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:               

 The pandemic: Irish grandmother sentenced to 1 year in jail for violating mask mandate? (Report)

More pandemic: Ivermectin use against COVID described (Video)

Still more pandemic: New York man arrested refusing to show vaccination proof to buy food? (Report)

Capitol Riot: Federal instigator? (Report)  More (Report)

Vaccination protesters arrested at New York restaurants when refusing to show proof of vaccination (Report)

More pandemic: Omicron still looking mild (Report) More from vaccine inventor (Report)

 Europe: Power price inflation setting records entering winter heating season (Article)

Japan: Rejects mandatory vaccination (Report)

California: Taxpayers helping delinquent mortgage debtors pay up to $80,000 (Report)

Claims filed alleging injury or death from COVID countermeasures in U.S. to be paid? (Report)

Healthcare: Staff shortages crushing hospitals (Article)

More healthcare: Hospitals halting vaccination mandates to retain staff (Report)

U.S. Life Expectancy declines by 3 years (Report_

Russia: On the threat to Ukraine (Article)

The pandemic: Comment on recently approved drug treatments (Report)

Turkey: Currency problem and update (Article)

U.S. Presidential election fraud: Investigation report, Fulton County, GA (Report)

The pandemic: Vaccines do not stop virus spread (Article)

Finance: Europe is doomed to stagflation? (Article)

More pandemic: 65% of England’s hospitalized COVID patients were first admitted for something else? (Report)

Surveillance: A list of what is monitored (Article)

Chicago: 3 dead, 20 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman arrested by police raiding her apartment receives $2.9 M (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         The Two-Legged Stool

People need government; governors need people but their respective interests too often conflict, reducing benefit for both. People and government are two legs of the stool called human progress; the third leg is the external, immutable presence we call God. People, including those who are governors, will follow their natural inclinations to maximize their own interests unless they are restrained or restrain themselves and therefore, require an outside, recognized reference point to serve as their standard. American Founder John Adams referred to that when he said that the new U.S. Constitution was appropriate only for a moral and religious people.

The Christianity that provided American stability has been largely abandoned by Americans at the expense of both good behavior and good government; no replacement is in sight, leaving Godvernment to naturally appear to fill that vacuum. Godvernment must be blasphemy for Biblical believers; it amounts to assigning the wolf to lead the sheep for the practically minded. It is not a coincidence that modernity is the product of Judeo-Christian people; for a milieu that will produce more of that, we must rediscover the external, Supreme Lawgiver..  

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

California is hiding $400 Billion in spending from the public (Report)

Vaccination mandate: 4 states call military medical replacements for fired unvaccinated staff (Report)

COVID vaccines pose greater death risk than the disease for young people? (Report)

The pandemic: Study shows Ivermectin provided 50% reduction in hospitalization/deaths (Report)

Eyeglasses may be replaced by eye drops for the nearsighted (Report)

California: Small gasoline engines to be phased out? (Report)

 The pandemic: New Merck treatment pill might alter DNA, affect male fertility? (Report)

More pandemic: Cardiologist predicts permanent heart damage for some vaccinated children (Report)

U.S. Federal debt now over $280, 999 per household (Report)

Taxpayers spent $54 B bailing out airlines (Article)

The pandemic: Current take on origin (Article)

Science: Semiconductor breakthrough offers energy advantages (Report)

The pandemic: COVID treatments sidelined to promote vaccinations? (Article)

More pandemic: U.S. Government blocking Ivermectin shipments? (Report)

U.S. military spending antagonizes rivals (Article) (And increases debt – Is that good, or bad?)

COVID Vaccinations: Some Dangers now admitted? (Report)

The pandemic: Questions rise re Merck’s treatment pill (Report)

U.S. Home Ownership: Bidenfolk move to replay the 2008 Great Recession (Article)

The pandemic: (Ivermectin and Hydroxychlorophene in India (Article)

Science: The cause of the Little Ice Age? (Article)

Chicago: 4 dead, 23 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man strolling a neighborhood was arrested (Report)

Enough, alre;ady …

EDITORIAL:         The U.S. Border “Crisis” Is A Political Scam

                                                The U.S. Congress has provided the laws and the spending that shape events at the border; U.S. presidents use those for political purposes, including propaganda. Congressfolk have parochial, personal and national interests to compromise, enough of which won’t bear too much publicity near elections. And some political realities don’t look nice in public. Some facts apply: The U.S. is probably the most desired migration destination on earth but is no longer an underpopulated opportunity needing migrants to develop it. The once overpaid American middle class is diminishing under competition from automation and cheaper foreign labor but no politician can afford to say that. Nor add that technological progress has eliminated old jobs faster than it has created new ones, plus that many of the new ones require education and experience unavailable to many American workers not yet old enough to retire. In all this, oth Democrats and republicans find political and economic benefits in massive immigration, legal and otherwise. It just insn’t politic to say so.  

