GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

Arizona: Voter I.D. bill fails in GOP controlled legislature (Report)

 The pandemic: CDC fudging the vaccination adverse effects numbers? (Report)

Education: Baltimore schools will pass failing students (Report)

The U.S> election: fraud discovered in New Hampshire? (Report)

California: Drivers pay nearly double the average gas tax elsewhere (Report)

China: WAR PLANNING (Article)

North Korea: Update on life in the People’s Republic (Report)

The pandemic: Vaccination warning from new research says spike protein in vaccines is very dangerous! (Report) More– Vaccine linked to heart problems (Report)

Russia: Plans to press Prez Biden over human rights for his treatment of Trump supporters? (Report)

The culture: As reflected in the pandemic “lab leak” theory media presentation (Article)

The U.S. economy: The Federal Reserve is channeling the 1970’s great inflation? (Article) (Recommended)

Surveillance: Time to opt out of Amazon “Sidewalk)? (Article)

 The European Union: Digital I.D. (and history) for every citizen? (Report)

The pandemic: Ivermectin effectively treats COVID in India (Report)

More pandemic: Underreporting COVID deaths of the vaccinated? (Report)

The new warfare: Cyberattacks on essential services ramping up (Report)

 China: Threatens U.S. with intense nuclear showdown (Report)

U.S. county bans use of facial recognition software (Report)

Afghanistan: Update (Article)

U.S. Government: Manufacturing fear of (absent) white, right wing violence (Article)

The pandemic: Never letting a crisis go to waste (Article) (Recommended)

The U.S. Election: J.P. Morgan political donations exclude Republicans who contested Biden election (Report) (The political power centers are controlling the result of elections?)

The U.S. Senate: Battle over filibuster paralyzes Prez Biden’s progressive program (Article)

The economy: U.S. Treasury Secretary’s policies push labor offshore ((Article)

The U.S. Navy: Peace is the most fearsome enemy (Article)

China: President Chi calls for greater influence over western media (Report)

The U.S. Capitol riot: Another view, from a different angle (Article)

Congress: Moving to remove election procedure law from the states (Report)

Chicago: 7 dead, 39 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after “riding a broom” to burglarize an RV (Report)

That’s all …

 EDITORIAL:        Vaccinate In Haste; Repent At Leisure …

                                The unexpected toxicity of MRNA vaccines reported in the news item above will serve to define current governmental regard for citizens, a useful thing to know. A peer- reviewed study from a respectable source has discovered that a key vaccine ingredient (spike protein) basic to these vaccines is toxic to multiple human organs. It is not confined to the muscle into which it is injected as was assumed; it may instead access the vascular system and travel. That this occurs is now established; the frequency of occurrence is not. But it seems the culprit in both brain and heart problems and some in other organs. Some of the damage requires time to be noticed.                        Summed up, this suggests that haste to produce a vaccine overcame adequate caution with the result that governments are pushing the inoculation of their citizens with something now discovered to be toxic for some of them. We already know that the intended protection does not always result. Given these facts, whether a government informs its citizens of these risks or attempts to hide them will serve to define the value it sees in them. Any bets?

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The U.S. Election: New Hampshire voting machines unqualified? (Report)

GOP Congressman “forgot” to cast crucial vote (Report)

The U.S. Consumer Price Index is misleading (Article)

The economy: Federalizing the U.S. money market? (Article)

The Pandemic: “Shocking” vaccine data (Report)

Finance: The next round in the Gold Game (Article)

More Finance: Fed to go direct with liquidity (Article)

U.S. Government: COVID small business aid giving preference to minority/female owners found discriminatory (Re[prt)

Rhw U.S. culture: Spreading transgender regret (Report)

The U.S. election: Progress report of Vermont audit (Report)

Nigeria: Update (Article)

The pandemic: Mild cases can lead to protection for life (Report) More (Report)

The U.S. culture: The United States and China are converging? (Article)(Recommended for thought)

New York City: Mayor told police not to protect Times Square pro-Israel rally? (Report)

Hypocracy: U.S./E.U. officials decrying Belarus kidnapping plane passenger have done the same? (Report)

The U.S. Economy: The government is wrecking the economy (Article)

