GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour weekly assortment, sans aspirin:

A naked man jumped into a lion enclosure seeking suicide but survived. (Cruelty to animals?)

A woman was jailed for child abuse after allowing her 11 year old to drive a golf cart down a path at a Carolina resort.

Greece , caught between the E.U. and the IMF over who gets screwed by its promiscuous debt burden, seems the model now pursued by Puerto Rico in Congress. (i.e. Screw the taxpayers.)

The FBI is demanding an exemption from public disclosure for its biometrics database. It holds scans and data pertinent to millions of citizens who, per the Bureau, should not know what it contains about them.

Turkey: Shifting to a presidential system without changing the constitution … Another democracy failing into authoritarian hands? (Islamists dislike democracy.)

The War on Cash: In Britain, less than half of consumer payments are now in cash.

Battery life might grow by a factor of 5 if new research pans out. (And all life will be lived on cell phones?)

A Puerto Rico debt bailout bipartisan deal is finishing up in Congress. (Denial of risk for taxpayers seems questionable)

The Culture: A New York ‘polyamorous’ couple of 57 and 27 years respectively married in the converted church in which their regular orgiastic parties are held. New York’s party scene is said to feature a number of orgy/swingers groups.   (Hmnn … Will New Fun City end famous for its salt pillars?)

Zombies Vote: Hundreds of the dead rise on election day in southern California, particularly in Los Angeles.

A female security guard was arrested and charged with a hate crime for removing a man from the women’s restroom. He had claimed that he identifies as a woman. (You saw this coming, right?)

Why the high cost of health care? (Read this little article if you’ve wondered)

Consequences of 1400 years of human inbreeding. (Article on result of marrying cousins, per Islam)

The European Union: What an unelected government does these days. (A preview for globalist’s world government …)

 The culture: Memorial Day cemetery crosses for fallen soldiers were removed after a single complaint.

Pot smoking alters the smoker’s DNA. (Report)

A 4 ft. python bit a man’s penis as he squatted over a toilet in Thailand.

Will Greece’s creditors dump more cash into Greece? Report says yes, no mention of Greek quid pro quo. (Will northern Europe support southern Europe? Will the U.S. support Puerto Rico?)

Government and business aren’t Siamese twins only in China.  ECB funds Bayer’s Monsanto takeover while the State of New Mexico grants an IT firm money to expand.

Detroit, fresh out of bankruptcy, has discovered a $195 million pension shortfall. (The more we change …)

Wells Fargo Bank has launched a 3% down mortgage (Report). (It’s ok; this helps low income folk buy homes they can’t afford, the loan is sold off to Fannie Mae and both it and the bank will be bailed out by the hapless taxpayers.)

The Culture: A woman wearing a “Stop Domestic Violence” tee shirt was arrested for domestic violence. (Weld bet that she votes, too.)

The Obamafolk removed the “Conflict of Interest” ethics disclosures of top Federal officials from public disclosure.(See no evil …)

More Culture: New York’s City Council has decriminalized littering, loitering and peeing in the street, etc.  (We assume that liberals’ dogs aren’t housebroken, right?)

Senate legislation authorizing the FBI to read your email without a warrant and without your knowledge cleared committee and passed to the full Senate.

Another giant solar energy boondoggle is going sour. (“World’s largest”, in California)

Explained: The economy you live in vs. The Economy You Hear About (Article).

Stull More Culture: New York City now requires restaurants to label menu items containing more than specified salt levels, enforced with fines. (Why are they dissing pepper?  Where’s equality?)

The European Union government is quietly planning to create its own army, per report. (If that flies, will the U.N. be far behind?)

A drone reportedly flew intentionally at a passenger jet during takeoff. (You knew it was coming … Wait until a drone shoots someone!)

A naked man and woman were arrested after passing out in a car parked in a handicapped space. (Handicapped spaces aren’t clothing optional?)

And with that, the week has expired.

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Politics, Economics,Labor … and Robots

cartoon-robot-labor-dayRobots  will produce a class of obsolete humans?  There is a simple answer: Certainly. So long as robots are cheaper than people.

Unions joined with politicians – i.e, corruption – pushed the price of labor above its market value. Politics is about power, not about markets. But while politics may ignore markets, markets do not ignore politics. When U.S. labor rose above the world price, the world sucked U.S. capital to places with cheaper labor to compete. Chinese steel became a significant market supplier. The U,S. lost markets.

But the U.s. politicians were prisoners of an ever escalating wage as they bid against each other for votes. Until now, a $15 hr. minimum is the goal while far too much production has shifted overseas. The U.S. and Europe, we hear, are now service economies. Who ever became wealthy swapping services? And what will the masses do to live as robots replace them at McDonald’s?

