alfred_e-_neumannHere it is, take it:

Corruption: The Crony Capitalist Thieves Are Back (Article) (Prez Reagan’s Budget Director explains the grift)

China: Stopped testing for COVID – 19; that’s why no new cases (Report)

The economy: Federal Reserve’s Bullard warns of second quarter financial collapse? (Article)

China: The housing bubble has burst, with awful consequences coming? (Article)

The world economy: The monetary system is facing its end? (Article)

Deutsche Bank: Predicting hyperinflation (Article)

COMID – 19: Will Prez Trump imitate China’s abruptly ending of quarantine? (Report) China is faking recovery? (Report)

Congress: Pandemic quarantine rescue bill a Democrat’s dream of welfare deficit spending (Report)

More Congress: House bill gives half million foreign workers extra protection (Report)

Government: Using Coronavirus to increase control/decrease liberty? (Article)

The economy: Many question having a market if the Federal Reserve is backstopping everything (Article) (Now, the “free” market is illusory)

Corruption: List of unrelated goodies stuffed into COVID – 19 relief legislation (Report)

Surveillance: The Freedom Act stalled in the Senate will reinstate warrantless spying on citizens? (Article) (The newly added “protections” are fake)

The culture: 6 states declare marijuana sales an essential exception to coronavirus shutdown (Article)

The U.S. economy: The unreported side of the “stimulus” from Congress (Article) (Recommended)

The U.S. economy: Looming collapse of government/corporate pensions (Article) (Overpromised, underfunded)

Coronavirus: Compared to H1N1 (Swine Flu) statistics (Article)

U.S. Congress: Use COVID – 19 Bill to create digital dollar (Report) (Make Dollar like Bitcoin?)

Corruption: Another view of the COVID – 19 Congressional Aid Package (Article) (Recommended)

The internet: Large scale usage rationing under discussion (Article)

Government: Will it relinquish the emergency powers over citizens after the pandemic? (Article)

Coronavirus: The U.S. political/economic response explained simply and clearly (Article) Recommended China, Japan  and others also expanding deficits (None have the money being spent)

More coronavirus: Testing is improving rapidly (Report)

California: Coronavirus shutdown orders are unconstitutional? (Article)

The world economy: U.S. Recession, Depression? Next quarter will tell (Article)

The culture: Sex doll maker says dolls are antibacterial s(Article)

More culture: Use of military land mines: Update (Article)

Chicago: 1dead, 9 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested while intimate with drugs (Report)

That’s enough for now.


EDITORIAL:         What Will Follow Social Distancing?

The 2008 financial dislocations have been papered over by Federal Reserve money creation, not cured. The succeeding deficits have expanded the strains and the present all – out helicopter money deluge seems likely, coupled with the accompanying imposed pandemic business stasis, to finally bring economic reality onto most of the world. Many predict an immediate recession; some expect full, 1930’s depression for years. We should know by mid-year. The inflation rate should be a clue; the present world monetary system seems at risk under present “just print more” policies. The current prices and declining availability of precious metals may be a warning.  Whatever is coming, no politician will prevent nor moderate, no matter his promises. But everything conceivable will probably be done to postpone the onset past the November elections …

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In 1776, Americans’ behavior was prescribed by God and delivered to sovereign citizens by His churches; in 2019, a sovereign Godvernment increasingly imposes their behavior upon dependent citizens and their churches. The Founders’ plan has been stood upon its head.

America’s early European colonists were largely religious people; the thirteen original colonies included Protestants, Catholics, Jews and others; to join in a single nation, they had to proclaim religious tolerance and forbid religious favoritism by the state. The constitution they adopted was designed as Founder John Adams wrote, “for a moral and religious people.” That was inevitable at a time when Judeo-Christian prescriptions supplied by churches set the patterns for acceptable behavior and the goal was the imposition of limits upon government. That in turn rested naturally upon citizens whose sovereignty was granted by God and only then delegated by them to their government. But as historians know well, time passes, things change.