India/Pakistan: Update (Article)

The climate: Dutch court orders Shell to deepen cuts in fossil fuels (Report)

Congo: Update (Article)

The U.S. Election: The city of Milwaukee allowed liberal, third-party groups funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to set the rules and help administer November’s presidential election, according to a complaint filed on behalf of five residents by an election watchdog. (Report)

Child smuggling revealation? (Report)

Mystery: Spectacular stone roadway resurfaced near Sakhalin Island (Report)

Iraq: Update (Article)

U.S. Industry: Boeing – the decline before the fall (Article)

China: Demographics casting doubt upon destiny (Article)

The pandemic: Study shows masks did not slow spread of COVID (Report)

The U.S. Economy: Inflation isn’t a prediction anymore … (Article)

The Pandemic: U.S. agency says employers can mandate employee vaccination (Report)

More pandemic: Ivermectin treatment effectiveness evidence strengthening (Report)

Canada: Ontario doctors forbidden to question official health guides (Report)

Chicago: 12 dead, 43 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested after carjacking (Report)

That’s all …

EDITORIAL:         On Getting The Jab

                                Government sources emphasize the safety of the vaccines; other sources  strongly disagree. Senator Rand Paul said that, having suffered the disease, he needs no vaccination; a recent study backs him up but the government disagrees. And there is disagreement about the protection actually provided by the vaccinations. Mandatory vaccination is promoted on the U.S. political Left and is appearing in other countries. In spite of this promotion however, almost half of U.S. healthcare workers remain unvaccinated and that applies generally as well.

                A significant percentage of the unvaccinated probably just haven’t bothered yet but that still leaves a lot of people obviously holding back. Why? In addition to the usual naysayers, there are those who understand that the vaccine is novel, only partly understood technology that carries real risks, some of them gruesome enough. Do you want to chance an injection that carries a low but demonstrated probability of killing or paralyzing you in order to protect you from a disease that brings a low risk of severe or fatal illness, knowing that the protection offered does not always result? That’s the conundrum facing the unvaccinated and their unvaccinated offspring. And if, like Senator Rand Paul, you’ve already suffered the disease, the decision seems compounded.                 Some businesses are attempting to force the choice by withholding services or employment from the unvaccinated and internet giants are censoring negative postings on the subject. These seem more like China than historic America. Perhaps, once Government has invested Capital and extended itself into nearly every aspect of living, that is what should have been expected …  

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We humans can uniquely manipulate our environment to thrive because we are physically, mentally and emotionally equipped to do that. It results from the combination of our physical versatility, complex brains and the emotions that help us combine group organization with strong individual motivation. Short version: We, like all life, are genetically programmed for success in our appointed role. However, we must deal with a universe wherein nothing is free; once we have received the gift of life, the only subsequent guarantee is death.

There is a price for combining strong individuality with strongly social imperatives; the individuals must be flexible enough to manage the competing and conflicting results. In humans, that is provided by the variability of physical, mental and especially of emotional individual genetic inheritance. That solution too has its price: The production of some individuals who cannot thrive in human groups and of those such as sociopaths, psychopaths, criminals and others who threaten the viability of the groups. For these too there is a solution: government. These disruptive participants legitimize the police power of the state and yet again, the solution isn’t free: Human governments notoriously exceed their bounds at the cost of the governed. That too is inherent: Who will govern the governors? Only God, and He has awarded us the choice, completing the circle. The same human qualities that call forth human government guarantee the ultimate failure of such governments: Human history confirms it.        

It is not only government that arises directly from human genetics; so does commerce: Intelligent social grouping inherently provides specialization; that brings trade. With the evolution of government, that expands into commerce. Commerce thrives upon the security provided by government and government thrives upon the wealth provided by commerce. However, too much government stultifies commerce in red tape, corruption and taxes while too little restricts it by expanding risk. It seems evident that human civilization and productivity optimize when there is just enough government, but not too much. And it is a primary determinant of the human condition that prevents general agreement on the definition of that point, which seems unsurprising in an inherently conflicted species.  