Some are forecasting a future of idle folk dependent upon government largesse. Where said government will obtain the wherewithal goes unstated. Beyond that question, perhaps some economics are ignored as well. Consider:

Robots are not cheap to produce nor to operate. People on the other hand, are cheap to hire and can be cheap to operate when government law and regulation do not impose high costs onto them. If this were not so, no one would be today, demanding the open borders that flood the U.S. with cheap labor, right?

But we note that said imported cheap labor is still costly compared to its price where it comes from; were that not so, it wouldn’t leave home, would it? So the real function of importing foreign labor is to reduce the cost of native labor by competing on its home ground.  When the U.S. and European labor price has fallen to match the rest of the world, U.S. and European capital will be able to stay at home and compete as it cannot now do.Those running the U.S. and Europe prefer that; labor unions and workers do not. So Democrats especially must indulge in much double talk.

Of course, no politician can say that in public. But it is what they are doing and is the reason that the middle class is vanishing. And it is the historic norm, too. Economics over time is a great political leveler on the larger scale. For the personal scale, not so much.

So yes, the robots will replace the people for a while because people cost too much. A new generation of people, tired of trying to live on government gruel, will price themselves cheaper than the machines, obsoleting them in their turn. And living lower on the hog to do so. With luck, the march of technology will help human productivity to to produce enough more new wealth that the average living standard will be decent. Or not …

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Have U.S. Women Won A Devil’s Bargain?

Girls in CombatWomen have gone to war since prehistory. Generally though, not in the line of battle. Men are just bigger, stronger warriors for one thing. For another, a man can make his replacement in a few seconds; a woman requires nine months for production and another few years for finishing. The future of a population is at less risk when it loses men; that risk grows enormously if it loses its women.

But in our politicized Western cultures, politics has turned that biological reality on its head; dumping females into combat is a political goal. Recognizing biology is no more a factor than recognizing real temperature measurements for climate analysis. We are putting women into military combat just as we are admitting high school boys to the high school girls’ dressing rooms. We’re awaiting news of the showers any day now.

The first American female soldier captured by the Iraqis during the U.S. invasion of that country lived to be return to her country. We never heard a word of how she was treated; no media interviews and no details of her experience became public. Nor has a public word about her appeared since. More recently, we have heard a very loud silence about the treatment of the ten American sailors captured by Iran for allegedly straying into Iranian waters. Some of those sailors were female. We know how Moslems think of females. Perhaps there is a reason we have heard nothing of the ten hours that the sailors were captives; it is no secret that Iran does not love America.

In WWII entire cities full of civilians were demolished by massive bombing;few were surprized. It was done by all sides. A war is intended to kill people and demolish property until someone gives up.

But America, while it continues exporting warts around the world to do those things to others, has seen no significant war at home since 1865. Americans do not see what they are doing elsewhere, so they can ignore it. Until cell phones and the internet rub their noses in it by denying the media the ability to pretend it isn’t there.

That communication has bound up the U.S. military with media oversight; American generals who allow their soldiers to kill Afghan or Iraqi civilians to get at Taliban or ISIS in their midst are removed or replaced. U.S. soldiers have been denied self defense when local civilians are present so the terrorists deliberately use them as shields. Before the Russians came, American airstrikes against ISIS were relatively ineffective as a result of civilians used as shields.The Russians in Syria have been less fussy and have done better.

America has failed to win any of the post WWII wars it has entered. It has forgotten what wars are; it thinks of them merely as useful political tools. But wars are a feature of human history and will not cease. Nor will nuclear weapons remain only in a few hands. And with new missiles, more countries are able to bombard North America from afar.

The United States Navy can no longer protect its country from attack; too many of its ships are now mainly missile targets. And like Europe, Russia, China and others already, the U.S. has run out of money; its military posture is built on borrowing and so is creating more weakness than strength.

And in the midst of this decline, U.S. politicians, over the advice of the generals and admirals who are experienced warriors, is embedding less capable fighters into its combat troops. Apparently, the pols have forgotten what war is or perhaps, don’t care who wins.

From the female standpoint, it seems that a woman has acquired the power to kill her inconvenient unborn baby, certainly a significant gain if you’re not the baby. But in return, she has to be ready to let the boys into her daughters dressing rooms at school and of course, be prepared to die on a battle field. Quite a bargain …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour assembled selections :

The Feds are planting warrantless microphones in public places  to gather evidence for prosecutions. (Trees, light bulbs, park benches,)

One person in every ten uses her phone during sex, per report. (How do they know, really?)