Technological industrialization tends to merge male and female utility; that in turn challenges much of the diversity of historical, religiously enforced male and female roles and behavior. Women have pursued the perceived freedom of accepted male behavior. That is one socio-religious revolution and it has been accelerated by economic pressure from the shrinkage of the middle class.  At the same time, the socio-economic disruption was increased by rapid technological changes, wars and financial peaks and valleys that massively altered huge numbers of lives. The recurring needs of so many opened a door to politicians: Offer increased support from greater government as a replacement for the older “Protestant work ethic” and independence that had settled the country. Acceptance of governmental unemployment benefits evolved from a disgrace, to an entitlement, providing another social revolution as citizens devolved from sovereignty to dependency..

Public schools began to reinforce citizen dependency upon government; universities, unions and social leaders broadened it. With a newly tangible savior in front of them, people stopped going to church. Today, American judges order Catholics to pay for abortions. God and His law no longer sit above the state and with that, the state and no longer the people, is the sovereign. The state has thus become the final arbiter of human life and property; that should keep things interesting.

With such powers, it becomes understandable that the state is to be worshipped by obedient citizens and to dispose their lives, as predicted by Alexis de Tocqueville in his 1835 “Democracy in America.” Through their politicians, citizens propose; Godvernment disposes. Voters are the new faithful, praying at the shrine of Godvernment for the gift of release from historical reality at someone else’s – anyone else’s – expense. Smiling, they accept beneficence funded with debt that will be repaid by their children and grandchildren. It is a supreme act of faith – and selfishness, paradise unearned. And it is worship of a false god, for in worshipping government, a narcissistic humanity is worshipping itself, guaranteed failure in any test of sanity fit for this universe.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

Government: Dept. of Justice asks Congress for power to detain indefinitely without trial (Article)

A plague of locusts: From Africa to China  (Report)

The culture: The U.S. Navy can’t design and build improved new ships anymore? (Article) (A sidelight on our post Christian era?)

U.S. Economy: Federal Reserve zeros interest, restores money dilution in apparent panic (Article)

China: February economic data worse than expected (Article)

The economy: Insolvency looming? (Article)

Government: Taking Controll of food distribution (Rationing) (Report)

Unemployment: State website crashes under pandemic NY job loss (Article)

Congress: Why Covid – 19 emergency legislation should not pass? (Article) (Who will work when they can stay home and be paid by taxpayers?)

California: New anti Uber law is crippling the state economy? (Video report)

Coronavirus: Study shows 86% of infected people are walking around undetected (Report)

Government: Swine flu pandemic comparison with coronavirus – interesting (Article)

China: Illegally fishing the world’s oceans (Article)

Immigration: Yale/MIT study finds 22 M illegal aliens in U.S. (Report)

The economy: These markets are rigged (Article) (Once free U.S. markets now Fed controlled)

Healthcare: Questioning the U.S. economic shutdown for coronavirus (Article)

More healthcare: Philadelphia police ordered to stop arresting miscreants (Coronavirus) (Report)

The world economy: What’s happening (for finance mavens) (Article)

Moew qoels wxonomy: Asset prices will fall (It’s all coming down) (Article)

The government: House Speaker tells President to take control of production (Report)

The economy: The real crash is here (Article) (Highly recommended!)

Government: Federal Drug Administration “clarifies” that two covid – 19 drug treatments mentioned by President Trump are NOT approved for that use (Report)

The economy: Airlines grounding airliners at Arizona desert boneyard (Report)

The pandemic: Expert claims current overreaction (Report)

The economy: Federal Reserve Opens Its Landfill for Distressed Assets (Article) (Highly recommended!)

More economy: More of the unsustainable debt going bad (Article)

Still more economy: Second Great Depression has begun? (Article) (You knew it was coming …)

The U.S. Government will accelerate visas to foreign workers during shutdown (Report)

Corruption:: Corona virus tests for stars, millionaires; why not everyone else? (Report) (Duh!