A conflicted species in a challenging universe tends toward unstable lives; personal, economic and political relationships are transient. That underlines the primacy of human individual over social behavior. That in turn guarantees the transience of human groupings, very much including governments that have come and gone throughout history. It is necessary because governments, answering the individual imperatives of the governors and the primary social policing imperative of government itself, inherently fear significant social change. Governments are natural preservers of the status quo. The destabilizing effects of the industrial revolution produced a civil war in the United States and a sleeping, pre-industrial China where technological progress had been suppressed by a fearful government. Adding China’s tumultuous history after the arrival of more advanced Europeans awakened it, humanity and stability are conflicting terms in the earthly environment. And that says that any who seek to alter innate human behavior using the imposition of government are trying to change the wolf’s behavior by remodeling his cage.  

What is the genetically based human behavior that brings all of this? It is simple enough and perennially on display among very young children. After puberty, that behavior seldom leaves; it is only modified by acquired knowledge and experience, a necessity for human adaptability. The comparatively wide range of differences in physical mental and emotional genetic makeup produce a wide range of individual behaviors; Darwinian principles plus the innate social tendency to imitate favor reproduction of individuals with successful and diminution of those with unsuccessful behaviors. However, even unsuccessful behaviors are somewhat protected by genetic novelties, population expansion and human naivete. The Bible (and economics) assures us that the poor will always be with us while the stochastic element in genetics will continue to provide a supply of various misfits. That is the design that has given us dominion of the miniscule speck that is the earth in the enormous universe. It might be worth noting that once, the same could have been said of the dinosaurs….

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politicaally Uncorrected)

From the week:

The U.S. elect ion Maricopa County audit: No one responsible for mysteriously deleted files (Report)

Retirement: The expected funding that isn’t there … (Article)

The pandemic: A take on Ivermectin for treatment (Report)

 U.S. Military: Pentagon’s massive, secret army isn’t regulated? (Report)

Israel: How to Insure a Middle East War in Five Easy steps (Articled)

The U.S. Election: Voting machine results are controllable by the operators? (Report) (Surprise!)

Cendorship: Twitter may lose immunity in pending action? (Report)

The Pandemic: CDC Director admits that COVID death statistics are heavily overstated (Report)

The U.S. Climate: Western mega-drought continues; impact expanding (Report)

Government: Testing military pandemic vaccination teams in the streets and bars of Dallas (Report)

Israel: Gaza update (Report)

Surveillance: U.S. Postal Service expanding social media spy agency (Repot)

Turkey: Ramping up anti-Israel rhetoric (Report)

U.S. high school student: arrested for racist post on social media (Report)

Science: Major battery advance (Report)

Energy: U.S. steps back from blocking more Russian gas to Europe (Article)

Chicago: Racist Mayor Lightfoot refuses interviews by white journalists? (Report)

Palestinians: 20% of rockets aimed at Israel land in Gaza? (Report)

The Culture: Walgreens closes 17 San Francisco stores for out of control shoplifting (Report)

The Pandemic: Vaccine uncertainties remain (Report)

Canada: Will censor social media? (Report)

France: Government continues toleration of Moslem gangs destroying property (Report)

The U.S. Government: Judge ruled against college single sex facilities (Re[ort)

The Pandemic: Fact checkers have to eat their “facts”? (Report)

More Paandemic: Oregon mandates verification of vaccination for unmasked entry into facilities open to public (Re[prtd)

Still more Pandemic: Nobel laureate virologist calls mass vaccination a huge mistake (Report)

TheU.S. election: Georgia judge orders audit of election results (Report)

U.S. Government: Capitol rioters over-prosecuted while Antifa gets a pass? (Article)

The pandemic: Study shows patient improvement with vitamin D therapy (Report)

More pandemic: Study nixes vaccine for children, pregnant women and recovered patients (Report)

The U.S. Government aims at a new pre-crime agency to monitor everyone for criminal potential? (Report)

The pandemic: CDC alters testing to minimize reported infections of those vaccinated? (Report)

California: New rule demands Uber/Lyft transition to electric vehicles (Report)

Chicago: 6 dead, 42 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after chasing a woman (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         Teaching Finance To Your Kids, Updated

                                Money being an ancient invention, parents are provided  time-honored financial traditions to pass on to their kids in hopes of averting their insolvency. You could call it Finance 101 and we all know the basics: First, you teach them to save and then, to spend wisely. Finally, you instruct t them in the risks and rewards in the use of debt. It is simple enough really and supported by thousands of years of history. But now, that is all obsolete; a candidate for cancel culture.

