Hillary’s Emails; What They Aren’t Saying …

Dog Nitht TimeSherlock Holmes once resolved a murder on noting that a dog had done nothing in the night time. Perhaps we may resolve the current flapdoodle re Hillary Clinton’s emails likewise.

As with Mr. Holmes, the most obvious clue exists in that which did not happen. In Mrs. Clinton’s case, the totally missing report by the media that would inform us as to whether her use of a private email server as Secretary of State was unique to her, or relatively common among her government peers. Knowing that might create quite a difference in our conclusions. Noting that the media have decided to ignore the issue is also telling, is it not?

We further note that the Republican-controlled Congress has somehow failed to subpoena Mrs. Clinton and put her under oath on the subject on the subject, a rather curious failure when supposedly conducting an investigation. Without that, she could tell the investigators whatever she wished, and apparently did so.

Add to that the announcement by the State Department that her meetings schedules would remain unavailable until after the election, another lapse that the Republicans are somehow failing to pursue.

From all of this, we assume that neither party wishes to put the facts in the spotlight. The GOP of course, wishes to pretend that it is pursuing Mrs. Clinton so long as it remains confident that it will not catch her. It is all political theater, if that is so.

Why go to so much trouble for a stage show? For the media, it is what they have to sell. For the politicians, probably because it serves to distract readers (and voters) from other, less comfortable stories. The Benghazi faux pas for one, wherein a U.S. ambassador was tortured to death by Arab terrorists after being refused adequate protection by his government and an attempted cover p by blaming an allegedly incendiary video collapsed under reality. That story has disappeared under the onslaught of the emails, right?

Pretty soon, we will not be surprised to find Mr. Trump being blamed for the “bogus” attention to Mrs. Clinton’s emails. That’s about the level of what passes, somehow, for U.S. presidential politics these days.

Of course, that is all supposition on our part; we do not claim to know. But of n conclusion we remain confident: All this is hard and fast evidence of how low American politics has fallen. It is become a parade of corruption suborning greedy ignorance. As the U.S. erstwhile middle class descends toward the historical proletariat, so descends the U.S. democratic government toward corrupt statism.

Human history is repetitious, ultimately we are told, as farce. But there’s nothing funny in sight just now.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannSiphoned from the passing newstream for you to sip:

Trucks will cost more to operate in 2017 as new EPA air pollution regulations tighten. (Who’s gonna pay?)

University roommates  play out their drama-queen confrontation in court. (Entitled daughters of the wealthy …)

A monetary cancer is slowly killing capital markets? (Or maybe, not so slowly)

Israel was hit by another rocket from Palestinian Gaza. (Not news until Israel returns fire and gets the blame.)

13 shot at Connecticut home.  (No details; no deaths yet.)  5 shot dead in Alabama home.

Retirement is becoming an illusion. (Simple, clear explanation.)

An reputedly “intersex” athlete improbably named Caster Semen, won the women’s 800 m gold medal by a large margin in Rio. (Give “her” a tin medal that claims it’s gold?)  The liberal feminists who pushed for Title IX female sports equality law should have been more careful with what they wished for … The Olympic second and third places aroused similar questions, per The Guardian.

The Department of Justice told an appeals court that it is unconstitutional to jail a suspect because they cannot afford bail. This reverses previous Federal views. (Back when it was victims being protected.)

Billionaire George Soros was hacked like his Democratic beneficiaries, per report. And the results apparently show big bucks political meddling worldwide, furthering Lefty causes. Soros appears to be Hillary Clinton’s biggest donor. The media haven’t noticed … He seems to like Black Lives Matter, too.

 Prez Obama’s transgender bathroom policy for public schools has been frozen by a Texas judge.(For now.)

Chicago: Female shoppers piled into a huge fight in the middle of a Wal-Mart.

An ethics-challenged university pollster was caught with his bare data uncovered.

Some New Mexico elementary teachers were forbidden to use words such as “boy” or “girl” in the classroom. (Rescinded by the school board after the story got out.)

