CharlottesvilleSwinging baseball bats, chemical sprays and finally a deadly assault with a car characterized politics du jour in the Virginia city. There was an audience of rather passive riot police. The expected summer of escalating violence from the Soros wing’s totalitarian thugs, arriving a bit late on stage? Well, it would not be the first time that the rent-a-riot has been needed to provide mayhem that just didn’t happen on its own. Per the newssfolk, it seemed an invasion of right wing, club swing “white supremacist” storm troopers attacking innocents. How the “innocents” obtained their own baseball bats was evidently not investigated. We guess that a local protest was used by muscling-in outsiders from the Alt Right and the Antifa-Black Lives-Matter Left goon squads. You decide.

Comparing stories from varied sources is interesting: Details from the major media can be compared to the observations of a politically conservative but uninvolved Eyewitness. That comparison leaves us with some questions unanswered.

How is it now we wonder, that people can mass in the streets wearing hoods and yelling: “Black Lives Matter” to general approval but other people, peacefully assembled per witnesses, yelling “White Lives Matter” are immediately denigrated as nasty, racist, Nazi white supremacists? Of course, David Duke of KKK fame was prominently present, he didn’t enhance the image of those protesting removal of General Robert E. Lee’s stature from public view. But the “contra protesters” whose absence would have prevented the violence had prominent faces too, we suppose. We’ll never know, of course.

We were told that the protesters had a permit for their rally; we presume that the anti-protesters did not have a permit. But it was the permit holders who were expelled by the police when the violence occurred. And whom the media castigate. Possibly the presence of Democrats as mayor and governor contributed to the choice of venue for this performance? We can’t immediately recall recent similar brouhahas occurring permissively where more conservative politicians prevail.

We suspect that it is all a show, political theater aimed at inflaming the emotions of the citizens to bring about political goals that presently seem too extreme for many citizens. And so far, the manipulators have been throwing their violent torches onto pretty wet wood. But they persist.

And Charlottesville appears to be the first time that equivalent organization has joined in from the Right, which is troubling. One reason that the Left’s hired thugs have not caught on is that they have mostly been used against innocents, an unappealing advertisement. If the right will now provide its own army, both sides will grow cheering sections and the hitherto wet wood may flare up, delivering the chaos so long desired by the totalitarian Left.

The 20 year old driver who smashed into some of the Lefties is being presented as a “terrorist” by some, though others suppose he is a loner. Here, the hope is to equate the Right with Islamic users of suicide bombers. That driver came, as did thugs from both extremes, from out of town. Is he a militant, connected thug or a lone nutcase? Will we know?

The legitimate Right (and President Trump) have denounced their extremists amid indignant Left outrage that they don’t really mean their denunciations; they don’t denounce enough. Of course, the Left applauds rather than denounces its Antifa and Black Lives Matter, that apparently id different.

Here, we agree with the Left: The KKK, white supremacists et al must be loudly and repeatedly denounced by everyone. Then, having done that, those on the Right may turn and ask the Left about Antifa and BLM. Best not hold their breath awaiting those denunciations, though.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThe culture: Four strippers killed the man who helped them replace a failed tire. (Report)

Iran: The E.U. spoke in support of newly reelected President Rouhani, who dissed Trump. (Report)

Voting: California has 11 counties with significantly more registered voters than residents (Article)

Brazil: Troops occupied Rio de Janeiro as violence expanded out of control. (Report) (Corruption provides failed economy)

Science: Lab grown brains (Report)

Government: Federal workers step up defiance of the President. (Report) (How can democratic, constitutional government exist with this attitude?)

The culture: The Little League disqualified a girl team from the World Series after some of its members posed for a social media post photo extending their middle fingers to the camera. (Report)

Venezuela claimed it crushed a military coup attempt (Article) (An excuse for rounding up regime opponents?) Venezuela and its ongoing effects analyzed (Article)

The swamp is past draining, per President Reagan’s Budget Director. (Article)

Science/Media: Stories reported that Canaanite DNA in living Lebanese disproved the Bible story but the Bible was misquoted by the media and remains uncontradicted. (Re[oprt) (Apparently GOD won’t sue, as all the lawyers are claimed to work for the other side …)

The economy: Global, not only U.S. debt increasingly foreshadows financial calamity. (Report)

The culture: An arrest warrant was issued for a woman accused of performing a sex act in a McDonald’s dining room. (Report)

More culture: A Univ. of Georgia business prof lets students select their own grades so as to reduce stress. (Report)  (Hmm … shouldn’t that work of employee wages, too?)