                Now, politicians and economists tell us that all of this is rubbish, the delusions of ignorance. We don’t know what we are doing, so they will control our money and show us how it should be used to improve everyone’s lives. First, saving is bad, it deprives everyone but the saver of money; spending is the goal. For that, the Federal Reserve forces interest rates near zero and maintains constant inflation so saving money amounts to wasting it. Second, the government takes the money that isn’t saved anymore and spends it to help those without savings and to stimulate the economy. Even more stimulation is provided by vastly increasing the spending using borrowed money, thus funding military actions worldwide to enhance security. To further extend this stimulus, government and private lending is is expanded by easing lending terms. Why has it taken so many centuries to discover that saving and investing are dumb when we can just spend ourselves rich?.  

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The U.S. Election: Voting machine maker, not election officials, control machines? (Report)

U.S. Government seeks tracking ability for crypto transactions (Report)

The U.S. Government: De-Founding America (Article)

The pandemic: U.S. National Institute of Health recommends no treatment of COVID until patient needs oxygen (Report)

Texas: GOP kills bill stopping medical sex changes for children (Re[prt)

Bitcoin: Political Left attacks private currency (Report)

U.S. power grid capacity diminishes under green policies, blackouts threaten west (Article)D

The pandemic: CDC plays games with the numbers (Report)

More pandemic: Study shows those infected need no vaccination (Report)

Philippines: Will not yield its South China Sea rights to China (Report)

The pandemic: Large group of Swedish doctors/lawyers sues CDC against vaccinations (Report)

The U.S. Election: Maricopa County ballot audit finds issues and frantic Democrat opposition (Report)

Middle East: Pres. Biden “letting Iran out of the doghouse”? (Article)

Advertising: New Ford patent re adding roadside billboards to car display screen (Report)

Gold: Investors warned of the likely impact of new regulation (Article)

Government: Regulating small, online sellers (Report)

The Economy: The “Great Reset” conspiracy theory? (Article)

The Pandemic: Risks of COVID vaccine – Dr.’s report (Report)

California: Governor’s proposed new largesse (At taxpayer expense) (Report) (Reall reaction?)

Chicago: 5 dead, 34 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked Las Veegas news anchor was arrested in her car (Report)

That’s all …

EDITORIAL:         This Time Will Be Different …     

                                That “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” is folk wisdom; “In the sweat of they face shalt thou eat bread” is Biblical. They combine to illustrate the perennial human understanding that in this universe, nothing is free. Those desiring a more detailed explanation may consult any physicist handy. Nevertheless, we continue voting for politicians who promise to release us from that reality via the use of government; that is, we hire the wolf to guard the flock. We have done so throughout our history, raising the idea that maybe there is human DNA that carries the message: “This time will be different.”                 It is said to be impossible to swindle an honest man; a swindler needs a little greed in his mark. But reality provides swindlers and marks aplenty; if it did not there would be no need for churches or governments … Today, a new generation of post-Christian, post-Classical Liberal Americans are abandoning churches and empowering government to provide the free lunch to which they somehow seem to feel entitled; maybe this time will be different?  

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

California: To release 63,000 violent prisoners “to make prisons safer” (Report)

The pandemic: The lockdowns viewed from another angle (Article)

The U.S. economy: The “lumber shortage” is fake? (Article)

Government: Federal farm loan forgiveness program excludes whites (Report)

The climate: A fact check of the Biden global warming spending/restrictions (Article)

The pandemic: Vaccinated still (occasionally) get COVID (Reportt)

The U.S. election: Voting machine audit: Discrepancies found (Report)

U.Sl Finance: Digital dollars entering testing (Report)

The U.S. Election: Michigan vote audit producing discrepancies (Report)

The pandemic: Neither masks nor lockdowns work as advertised? (Article)

The U.S. Government: The Consumer Price Index lies about inflation (Article)

The pandemic: U.S. CDC patented coronavirus from 2003? (Report)