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The Pandemic: Japan warns of heart risks from vaccinations (Report)

The U.S. dollar: Take it back from the politicians – or wish that you had … (Article)

Current politics: An interesting, thoughtful analysis (Article) (Recommended)

Iran: Bidenfolk make nice, repress Israeli interests (Report)

New York City mandates COVID vaccination for all private employees (Report) Attacks small business (Article)

The economh: “… Trying to hide the coming collapse …” (Article)

 More economy: Hedge funds dropping quick access for investors a warning? (Article)

Still more economy: 5 inflation myths currently used to fool us (Article)

The pandemic: Vaccine inventor: Ivermectin, Hydroxychlorophene could have saved 500,000 lives (Article)

More pandemic: “A pandemic of fear, manufactured by authorities” (Article)

The war on (Right wing) journalists: Los Angeles police arrest reporters (Article)

Surveillance: New camera the size of a grain of salt (Report)

More surveillance: Your face is now – or will be – your boarding pass (Report)

The pandemic: U.K. says all those new young heart problems can’t be from vaccinations..? (Report)

Ethiopia: Update (Civil War) (Article)

Russia: The plan for absorbing Ukraine (Article)

Vaccination mandate: New York City latest threatens over a thrd of the city’s workers (Report)

New York City to allow some non-citizens to vote in local elections (Report)

The U.S. economy: From January, current inflation will be erased from government reports? (Report)

The pandemic: “A pandemic of fear, manufactured by authorities” – Yale epidemiologist (Article)

More pandemic: Have professional athletes become the canary in the COVID coal mine? (Articled)

Chicago: 9 dead, 23 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked swordsman was arrested (Report)

That’s all …

EDITORIAL:         COVID – 19 Vaccination Mandates Violate Human Rights

We enjoy an unalienable and constitutionally protected right to peacefully provide for ourselves and our families without interference while we do so with no harm to others. Protection of such rights is a major responsibility of and justification for government.

Since the current vaccines do not significantly reduce either infection or contagion, the only risk that vaccination affects belongs to the injected patient, no one else is significantly benefitted. And since the injections are dangerous (See the VAERS government data) U.S. citizens have a right to decide whether or not to assume the risk while their government has a duty to protect their right. Arbitrary deprivation of a citizen’s travel, education, healthcare and employment is in fact, no less tyranny than was the imprisonment of citizens for Japanese ancestry during World War II.. .

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From the week:

The pandemic: A not unreasonable conspiracy theory? (Report)

The pandemic: “Official data show face masks made no meaningful difference in infection rates” (Report)

More pandemic: Los Angeles mandate includes photo ID and proof of full vaccination nearly everywhere (Report)

The culture: New York man robs woman at knife point, is released without bail and immediately robs again (Report)

The war in space is well under way (Article)

The U.S. Congress: Bipartisan House bill creates Federal vaccination tracking system (Report)

The pandemic: Vitamin D study reinforces efficacy for COVID treatment (Report)

The future of cities – eliminating single family homes? (Article)

U.S. inflation now hardship for 45% of households (Report)

The culture: Reducing theft penalties as smash-and-grab retail crime escalates (Report)

The pandemic: Vaccination doubles heart risk per American Heart Association (Article)

The war on Bitcoin: (Article) (Governments hate successful competition)

The pandemic: Fully vaccinated are 90% of deaths since August (Report)

The U.S. economy: Some unpleasant honesty re current inflation (Article) (Recommended)

North Korea: A strange dynasty (Article)

Energy: Europe to join the blackout/freeze club? (Report)

California: Zero bail policy frees the guilty (Report)

The pandemic: Vaccination inventor vehemently opposes mandates, lockdowns (Report)

More pandemic: Nevada imposes surcharge on unvaccinated workers and their families (Report)

The culture: America joining the third world? (Article)

U.S. Education: Finally, a public backlash? (Article)

Australia: An imprisoned COVID suspect (Report)

The U.S. economy: No longer a free market (Article)

Land mines: An embarrassment in Afghanistan, and elsewhere (Article)

Chicago: 4 dead, 42 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested invading a Florida home (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         Simultaneous Invasions?

