GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

Palestinian senior official with COVI’D goes to Israeli hospital (Report)

Thailand: Bangkok protests of military grow (Report) King faces problems (Article)

The culture: Facebook/Twitter are pushing Biden, pulling Trump? (Report)

The Government: Budget gap exceeds $3 T in new record (Report)

The election: Bags full of stolen ballots found in Seattle suburb (Report)

U.S. Politics: Pro Trump Free speech Rally attacked by Antifa, BLM (Report)

The culture: Women’s group wins first complaint against transgender, biological males in female sports (Report)

The Election: 353 counties with more registered voters than residents? (Article)

More Election: What Happens If No One Wins? (Article)

The Internet: U.S. sues Google under antitrust laws (Report)

The economy: Robots threaten 800 M jobs (Report)

More Economy: Goldman predicts new job cuts from coming mergers? Acquisitions (Article)

Corruption: Previously nonpartisan election commission now controlled by Democrats (Report) (And Republicans silent?)

More Corruption: Goldman Sacks to pay over $2 B settlement of prosecution (Report) (And guarantee no criminal prosecutions)

The Federal Reserve: What is its purpose? (Article) (Recommended)

More Fed: Why Do We Put So Much Faith In Central Bankers? (Article) (Recommended)

Iran (and surroundings): Update (Article)

The Hunter Biden Scandal: N.Y. Post provides facts (Report)

Food Shortage Coming: Starting in China? (Article)

Geopolitics: China challenging on tech and finance? (Article)

Communication: Censorship rising in the U.S. (Article)

The New York economy: Food banks can’t keep up (Article)

The U.S. Election: First class mail not arriving on time in battleground states? (Article) (First mail election)

The Pandemic: “Second Wave” is politicized fake? (Report)

The omtermet” Why big tech censorship won’t stop? (Article)

The Climate: Arctic moving south? (Report)

Time: Measurement is getting tricky; blame Einstein? (Report)

The U.S. Election: Pennsylvania sets up fraudulent voting? (Article)

More Election: Whoever wins, we all lose (Article) (Recommended)

Still More Economy: The destruction of the Euro (Article) (Recommended)

Science: Electric Cars – New battery material may recharge rapidly (Report)

Chicago: 7 Dead, 26 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A Naked Man was arrested after aiming a rifle at residents (Report)

EDITORIAL:         U.S. Presidential Election 2020

                                The Democrats, running an apparently senescent, corrupt political hack, act and speak as though they feel entitled to single party rule of the country. The Republicans appear largely complicit or intimidated; their candidate a largely self-produced populist maverick. Both candidates pursue economic fantasy with financial recklessness.

                The President has been impeached upon a straight partisan vote relying upon a fabricated accusation unsupported by jurisprudential evidence.

                The novel postal voting on a national scale is untested, many irregularities, errors and omissions have already been reported and the U.S. Postal Service is currently reported having widespread difficulties delivering first class mail. The Democrats already predict that the President wil refuse to leave office in January. It is becoming questionable whether the U.S. is capable of legitimate democratic government any more… The next few weeks will be instructive!

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The Pandemic: The second act will be worse than the first – Lockdowns are not the answer (Article)

More Pandemic: World Health Organization urges retreat from lockdowns (Article)

Corruption: Another view of the Bengazi scandal (Video)

Geopolitics: Another view of world progress (Article)

Serveillance: New I – phone 30X camera can snap photos from miles away? (Report)

Myanmar: Update (Article)

Communication: Deep Fakes – Who and What can you believe now? (Article)

U.S. Finance: Racially politicizing the Federal Reserve (and its member banks) (Article)

Illinois: Spendthrift is sole state forced into Fed loan, now needs more? (Article)

Iraq: Iranian presence wearing thin; U.S. wants out? (Article)

 Education: The cost of a “safe space” at one university (Report)

Somalia: Update (Article)

Corruption: New evidence re Biden/Ukraine scandal (Report)

The U.S. Economy: Federal Reserve V.P. affirms government controlled market likely permanent? (Report)

 Government: U.S. tax policy crushes poor – Bloomberg (Report)

The U.S. economy: Half of workers earned under $34,000 last year (Reportr)

Government: “Slouching Towards The Socialist States of America” (Article) (Exaggerated?)