Still more culture: San Francisco’s Rainbow day camp ($1400 weekly) asks it 4 to 12 year olds to choose their gender at the start of each day. (Report) ((n San Francisco, likely with one bathroom, it may be practical …)

Science: A breakthrough device restores function to failing tissues. (Report) (Reads like magic)

Healthcare: 80 percent of medical bills contain errors (Report) (Bet you’re unsurprised)

The culture: A trans man/woman/man is switching gender for the third time? (Report) (Politicians have managed to convert gender from biology to fashion?)

The media quiet surrounding the Pakistani-born internet experts fleeing mysteriously after years serving Congressfolk with access to secrets (Article) (Can’t leak that; they didn’t work for Trump?)

The culture: Philadelphia’s sugary drink tax makes sodas more expensive than beer (Report) (Starbucks?)

Wal-Mart is testing a new app that uses your smartphone to replace checkout lines (Report)

The Constitution: “After the coup, what then?” (Article) (We see what has produced Trump; what is likely to replace him?)

History: Are currency wars followed by trade wars that are then followed by shooting wars? (Article) (Well, politicians having wrecked economies have often used war distraction as cover, right?)

Is War The Best Choice? (Article) (Some seem to think so; we presume they expect to survive)

More Constitution: The Attorney General ordered increased government/police seizure of private property on suspicion of criminal use, no court involvement required. (Report)

Israel: A rocket fired from Gaza hit an open field near Ashkalon, inflicting no damage. (Report) (Shouldn’t Israel just return fire automatically every time?)

The culture: Public school scholastic honors, advanced placement etc will now be determined by race, no longer by intelligence in some places. (Report) (Evidently, some racism is less racist than other racism)

Healthcare: 6.5 M people paid I.R.S. the fine for refusing Obamacare (Report)

Science: Youthful plasticity restored to the brains of aging mice (Report) (Do we really want more experienced mice to be smarter?)

More science: Human evolution views change again  (Report)

Still more science: Women have more active brains than men (Report) (We’re sure wives already know)

The economy: The rise of zombie companies, life prolonged by government (Article) (Anti-market capitalism on the taxpayers)

More economy: The Swiss National Bank owns some $84 B in U.S. stocks (Article) (That’s little Switzerland. Imagine the Fed’s impact? “Free Market Capitalism” seems an illusion now)

The culture: Burning candles to ward off evil spirits burned down a California couple’s apartment building (Report) (Where else?)

North Korea is only the public face; China is the real target of Trumps’ public dudgeon (Article) (Kim Jong Un is but Chin’s pit bull of convenience)

The culture: CNN fired its lone Trump supporter (Report) (The rising cost of free speech?)

Chicago: 3 dead, 27 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested for domestic assault (Report)

And that ought to be enough.

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Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump Are Speaking Their Lines

North KoreaNorth Korea has served China/Russia as a pit bull next door threat to South Korea/Japan and therefore to the U.S. as well. It has also served successive U.S. administrations as a convenient excuse for an Asian outpost and a threatening distraction consuming media attention when other subjects might otherwise be publicized.

No longer heavily supported by Russia, less supported by China and economically sanctioned by the West, North Korea is much weakened from its state when it invaded South Korea; its nukes are its only significant threat to any not living next door. And South Korea has a strengthened military plus resident U.S. military to give the Northerners pause. The North Koreans rattle their nukes to supplement their failed economy with extorted aid; the donors of that aid find it cheaper and easier than other alternatives. And it all maintains the Kim dictatorship, or has so far, keeping China’s neighbor predictable as well as useful.

Other than those considerations, North Korea seems to us but sound and fury signifying nothing. Iran, currently receiving a free pass from the Trumpfolk, Pakistan, the unacknowledged U.S. foe in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, the financial base of most of the world’s organized Islamic terrorism, all seem more damaging than North Korea while little is said about them. That is how the game is currently played. Human lives are to politicians, either voters to be bribed and publicly “educated” into conformance or foreign and so available game pieces to be disposed for maximum advantage.

Previously, that would have been considered inappropriate; it is now routine in a post Christian West. Realistically, it was pretty routine previously too but it was at least thought shameful whenever it leaked out into public view. Now, it’s just today’s political propaganda, pretending to be news.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

Are the Republicans a wasted vote? (Article) (How many are giving up on both parties?)

Can a president without a party govern? (Article) (Or how much do the voters really matter now?)