Iraq: U.S. bases under rocket fire (Report)

Government: Denver, CO will license landlords (Report)

U.S. Treasury warns of measures to deal with national debt (Report)

  U.S. Births: Fallen to lowest rate in a century (Report)

Pandemic relief fund for U.S. restaurants penalizes white owners (Report)

The pandemic: Blame game gets serious and scientific (Article)

More Pandemic: Why are the vaccinated still forced to wear masks? (Article)

Simon and Shuster employees demand veto over books published (Report)

The Olympics: Newly female weight lifter to compete for New Zealand (Report)

Mozambique: Update (Article)

The pandemic: Long term post-COVID effects studied (Report)

More pandemic: What does “96% effective” tell us about a vaccine? (Article)

Government: Second plaintiff joins lawsuit against firing for vaccination refusal (Report)

More Government: Another citizen surveillance agency, this time in health care (Report)

The Pandemic: Vaccine risk questions raised by Salk Institute research (Report)

The U.S. Government: Politicizing the CIA? (Article)

 More U.S. Government: Weaponizing the IRS (Article)

The U.S. Economy: Inflation is here! (Article) (Somebody noticed?)

The pandemic: Risks of vaccination discussed (Article)

Chicago: 7 dead, 39 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after burglarizing a store (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         The End OF THE American Experiment?

                                All human societies are mad; they must reconcile too many conflicts among our varied species to permit composite sanity. They are also plastic, evolving with the changing needs of the passing generations; that renders them unstable as well. An example is the brevity of democratic governments in human history …                 The arriving replacement for America’s productive Judeo-Christian version seems madder than most; imposing biological males onto female sports upon the premise that such sportsmen feel like girls. Elevating feelings over physical facts is a reasonable definition for insanity, is it not? On a larger scale, what of diluting the money supply via fiat dollars, transferring the productive people’s future wealth to non-productive government for current politicized spending? More, what of inflating that process to the point of threatening the utility of the money? It does seem a mad, mad, mad world that we have made …  we are reminded that: “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

 From the week:

The pandemic: How death statistics are overinflated (Report)

Afghanistan: When will the last American actually depart? (Article)  (Airstrikes won’t stop)

Finance: European banks are refusing cash and will charge savers (Article)

U.S. Government: Libertarians now in the cross hairs? (Article)

Science: Astronomical nova time bombs abound?? (Report)

U.S. Government: Mysterious ghost company took large slice of Pentagon internet at Biden inauguration? (Article) (And nobody will discuss it)

Science: Major step forward using quantum entanglement (Report)

The pandemic: M.I.T. study shows social distancing, limited occupancy rules worthless (‘report)

Georgia: Legislature approved professional licensing of illegal aliens (Report) (Pushed by Chamber of Commerce)

The Internet: Social media adding additional fees charging for newly subdivided content? (Report)

Congo: Update (Article)

European Union: Summer visitors from America will need vaccine passports (Report)

U.S. Government: Putting political dissidents on the no fly list? (Report)

Canada: Another view of the pandemic and its handling (Article)

The U.S. economy: COVID eviction protection decimating small landlords (Article)

Nigeria: Very sad update (Article)

The culture: Ohio will allow changes to birth certificate gender (Report) (Most already allow it?)

The U.S. Election: California officials (D) colluded with social media to censor opponents (Report)

Canada: Evasion responding to ties with Chinese virology lab (Report)

U.S. Healthcare: Insider blows whistle on degenerating system (Report)

North Korea Update (Article)

The Economy: Report on lockdown-forced teleworking (Article)

The Pandemic: More faking the data (Report)

Government: City housing for the homeless channels abandoned old style poor houses at higher cost? (ArticleO

Technology: A 50 ft. trimaran will cross the Atlantic under its own direction (Report)

Government: Washington governor encourages vaccine mandate by private businesses (Report)

The U.S. Economy: A record 34% of all household income now comes from the government (Article) (Siphoned from the middle class)

The pandemic: Study shows Pfizer vaccine offers compromised protection against mutant virus (Report)

More pandemic: Annual vaccine booster shots to start this fall (Report)