Israel: Update on the neighborhood (Article)

Israeli Drones: Update (Article)

Government: U.S. has fewest cops in quarter century? (Report)

The media: Facebook and Twitter now fact checking the major media? (Article)

The Environment: U.K. power grid at the mercy of the wind? (Article)

Pennsylvania: 334,000 duplicate ballot applications to date? (Report)

China: Threatens Canadians in Hong Kong if Canada accepts more refugees (Report)

The Economy: Hyperinflation is here (Article) (Recommended)

The U.S. Election: String of ballot mishaps question reliability of mail-ib election (Report)

Chicago: 5 dead, 48 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested walking drunk in front of children (Report)


EDITORIAL:         Interesting Times …

                                Compared to a lot of places, America has been pretty boring politically for the last couple of hundred years. Well, excluding our Civil War. Following the Constitution, presidents, Congressfolk, judges and generals have come and gone with varying degrees of recrimination or occasionally even praise. Probably, few have thought much about it. Suddenly its different.

                Our Federal and too many state and local governors have burdened the taxpayers with more debt than will ever be repaid and continue to borrow. Now, spending exceeds their ability to borrow so the Federal Reserve adds to inflation with magic money out of nothing. The current u U.S. and world financial system seems unlikely to survive these current policies. The U.S. and world economies, struggling with this burden of political profligacy, has now been deliberately paralyzed in the name of a pandemic. It can hardly stand after all this.

                And in the midst of all this, the U.S. will conduct its first massive mail-in, hugely contested presidential election. A large scale, highly detailed data collection requiring much coordination and since it will be conducted by opposing interests, exceptional security. All apparently conceived, created and provided in a few months.                 Interesting ties, indeed …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

Guatemala: Sends 3,000 migrants home from U.S. bound caravan (Report)

The economy: As robots replace people, what happens to the unemployed? (Article)

Government: New, injectable microchip “to control COVID” can control the population? (Article)

Corruption: Why is the Hunter Biden scandal so little reported by the major media? (Article)

The U.S. economy: 2020 food banks replacing 1930s sop kitchens? (Hawaii) (Article)

Geopolitics: The widening impact of the Azerbaijan/Armenia war plus Turkey (Article)

Seattle: Leftist riots becoming normal? (Video)

Tech: Amazon’s palm reader threatens credit cards? (Report)

Thailand: Update (Article)

The economy: Unpaid utility bills a mounting problem (Article)

The economy: “Planned in Advance by Central Banks: A System Reset”? (Article) ”The Real Move in Gold Hasn’t Started Yet”?)

Mali: Update (Article)

Geopolitics: Anti-ship weapons (Article)

Government: How Congress REALLY works today? (Article)

Serveillance: You’re being watched when a green dot appears on phone screen? (Report)

Science: Huge improvement in lightless vision, communication (Report)

Yemen: Update (Article)

Corruption: Russiagate explanation, update (Article)

California: Governor orders restaurant patrons to wear mask between bites (Report)

Expose: Secretive leftist billionaire operative/donor viewed (Article)

Colorado: Sued for having more voters than people (Report)

The propaganda war: Questionable pandemic death stats? (Report)

Corruption: Government agencies stonewalling inquiry into Biden scandal (Article)

The COVID lockdown: “A Failed Experiment” (Article)

Serveillance: The Average American Is Recorded 238 times a week? (Article)

Israel: Fires breaking out, set by Palestinians and nature (Report)

History: Who was Cristopher Columbus? A mystery … (Video)

Florida: Newport Ridge threatened by expanding sinkhole (Report)

Afghanistan: Trump wants out by Christmas, Deep State resists? (Article)

 The world economy: Central Banks Digital Currency? (Article) (The end of cash?)

The pandemic: Interesting information unavailable from the media (Article)

More pandemic: The virus has yet to be isolated? (Article)

A beetle fights a robot (Video)

Corruption: The Ukraine/Biden scandal remains somehow unnoticed (Article)

California can’t reopen economy until poor blacks aren’t sick? (Report)

Chicago: 5 dead, 32 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested wandering around outside a hotel (Report)

That’s all …

EDITORIAL:         U.S. – BORROWING ITS WAY OUT OF DEBT?                                 Acting in concert, the U.S. and much of the world is binging on debt. That binge is both terminating and terminal. There are Two debt realities: First, you can’t borrow yourself rich, and second, you CAN borrow yourself poor. . More specifically, your government can borrow you poor; the average U.S. taxpayer currently owes some $217,000 the Federal government has borrowed for him to repay.  And states and cities add to that while those taxpayers borrow for homes and cars and credit cards. And generous Prez Trump aims to shovel out another trillion or so to help with all the income cut off by the pandemic shutdowns from our mayors and governors. The interest payments on all this are using up too much government tax income, forcing reductions of other spending. Every U.s. adult owes about $15,000 of that. Smart people aren’t lending money to the government anymore; it is relting on Federal Reserve magic money, which is to say it is inflating the money supply. Diluting the money supply without adding things to buy just devalues the money, right? Watch inflation boom until the dollar busts …(Or is replaced by magic digital money?)  