Food: Why U.S. “frankenchickens” have to be washed with chlorine…. (Report) (Food sentiment vs jobs)

The culture: The first brothel staffed by sex robots is opening in Barcelona?  (Is this illegal?)

A European Union attack on internet news: The E.U. aims to tax the news headlines displayed by Google, Yahoo, Drudge and other news collectors. (Report)

Brazil: 8,500 troops will be added to Rio de Janeiro police forces. (Report) (We know they have a recession and have had two corrupt presidents but what’s going on now that needs soldiers?)

South Korea is considering a nuclear arsenal of its own? (Report) (Duh!!!)

The war on cash moves forward in the U.S. (Report) (Compulsory banking ahead?)

Venezuela  voted to elect President Maduro’s minions who will remake their constitution to please Maduro. (There was no way to vote no, per reports) The U.S. condemned the “illegitimate” election. Maduro declared victory and will proceed as protesting is now killing people. Another view: It’s not socialism, it’s U.S. meddling behind all the trouble. (What about: Socialism, U.S. meddling and Venezuelan political crooks are all bad for Venezuela?) Vote totals are questioned. (Report) The Bolivar lost a third of its value in the past week (Article) House cleaning starts  (Report)

Healthcare/Congress: President Trump suggested elimination of the unique Obamacare subsidy provided Congressfolk by President Obama. (Report) (What, treat Congressfolk like the rest of us?)

Anti-Russian sanctions by Congress are finding opposition in Europe (Report)

The culture: Child sex dolls are for sale online. (Report) (What isn’t?)

More culture: A man married his laptop and is suing for state recognition and a wedding cake. (Report) (J)

Science: Sperm count ongoing decline among Western men. (Report) (Biological time bomb, if true))

More science: New hope for successful repair of spinal injuries. (Report)

Still more science: Spiders have personalities (Report) (Be careful whom you swat)

U.S. flies nuclear bombers over Korean peninsula/China massively paraded its military (Reports) (Very dangerous little boys putting chips on their shoulders)

Congress watch: The NDAA bill authorizing a huge increase in military spending also authorizes indefinite detention and liberal authorization for the use of force? It is presently blocked by Senator Rand Paul over the latter provisions. (Report)

U.S. housing: Financial shenanigans at Fannie Mae, Freddi Mac and the U.S. Treasury (Article)

Science: Researchers have located the brain switch that decides whether to store or burn fa. (Report)

Voting: Hackers attending a cybersecurity conference breached voting machines in minutes. (Report)

U.S. Virgin Islands are following Puerto Rico toward financial ruin? (Report)  (And Illinois et al too)

CNN now a cable news manufacturer? (Report) (Believing everything and nothing  now)

Trump’s lumber tariffs are now boosting price? (Article) (Du!)

Honeybee’s mysterious hive collapse syndrome seems to be waning as bees recover former numbers (Report)

The culture: A teenage girl texted suicide encouragement to her teenaged boyfriend and now 20, just received a two year jail sentence as a result of his suicide. (Report) (Does this seem wrong, somehow?)

Healthcare: The average Canadian family’s healthcare will cost $12,000 this year (Report) (And those who can, come to the U.S. for care)

China: Two chat bots were taken offline for political reeducation? (Report) (When we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you)

Employment: The gains are still mostly at the bottom wages (Article) Waiters and bartenders doing well (Article)

Food: The food police have a bill in Congress banning sale of horses for human consumption in the U.S. and elsewhere. (Report) (More jos/business pushed abroad)

China threats louder as it pushes to bite off a chunk of India (Report) (Will Sikkim become Chin’s eastern Ukraine?)

Scary science: More quakes around the Yellowstone caldera (supervolcano) (Report) (Is the caldera refilling with lava?)

Military Spending: Billions more to be borrowed for new U.S. Navy submarines? (Report)

The war on cars: Cities are moving toward banning cars as self-driving vehicles approach (Report)

Snooping: Who is watching Seattle from above? (Article)

The war scenario: A top economist predicts inevitable war (Article) (And historically, a ploy to distract from impossibly mismanaged national financial failures)

Chicago: A 4 year old joined 400 other Chicago victims shot dead so far this year. (Report)

A naked passenger delayed a flight in Las Vegas. (Report) (Lost his shirt at the tables?)