U..S. Power Grid: Texas, California and the much-ignored inadequacy of renewable power (Article)

The pandemic: Positive report on clinical studies of Ivermectin treatment (Report)

More pandemic: New COVID treatment coming? (Report)

Still more pandemic: Survey: Majority of employers to demand vaccination; work-at-home restrictions (Report)

Russian Intelligence: Update and recent history (Article)

The U.S. Culture: Census reports number of kids raised by single moms doubles (Report)

Chicago: 3 dead, 21 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested after breaking into Girl Scout facilities (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         Financial Wizardry, Government Style   

                                Those taxpayers whose money presently supports the U.S. Federal Government are now $225,000 each behind on their payments, not counting interest due. That’s their share of the U.S. National debt. And that’s because that government now consumes 38% of the annual national gross domestic product.  Governments are consumers, not producers; the current behemoth has grown on money borrowed and therefore owed and upon money diverted from the erstwhile middle class. That has contributed to the transmogrification of erstwhile middle class housewives into working mothers.              

                Now, the Bidenfolk want to up government consumption trillion or two and raise taxes on the “rich”. “Rich” appears to include most just comfortably above the poverty level. Corporate taxes are also to rise; those hit corporate customers, of whom some are rich. And these are to be imposed upon an economy not yet out of COVID lockdown. And to think we elect these guys … or so we’re told.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

Amazon: Testing full-sized, automated supermarket (Report) It is also testing pay-by-palm tech at a few Whole Foods stores. (Report)

European Union: Moving toward regulation of computer tech? (Report)

The pandemic: Vaccine brings eventual neurodegenerative disease? (Report)

The U.S. economy: Millennials living with parents most since Great Depression (Report)

Los Angeles: Outlaws restaurant use of disposable napkins, utensils (Report)

Georgia: Politicized churches join politicized businesses against vote fraud reform (Report)

The media: NBC deceptively edited 911 call and video in fatal shooting (Report)

U.S. Government: U.S. Postal Service monitors, tracks citizens’ social media (Report)

The pandemic: CDC funding of coronavirus project at the Chinese virology lab (Report)

The U.S. economy: Young adults living with parents returned to Great Depression levels? (Report)

Government: Police removed journalists observing protest ) Report)

The Federal Reserve: Enriching fewer, older at expense of the young? (Article)

Thee economy: Taco Bell opens “Digital only” restaurant (No wait staff) (Report)

The culture: West Point cadets caught cheating but allowed to remain (Reort)

The pandemic: Why did lockdown and non-lockdown states have similar death rates? (Article)

The e U.S. economy: Yes, it is a bubble and yes, there will be a crash (Article)

The culture: How do you “Build Back Better” without an accepted, common  belief system? (Articled)

The pandemic: The lockdown paradigm is collapsing? (Report)

 China: Government owned firms defaulting as debt becomes troublesome (Report)

The pandemic: Harm from face masks per study (Report

Black Lives Matter: Demands white restaurant owners, diners leave New York (Report)

Somalia: Update (Article)

The pandemic: Some uncertainties in the current story (Report)

Education: “Locally controlled” public education morphs into Federal indoctrination? (Report)

U.S. Police: Numbers of people shot to death 2017 – by race 2021 (Statistics)

Digital money: Can be turned off like a light switch (Article)

The U.S. Election: Arizona Democrats file suit to stop audit of Maricopa County results (Report)

Norway: Government warns banks to honor cash requests (Report)

Corruption: Facebook exec admitted supporting political propaganda (Report)

U.S. Politics: Congressional Democrats voted in support of University anti-Asian discrimination (Report)

Columbia: 7.2 earthquake cover-up (Report)

U.S. Surveillance: Banks testing camera/computer monitoring (Report)

China: Current assessment-military/economic (Article)

The U.S. Navy: Peacetime politicization brings a wake-up call (Article)

Education: Virginia to eliminate advanced math classes to stop kids from faster advancement than peers (Report)

The pandemic: Compulsory vaccination spreading (Article)

Los Angels: Federal judge orders city/county to provide shelter for homeless by October (Report)

The climate: Writers taking liberty with the numbers (Article)

The economy: We don’t have free market capitalism anymore? (Article) (Thoughtworthy)

Technology: Progress is creating anonymous war? (Report)

China: Has compromised hundreds of U.S. scientists (Report)

U.S. Government: Will scan service members’ social media for political incorrectness (Report)

G.O.P. ex-President Bush leads push for amnesty for illegal aliens (Report)

Chicago: 3 dead, 24 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested after assaulting boyfriend (Report)

And that’s all …

 EDITORIAL:        Why Are Democrats Trashing the Police?