Montana’s Supreme Court cleared the way for illegal aliens to receive the same state benefits and services provided citizens. (Ain’t equality grand?)

The U.N. Security Council is under pressure to end internet anonymous use by requiring registration before anyone is allowed to post anywhere. (Censorship upcoming …)

Electric vehicles emit more pollution than do fossil fuel driven vehicles (Study). (Hmnn …)

The South China Sea confrontation between China and its neighbors plus the U.S. and others is escalating while awaiting the adjudication of a U.N. court that has already been discounted by China.

U.S. Pensions of public workers are underfunded by some 50% compared to other developed countries. (The report doesn’t mention that they’re also more generous and that the cities, counties and states are likely unable to pay them.)

Chicago: Weekend count was 5 killed, 13 shot.

4000 passengers missed flights awaiting TSA screening in loooong lines at major airports. (Government Service) Video from Chicago Midway Airport. The lengthening passenger waits reflect only mismanagement, per report. (But we note that it’s budget season in Congress …)

The culture: A man was arrested after a woman and boy were shot at a “Stop the Violence!” event.

Milwaukee public schools plan to spend $471,000 on “Black Lives Matter.”

Pentagon: “China is Restructuring Itself for War” ( True, China is updating its dated military; thee question remains how much is Chinese bellicosity versus how much is Pentagon reaction to U.S. military budget cuts.)

The Culture: A Connecticut woman was harassed and told to leave the ladies’ restroom at Wal-Mart. (Short hair becomes a risk as a security guard mistakes her for a man.)

The world’s central banks are selling off U.S. Treasury bonds faster than usual while private investors are buying them up. (No sweat … unless it continues.)

Book: “The Confessions of Congressman X” – A look at the dark side of Congress by one of its own. (Amazon) (Fun for those who already have their suspicions.)

Obamacare’s spending problem: (Article) Explains the unsustainably expanding cost of the program.

Government planned economies  : Why they can’t work and can’t be dislodged (Article).(Whether it’s Washington, Moscow, Beijing or London is irrelevant.)

Bill Clinton plans an economic role in any Hillary Clinton Administration.  (Bill thrill )

The U.S. quintupled its tariff on Chinese steel imports. (Government helps the economy by depriving it of cheap steel.)

French politician Marine Le Pen filmed a government raid on her headquarters and when the officers (evidently all male) tried to grab her phone, stuffed it down her “ample cleavage” and dared them to “come and get it.” (We suspect it was her political prominence rather than the amplitude of her cleavge that saved her phone.)

Today’s economy truthfully explained for us in simple terms.  (No propaganda article)

Solar cell efficiency is moving above 30% in research, an entre’ to much broader markets if it can be scaled up into affordable production. (And if batteries keep improving!)

Overtime increase mandate: Prez Obama is increasing eligibility for overtime pay by raising the exclusion salary limit from its presently $23,660 to $47,440. That is expected to add some 5 million workers to the overtime eligible list.

Culture: In Southern California, a woman took a bat to a man’s truck for remaining too long in front of a gas pump. (Advice to men: Don’t keep her waiting!)

Part human, part animal embryos are now created in research labs. (Report) (By Doctors Caligari and Moreau?)

A female security guard who ejectedan allegedly transgender woman from a supermarket ladies’ restroom was charged with assault in Washington, D.C.

Obama Foreign Policy: Iran has demanded that the U.S. pay it $50 billion for “years of spiritual and material damage.” Hiroshima nuke victims want an apology from Prez. Obama. (Didn’t they shoot first?)

Obamacare: A health insurer is suing the Federal government for $223 million in back payments.

Puerto Rico: The islands’ unrepayable borrowings are bailed out by Congress under an agreement among both parties and the President. (Financially, Washington these days seems to be managed from Buenos Aires.)

 Climate change denial  and any supporting material has been banned by an Oregon school board.

Robocop: Robots are showing up providing security in shopping malls. (A mobile and more obvious security camera. We’ll bet it won’t work.)

Affirmative housing action imposed by Federal regulation (“Fair Housing”) in local neighborhoods was protected by the GOP-controlled Senate.(Hmnn … why elect a Trump while retaining Congressfolk?)

Chicago finance: The city’s pensions leaped further into unsustainability. “The only solution is bankruptcy.”

U.S. Department of Justice attorneys were ordered into professional ethics classes by a Texas judge responding to their deliberate deceit in presenting a case. (Is “ethical attorney” an oxymoron now?)

San Francisco: A young man was publicly mobbed, beaten and may die.

Miami: Five women attacked and best a Victoria’s Secret employee in that store.

