Nuclear War: Held Off by Promises From U.S. Politicians and Iranian Islamist



What are we to think of the Iranian nuke deal of which our President is so defensive, so secretive, and his opposition so critical and yet, uninformative? We are considering replacing our picture of a tiger captioned: “Trust Me” with a photo of our Senator or maybe of our President …

We feel rather like an onlooker to a yelling match between opponents who are Obamacarespeaking some foreign language. We know they are annoyed with each other, but we can’t understand what is going on.

Some bits have popped into view: Reports say that Sec. of State Kerry  admitted that the US will help protect Iran’s nuclear program from Israeli attack.  Iran will receive a “dangerous amount of atomic expertise.” The published and repeated Iranian statement that there will be: “No Inspection of military sites.” goes so far, without response. And “side deals” undisclosed in the legislation give pause.

It seems worthy of note that, while criticism of the Obamafolk’s secretiveness is appropriate, Congressional criticism of it in the face of our legislators’ votes on undisclosed proposals (e.g. Obamacare) renders Congress even more hypocritical than the President.

Unadmitted but obvious, our leaders are abandoning Israel for the Iranians. We have played with Iran before; dumping our ally the Shah in favor of the Ayatollahs. We know how that turned out, but we seem to learn slowly. No doubt there are deep, political reasons that we are unable to comprehend. (Or prefer not to comprehend.)

The scene is of course, reported to us via propaganda, fomenting the interests of the government. It is already into the 2016 presidential campaign, of which President Obama just observed that “I could win a third term.” (That’s a clue, by the way.) Waste of breath of course, at this point.

There is one — only one — overriding reality in all of this: With North Korea and Pakistan already nuclear, saying nothing of Russia, China and India, how will anyone prevent a nuclear Iran? Short of war, that is.

While chewing on how to prevent Iran short of war, does any believe that no other country on the entire earth is quietly pursuing nukes too? Saudi Arabia, that could at need, buy the planet, has announced that  it will have nukes if Iran has them. Will Turkey accept that? Argentina, Brazil? Germany? Japan?

Let’s get real for a moment. The “Pax Americana” is done. China invaded Tibet, is pressing India and all its neighbors around the China Sea. Russia has invaded Georgia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, the mighty US is sucking its thumb. It has, as all history’s hegemons, run out of money. Unadmitted for now, but a fact. Last we heard, a single anti-ISIS airstrike cost some $2.5M.

The touted “recovery” is dissolving into a continuation of history’s greatest depression, wars here and there to distract folk from the political roots. And secondary powers using the declines of the big boys to acquire their own nukes. That’s the new normal. With this proliferation, will the nukes ultimately get loose? Vladimir Putin has been rattling his. You should ask Murphy…

But we have good, cheap wine, ice cream, the Internet, homes, cars, free sex and affordable health care, right? Even without a job … for now.

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Funding Secure Retirement (With Government Promises)

RetirementThe coming retirement crisis is aging news but even more real than workers seem to appreciate. It is of course, a creation of government. You are welcome to disagree on that, but be prepared with facts rather than fancies, please. We’re pretty sure of this one.

Here it is: First, Social Security does not have enough money available to pay present pensions; it has to borrow to stay current. The generations now retiring are the “baby boomers” so the demand for new pensions is rising. That leaves two questions: A. Where will the new money to pay the new pensioners be found?               B. Where will the money to repay the borrowings (and the interest) be found? After all, the government is already in deficit.

Second, only government pays retirement pensions now; private industry can’t afford them. Instead, we see 401 (k) plans that only contain whatever the worker has put in them, plus any employer contributions. No pensions are paid from these, only the amount originally put in plus any earnings, is paid out. It’s pot luck, there is no guaranteed payout as there is in a pension plan.

The problem is, few workers are contributing enough toward these 401 (k) plans or to IRA’s to actually fund retirement. Most find that after the government has collected all its myriad of taxes from them, they struggle to live on what is left, forget saving much for retirement.

So do the math: Social Security is now insolvent; the 401 (k) plans are severely underfunded. The primary parachute will not open one of these days, and the emergency chute won’t bear the weight. And if you are middle aged or more, there is likely little you will be able to do to deal with this. You’ve run out of time.

Why is it the government’s doing? First, because the governments’ overspending its income is a direct contributor to the condition. Simple irresponsibility, Next because it has been Federal Reserve policy keeping interest rates super low for years on end that has prevented pension plans earning enough on investments to afford to pay the pensions. If Congress had spent within its income and the Fed had not squashed interest rates, we would not see the present looming impoverishment of the about to be elderly.

Doesn’t it serve aging workers right for not paying attention while it has been happening? Yes. But there are few calories in that knowledge, nor will it keep you dry in the rain … or help your kids pay your bills when they inherit them.