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The Pandemic: Costs of world shutdown looming larger than benefits? (Report)

More Pandemic: Man jailed 1 yr. fined after holding second party at home (Report)

The Economy: Painfully rising inflation that politicians will pretend not to notice? (Article)

More economy: President Reagan’s Budget Director dissects the REAL U.S. economy (Recommended Article)

Libya: Turkey expands its intervention (Article)

The US.election: Federal intelligence has been identifying Antifa/BLM bosses and funding? (Report)

Tech: Nearly 1,000 9emergency U.S. police 11 lines down due a Microsoft services glitch (Report)

The U.S. election: Big time mail voting bungle in Brooklyn (Report)

Mandatory Propaganda: Cities forcing police attendance at “Implicit Racism” classes (Report)

More Propaganda: Chinese Bible revises Christ into killer? (Report)

Corruption: Details on Biden family overseas income (Report)

More Corruption: U.S. Representative ILhan Omar involved in vote fraud?? (Report)

The U.S. economy: Mass layoffs spreading (Report)

New York City: To use patrols to enforce pandemic mask conformance (Report)

Corruption: J.P. Morgan Chase to pay $920 M in fines for fraud (Report)

The Pandemic: Has from the beginning been shrouded in lies? (Article)

Government: U.S. Federal spending setting new record (Report)

 Azerbaijan/Armenia: Fighting expands; Turkey helping Azeris (Article)

Afghanistan: Update (Long Article) (Very informative for tose interested)

 California: Continuing quake swarm (Report)

Immigration: New migrant caravan sets off from Honduras (Report)

Science: Crows posses higher intelligence (Report)

The U.S. economy: Congress to bail out airlines? (Article) (With borrowed taxpayer money)

 Corruption: Rochearwe, N.Y. Mayor and campaign officials indicted for fraud, misuse of funds (Report)

Healthcare: Hundreds of doctors and other caregivers charged with fraud across U.S. (Report)

Science: Will new discvery dissolve the plastic from landfills? (Report)

More Science: New discovery may help reverse periodontal disease (Report)

Still More Science: Clean, limitless power from Graphene (Report)

Biased decisions from AI’s: A Problem? (Report)

 Washington: Governor unhappy as Boeing moves production to So. Carolina (Report)

Michigan: State Supreme Court Strikes Down Governor’s Emergency Powers (Report) (COVID lockdown)

Turkey: Growing intervention in Azerbaijan/Armenia war (Article)

Chicago: 7 shot dead, 42 wounded; 5 year old stabbed in weekend violence (Report)

A naked woman was arrested after spitting at police (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         The Economic Impact of the U.S. COVID-19 Shutdown

                The economy was vulnerable: Though unemployment was low, the numbers did not reflect the long term unemployed or the fact that employee earnings have failed to balance the rising cost of living for most private sector workers. Most significantly, total U.S. debt was 125% of GDP as of March with a Federal deficit currently $3.3 trillion. Cities, counties and states aren’t collecting enough taxes from furloughed workers and mass layoffs continue. Bankruptcies are rising; many businesses will never reopen. The U.S. government in its wisdom has chosen to face what seems to date a relatively mild epidemic by gutting normal healthcare and imposing a magnified replay of last century’s Great Depression upon the 78% of Americans estimated to live paycheck to paycheck. Recovery will require years; political stability is already strained. Oddly, our divided political leaders united to bring this about; what are they thinking?  And why don’t the reports of COVID deaths provide comparison to deaths from all causes?