San Francisco: People are looting stores all over the city (Article)

Coronavirus: Use of antimalarial drugs risks serious psychiatric side effects (Article)

The economy: The huge fear – How do I pay the bills? (Article)

Government: Coronavirus aid from Congress to hit $2Trillion (Article)

More government: Last yearend Federal fiscal shortfall exceeded $3 Trillion (Report) (> $300K per U.S. person)

The war on the internet: New Senate bill mandates government reading all messages (Report)

Healthcare: Comparison of covid – 19 with previous epidemics (Article)

Chicago: 1 dead, 17 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

Apparently, no reporter covered any naked man’s or woman’s arrest this week …

And that’s enough.


EDITORIAL:         On Triggering A Great Depression To Postpone A Pandemic

Replicating China’s COVID – 19 response, the U.S. and many other governments are severely restricting personal and economic activities. This is intended to delay and spread out the impact of the pandemic, allowing healthcare systems better preparation and the accumulation of more resources before the challenge peaks. The evident price of this amelioration: It has triggered the onset of a second Great Depression. Whether the resulting decades of poverty and struggle are justified by the results of the quarantine will be debated.

The U.S. and much of the world is far overindebted; economies are stultified by politicization and distorted by the mismanagement of central banks. This creaky, bloated and misshapen structure is unsustainable, it has been awaiting only a trigger to fail. President Trump can now blame the virus for the depression and present himself as a savior rather than as the successor to President Herbert Hoover, who was successfully blamed for the Great Depression by Democrats in 1932. Present Democrats can applaud President Trump, now forced to promote their pet programs for dealing governmental largesse to citizens and businesses alike. Never mind that the trillions of dollars distributed do not now and never will exist in reality but will ultimately further depress the depression.

Who to blame for the suffering that has now been triggred? Not Trump, who merely forced a little good out of a bad deal. Not even the dishonest and greedy politicians who have scammed the voters for decades, offering them free government goodies. The blame rests plainly upon the educated adults who regularly reelect politicians offering something for nothing …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

Technology: New Army artillery fires shells 40 miles (Report)

Coronavirus patients will overload U.S. hospitals by about May 8? (Article)

The culture: Government, not parents, deciding what’s acceptable for children (Article)

The economy: Coronavirus – The Catalyst for System Failure? (Article) (Highly recommended)

The church: German bishops changing Catholic views of sexuality? (Report)

Cornavirus: Social media censorship to reinforce “official” narrative? (Article)

Burma: Update (Article)

Finance: Bond yields lowest in U.S. history (Report) (Politics replacing economics)

The U.S. culture: Marriage continues decline (Report)

North Korea: COVID 19 Update (Article)

The economy: Coronavirus, cheap flights and empty airliners (Article)

Coronavirus: U.S. testing has been and will continue limited for a while? (Article)

Nigeria: The international oil battle and update (Article)

The economy: A banking crisis imminent? (Article)

Technology: Breakthrough to speed access to quantum computing (Report)

Naval weapons: Modern mines more effective than submarines? (Article)

The government: Taxpayers are to cover over $200 B in bad student loans? (Article)

Science: Dog’s noses sense heat as well as smells (Report)

The economy: Financial markets freezing in panic? (Article)

Chicago: 1 dead, 20 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested for throwing rocks at cars (Report)

That’s all, folks … Coronavirus replaces much news!


EDITORIAL:         Money Has Become An illusion

Money as precious metal coins was defined as “A medium of exchange and a store of value”. When it was taken over by governments and reduced to valueless paper, that definition was reduced to “A medium of exchange”. Now money has become largely a digital notation in someone else’s computer, which is to say, not money anymore but rather credit only and that under the control of others. At one time, a man with money was called: “independent”. He had absolute control of his wealth. Now, the provider of digital credit processing has absolute control and that control is supervised by government regulation. Money and the independence it once provided are no longer what they once were and we now trust the government to make deposits to and withdrawals from our bank accounts…

Government deficits have piled debt to high for likely repayment and inflationary policies continue to devalue our money; the monetary system will have to be revised at the next major financial failure. That process can be used either to restore some of the lost independence or to reduce it further. Citizens’ attention to that will determine that outcome.