You might see this neat trap as sufficient but there is one more piece: The governments’s policy of constant inflation. Prices have risen. It’s mostly gradual, we are used to it and pay little notice, especially as Congress raises the minimum wage from time to time. But consider: A 1937 Chevrolet could have been had for $750; a decent house, for around $3300. Incomes were proportionate. So if a worker saved a portion of his maybe $3000 wages for retirement, what would it buy him years later at the inflated prices in effect when he retired? Thank you, oh generous (with other folks’ money) and compassionate government!

But not to worry; we hear that Wal-Mart is going back to hiring doorway greeters …

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The Devil Arrives In Detroit (And Feels At Home)

SatanA Statue of Satan is being unveiled in Detroit. The event is being billed as: “The largest public Satanic ceremony in history.” Typically American hyperbole, we suppose. Discounting that side of things, the event still manifests considerable political significance. It should not be overlooked or dismissed as the nonsense of nutjobs.

This event, a fairly short time ago, would not have been possible in America; the culture would have prevented it. Or so we suppose. But now as we have written, the United States has gone from “In God we trust” and its related suspicion of government, all the way to “In Government we trust with suspicion for God. Satanism naturally follows. By definition, even.

Replacing God with Lucifer is not the only related reversal here. America was enriched as a Christian place, one where the Post-Reformation “Protestant Work Ethic” was enshrined. With that, corruption was minimal. The hard-working middle class grew wealthy by world standards.

Now that we have largely jettisoned religion, corruption is rising again and the flows of wealth bypass the middle class, accruing to the superwealthy, politicians and government workers instead. Without the restrictions of the Christian ethical system in place, money is freely siphoned off by political power, as we have seen throughout history and presently, in all the places lacking a Christian history. Satan tempts wonderfully well, but his payoffs tend to be shorted. Politicians promises work similarly and for the same reasons.

The old Greeks gave way to the Romans who added Christianity. We then installed a Renaissance and a Reformation (Protestant Revolt if you prefer) and from those, we have constructed Western Civilization.

We have tossed the annoying restraints that came with that heritage; our leaders now lie, cheat, steal and sell out the general welfare with aplomb. And we don’t blink as they do so.

It seems fitting that we now erect statues to Satan with news coverage and crowds. Doubly fitting that it be done in Detroit, once the third largest U.S. city and epic heart off a mighty industry.

Now, it is a bankrupt wreckage, a proper home for the Lord of Lies and a precursor of the fate awaiting. This is not new; it happens to Man every time he substitutes his desires for the restraints that society needs and at the same time, always resents and abandons.

Until the resulting breakdown forces a reconciliation with reality … for a while. Lucifer is the “light bringer” surely; but his light has always illuminated what human beings regret having to see … Americans, chanting “In Government we trust” while erecting the statue, seem right on time.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannThis week’s picks from the passing parade:

OPINION: Trump is legitimizing Cruz. (Cruz now appears a serious candidate; Trump has taken over as Loose Cannon.) Viva Trump! BOTH parties hate him; he must be doing something right …

A Federal Judge ruled that illegal alien parents with kids should be turned loose, not detained, to await deportation hearings. (Never mind that most awaiting hearings never show up for them.)

The Mafia has muscled in on large contracts to fund Italian help centers for African migrants. (In America, we’re more efficient … no such middlemen are needed when PAC’s and such are in place.)

The Brits’ government donated $50M to Clinton charities; now it’s accused of trying to buy influence. (Never!)

In Moldova, corruption has fueled massive bank thefts, producing a national financial crisis. (Could our Congressfolk learn from those guys?)

The Obama Administration has curtailed the investigative powers of Federal Inspectors General. (Too many IG’s actually doing their jobs?)

Now that Planned Parenthood is in hot water for marketing baby body parts, we hear the Feds will investigate …  the group that outed Planned Parenthood. (Always shoot the messenger!)

3 Dead, 9 wounded in the Lafayette theater shooting. It was a Gun Free zone. (These days, that seems to mean that guns may be used freely.)

The Little Sisters of the Poor (Catholic nuns who serve elderly poor) have appealed to the Supreme Court; the government refused to grant them exemption from the Obamacare contraception mandate. (Even after the Supremes exempted Hobby Lobby for religious reasons. Doesn’t the government claim to oppose bullying?)

10 Los Angeles Police are accused of subduing a homeless man in a wheelchair, using beanbag rounds and a Taser. (The victim seemed less fearsome on video than in officer’s reports?)

Democrats have dropped the names of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson from their annual dinner. (They needed something more relevant to modern Lefties? Names they can recognize?)