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

Armenia/Azerbaijan: Tanks, artillery killing civilians in border area (Article)

Geopolitics: Russia/U.S. maneuver over Europe’s oil sources (Article)

Syria: U.S. increasing troop presence (Article) U.S. stealing Syrian oil? (Article)

Black Lives Matter: Responsible for 90% of recent riots? (Article)

Thailaand: Anti-monarchist protests massive (Report)

U.S. Postal Service: Preparing for the election with chaos? (Report)

Airlines flights empty, seeking bail-outs (Report)

Iran: Trump is ending appeasement? (Article)

Finance: How the Big Banks Serve Criminals and terrorists (Article)

The economy: Reality, for those whom can face it (Article) (Recommended)

More economy: Global debt is exploding at a shocking rate (Article)

Sudan: Update (Article)

Politics: Why is Fox News protecting billionaire leftist operator George Soros? (Report)

 Syria: Update (Article)

Politics: U.S. Senate Majority Leader waffles on Supreme Court appointment? (Report)

 The culture: Study finds average American recorded by security cameras 238 times per week? (Report)

The Internet: Trump proposes legislation regulating reporting and censorship (Report)

Federal Reserve: Investigating replacement of cash and private banking (Article)

The U.S. election: Trump says Supreme Court will decide; full nine judges needed (Article)

The Quarantine: Airlines beg for relaxed separation rules (Article) (They[re toast)

TheU.S. economy: 39 states can’t pay all their bills (Report)

Breanna Taylor shooting: Was mischaracterized by the media? (Report) Two police shot i(Report)

The climate: CO2 warming theory disproven in 1909 (Article)

Politics: A look at mail-in voting (Article)

Propphecy: “Let me explain what happens next …” (A worst case view) (Article)

Government: Ohio mom tased/arrested for appearing without a mask (Article)  Idaho police arrest 3 for singing hymns unmasked (Report)

The culture: A study finds happiest Americans are religious conservatives? (Report)

Australia: Unveils economic central planning – without a plan? (Article)

The culture: When Everything Is Politicized (Article)

Chicago: 10 dead, 35 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested in a county fair parking lot (Report)

No more …

EDITORIAL:         The Supreme Court Upon Further Contemplation

The liberal/conservative balance with one jurist shifting back and forth has been  maintained for a while. Justices Roberts and Cavanagh have been called conservatives; it it clear that Roberts is no such thing and so far, the Cavanaugh record is ambivalent. The media call Amy Barett, the new appointee, conservative and Catholic. Catholics oppose abortion but most vote Democratic; are they conservatives? Is President Trump conservative? It still seems likely that the ideological balance will be maintained on the Court; it may be a while before we can draw a conclusion Situation normal, for the modern Court ….

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The U.S. economy: Reported inflation is understated significantly (Article) (Duh!)

The pandemic: Woman dragged from car, roughed up by police at COVID checkpoint (Report)

 California: Railroads overloaded by departing shippers? (Article)

The economy: City/State bailout at taxpayer expense is bad medicine (Article)

 Nigeria; Losing the North (Article)

The environment: Today’s wildfires result from President Clinton policy? (Report) (Not Trump?)

The economy: Huge lines at food bank (Article) (Wait ‘til after the election?)

 The pandemic: Pennsylvania Governor’s shutdown order ruled unconstitutional (Article)

Lancaster, PA: Rioters arrested, jailed with high bail in police shooting protest (Report)

Government: CDC  ignores presidential directive, pushes leftist race theory (Report)

More government: Mueller team possessed telephone it claimed was lst (Report)

Racism: Harvard, Yale challenged for anti-white/Asian bias? (Article)

Check status of your U.S. voter registration? (Article)

Education: Washington D.C. spends $30 k per student, 23% of 8th graders proficient in reading (Report)

The pandemic: Construction and nursing homes, not bars and restaurants breeding contagion? (Report)

Crime: Some interesting numbers from the U.S. northwest (Report)

The war on democracy: U.S. left organizing street riots for a Trump election? (Report)

Education: Compulsory public education overreaching into pupil’s homes? (Article)

The economy: Heavy, heavy Debt hangs over thy head … (Article) (Recommended)

Politics: Support for Black Lives Matter falling? (Article)

The economy: 1920 – The crash that cured itself (Article) (Recommended)

Governments Will Impose New Lockdowns If They Think They Can Get Away With It (Article) (Highly recommended)

Is the U.S. Replacing Turkey with Greece? (Article)

Chicago: 12 dead, 42 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

Naked women in the street could not be located by police (Report)

That’s all

EDITORIAL:         Replacing A Justice On The Supreme Court’s Left

                                As the Democrats and too many Republicans in the Senate wish to prevent Prez Trump from accomplishing anything, Senate approval of any appointee seems very unlikely ahead of the impending election. Reinforce that if the candidate is seen as a conservative.