Sleep resets brain connections needed for memory and learning. Research (report)

A  mom killed her days old baby  by refrigerating him. (A cold reception indeed)

Airline staff were caught with a blowup doll in the cockpit and spitting water in the cabin. (Is “Airplane”  rerunning on Air New Zealand flights?)

The Supreme Court said U.S. marriage must include same sex couples for constitutional reasons. (Only a few scholars seemed to notice, or care.)

Maryland School Board: “Don’t tell parents of transgender boys bunking with girls on field trips.”

The culture: HUD joined the Departments of Education and of Transportation to replay nationally the failed (1981) Los Angeles school board’s forced bussing of school kids. (Politicians’ failures resolved by more of the same)

Student debt is a growing burden on both consumer spending and household income. (Isn’t debt a present use of future income? By definition?)

Massacres of Sunni civilians freed from ISIS were a result of Iran supported Iraqi militias in recent fighting.

Venezuela is resolving its food shortages by banning lines at bakeries. (See no evil …)

Combat aircraft are abandoning pilots. (Without parachutes, too.)

The culture: Schools in Baltimore County will exclude homework and behavior from class grades. (See no evil …)

A Republican Congressman is submitting a proposal for sales taxes on out of state internet purchases. (Aren’t tax hikes supposed to be a Democrat thing?)

Police cleared a drunken Swedish hockey player after he touched a woman’s breasts; they were simply too gigantic to be avoidable under the circumstances. .(!)

Subprime auto loans are going bad.(More economic termites?)

Epipen’s high prices gets complaints, Notably unremarked, its CEO is the daughter of a prominent Senate Democrat and its monopolist position is ascribed to the FDA to a considerable extent. (Article.)

Amazon is testing a 30 hour work week. (Why?)

The Feds are proposing that large trucks and buses must be equipped with speed limiting devices. (And if that flies, guess who’s next?)

State pensions are underfunded by one trillion dollars, per Pew Research. (So will pensioners or taxpayers suffer? Or both?)

Why GDP estimates are always wrong … (Article )

China: Increasing nervousness over the mandate of heaven(Short article.)

The culture: Federal prosecutors charged numerous postal workers and supervisors with theft, fraud, money laundering and other crimes. (When the big cats are corrupt, so are the mice?)

A former USC and Raiders quarterback (Todd Marinovich) was arrested after trespassing naked and carrying marijuana in a neighbor’s backyard.

Und das ist alles …

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The Sellin Out of Women’s Athletics (Even in the Rio Olympics!)

SemenyaThe “progressive” Left’s social engineering has proceeded all the way from unrealistic/malignant to its ultimate: slapstick. Philosophers wondering why a hyperintelligent Creator would bother with such as we need look no further than the Rio Olympics to know that we are the en’ttract clowns of the universe. The 800 meter women’s gold medal was won by a South African athlete improbably named Caster Semenya, who beat all the others easily. This so jaw-dropping funny that we have difficulty believing it.

Per the report, athlete Semenya was ruled ineligible for the event after failing a gender test; Semenya (We still can’t believe this) has too much testosterone. Together with, we presume, the necessary glands to produce it. Of course, that is a deduction on our part, we have no idea. Maybe he-she-it imbibes the stuff? But that would be a rule violation, would it not? Damn, let a political liberal near anything and it gets complicated! Regardless, Semenya’s disqualification was overturned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport and he-she-it is now an Olympic gold medalist. In a women’s event. Unless of course, the Daily Caller is making it up. However, this isn’t the first such event; an Alaskan boy won a girls’ track and field event recently at a state meet. The newsfolk for some reason, seem not to have noticed. Seems odd, that.

What is amusing us so much here is that the same folk who some 40 years back pushed Title IX law into place, forcing schools etc. to provide girls athletic opportunities equal to those of boys, are responsible for the boys now winning the girl’ events. (Ladies: Be careful what you ask for … and whom you ask it of.) Title IX magnified female athletics … and is now handing it over to “Intersex” athletes. Whatever they are. What they do not appear to be, is girls. Well, until the Court of Arbitration for Sport rules them so, anyway.