Private wealth in Asia surpassed Europe in 2014 for the first time in centuries; North America is next? (No bets, with a declining world economy …)

A Homeowners  was threatened with county fine for having 4 cars in his driveway (Kids home from college). (Lucky he wasn’t holding a party.)

The War on Uber: Hillary took a dig for the cab union; New York’s Mayor proposed to cap the number of Uber cars allowed, but backed off at the resulting fuss. In Brazil, Rio cabbies blocked streets to protest Uber. (To distinguish a cab from an Uber ride, look for the socket that holds the buggy whip on the cab.)

University of Michigan opened a $10 M model city for testing driverless cars. (The government wants your car, like your anonymity on the Internet, GONE, asap.)

The FAA is investigating a young man’s drone, modified to hold a pistol. Police arrested him, no details were released. (Maybe he’s Tea Party?)

Chrysler vehicles are reported vulnerable to hijacking via Internet. Over a million are under recall, especially, Jeep. (Don’t let ‘em kid you; it’s true of a LOT of cars.)

U.S. Children living in poverty now exceed 2008 recession numbers. (22% vs 18%) (Ain’t recovery great?)

New Dishwasher standards proposed by the Feds will require use of no more than 3 gallons of water per load. Manufacturers protest it’s not enough to clean dishes. (Our present machine uses 14 gallons per load; it doesn’t clean either.)

China, vaunted financial superpower and U.S. replacement, is looking more like a financial Potemkin village; Wall Street is losing faith. (We have nothing to lose; statist economies always fail … Just look at Washington!)

Germany  “Is feasting on the rest of Europe” per ex Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke (High trade surplus, low unemployment. A balanced budget, too. Damn Germans; how dare they refuse to spend themselves into the poorhouse with everybody else?)

The Government is mining detailed personal data on everybody for a new database of all citizens. It will be used, we are told, to reduce racism. (Yeah … Murphy’s Law comes to mind …)

A naked, tattooed man who took a city vehicle was arrested in Travis County.  (He was proud of his body art?)

And as Porky Pig used to say: “That’s all, folks!” We hope it was worthwhile …

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May a Feminist Woman Change Her Mind? (Some Surveys Suggest Yes)

Modern MomSurveying millennial women is reportedly turning up significant attitude changes on important fronts. These younger folk are starting to deviate from the Feminist Holy Writ as preached by baby boomers and by generation X after them. The differences affect women’s careers, child-bearing and their place in society, not small stuff.

The changes will not please feminists; if the numbers of young women expressing such revised opinions continues to grow, it will come to threaten the feminist bloc of the political Left, likely arousing all sorts of fireworks. For now, it’s merely a new trend, though if the pattern is solid, an interesting one.

In short, increasing numbers of young women expect to take time out from their careers for family and children. They expect those careers to be diminished by that. They will do that regardless. This is interesting and will have a lot to do with how the future plays out. For any worried about survival of our species, it might be reassuring.

Women bought the feminist pitch: Take THE PILL, abort the ‘mistakes’ and go out to live the carefree life of men. It was pitched to envy and it sold widely, especially to young women. It appears to be turning out that even with pills and abortions, women somehow aren’t men. (Thank God.) And now, growing numbers of them are noticing. Particularly younger ones who have not burned their bras in public.

There are some things that we’d like to know about this trend. Are the girls happy about these choices? Or are they resentful? Do they feel with the feminists that the foregone choices imposed by raising kids are an unfair imposition, mostly imposed by men? Dunno. It’s important, too. A bitter, self-sorrowful mother isn’t a very good one for kids, right?

From our view, feminists accomplished three main things: The helped put erstwhile housewives back to work on top of still being housewives; two jobs where one (unpaid if you count cash) existed before. They created the Single Mom. And recently, they have midwifed the right females now have to die on battlefields.

A curiosity: If men are in fact the domineering, overbearing, powerful patriarchs as feminists accuse them, why have they stood around with dumb expressions while all this has been going on? We suspect that in the hands of an intelligent woman, the average male is a pathetic wimp. Men, not long ago, naturally assumed the only seat with arm supports at the “head” of the dining table. We did. But our kids did not see that as the head of anything, Power sat in Mother’s chair. Ah, well.

It appears that baby boomers have been pretty smug feminists, generation X a bit less so and now the millennials are still further from that. Could biology be asserting itself? Is the male-female relationship built into our DNA? A lot of religious people would say that, one of the reasons they are out of favor with the Left now. Dunno that, either. But it fits the situation, or so we think.