The tendency of a few humans to muck up the comfort and productivity of the rest provides the primary excuse for the existence of government, so the current all-out attack on U.S. policing demands clear explanation. Why are elected politicians attacking their own agents? Superficially because rioting mobs of protesting voters are demanding that “something be done.” A closer look brings out the reality that the protests are constructed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, two organized, funded political action groups representing the interests of the Democratic leadership and their supporters. Their demonstrations are productions, not spontaneous citizen uprisings. Notably, they take place mostly in venues controlled by Democratic politicians. They amount, with the boost from propagandist media, to political theater. But why are Federal politicians going to all this expense and effort over strictly local government policing?    

No one has explained that, but we suspect that it may be a road toward Federal control of local police, a parallel with the “Common Core” program aimed at synchronizing  locally controlled public schools. A recent report of a county sheriff’s refusal to enforce a state governor’s order may provide some clarification. America’s political leaders understand that increasing authority will require increased police support; they are simply trying to reduce local and increase Federal influence over local police agencies. Isn’t that what any power-hungry politician would seek?

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A versatile, intelligent and social species naturally evolves commerce in response to a challenging environment; some form of money is implicit in that. Precious metal coins came to provide confidence that payment held value equivalent to that of exchanged property. The inconvenience of coins for large or distant transactions added enforceable, standardized promises, i.e. contracts and paper money. Government monopolized coinage and enforced the promises as commerce expanded.

The government involvement underpinned a vast expansion of commerce by broadening the ready acceptance of money. It also produced emperors who reduced the precious metal content of coins while maintaining their face value, creating inflation. Their successors printed paper money in excess of the value of the gold and silver promised to be exchangeable for it, putting inflation on steroids. History’s regular financial collapses have been enough to restrain most governments most of the time, thus enabling commerce, but insufficient to prevent the systemic failure being accelerated by the measures taken in response to the COVID – 19 pandemic. As is so often the case, the impending financial failure is rooted in measures taken for a predicessor.

Early Great Depression measures removed the exchangeability of U.S. currency with gold, outlawed most gold possession by the public and inflated the currency from $20 to $35 per oz. of gold, maintaining that price until the link to gold was fully severed in 1971. Without the leash to gold in mid-April, 2021, the spot price of gold is $1776. Governments like to inflate spending when they can repay their borrowings with less value than they borrowed. Current U.S. Federal debt is about $225,000 per taxpayer.  The government repays that debt with new borrowing as it comes due, protected, courtesy of the Federal Reserve, by low interest rates. That protection reduces savings and encourages further borrowing.  It seems a very human irony that the money that must rely upon government for its widespread acceptance so often see its ultimate destruction at those same hands….

The arrival of credit card/internet technology has redefined money, eclipsing cash as paper money previously eclipsed coins. Money was no longer a “store of value” after it was disconnected from gold; it is no longer a medium of exchange when nothing physical changes hands. Money has been reduced to no more than an accounting entry representing a claim on wealth. Cash money still in use is becoming almost vestigial.

“Almost” is the key: While most people use payment cards and services and governments are salivating for the control available with payments limited to regulated, recorded channels, there are still too many people outside that system and dependent upon cash. A substantial number of those probably prefer that the government remains ignorant of their affairs and not all of these are necessarily criminals. The next step in this progression appears to be central bank or governmental issuance of digital money similar to Bitcoin.     

Summing up: Valuable precious metal money and resulting government monopoly expanded the growth of commerce. The perceived value of commerce and the presence of government enabled the use of devalued money, replacing precious metal with formal promises. Now, excepting a few marginal users, U.S. money has descended to the status of an electronic accounting valuation system. Responding to this, the Federal Reserve is apparently mulling a digital dollar currently called Fedcoin. Wall Street and some economists are worried about the ramifications, particularly since the Fedcoin plan appears to include the abandonment of cash.