So, unless all this is a huge joke, women’s sports are finished. Kaput. Mort. They are shot dead but like the equivalent elephant, are ambling along without yet realizing that they are dead. That is sad enough but it is also very, very funny in a way. Not an unjust ending for those who relied upon politicians to deliver by force something wrested from others. But even politicians will have to react when the media finally notice this one. Both boys and girls are at interest here and both grow into voters.

This should be interesting to observe as it is finally allowed to be seen. The Olympics is pretty visible; Caster Semenya may draw some notice, though not if the media can help it, we bet. But as more titles go to boys in girls’ events, even the feminists will have to remove their hands from in front of their eyes and take notice.

Meantime, we are Rolling on the Floor Laughing out Loud …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour sampling of what passes these days, for news. With an opinion of two …

GOP emails are now being hacked. (So the Dems can’t claim Republicans were behind their hack?)

Video: Less than 14% of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement has been released to the public. (Gee, why?)

Turkey  is following Iran’s path into an Islamic dictatorship. (Islam is about submission, right?)

Obama’s “Operation Choke Point” forces banks to deny credit/services to gun makers and other disapproved businesses. (And the IRS attacks political conservatives …) in the Land of the Free …

“French warned to stay off roads as migrants smash vehicles” (Is anyone running France?)

Oregon State is the latest public university to force freshmen (freshpeople?) into “social justice” courses. (“Social Justice” is an oxymoron label including the Lefty political values du jour.)

An EPA report finding fracking of oil wells innocent of polluting drinking water hangs stalled as greens dislike that conclusion. (When facts don’t support your theory, get new facts.)

Is Russia preparing an open Ukraine invasion? A military buildup on Ukraine’s border is expanding.

Global central banks are selling off US Treasury bonds at a rate unseen since 1978. (Further papering over reality?)

Obamacare: Insurer Aetna’s withdrawal raises questions re ACA viability? (No question; Obamacare was designed to fail, to then force government t direct takeover of health care.)

Yellow fever cases in Africa attracting attention by headline-hungry media. (Will this be the next Ebola or Zika?)

The culture: Two teens robbed and killed a good Samaritan who had stopped to help pull their car out of a ditch.

Trump , per independent polls, has a massive lead over Clinton. (Whom to believe, these days?)

“The Real Existential Threats of 2016” (A short article on reality excluded by politicians.)

Peak season port activity decline as world trade volume drops.

Sensitive liberals are upset at an Italian restaurant selling “Black Olives Matter” T shirts.

Obama is demanding more Zika money from Congress … after he diverted hundreds of millions from medical research to a U.N. global warming slush fund.

USDA Holds Summit To Ensure LGBT Rights In Rural Areas.” (The Department of Agriculture is now a social engineering police force?)

Chicago: Nearly 100 people shot in less than a week.

Turkey is opening to Russia as its democracy dissolves into Islamic dictatorship so the U.S. is removing its nukes stored there. (What of the Turkish Incirlik airbase where the U.S. stores nukes?))

“It’s Time To Abolish The DEA And America’s War On Drugs Gulag” (Article)  (Gee … then who will support the drug lords?)

An Olympic weightlifter lost his medal after testing positive for rrat poison.

Venezuela: A hungry group broke into a zoo and butchered a thoroughbred horse for food. (Socialist utopia du jour)

Obamacare and Federal Reserve policy: “A Disaster Hiding In Plain Sight.” (Article)  (Insight into our economic inertia)

A U.K. bank joined the negative interest parade; it will now charge depositors for holding their cash. (Governments want spending, not saving.)

Iran unleashed –again- courtesy of President Obama. (Report)

The Culture: Yellow cab drivers in New York City are no longer require to speak English. (Betch fares will be higher …)

Neither Trump nor Clinton favor a free economy? (Any who favor that will not be allowed to appear in public these days.)

Billionaire George Soros has been controlling Ukraine? (Article) (Well, but why?) U.S. politicians and Ukrainian corruption. (Report)

Water purification cheap, simple, and portable has arrived. (Bigger than it seems, right?)

In Syria, Assad dictatorship planes have bombed Kurdish areas where U.S. special forces are employed. (Game of chicken, U.S./Russia with deniability?)