Political ramifications occur to us too: If the youngsters are drifting back toward older values, abandoning the feminists, how will the doctrinaire Left deal with that? Seems that they can’t afford to antagonize a lot of younger women by demonizing them; nor can they afford to let them live and grow more numerous. It could become interesting. Perhaps, as neither current Democrats nor current Republicans appear to embody this and other developing attitudes, some new party will be embodied to do it? If the current elite will stand still for that, another interesting question. (We’ll inquire of Mr. Trump.)

Polls and surveys these days have become as corrupt as most else, all this may blow away in the wind. But if it is accurate and honest and continues to grow, maybe tomorrow won’t be an expanded version of today.

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IMMIGRATION: All That You Need To Know (But They’re Not Saying)

WetbacksImmigration is a legal process; the currently invited wetback invasion is not immigration. The President encouraging it also swore to uphold the laws. Nobody takes such stuff seriously any more, right? And we can keep our doctors … The levels of hokum here can obscure the sun; we’re going to outline facts instead, to show how simple (not easy) it really is approached in that manner.

Here are some simple facts:

1. A lot of people whose lives suck see the U.S. as an opportunity for a vast improvement, if they can just get here. Much of the world’s population, in fact. (We can’t blame them.)

2. Latin Americans have the greatest opportunity for practical reasons. So the U.S. is now well supplied with them. Mostly, they have little education, speak little or no English and find U.S. culture a learning process.

3. Democrats have hooked up with them as a client group, a source of faithful votes. “Establishment” Republicans want them as a source of cheap labor.

Some background: Deporting them in tough times to leave jobs for needy Americans has a substantial history. The imported Chinese labor brought here to build the railroads was deported when the work was done. Presidents Hoover, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Truman deported Latinos during the Great Depression and after WWII to supply jobs for citizens. No novelty.

But now, both parties want cheaper competition for citizens to help lower the cost of American labor, which is uncompetitive on the world labor market. Of course, no politician can afford to say that. It is so, though.

Importing masses of folk from places with loser standards of civilization provides a higher percentage of diseased and criminal people, nor can that be voiced either. Bad enough that it gets onto the news. Trying seriously to screen them out would raise too many problems and too much expense, so it must be “overlooked.” Can”t state that, either. And one thing especially must not be said:

In the old days, the “carrying capacity” of the U.S. for immigrants (plus political considerations) was estimated, then quotas were established and enforced. It helped avoid destabilizing the host society too much. It kept spending on immigration within bounds, too. But you can’t worry about such things while holding the door wide open at the same time. If Quantity is wanted, Quality becomes a lesser consideration. (As we see.) But we don’t discuss it.

You still, even if you are a Democrat or Republican, cannot have your cake and eat it, too. But, especially if you are one of those, you can promise it …

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$15 Hr. Minimum Wage: New York State Follows Seattle (To What, Exactly?)

McDonald'sThe minimum wage boost passed the state’s Wage Board; it needs only the Governor’s signature, which is expected. It moves New York City’s fast food chains (and no one else) to the new high over 4 years; the rest of the state gets 6 years, with an increment every year. This is one more such move in what appears a developing chain, following the initial action in Seattle. All of it appears as a reaction to a rather perfunctory “nation wide” campaign by the Service Employees’ International Union (SEIU) after that body proved unable to organize fast food. Conclusion: If the union can’t do it, the Democrats will.

The move has some interesting aspects. It applies to chains with over 30 locations in state. An obviously prime target: McDonald’s. With so large an increase in labor costs, Big Macs prices must rise a time its sales have been dropping. That’ll teach ’em to resist an SEIU organizing drive!

What favors will a significant fast food price rise provide the customers? Last time we read: “How to Stimulate an Economy,” hefty price increases were somehow omitted. We note too that a lot of fast food customers are lower income folk who really can’t afford pricey restaurants. Aren’t these supposed to be the Democrats’ favorite folk to help?

There’s one more, rather ironic, side effect already occurring in Seattle: Workers receiving the hefty raises include those asking to work fewer hours at the higher rate: Earning too much could jeopardize their platter of government benefits, many of which are income-qualified. Right …

And we remember reading of the new robot that takes orders, accepts payment and makes and delivers dozens of different burgers at a rate of 300 per hour. It replaces three present workers. Hmnn … wonder how much in dues the SEIU will collect from those?

Unanswered questions sticking in our minds:

1.How many present workers will be laid off as sales decline and machines move in?

2. How many stores will close?

3.How many potential new stores will never open?

Those mean little to politicians. The media won’t be pointing to these effects. It will be applauding the compassionate Democrats, who will receive more votes. It’s hardly rocket science. We have another, final question that is purely rhetorical, at least these days:

4. What business is it of politicians to be involved in the prices and costs of business in what is supposedly “Free Market Capitalism?” Yeah … Especially given the results that they seem to produce.

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