And here ends another week’s worth.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannA smaller helping caught our attention this week:

The culture: At least 90 hospitalized, 50 charged  for underage drinking at rap fest. (Report)

More culture: A group of teen boys cheered and laughed as a disabled man drowned in Florida. (Article)

Still more culture: “Is this the new media normal: Manufactured news for hire?” (Article)

Oil Prices: Oily Arabs struggle as fracking keeps a lid on prices. (Report) (Global warmers want expensive energy too)

The climate: Record cold in Arctic summer this year? (Report)

The culture: An Uber driver received oral sex from a drunken prostitute while driving a fare? (Report)

Illinois is bankrupt, but pays some 63,000 employees more than $100,000 per year. (Report)

The climate: Global warmers are hysterical at the prospect of an open debate on the subject? (Article)

The Democrats hired internet experts were selling the Dems’ confidential data? Report

The economy: Has all the financial risk been pushed onto the little people? (Article)

More economy: Total (Govt plus personal) U.S. debt hit $330,000 per household. (Article) (No worry, the rich will repay it, right?)

The climate: NASA confirmed falling sea levels for the last two years. (Report)

3D metal printing of complex objects at low cost and higher speeds froma new maker: Desktop Meta.. (Report)  (If this isn’t kidding, it’s HUGE)

Justice: A review of post-modern prosecutions in today’s courts. (Article) (But ambitious prosecutors aren’t new, just multiplying)

Science: Sperm counts in Western men have been declining significantly for decades? (Report) (If correct, add demographic doom to economic/political failure …)

The economy: Japan ups tariff on U.S. beef 50%? (Report) (Add Trump to Smoot/Hawley Tariff saga from the Great Depression?)

North Korea dunked a long range missile into the Sea of Japn: Huge fuss. Iran launched a rocket carrying a satellite into space: ..? The U.S. “Added sanctions.” (Report) (U.S. still can’t inspect to verify compliance with nuclear deal)

Chicago: 6 dead, 35 wounded in weekend shootings.

The Middle East: Iraqi Kurds plan a September plebiscite for an independent Kurdistan? (Report) (Maybe …)

A naked woman was arrested after cooking and theft in a stranger’s home. (Report)

Und Das ist alles, or however our grossvater might have put it.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannAs the week proceeded:

China/India: Will India fight, or let China bite off a chunk of Sikkim/Ladakh? Report It builds (Report)

The culture: Bathroom in the U.S. Army? Female soldiers will shower with wanna-be female men? (Report)

Science: China has introduced super muscular dogs; are genetically engineered soldiers coming? (Report) (What can happen, will happen, right? Recalling Pandora … But without her, we’d still have outdoor plumbing.)

European Union: French banks want to use Britain’s E.U. exit to displace London’s preeminence in finance? (Report)

Science corrupted: The spreading corruption of computer algorythms – Is government regulation the answer? (Article)

Chicago culture: In two years, mo high school graduation without submission of an approved post-school life plan. (Report) (You’ll need a government-approved life assignment before escape from high school is allowed?)

The climate: Top quality research continues to unwind evidently rigged global warming data. (Report)

Education: A key reason the ongoing deterioration of U.S. public education is assured. (Article)

Spain: Catalonia (Barcelona) secession emotions heating up? (Report)

The culture: Facial recognition coming to police body cameras? (Report) (What can happen, will happen ….)

There has been just one buyer of stocks since the financial crisis (Article)

Turkey is now bombing the U.S. supported Syrian Kurds across the Turkish border? (Article)

Fewer Americans are retiring? (Report) (And the middle class dissolves down …)

Iran continues nuke programs in violation of Iran Agreement? (Report) (We dunno – But if they aren’t, it will be a new historic event.)

Facebook is fighting government orders to hide government intrusion into subscriber activities. (Report) (Government seems to want to secretly monitor private activities as it pleases, on a massive scale.) A U.S. appeals court recently upheld the government. (Report)

Congress: President Trump’s budget boosted military spending; the House amplified that. (Report) (More military actions are planned, more death, damage and refugees will result, riding on more debt as the money to be spent doesn’t esist.)

U.S. Government will increase asset forfeiture. (Report) Seizing property of people who have not been accused of any crime. (Our post-Constitutional culture)

Ukraine/Russia: Update (Article)

Science: Some particles aren’t behaving in physics? (Article) (Maybe a crack in the standard model …)

“Universal Basic Income” (another free lunch at taxpayer expense) is increasingly pitched by techie billionaire lefties. (Report) (They push receiving free income, are silent on who will have to pay for it.)