First, if citizens’ connections to the financial system is limited to electronic identification, all financial activity can be instantly terminated by authorized order, by technological or human failure or accident and by criminal actions. Those are not small risks. Second, the temptation toward ruinous, politicized, inflationary governmental manipulation of such “money” seems overwhelming. Finally, with the mechanism of exchanges reduced to the status of a government tool, the economic advantages of a market economy seem unlikely to remain available at even the present nominal extent.

The current discussion has brought forward a few who would return to valuable money, probably some form of a gold standard or an equivalent that would reinforce market valuation rather than government policy  for setting the purchasing power of the digital dollar. The protracted economic depression in front of us may increase their number but the increasingly authoritarian government seems likely to make that difficult; a full return to widespread economic success in a necessarily free market seems distant at best. Money has dwindled from precious metal to a tool of government policy, the antithesis of a free market. That is a very long fall, bringing down capitalism – and prosperity – with it.   

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The culture: The crisis of illiteracy (Article) (Unintended report on education?)

The economy: Global debt problem (Article)

Iran: The bosses’ bully bos are worried (Article)

 Portland: Perennially rioting Antifa set U.S. federal building afire with agents trapped inside (Report)

Government: Virginia therapist suies New York for right to teleconference her client (Report)

The United Nations: Un> tetanus vaccine supplied to Kenya contained anti-fertility agent (Report)

Burbank: Erects fence preventing restaurant customer access (Report)

The Federal Reerve wants more inflation (Report)

The Pandemic: New study suggests vaccinations may cause brain problems (Report)

The U.S. Election: 100 top CEOs organize against “restrictive” boting reforms (Report)

Yemen: Update (Article)

The U.S. government just spent 3.5 times more than it brings in (Report)

The Pandemic: New nasal spray treats COVID infections? (Report)

 The media: CNN admits that it engages in propaganda (Report)

Texas: Power grid under threat – again? (Report)

The culture: National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Board supports “trans” men in women’s sports (Report) NCAA Championships will boycott states that protect gemales in sports (Report)

Science: The earth gathers tons of space dust every year (Article)

Portland: Rioters set fire to police building (Report)

Corruption: Nonprofit hires Biden official, then receives large government contract? (Report)

Government: Biden Admin. Orders politicization of U.S. military? (Article)

Elections: Corporations join non-profit to lobby states against election reforms (Report)

The U.S. economy: Another bank running scared (Report)

The economy: Food prices continue rise as inflation digs in (Report)

U.S. Religion: Church membership drops below 50% (Article)

The economy: Increasing stress from pandemic per intelligence assessment (Report)

Vaccine passports: An attack on freedom (Article)

The Pandemic: Another view of vaccine passports (Article)

Mozambique: Update (Report)

Modern Military Intelligence: Update (Article) (Geeks with guns)

The media: CBS edited video to hide gun of kid shot by cop (Report)

The government: Journalist who recorded cop shooting Capitol rioter arrested; cop’s I.D. still secret (Report)

 Fedcoin: The push for a digital dillar (Article) (The government in control of your money?)

The U.S. F – 35 is a boondoggle/dog? (Article)

Afghanistan: Is Biden ending the war or just privatizing it? (Article)

Slavery today: Update (Article)

Chicago: 3 dead, 25 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested after breaking into a man’s home (Report)

That’s all …

EDITORIAL:         Mulling the Current Politics

The NCAA has pronounced support for biological males competing in female sports; the IOC has a barrier against that for the Olympics. There seem to be U.S. public high schools on both sides. Female athletes have been either pretty silent, or muzzled. The sports “journalists” likewise. The legitimacy of elections is questioned and the response is to attack the questioners. The response to a mild pandemic is to suppress much of the economy and most social activities under cover of debt-financed public welfare payments amid a flood of inflation-producing fiat money. The Federal government is weaponized against the previous President because he was chosen by the voters without the prior approval of the political powers. The education system is reduced to political/cultural indoctrination and STEM subjects.                 What kinds of lives should we expect for Americans of the next few decades?  

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