alfred_e-_neumannAnother week’s worth:

Politics: Current, interesting developments at the trial of Paul Manifort, Trump’s campaign manager (Article)

The media: Major media outlet now a target, no longer an attacker for sexual harassment claims (Report) (Hoist by its own petard …)

 The media ignored Antifa attack on NBC crew at protest (Report) (Ill behaved Left is invisible)

The culture: The rise of corporate censorship (Article) (When everything is politicized, everything becomes propaganda)

The media: Over 100 newspapers will join Monday (8/14) to attack Trump? (Report) (It was over 300, offended that the Prez treats them like they treat him?)

Elections: Voting machines are hackable (But don’t tell the public!) (Report)

The debt: U.S. Federal interest payments break all records; deficit rising (Report)

Government work can have big payoffs? (Report)

Germany: An orphaned military can’t meet its responsibilities? (Article)

Iran: Iranian Kurds are fighting government security forces as protests continue in cities (Article)

Media: Antifa, a left thuggery, advertises bullets for political enemies, threatens shooting President. Media overlooks (Report)

Science: Phonons (sound waves) are repelled by gravity? (Report)

China: Police are acquiring handheld cell phone readers used on the street (Report) (When will they arrive in the U.S?)

Afghanistan: Surprise Taliban attack caught U.S. off guard (Report) (Why is the U.S. spending billions in Afghanistan?)

Sweden: Migrant gangs coordinating to burn cars on streets (Report)

The culture: Freely available information is under attack in the U.S. (Article) (Censorship spreading)

More culture: Rapidly growing numbers of children claiming to be homosexual? (Report)

West Virginia: Preparing for the impeachment trial of 3 state Supreme Court justices (Report)

Space weapons taking shape (Report) (Murphy rules space)

Los Angeles: First U.S. city to install subway body scanners (Report)

Social Security: A simple explanation of its failure (Report)

Myanmar (Burma): Asia’s Moslem refugee problem and others (Article)

Government: New York City froze Uber/Lyft new licenses for a year (Report) (The taxi empire strikes back)

The culture: The left filed a new case against the Colorado baker whose refusal to bake a wedding cake for homosexuals was upheld by the Supreme Court (Report) (And these folk accuse Trump of totalitarian leanings?)

More culture: An 87 year old grandmother harvesting dandelions for a salad was tasered by police (Report)

Sacramento has been tracking license plates to monitor welfare recipients (Report) (Murphy’s law says that is only the tip of this iceberg)

Transportation: Bikes and electric scooters strewn around the city for one trip rental by phone (Report) (Taxifolk screaming at their politicians)

Science: Miniaturization proceeds. Transistors can now be the size of a single atom (Report)

More Sccience: A desalinization breakthrough (Report)

Still more science: A lithium battery breakthrough with big benefits for phones and cars (Report)

Nuclear mismanagement: California’s failed San Onofre power plant threatens (Article)

Privacy: U.S. government seeks Facebook help to wiretap messenger (Report) (Does this tell you anything?)

The Internet: How the Left is outsourcing censorship of the internet (Article)

California legislature limits kids’ restaurant m meal beverages to water or milk only (Report)

Sout Africa: Uncompensated seizure of white owned farms by blacks grows (Report) (Remarkable lack of news value)

Chicago: 33 wounded in weekend shootings (Report) (None dead … yet, anyway)

A woman was arrested naked below the waist, on hands and knees in the street (Report)

And so it went …


Under Presidents Bush and Obama, it was occasional reports on “negotiating trade agreements”; under President Trump, it’s “waging foolish and risky trade wars” but it’s the media reporting hat has changed the process, not the other way around.


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Money, Power and Democratic Socialism Create Poverty

That the U.S. middle class is dissolving as its rich get richer is no mystery; it is a normal result of advancing socialism.  Covertly advancing since the Great Depression  of last century, U.S. socialism has become too pervasive to hide some of its inevitable effects. That is why the socialists are using a new term: Democratic Socialism.”

“Democratic socialism” (an oxymoron) is the currently fashionable lipstick for the ugly old pig. When you’re selling millennia of misery and failure without any successful examples by claiming that “This time is different,” you need lots of new makeup. Just now, you have to cover a blemish called Venezuela. (Never mind China and Russia.)