Now the U.S. State Department is somehow unable to account for $6 B. (Last week, it was the Petagon)

A man was arrested after dragging a naked woman down the street.

And so it was, this week.

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Political Theater, John C. CAlhoun and Donald Trump


John C. Calhoun

In Milwaukee, a Police shooting sparked a  riot. Channeling Ferguson, Baltimore and a lengthening list of other places, the riot was based upon false information and outside organization. Yes, the victim was black. No, he was not unarmed nor was he shot in the back. He was in fact, sot by a black policemen at whom he appeared to be trying to shoot with his own gun. He also had a lengthy rap sheet. But all that came out after the riot. It seems to have become the pattern.

The riot burned businesses, injured a policeman and shot a man. It chased down white motorists and beat down white observers, including journalists. And tellingly, the core of the riot was apparently imported for the purpose; it was no spontaneous uprising of locals. These days, where you find a riot, you are likely to also find nearby a line of buses that delivered that riot. The core rioters appear to be paid thugs. Someone apparently wants to disturb civil order in America. Someone with big money to spend.

The earlier “occupy Wall Street” riots followed the same scheme, but used white thugs and envy of the wealthy instead of the current black thugs and envy of the whites. The older design fizzled and to date, the black replacement seems to be fizzling too. Too much of the incendiary initiations of these riots are turning out blatant lies and as one result, fewer locals are turning out to join the imported thugs as the violence begins.

But if the primary goal of local civic unrest is not growing as desired, a secondary goal, the Federal supervision of local police, is proceeding apace. We estimate that we will be seeing larger numbers f imported thugs and increasing levels of violence in an attempt to ignite a larger responsive fire. The program’s new “Black Lives Matter” weapon will continue to be sharpened, expanded and wielded more aggressively. Political theater and ordinary life are merging in our electronically connected world. That provides riots that are planned and staged show in which the blood and burning are real.

In the U.S. so far, these shows are mostly tools of the Left at present. The politicians in charge publish their worries over right wing extremists but the reality is for now, otherwise. That is implicit when most of the human tinder for such firestorms are Democratic client groups. If massive immigration reaches a point of irritating Americans enduring economic decline, the less restive, more conservative citizens may add to the unrest, a pattern that appears to be developing in Europe, where right wing politicians are attracting more favor.

John C. Calhoun wrote in 1850 that America would divide into two economically opposed parties: Those who paid taxes and those who battened off those taxes. And so it now has become. And we have the first U.S. President who has operated his office as an unending political campaign using newly available communications. The political parties, or rather the contending wings of America’s basically integrated party, are moving into that same mode of operations.

With that, voters are addressed unceasingly, not just in campaigns. Phones, tablets and street theater are added to mail and traditional media and shocking events and street theater are used to claim voters’ attention and to direct their intentions. Both the public schools and the media have become part of this now perpetual process. Young people are conditioned to become conforming adults to perpetuate a political class that now feels as entitled to it power as it has taught the proletarians to feel entitled to government largesse.

But the promised largesse has not been large enough, the entitled feel cheated. And the politicians seize upon that to use them in the streets. It is happening world wide. In the United States, Hillary Clinton is the candidate of the status quo, attracting support from both Democrats and Republicans invested in things as they are. Donald Trump is the candidate of change, forget that he is, though no politician, an ultimate insider, dependent upon those relationships for his wealth.

But he has his wealth now, the theory goes, so he can afford to stiff the ruling elite and act for the good of the masses. At least, it may be hoped that he can.

Right. Trump’s life in public has been a celebration of Trump. What are his true goals now?  You decide by voting. The Japanese have a line for this: “Rotsa ruck, kid!  I t would be fun to know who is funding Trump …

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Alfred_E__NeumannA busy week, with a kick in the ending …

U.S. deficits  grow unrestrained. (Actions speak louder than words …)

The Culture: A Trump voter was shot for his opinion, in a Cleveland bar.

U.S. Olympians are booed at the games … and Americans are unpopular worldwide. (Our Prez’ attitude iis catching.)