Chicago: A woman exiting Starbucks was gunned down.

Venezuela: Buy a hamburger for only $170….Food and medical shortages are a government policy (Report).

11 naked women are performing Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” at New York City’s Central Park.”

Umd Das ist Alles (Never mind, only our Grossvater actually spoke German …

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Will Any Politician Save Us?

TrumpWe have wondered whether it is just us, or have others noted how often politicians advocate solving a perceived problem by applying more of what has caused it in the first place?

For example, a sluggish economy. Politicians advocate curing a sluggish economy with government spending, to replace the lagging consumer spending needed. Sure …

The consumers aren’t spending because they lack money, right? And in order to spend more, government must take it from the economy it wishes to ‘stimulate.’ So as we have written before, government is providing a needed blood transfusion to a sick patient by first, draining the blood from said patient.  We will appreciate any explanations of any inaccuracy or unfairness here. We do not claim to know it all.

We do note that economic sluggishness is a reasonable response to excessive debt, a burden that inevitably lessens current spending. We note too, that the portion of replacement spending assumed by government that is not taken from the current economy, is an addition to the aforementioned debt.

So in essence, government is saving the citizens by taking their money from them. Or put another way, throwing drowning people an anchor instead of a life preserver.

Re-funding failing banks with public debt amounts to the same thing. You declare a bank “too big to fail” and then rescue it so that it won’t collapse and lose its depositors’ money. You do that by taxing and by burdening the public with debt. Inevitably, a lot of those ‘saved’ are wealthy investors. Saved by taxing the middle class …

The politicians’ economic mismanagement has trashed the economy; they rescue it by forcing the citizens to subsidize their mismanagement … and said citizens, public school grads mostly don’t notice that they’ve been suckered. They reelect their politicians, mostly.

Another example of salvation by applying more of the original problem is racial policy. Politicians preach the awfulness of racism, that amounts in the end, to treating folks of different races, differently under identical circumstances. Few in the U.S. would justify that today. But an entire industry is funded and staffed upon the onetime mistreatment of black folk by whites during the slave era and immediately following. Everyone now agrees that race does not justify different treatment of people. The laws even say so.

Nevertheless, the politicians require that the once unacceptable oppression of blacks by whites that was wrong,must now be continued in reverse as “affirmative action” that somehow, now that the races are reverse, makes it not only right, but necessary. Parsed, that says that racism is not really wrong except when politicians say it is wrong. For us, that fails to compute. You don’t cure racism by applying more of it. But politicians clearly do.

Standing back to think clarifies that politicians have little to work with but our money, which must first be taken from us, not a beneficent act. To augment that confiscation, they can apply force to our conduce, trashing the idea of freedom. Those are pretty limited tools. Better the politicians leave us alone to work out our own rewards without government interference, maybe? Our Founders thought so. But they’re dead, and it appears, so are their ideas …A shame, that … those ideas seem to have produced pretty well for us while they lasted.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannOur picks of the weeks’ news and views:

“The Borderless World”: Sec of State John Kerry pushes the globalist agenda. (But doesn’t explain how diversity and equality can coexist.)

The Feds ability to use force has been beefing; now that is accelerating. (Murphy’s Law resonates.)

China: Economic reality sucks; as another example of government run economies stumbles over it.

A vegetarian restaurant’s owners received death threats after they    were discovered eating meat. (C’mon, guys; you let your politicians get away with stuff like that …)

Job cuts at U.S. employers increased 35% in April. (Our ‘recovery’ proceeds …)

Trump spoke up honestly on the Federal debt; the only candidate so far to do so. But then he watered down his apparent comment (i.e. chickened out, we suppose.)  Unfortunately, the indignant anti Donald scoffers were incorrect and Trump was “right on the money” in the first place. (Even governments go under when they borrow too much).

Chicago:  45 people shot over Mother’s Day weekend, 6 dead.

More Chicago: A man choked an 8 year old girl unconscious in a ladies’ restroom while her mother occupied the next stall. (A man has a right to the ladies’ if he wants, not so?)

More Chicago: 5 people were shot while waiting for a bus. .

Philadelphia: A woman was beaten on the sidewalk by a man while a crowd watched; none helped.  (Maybe she was wearing a headscarf?)

The culture: A priest was shot while hailing a cab in New York City.

More culture: A wife beat her husband for his Mothers’ Day gift of the wrong flowers and candy.

Kid culture: 14 and 15 year old s live screened a sex threesome for classmates in school.  Added surprise: A Police department faces an underage sex scandal.

Still more culture: A university, after a Black Lives Matter message was defaced, called the police and arranged for counseling sessions for those offended.