                Note that the Court has been very neatly balanced for quite a while, with four liberals, four conservatives and one swing justice to weigh in on whichever side of a decision is desired by the mighty. Long attended to by Justice Kennedy, that task now appears to be in the hands of Chief Justice Roberts.

                The show will go on and a rare brawl it will be but Justice Ginsberg will not be replaced by a conservative before the election – nor likely after it, either, less a Republican Senate landslide.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

Ca;ofprmoa: Expects rotating power outages om record heat wave (Report) (Being green can’t be cool)

Geopolitics: The old and new fracture lines of Europe (Article)

 Turkey: Tanks/Troops move to Greek border (Pursuing oil in Greek waters)

The Federal Reserve: Destroying the dollar in order to save it … (Article) (Recommended)

The war on elections: Surveillance camera shows huge piles of mail dumped in California parking lots (Article)

The pandemic: Lockdown is cover for greater government control? (Article)

Government: The Democrats are setting up a revolution? (Article)

Venezuela: Update (Article)

The pandemic: Were the lockdowns a mistake? (Article)

The economy: The stock market is detached from reality (Report) (Reflects the Fed instead?)

 The government: Proposes collection of more biometric information (Report)

Los Angeles: Schools to reopen after the elections? (Report)

Science: Astronomical dark matter theory misbehaves (Report)

Politicians: Ignore their own shutdown orders (Article)

U.S. budget deficit hits suicidal heights (Article)

U.S. Postal Service dumped batches of mail across Los Angeles? (Report)

California: Can’t pay its promised retirement (Article)

Mexico: Water treaty with U.S. raises unrest (Report)

The culture: University of Michigan providing racially segregated events? (Report)

Yellowstone: Earthquakes intensifying (Report) (Is the supercaldera waking up?)

Greek, Turkish ships playing chicken over Turkey’s oil grab (Report) European Union backs Greece (Article)

Australia: More police action against lockdown/mandatory vaccination protests (Article)

The climate: West’s fires not climate but bad environmental policies (Article) (The fires are routine; the accumulai9on of brush, isn’t)

Kenosha: City begs Federal aid after $50 M riot damage? (Report)

The culture: Greatest black disadvantage isn’t racism; it’s government deconstruction of black families? (Article)

China: Combining the COVID contact traces with the Social Credit citizen monitoring (Article)

Chicago: 8 dead, 48 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after two shocks from a Taser (Report)

That is all

EDITORIAL: Governments Reflect Their Societies

                “I am their leader; I must follow them!” is famous more as political commentary than for its implicit humor. Societies generate governments appropriate to their behaviors, it is not the other way around. The independent, self-reliant, responsible attitude of the Post-Renaissance, Post-Reformation colonists who created the United States by their nature ceded as little to government as possible, remembering well that which they left behind.

                At the opposite extreme, a society of dependent, entitled and irresponsible citizens will naturally empower its government to expand into the resulting vacuum, supplying by force majeure the regulation otherwise lacking. And it is obviously axiomatic that individual liberty is inversely proportionate to the expansion of government. It is an eternal truth in human affairs that: “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”

                The United States is more quietly, emulating the Chinese Social Credit system for monitoring and control of individual citizens, something that is inevitable under present circumstances. Normal human behavior requires it: Adults are independent; children only survive under guardians …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The pandemic: Gaming reality for political purposes? (Report)

More pandemic: Study says lockdown endangers 10 times more lives than COVID? (Report)

The culture: Kenosha riot damage understated by media? (Article)

Still more pandemic: Forced testing, vaccinations etc. coming? (Report)

The pandemic: Among developed countries, only U.S. has not opened schools? (Report)

Politics: Black ex-franchisees sue McDonalds (Report)

The culture: Oregon official stops hearing to prevent police testimony on Antifa violence (Report)

The environment: Yellowstone super caldera is “pulsating”? (Report)

The U.S. economy: Food banks overwhelmed by pandemic unemployment? (Report)

More economy: United Airlines to cut 16,000 jobs (Report)

The culture: California legislature approved law protecting gay adults in sex with minors (Report)

Politics: A Black Lives Matter rioter arrested in Washington, DC was also at Kenosha and Portland riots? (Report)

International politics: U.S. sanctions International Court official alleging U.S. war crimes (Article)

The culture: Chicago’s gangs have agreed to shoot police who draw their weapons? (Article)

Daylight Saving Time: Experts denounce (Report) (Did it ever make sense?)