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The War on Cash (yours) is waged by government (also yours). That is bad enough, but unfortunately my government and for that matter, everyone else’s too are in it together. The first stage is proceeding in Sweden, where cash is now “more trouble than it is worth” if one believes the press. It is also proceeding in India and other places. And it is not only governments behind the move, banks are pushing it too. A cashless United States is predicted by economists, though it may take a little longer.

While it is a new idea, even revolutionary, for banks, governments have been at war with cash for a very long time; as the declining silver content of the ancient Roman denarius illustrates. It is a well-documented saga in a very long, criminal history that is presently being pursued by most governments that see the current opportunity.

Governments monopolized money when they realized that it was useful for stealing the publics’ wealth. When the roman emperor repaid his loans with coins containing less silver, he was a swindler, using cheapened money when he had received full value. Governments today do the same, repaying huge borrowings with paper/digital money created by central banks; money that devalues the existing money by diluting it. This swindle does not seem to raise much real concern, but it is not negligible; consider for instance that a basic 1937 Chevrolet was purchased by this author’s father for $750. This sort of money management is of course, a criminal activity. It can be interesting to contemplate how many of the Mafia’s activities have unremarked, routine government equivalents …

It is useful to have this history freshly in mind when listening to the present siren songs of those promoting the elimination of cash. With important matters, it is wise to know with whom one is dealing … Let’s consider: First, without cash, all money transactions must be electronic; if the power stops, the internet is down or even a particular computer holding your data hiccups you are out of business. That is quite a bundle of risks awaiting Murphy’s Law. Next, exposure to hackers is probably a considerably greater risk than exposure to pickpockets. Finally, human error might cost you in miscounting change or handing over $50 thinking it $20 but computer or card reader glitches can ber rather more spectacular. And a $100 bill isn’t subject to identity theft. But we live with those to some extent already; there is an entire additional concern when cash has gone for good.

You are the master of your cash; it is your servant. But you are no master of electronic payments; you use them only with their masters’ knowledge and approval.  And you pay for that privilege. Outlawing cash creates instantly new masters empowered to observe, oversee, control and instantly terminate any citizens’ financial life. From that will flow the intended dependency.

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alfred_e-_neumannSelected from the week:

Coronavirus: Sensible advice and information (Article)

More coronavirus: 119 people quarantined in a Spanish brothel? (Article)

Turkey downs Syrian jets as its invasion continues (Article)

U.S. Navy: A Litany of New Ship Failures (Article)

The culture: Two middle classes, one rising, the other failing (Article) (Recommended)

China: Is NOT back to work? (Article)

Afghanistan: Taliban signed peace agreement Saturday, resumes fighting today (Article)

European Union: Police planning general facial recognition database (Report)

The U.S. ecibintL: Wates/living costs vary too much from place to place (Article) (Economic misgovernment?)

Bloomberg has ties to Epstein and other unsavory characters? (Article) (Media silence?)

The culture: San Francisco’s reduced policing has increased crime? (Report) (Surprise …)

Space Junk: Update on orbital clutter (Article)

The economy: Trump asks for 1 year payroll tax cut (Report) (Deficit increase)

The culture: Two 10 year old Colorado boys playing with toy guns arrested on felony charge (Report)

China: A thoughtful analysis of the impact of coronavirus on China and its result elsewhere (Article)

India: Nationalizes 4th largest bank to crutch financial system (Article)

Lebanon: Worst economic crisis in three decades (Article)

Corruption: Major U.S. labor leader stole union money? (Article)

Geopolitics: Moscow accuses Washington of new “Acceptable nuclear war” policy (Reportd)

Corruption: Obama era inspector general indicted on fraud.theft charges (Article)

Government: Police used Google phone record of bike ride past burglarized home to create a suspect (Report)

More government: Police arrested a security guard for possessing legal gun/ammo (Report)

The world economy: A very interesting view of current reality (Articled)

Chicago: 4 dead, 14 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after stealing a car (Report)