Socialism puts the public welfare ahead of individual welfare by definition, requiring saints both in and out of government. Lacking saints, government must control and enforce all significant decisions; they cannot be left to self-serving individuals. The first thing that happens is a significant increase in the rewards for government workers as has been occurring in the U.S. for a while. Government isn’t big on saints, either. Then private sector big shots and politicians get together; the first do I for favors that increase their profits, the second do it for election contributions. In such an incestuous atmosphere, CEO compensation escalates (along with the corruption); it has risen in the U.S. from 40 times average employee earnings in the 1980’s to more than 330 times greater recently. Naturally as all these folk bite more off the apple, the remaining more productive folk make do with less, as we have also been observing. You may add that in such circumstances, said more productive folk tend to become less productive. The enthusiastic new young democratic socialists graduating from colleges and arriving in Congress face no big chore pushing the U.S. into socialism; it is already nearly there.

Forget the word “socialism” for a moment; it is only another label for big, totalitarian government anyway. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is is not news nor arguable; neither is: “Money is power.” Those two are the body and soul of saintless government. America’s 18th century Liberal founders were correct; power and money beget poverty unless government is held weak and limited. But the United States has gone in the opposite direction and the young Democratic Socialists are at hand, full of illusions and knowing not what they do..

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom this week:

The environment: Corn ethanol (gasoline additive) production harms the environment it’s supposed to help? (Report)

Corruption: More government snooping into private financial records (Report)

More corruption: Is the Vatican attacking the Italian government to head off corruption investigation? (Report)

Iran: Anti-government street protests continue; police fire into crowds from rooftops – carefully so far (Report)

Technology: Hundreds of Wells Fargo borrowers lost homes via foreclosures caused by computers (Report)

Brazil: Ex Prez Lula nominated to run again, from his jail cell (Report) (All he will need is a cell phone)

Government: 5 year anniversary for Edward Snowden’s shining light into dark places (Article)

Chicago: 11 dead, 64 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

The culture: Apple bans “hate speech” (Report) More bans on conservative sources (Article) (Should communications providers be political censors?)

The Oil Warss: U.S. machinations against Russia/Saudi Arabia re the world oil markets (Article)

The climate: Revisiting global warming predictions that have failed (Article)

China: Clamping down on Christians (Report)

Corruption: 670 ballots from a Georgia precinct with 276 registered voters? (Report)

An invasive Asian disease carrying tick species is showing up on the U.S. east coast (Report)

Tech threat: Amazon’s Alexa threatens brands by ordering generic products (Report)

The war on the internet: Twitter adds Libertarians to suspended conservatives (Report) (And the next time the political left is on top, its’ government will save us by regulating the web)

Real estate: Your state’s unfunded public pensions are an invisible mortgage on your home (Article)

The culture: Forced removal of billboard ads promoting Christian gathering (Report)



Corruption: Congressman (R) charged with insider trading (Report)

More corruption: Underway: A historic government spending spree (Report) (Would be nicer if we had the money)

Saudi Arabia crucified a man in Mecca while attacking Canada over human rights? (Report)

Government: New York City Council rescuing old style taxi business from Uber/Lyf? (Report)

Corruption: Nobel winning economist warns of propaganda replacing truth as censorship expands (Article)

More corruption: “Apple vows iphomes do not listen in on users (But its apps are another story)” (Article)

Israel: Palestinians fired rockets into Israel again, civilians hurt (Reporta) 19 injured, IDF retaliates (Report) Gaza: Thousands of Palestinians rioted at the border, attacked Israeli troops and fence; some snot. (Report)

Yellostone supervolcano: Quakes continuing (Report) (Lava flowing deep?) California supervolcano filling with lava? (Report)

The culture: A mom pleaded guilty of killing her newborn 2 minutes after birth (Report) (2 minutes before birth would have been fine, right?)

The war on the internet: Silicon Valley censorship of users is a government service? (Article)

The economy: Cost of living up; average earnings down (Report)

The environment: 6 crows will collect trash at a French theme ark (Report) (While making their own deposits?)