81% of Americans are worse off than they were in 2005? (Report) (Why else a Trump?)

Update: Market success compared with socialist collapse … Colombia and Venezuela, very different neighbors..

Men’s lingerie has arrived, full of lace. (Decisions, decisions …)

The leaked Dem. Natl. Committee emails  weren’t Russian hacking but the work of an employee , who has been mysteriously murdered?  (Report)

U.S. wages continue to decline, seven years after the ‘recovery’ was declared.

The Culture: A woman assaulted a man who objected to her talking during a movie. (Equality!)

U.S. public schools  are failing while spending over $18,000 a year per student. (Report) (No failure; they’re producing the welfare generations of the future.)

The culture: Public schools continue to punish self-defense by bullying victims. (Can’t have young citizens learning to defend hemselves.)

Wages continue decline. (Apparently not for Mrs. Clinton and Prez Obama, though.)

The Olympic diving pool has suddenly turned green without explanation. (What’s the Portuguese word for: “Chlorine”?)

The games played with E.U. bank solvency tests. (Report) (Makeup to make the sick seem healthy)

Viet Nam is reacting militarily against Chinese illegal expansion in the South China Sea.

Some black Claremont Colleges students are refusing to live with whites. (It’s racism only when whites do it.)

Malia Obama was caught on camera smoking pot? (Report)

The New Black Panthers leader was robbed at gunpoint, called the police for help. (Embarassing!)

Israeli Olympians are meeting Islamic hate in Rio de Janeiro. (They’re lucky they’re no in France.)

Obamacare continues down the financial drain as insurers bleed. (Cheaper, better and you can keep your doctor …)

Is the U.S. Economy consuming more as it produces less? (A new sort of recovery)

Chicago: Nearly 100 people shot in one week. (That’s gun control leadership!)

The Pentagon cannot account for $8 trillion in spending, per the Inspector General. (Report) (It’s called “corruption” )

Big tech companies collude to defeat Trump. (Report) (Remember when big business was considered Republican?)

A Texas woman faces a $700 fine for selling homemade tamales to her neighbors. (Government creating jobs …)

Negative interest rates for citizens have begun in Germany. (Yeah, they have to pay the bank to hold their money, no kidding. Government wants spending, not saving.)

The man who leaked Hillary Clinton’s medical records (showing dementia) was found dead.  (Report)

Winter is coming, warns the solar physicist under attack by global warming forces.

A Texas homeowner opened his garage to find himself facing a 300 lb alligator. (Can they drivea?)

Hillary Clinton has received nearly $240 million since leaving the White House “dead broke.”

Bill Clinton’s pay at a for-profit education company topped $17.5 million. (Government workers doing well …)

The War On Cash begins in the U.S. (It’s all convenience, forget that it provides government control of everyone’s money.)

The Rigged System of Olympic Doping” (Article) (And the NFL, etc. There’s always enough hypocrisy to cover the money available.)

Two naked women were arrested after one kicked a cop in the groin.

And that seems enough …

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Trump, Clinton and Hobson

RiggedBoth the clowns chasing the U.S. presidency  like zombies sighting raw brains have lifted off from economics into flights of politics. Neither is even trying to sell reality anymore, probably assuming that their audience of public school graduates and dropouts is unacquainted with reality anyway.

Both promise to heal the economy using government. Both promise to provide jobs. Both therefore, are liars. Government produces no wealth; it consumes it instead, after confiscating it from citizens. The only jobs it can provide are paid by taxing citizens for the money, or these days, borrowing or printing it to be collected as taxes later. Voting for such false economics is a “Heads, government wins; tails, citizens lose” game. The money flows from taxpayers to government; some of it flows quietly to politicians and what’s left, flows back into the economy it came from. How does that cure anything?

But those are the promises from both candidates, though Hillary Clinton admit she wants more taxes to spend, just lying about who will pay them. Donald Trump doesn’t bring up how he will finance his program; he sticks to tax cuts and skips over financing his program. Voters for either will find their resulting reality reality sucks, i.e. they will have been suckered.

The 2016 U.S. presidential election is shaping up as a true Hobson’s choice.

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