A new Washington D.C. security robot fell down steps into a pond and drowned? (Report)

The corruption: Congress is still pushing pork in spending bills? (Article)

Is California bailing out Tesla at taxpayer expense? (Reort)

Facebook blocked over two dozen conservative Catholic pages? (Report) (Playing Papal politics …)

Syria: President Trump ended the CIA’s arms supplying of anti-Assad rebels? (Report) (Russia and Iran will smile.)  Applause for the move. (Article)

The climate: A Vatican archbishop said that all should accept global warming? (Report) (Reminds us of Urban VI to Galileo …)

The economy: New York City has banned dog sitting without a license to do so. (Report) (Killing off another service)

The Moon: Now that China is headed there, will the moon become a source for competing claims of ownership? (Article)

The culture: When may the state elect to supersede children’s natural parents? (Article)

Yellowstone supervolcano’s earthquake swarm is continuing; is an eruption coming? (Report) (If so, best move to Brazil)

The climate: Greenland’s ice seems unaware that it is supposed to melt … (Repport)

The Economy: The September debt ceiling dance in Congress explained with amusement and (ugh!) truth. (Article)

Venezuela: The battle continues; Mr. Maduro shows us how it’s done … (Report) The currency melts. (Report)

Chicago: 10 dead, 42 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked burglar consumed a homeowner’s whisky and blueberry muffins before alling asleep in her bed. (Report)

And so it was.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannAnother 7 days’ worth:

Science: A tunnel has been found under Teotihuacan’s Pyramid of the Moon. (Report) (For any who dig archeology)

The climate: A global warming study was canceled because there is too much ice in the Arctic this year? (Report)

Science: The potential menace in Yellowstone’s ongoing earthquakes is described by the National Geographic. (Article) (The Yellowstone supervolcano)

Religion: Judaism seems to be fracturing in parallel with Catholicism? (Report) (Which is to say, more than usual.)

Tesla’s June deliveries tanked; is reality overtaking propaganda? (Report)

Science/Culture: Elucidating how democratic government arose in Africa on the efforts of Protestant missionaries. (Article)

The climate: “The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time” (Article) (Actual temperature measurements aren’t rising, but the globe is warming somehow anyway?)

Wild monkeys living free in Florida parks are moving into residents’ yards? (Report) (And proving troublesome)

The economy: Am entertaining and clear picture of what is happening and where it is taking us. (Article/Video)

Illinois: Have Chicago and the state of Illinois solved their failing finances? (Article)

Palestinians atrophy while Israel is prosper? (Article)

Science: A quantum physics first, teleporting a photon from the ground to a satellite. (Report) (Spooky action at increasing distances)

The Constitution: A sixth Federal Appeals Court ruling approved a citizen’s right to photograph/record the activities of police while performing their duties. (Report)

The culture: America’s “news” sources no longer convey much information? (Article) (Duh!)

Federal Reserve Chair Yellen warned Congress of excessive debt? (Article) So why is she reverting toward cheap money?  Could it be big time CYA for what she’s afraid is coming?)

The war on cash: Visa offers bribes to small merchants who stop accepting cash? (Article)

New York City will spend $32 M on its rats, hoping to reduce their numbers. (Report) (Spending more for less, right?)

Hartford, Connecticut debt was downgraded to junk by Moody’s? (Article) (Another early domino?)

The culture: Some 290,000 gallons of water were dumped after unknown attackers broke through several locks to gain access to water storage tanks. (Report)  (Why? Did they expect booze in there?

The economy: Auto loan originations at Wells Fargo Bank have nosedived. (Article)

Amazon enjoys a $1.46 U.S. Post Office subsidy of every box it ships? (Report) (The Wall Street Journal says so, we believe the Post Office wastes billions made up by taxpayers afterward.)

Congressfolk are exempted from the Obamcare rollback/repair legislation? (Report)

GOP healthcare will subsidize Obamacare, not fix it – Senator Rand Paul (Report) (And fund it with the same deficits relied upon by Obama, right?)

Will Illinois pensions trigger an avalanche? (Article)

Warning: Bank of America joined the chorus pointing to the Federal Reserve balancing between inflation and a crash. (Article) (Everybody wants to set up for: “I told you so!,” now that it’s too late.)

The satellite launch industry: Update (Article)

The culture: Thousands of Canadians want to protect a grizzly that has been charging people. (Report)

Chicago: 2 dead, 38 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked man painted gold was arrested. (Report)

A gilded conclusion …

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