South Africa following Zimbabwe driving whites from their land (Report)

Homebuilding is absorbing 3-D printing; (Article)

Presidential powers: Scary, sneaky enhancement in stealth bill in Congress? (Article)

U.N. accused China of imprisoning a million Muslims (Article)

South China sea: China threatens U.S. overflights as it moves to annex neighbors’ waters (Article)

Saudi Arabia: How to get lazy, oil rich Saudis to work instead of hiring foriegners? (Article)

A naked Florida woman was arrested in a park (Report) (High on meth, she believed a giant spider rode her)


And thus saith Zaranewstra.


Prez Trump wasn’t elected for his promises nor for whom he is. He was elected more for whom he isn’t; he is the voters’ symbol of their displeasure with current affairs. If the voters are serious, November will see a lot of new faces – for both parties – in Congress. Without that, expect much continuing ado about nothing significant, seems to us.

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Statue of LibertyThe United States, an apparent culmination of western Judeo-Christian culture, also provides a theater featuring that culture’s repudiation. Whether we are watching a Phoenix headed toward rebirth or a final ending, the result will shape our descendants’ lives.

The United States is the result of enterprising post Renaissance, post Reformation people who shared or promptly adopted a common language, law and culture that facilitated conquest of a continent and constructing a nation. That unity has been the engine of American predominance and Christianity has been its fuel. Now, that engine is limping on empty as its fuel dwindles.

Without the shared precepts of a Supreme Lawgiver superior to the state, we are left with only government enforcement, an avoidable deterrent. We see now routine public violence from Muslims, nutcases, criminals and young men seeking excitement. We see piles of dead foreigners from our desire to keep our military-industrial complex funded. We see education degenerated, inconvenient babies aborted, suicide assisted, cheating blossoming and corruption infiltrating government. We see our politicians and bankers impoverishing our economy, spending the future earnings of our grandchildren. And we see former journalists now propagandists and as always when government is master, everything is seen through the lens of politics, prostituted by political goals now manifestly supreme. Firing God hasn’t come cheap. When the inflated economy hits the next sharply pointed reality, we will see much more of that price. Christianity may have annoyed us with its restrictions, but it also held off devils.

The economic balloon is world sized; its deflation will be lengthy and spectacular. Much confidence will be lost; many rock-ribbed beliefs will be questioned, leading to new beliefs or restoring old ones. The United States is presently dividing sharply along a socio-political chasm that is now appearing in a Federal government where Democrats in and out of government publicly oppose and privately try to sabotage successfully elected Republicans. Congressfolk demand the impeachment of a sitting President on the grounds that they do not believe that he should have been elected. Public discourse is replaced by populism and posturing. Public truth is absent. Opposing views are demonized; the “news” media use them to lynch opponents, leading to job loss, closed businesses and even prosecutions. No country can be long governed in this way; there must be either a secession or a revolution if political leaders will not demonstrate accommodation. But if they are too accommodating, the result will be dictatorship. America’s Founders created a political tightrope.

A cultural interregnum is a risky period; you may get a United States or a post-Revolution France. You also may get a Nazi Germany or a communist Russia or China or today’s Venezuela. For the U.S. Alexis de Tocqueville predicted a sort of benign totalitarianism. We do seem on that track but “benign” and “totalitarian” have never coexisted long in human affairs. And today’s technology is providing tools of near total control, if used for that. In places like China, that is how they are used now. In places like the United States, citizens ho longer have privacy under the gaze of intelligence agencies and must pass inspections to travel. There is pressure to “regulate” the internet while people’s cash and cars are seized on suspicion without due process. Risky enough signals from a crumbling culture …

Opportunists are responding by running for offices as outsiders; voters are responding by electing them. Both are acts of hypocrisy and both will be disappointed; they are painting the face of a harlot. Massive Godvernment, obese with socialism, will continue to engorge itself upon the citizen’s wealth until it is dismantled and reborn once more as a relatively helpless infant. That dismantling may be violent or not;, relatively quick or not; the cost of its destruction will be the same. Given its already gargantuan size, it will stomp onward dead for a while before keeling over. Present citizens are a long way from ready for any of that, so current trends will likely proceed for a while. If you are reading this, a quick glance at: “12 Days in Xinjiang: How China’s Surveillance State Overwhelms Daily Life” may be instructive. Or not …

Of course, that will take a while and the next financial cataclysm, presently undated, seems likely to produce changes. Of one sort or another …

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alfred_e-_neumannScenes from the week’s human comedy:

Government: TSA is tracking regular travelers like terrorists in secret surveillance program? (Report)

Corruption: Mideast terrorists using U.S. supplied arms? (Article)

The economy: Brits are living beyond their means on borrowed money? (Article) (Who isn’t?)