And that’s the week


EDITORIAL:         No Worries, Our Governments Are Looking Out For Us …


The United States Congress and presidency are now run as reality TV, apparently aimed at public school graduates and the Democrats are fielding a Potemkin slate of wanna-be presidents that appears equally unserious. The U.S. economy is distorted and gaseous with Federal Reserve fiat money replacing genuine economic value. Governments nearly everywhere are running on unrepayable debt. The world’s No. 2 economy is whipsawed by a frightened, leftover Communist police state is caught between a pandemic and the looming downrush of its economic roller coaster. The European Union is watching a British bailout and an invasion by undigestible Moslem refugees. Meanwhile, the pandemic is spreading rapidly, met with government panic and/or government soothing but with little realistic advice for citizens. What could possibly go wrong?

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannOur latest selections:

The culture: Biological male wins national NCAA women’s track title (Report)

The war on cash: The big, international banks’ version (Article)

Government: Occupational licensing hurts poor, does little good? (Article)

More Coronavirus: China is balanced on a knife edge over a chasm (Article)

Coronavirus: Is a CDC cover up hiding the U.S. infection rate? (Article)

The U.S. Social Credit system taking shape? (ArticleS)

Surveillance: A conflicted Trump administration struggles with itself and others (Report)

More surveillance: Report shows Obama administration abuse of FISA process known for years (Report)

Coronavirrus: U.S. continues largely unable to diagnose? (Report)

U.S. Navy wants more new ships (Report) (Great missile targets …)

Hong Kong embraces helicopter money (Article)

The economy: Heavy trucks aren’t selling? (Article)

Healthcare: Is Coronavirus channeling the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic? (Article)

Politics: Appeals court rules Trump can withhold grant money from sanctuary cities (Report)

Coronavirus (Covid 19): U.S. now at 59 cases? (Report) (Wanna bet there are’nt a lot more unreported?)

The economy: President Reagan’s Budget Director sounds off/predicts (Article)

China: Some current conditions (Article)

Surveillance: “Join the navy and see the world” takes on a whole new meaning (Article)

The culture: Justice Dept: 45% of blacks at Harvard admitted illegally (Report)

Healthcare: WalMart has opened two health clinics (Report)

More healthcare: How to watch for coronavirus and what to do (Report)

Education: New Jersey public schools to trach LGBT ideology in every subject? (Report)

Technology: Amazon opens full sized, cashierless grocery store in Seattle (Report)

The economy: Will be depressed by Covid 19 or by worried government? (Article)

Syria: Update (Article) (Turkey vs nearly everybody)

U.S. elections: Lawsuits in counties with more registered voters than eligible people (Report)

Surveillance: Proposed reform would restore U.S. citizens’ protections but Trump/GOP divided? (Report)

Turkey: Boosting refugee flood into Europe to depress opposition to invasion of Syria? (Article)

Afghanistan: U.S./Taliban sign accord – (So Trump can declare victory and get out? ) Report)

Militaru: Digitizing armored and aerial combat – update (Article)

Technology: Ultrasound can remotely operate cell phones without owner’s knowledge (Report)

Coronavirus: Discharged patients relapsing weeks later (Article)

Chicago: 5 killed, 17 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

Semi-naked women arrested after leaping onto stage at Sanders rally (Report) (A political cover-up)

And that will have to do for this week …


EDITORIAL:         The Unfortunate Politicization of U.S. Coronavirus

The virus is now said to have reached nearly 60 countries while forcing the Chinese government to impose extraordinary constraints upon the daily lives of masses of the population. The pandemic is already severely affecting the Chinese economy and threatening others. What should Americans expect?

We expect that the folks in power will offer soothing reassurances while the party out of power screams that the sky is falling and it’s all Trump’s fault or to put it another way, business as usual for these days. Meanwhile, the infection will gallop through the country, just as did SARS, birdflu, h-1,n1. And all the other unstoppable predecessors we have endured. There is, this being new, no really effective treatment readily available and no vaccine yet. Were told that most coronavirus cases are mild; about all a sensible person can do is follow the patter used to avoid colds and flu so far as we’re able and seek help if we become really sick, just as we would for any contagion. And maybe watch a little less major “news” media …

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