The war on elections: Voter fraud investigations under way (Article)

The Federal Reserve: Will pursue higher inflation (Article)

 Government: Taking up university style indoctrination?  (Article) (From Nobel Prizeeconomist) Trump orders halt (Report)

Serveillance: Police track cell phones at crime scenes (Report)

The riots: “You’re not allowed to film!” (Report)

Pilotless air commerce: A while yet (Article)

The economy: Pandemic shutdown costs loom (Article) (What, me worry?)

Dictionary: Updates definition of “female” with political correctness (Report)

Chicago: 10 dead, 45 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man with a syringe was arrested in a bathroom (Report)

And that’s enough.

EDITORIAL:         Politicized Racism and Reality

                                 Christian white people provided the world its industrial revolution; their descendants added the digital tech that is changing everything. Now, politicians want descendants of those white people repressed and punished because the process and its’ repercussions has not been conducted in the manner that said politicians now approve.

                In that vein, should not said politicians be punished because their predecessors did not mandate the currently demanded process?                 Of course, that is ridiculous, but no more so than black reparations, white privilege, mandatory critical race theory indoctrination or any other ex post facto racism directed against the authors of modernity while ignoring the generally more severe racist attitudes prevalent in the rest of the world.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

From a portion of the week:

The U.S. economy: American Airlines to cut 19,000 jobs in October? (Report)

More economy: The Federal Reserve will accelerate inflation? (Article) (Bienvenido a Venezuela)

The culture: Forcing progressive race theory onto government employers? (Article)

The pandemic: Austin shutdown prolonged with questionable data? (Report)

The pandemic: Testing debate continues (Report)

More pandemic: Tests are too sensitive? (Report)

The culture: Antifa rioter shoots pro-Trumper dead? (Report)

Chicago: 4 dead, over 60 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after being seen in bushes (Report)

And that is all …

EDITORIAL: A Simple Question On U.S. Racism

                                Why, if racism is an evil to be extirpated root and branch, are always whites but never blacks nor Hispanics accused? Isn’t that racist?

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From the week:

The pandemic: A successful treatment found? (Report) (But is it politically correct?)

More pandemic: Evidence now supports use of controversial drug? (Report)

Still more pandemic: Financial reality looms through short term government aid (Article) (Beyond the election is scary)

Immigration: U.S. Southern border illegals booming again (Report)

Corruption: FBI arrested Puerto Rico legislator (Report)

Politics: U.S. Postal Service filed a patent application for a voting system (Report)

The U.S. ecoomy: mortgage delinquencies ominous (Article)

More economy: Corporate debt coming loose from reality (Article)

Air Travel: Down 85% from year ago (Report)

The culture:: The war on property proceeds  into Congress(Article)

Mozambique: Malignancy sets in (Article)

North Korea: Kim Losing power to his sister? (Report)

The culture: U.S. marriage data becoming threatening (Report)

California: Uber/Lyft forced out of state by legislation (Report)

Lebanon: Beirut harbor explosion result of Hezbollah munitions from Iran? (Report)

Corruption: New Jersey judge orders repeat of election marred by fraud (Report)

More corruption: More on CIA/FBI anti-Trump election misbehavior (Article)

Chicago: 5 dead, 59 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after breakeing into a home, attempting rape (Report)

 EDITORIAL:        Ruminating Upon The Election

                                About all that we are presently allowed to consider here in the U.S. appears to be the presidency and thee pandemic, both seemingly a bit overblown. We are provided daily totals of COVID deaths that are large numbers but we never receive daily totals of all deaths for comparison. Where you have over 300 million people, daily deaths have to be a pretty impressive total. Perhaps it is not provided because it would make the COVID numbers less impressive? And if the pandemic is bad; we are encouraged to believe that the Trump presidency is worse. The U.S. news media have evolved into industrialized Chicken Littles. As for the respective campaigns, we have to wonder whether Biden will ever speak up and whether Trump will ever shut up. Neither seems any more imminent than the end of the pandemic quarantine that is putting paid to the economy.

                                All of this is capped by the idea of an election by mail, brought to us upon short notice by a Postal Service that we all know and love – and endlessly subject to curses and jokes. Who can know the identity of anyone who sends or receives a ballot? How can anyone distinguish between an authorized and a counterfeit ballot? Overseas U.S. military have been sent ballots too late or not at all; ballots have disappeared from the mail. No one with a brain sends cash in the mail but we should rely upon it to, after six weeks’ notice, select our presidente? That a major U.S. political party has even suggested such a procedure should scare the hell out of us..

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