Iran: Revving up assassinations abroad (Article)

Chicago: 6 dead, 37 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

The culture: A caustic, cynical view of where we are (Article) (But is it wrong?)

The economy: Tariff games affect prices (Article) (Keeping jobs in high cost U.S. ain’t cheap)

Corruption: Small Florida town accused of routinely framing innocent people (Report)

Pakistan/India: Strategic update (Article)

Iran: Popular unrest building further (Report) Protests persist (Report)

Canada: Ontario plans to scrap its basic income experiment (Report) (Reality returns?)

Corruption: Federal official admits propagandizing by government via fake news (Article) (!)

The economy: There are over 2,000 licensing requirements across the U.S. in addition to professions (Article) (“Free market economy,” right?)

Venezuela: Update on distress (Article) (Inflation outpacing the famous Weimar Republic)

Now the death of newspaper comics is Trump’s fault? (Report)

The economy: Trump’s tax on Canadian newsprint will hasten death of print media? (Report) (Don’t get mad, get even!)

The culture: “White men are bullshit” – newest New York Times editorial board member (Report) (And the paper supports her – What if she had said “Black men” instead?)

Brazil: Record numbers want to emigrate, hopes dashed (Report) (Violence rising everywhere …)

Government: Detroit police unhappy over video of officer punching naked female hospital patient (Report)

South Africa: Will government’s accelerating seizures of white-owned farms backlash? (Report)

The church: Doctrinal death penalty dithering digs up dismayed doubts, discord (Report)

Education: There is no place for compulsory schooling in a civilized society (Article) (Is government civilized?)

 Trump vs California: Prez rule rollback clashes with states’ global warming car rules (Report)

The culture: A New York City bus passenger was attacked by a black man in Brooklyn for being white (Report)

San Francisco bans everything? (Article) (What’s coming as this develops?)

The government: Prez Trump wants less stringent progress on auto mileage standards (Report) (Trade off between crash protection vs cleaner air)

The government: Prosecutors not doing well in Manifort trial? (Report)

Science: Our knowledge of human speech evolution isn’t holding up? (Report) (Too much we don’t know and what we know too often isn’t so)

A naked man was arrested after holding a woman at knifepoint (Report)

And jumanity blunders on.

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SexSex is popular with humans; that’s why we have more of them now. A difficulty is that sex is considerably more popular than raising children, which is why we have The Pill and186 abortions for every 1,000 live births. It is so popular that it is taught in public schools where second graders sometimes practice in class, though we can hope infrequently. This is not news, it has been perennial in human history. But in previously uptight U.S. culture, we didn’t talk of it much in public. It wasn’t nice. A lady might screw like a mink behind closed doors but she was always genteel in public, at least while sober. Hypocritical, you say. Yes, certainly. It did tend to restrict single parent motherhood, sexually transmitted diseases and abortions.

Now we let it all hang out; sexually transmitted disease has made new records, single parent births are around 40%, Up from 5% in 1960. We are having a lot more fun, right? And less hypocrisy? Hmnn …

We have just now, having politicized everything, started using sex as a wholesale political weapon. In the past, while many male and enough female folk with power over others made that a happy hunting ground for sexual favors, it usually went unmentioned in public, excepting a few egregious cases from time to time. We all knew it was there, but treated it as a part of human nature and dealt with it as we would. Please don’t rise up here to indignantly complain that this commerce has been all male; you can’t have a john without a prostitute, right? There are no saints here. But someone apparently decided to, some decades later, financially castrate an offensively conservative black man, Bill Cosby. Some of those now complaining of his unwanted advances met him at the Playboy Club. Some might wonder why they were there …