China, Russia and the United States are effectively insolvent through politicized and corrupt financial mismanagement. The United States and much of Europe have hamstrung their economies with stultifying COVID -19 restrictions that include weakening the U.S. military via heavily opposed vaccination mandates. Both economies and social contracts seem to be under threat.

The United States has been backing Taiwan and Ukraine. What better timefor simultaneous invasions of those unfortunate countries, advancing Chinese and Russian interests at the expense of the United States while distracting the populations of all three from the economic woes imposed by their politicians?

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The West: The waning of Democracy and the middle class (Article)

Human progress: Some 6% (94M) of the earth’s people still lack access to toilets? (Article)

China: Fielding a digital currency? (Article)

Univ. of Calif: To permanently remove testing from admissions (Report)

The pandemic: Second night of anti-lockdown violence in Europe (Report)

Australia: Army arresting and imprisoning COVID positives and their contacts (Report)

Electricity was cut off for 32,000 Southern California subscribers to reduce fire risk (Report)

California port congestion: Update (Article)

Solomon Islands: Australia sends assistance with sudden capitol riots over China relations (Report)

Subway restaurant: U.S.  chain future murky at founder’s death (Article)

The internet: How to escape Google censorship (Article)\

The war on fossil energy: California halts new fracking permits (Article)

The culture: Mobs of looters hit Best Buy and Home Depot (Report)

Chicago: 5 dead, 27 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested by police in mistaken raid on home (Report)

That’s all …

EDITORIAL:         No Government Has Ever Imposed Liberty

The only competence of any human government has ever been to confiscate property or to restrict actions of the governed. Nothing of government can exist but at some cost to citizens. In reality, a voter is negotiating the degree to which his right to property and freedom of action will be subject to forced compromise. Since politicians only gain by increasing their takings from and restricting the actions of citizens, they work hard to obfuscate this aspect of their programs. They want all eyes upon their handouts after confiscation. After enriching themselves, they divide the rest unequally among their supporters in the name of equality. Whether governed y the left or by the right, the long term trend is always the continued enhancement of government, at the continued expense of the citizens. Currently, this has been dramatically accelerated in the name of what amounts to a rather mild pandemic.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The pandemic: Mandated vaccine attacks the immune system? (Report)

Electronic warfare: New Israeli disrupter neutralizes selected electronics? (Report)

The pandemic: Worldwide vaccine failure (Article)

The U.S. economu: Towards a new Great Depression (Article)

Education: The continuing rise of home schooling (Article)

 California: Unexplained, sudden disability of seaports to be compounded by huge fees (Report)

 Surveillance: Apple turning iphone into personal identifier at taxpayer expense? (Report)

China: Economic headwinds? (Report) More: (Video) More (Article)

The pandemic: Study confirms COVID is a negligible risk for the young (Report)

Vermont: First U.S. state to provide free condoms to students (Report)

U.S. Crime: A rising trend described (Article)

The va pandemic: Vaccine risk exceeds all predecessors (Article)

U.S. Immigration: Illegals can apply for taxpayer benefits if separated from children (Report)

Science: Northeast China farmers were first speakers of Japanese, Korean and Turkish (Article)

South Africa: Severely increasing progressing energy shortage (Report)

Singapore: Life in an increasingly surveillance state (Article)

Science:  Replacing electrons with neutrons for data transmission (Report)

The Olympics: IOC drops rules barring men from women’s events; each sport to decide (Report)

The pandemic: Africa somehow getting off easily (Report)

Education: Parents home-schooled all ten children into college by age 13  (Article) (A commentary on public education?)

The U.S. economy: Returning to sound money (Article) (Recommended)

Chicago: 3 dead, 18 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after driving into and beating a woman (Report)

That’s all …

EDITORIAL:         Technologically Channeling the Politics of the Past

Once, politicians routinely faced crowds of their citizens and skilled oratory was a significant political advantage. Then, population growth put distance between them and most of their constituents, compelling speeches grew infrequent as the primary source grew more remote. The labors of politicians became less public and more ministerial.

Then, the internet joined TV and President Barack Obama saw the new, electronic bully pulpit on offer, making his presidency a continuation of his campaigning. President Trump took off from there, turning himself into the equivalent of an old style circus ringmaster via electronic communications. And now by co-opting the media, the Bidenfolk have transformed governance of the United States into a full time media production. An inevitable progression, given human behavior.

The U.S. President just used this new prominence to demonize a young man during his ongoing murder trial. If the new communications proceed to restore political oratory, will it be at the price of also restoring politicized lynching?  

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