Added culture: A woman killed a man at a motel over the price for sex, per police.

Ultimate culture: A Times Square “free hugs” guy attacked a tourist for not tipping.

The cost of a new home today includes some $85,000 imposed by government regulations. (Wall Street Journal: “U.S. home ownership rate hits 48 year low”)

Addicts are turning to an anti-diarrhea medication to get high. (Plug-Uglies?)

Amazon’s new video posting service is a shot at YouTube. (Competition swings!)

The Economy: Nearly 1 of every 6 U.S.  young men is either jobless or in jail, per the Congressional Budget Office. (Quick, ship us more illegals!)

The Economy: The top 25 hedge fund managers together earned more than some countries last year.

Airports are protesting inadequate TSA security services that are delaying passengers and flights; New York has threatened to replace government screeners with private contractors. TSA lost 3000 suitcases in one day at the Phoenix airport. (Isn’t “government service” an oxymoron?)

Brazil: The President is impeached by a Senate vote but she has sworn to fight on.  (What with Zika, an iffy-looking Olympics looming and political corruption amid economic decline and massive drought issues, a Constitutional crisis is a nice cherry on top ….

Argentina’s recent President Cristina Fernandez has been charged with illegal financial actions while in office and must appear in court to answer.

Mail carriers: 6,549 were bitten by dogs in 2015. (Well, they never deliver mail to the dogs …)

The major media censored a story about government censorship of Fox News. (Shh …)

The Senate appropriation bill will spend more than President Obama requested.

Senator Sessions: : The election offers a choice between nationalism and globalism. (Or between a happy clown and a sad one)

The Numbers of Americans  working past 65 are breaking records. (Well, they get hungry …)

Obamacare employment costs are set to bomb small business this year. (Government job creation, right?)

Is the Federal Reserve about to come clean re inflation? (Hell no!)

Venezuela: Desperate looters seeking food wounded en masse’.(Latest socialist paradise implodes.)

The Economy: Wendy’s is following McDonald’s into robot employee replacement as minimum wages increase. (It’s called “economics, stupid!)

Various Saudis, including some in government were apparently supporters of the 9/11 New York terrorist attack per recent news leaks.

100 naked women are to be photographed before the GOP convention in Cleveland, per the artist

organizing the mass shoot.  (100 naked women vs. Hillary? Is that even fair?)

Thus another improbable week escapes us.

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Are We Voting On The Next Herbert Hoover?

ProsperityPresident Herbert Hoover’s slogan for the Great Depression was: “Prosperity is just around the corner.” It proved a tough corner to round. Our 2016 President elect seems likely to face similarly intractable circumstances without the present officials; ability to pretend to ignore them.

If Trump supporters cannot, as described in our previous post, expect their candidate to head off the the defenestration of the U.S, should they then support Hillary Clinton? Or should they just sit out the election? Why elect a Trump if he cannot change much?

We cannot advise others what they should do; it is difficult enough for us to decide what we should do. We will discuss exactly that, speaking only for ourselves.

Mrs. Clinton is the very symbol of the status quo, from executing Obama Administration foreign policy as Secretary of State, through her now classified speeches on Wall Street all the way back to her failed attempt to impose what we now call Obamacare upon the Clinton Administration. She is the candidate of the Way Things Are. Mr. Trump is the candidate of dissatisfaction with the way things are. (So is Bernie Sanders.)

But the previous post concludes that the Way Things Are is so embedded in our reality that even an elected and determined Trump won’t alter much of it. What is our way forward?

Well, if we wish to be recorded as against the present, we have only Trump to speak for us, even if he doesn’t always speak as we wish. Half a loaf is better than none, per our grandmother.  If he wimps out on us, we are no worse off than if we had elected Hillary.

If he holds to what he has been saying, much of it will require a supportive Congress now seeming unlikely but perhaps, igniting future progress at succeeding elections. It offers at least, hope for deviation from  financially unsustainable path. Trump’s successors may find an easier path. Or not, if a President Trump can be positioned by the Democrats as the successor of 1928’s President Herbert Hoover.

We seem to be watching second-rate politicians vying for control of our lives in a fools’ race conducted before an audience of bigger fools, namely us. Mr. Trump may not differ much from Mrs. Clinton, but he claims otherwise and his is the only game in town. He can’t, by walking into the White House, save us. He might just light a fuse, though. One that could ultimately, blow up the status quo. For lack of other prospects, we will for now, support him. Readers should do as they see fit. We will understand.

Any port, as our grandmother said, in a storm. We hasten to add, don’t expect too much …

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