But it has succeeded in draining Mr. Cosby of a great deal of money and besmirching his public face. And it has generated numerus enthusiastic imitators going after wealthy targets now being multiplied by politicians. The political folk might be having second thoughts, party affiliation seems no defense these days, at least when sex is the thrust of the story. Before you pick up the knife, be sure it’s sharpened on one side only …

Now everyone is discovering that their favorite punching bag likes sex; it is being used on actors, CEO’s, politicians, clergy (as though His Holiness doesn’t  have enough troubles), musicians and generals. Could say, General Eisenhower be a U.S. President today? Hmnn.

Of course, it is the major media that have made all this possible. When they gave up reporting news and determined to hype their ratings using propaganda and scandal, that which everyone had known but few had mentioned in public became rope for the lynch mobs they are whipping up. For the moment it is doubly successful, it tarnishes public figures and attracts advertisers. But the dying do desperate things that do not save them; the major media are only attracting more to their funeral by abandoning ethics in favor of notoriety. They are hoist upon the internet by their own efforts but their fall continues.

Neither is hypocrisy abandoned; why are only males demonized?  Would the happy hunters proceed if the sisterhood outed the prostitutes as well as canonizing the victims? Few of the current complainers allege rape. Human sex requires at least two people, the media demonizes but one of them. And even more hypocritically, the media pretends that this perennial human behavior is bizarre. It isn’t, it is relatively normal for a percentage of humans. It is also socially destructive and needs discouragement but that will not occur until all the parties stand up to their responsibility which is to suggest, not soon.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannHere they are:

Capetown, South Africa’s water shortage (drought) worsened by dirty politics and attacking Israel (Report)

It’s all fake – U.S. politics: Reality TV that masquerades as American politics (Article) (Somebody noticed?)

The culture: In Hollywood, ‘anything goes’ becomes: ‘You’re fired!’ (Article) (As religion fades and everything is politicized)

Montenegro: Its politicians want to play off the U.S. vs China (Article) (For personal gain, yet)

The economy: Trump vs the Federal Reserve (Article) (Prez trying to avoid channeling Herbert Hoover)

China: Vaccine maker product scandal (Report) (Reminds of U.S. snake oil days …)

Science: Quantum time flows both ways? (Report)

More science: Neurons can carry more than one signal at a time (Report) (No wonder some of us are confused …)

The economy: The well suppressed poison of public pensions (Article)

Israel downed a trespassing Syrian warplane over the Golan (Report)

The culture: 22% of U.S. population does not speak English at home? (Report) (Who to believe, these days?)

More culture: More and more of what we do requires government permission? (Article)

California: Will impose mandatory electric power blackouts (Report) (Addition to its coming water rationing)

The economy: Advice from a shark (Article) (Ignore the endless show; watch the real policy)

  Mars: A liquid water lake 12 miles across has been found under an icecap (Report)

DACA recipient busted for human smuggling (Report)

Science: 1000X increase in computer hard drive capacity from new method (Report)

Russia: Growing reliance upon mercenaries, especially abroad (Article) (Update)

 Bank of America can’t explain what happened to customers’ safe deposit boxes (Report)

Algeria: Update (Article) (Corruption and a taxidermisized president forever)

The culture: An Alberta, Canada man legally changed his gender for cheaper car insurance (Report)

Science(?): A study says plastic could be shrinking men’s penises (Report)

 Nicaragua: Prez Ortega’s private army imposes quiet at gunpoint (Report)

China is responding to Trump trade maneuvers by pumping more cheap money into its economy? (Article) (At some point, that’s risky, right?)

Iraq: Corruption and resulting unrest expand (Article)

Corruption: FBI collaborating with Southern Poverty Law Center (Report)

Britain’s E.U. exit looks inept at both ends, a potentially destructive scenario (Article)

More corruption: U.S. elements that perpetuate a perennial Russian threat (Article)

Millennials have no savings but want to retire at 61 (Article) (Public school grads …)

 Chicago: 6 dead, 33 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

Naked man arrested exercising at Planet Fitness (Report)

And so it was …

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