GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannYour weekly helping of humanity on display:

The Culture: Statisticians don’t believe polls now…. (Article)

Do you believe government economic statistics, or your lying wallet? (Article)

Lice removal entrepreneurs are finding a swelling market for their services. (Report) (Scratching the surface of immigration and travel)

“Canaries in Extremis” (Article) Explains why a new depression has begun, for those interested.

Chicago: 1,000 more people shot to date this year than last. (Bang up journalism!)

“The Left and the Masses”  (Article) (Compares the asserted vs the real effects of liberal policies on black people)

Voter fraud: 4 million dead or ineligible voters listed on voting rolls. (Report)  (Whoever said that the dead shall arise is proven right on every election day.)

Copilots will be robots if government gets its desire. (Can we find robot lawyers and politicians?.)

“Vote All You Want, the Secret Government Won’t Change” (Article) (Realities in a two party state?)

“Global Debt Grows and Central Banks Are Buyers” (Article)   (Spending ourselves rich with borrowed money)

The FBI: Internal anger over the Clinton email investigation. (Article) (Has corruption reached the FBI?)

Foreign Policy: Russia has blown up U.S. goals in Syria and now Obama is losing the Philippines.

ISIL fades farther as Turkey shuts it off. (Report)

Term limited Congress: A new Trump promise. (Nice idea; how’s he gonna do it?)  CNN’s Baldwin says Congress is already term limited. (Who knew?)

Evolution theories are thrown into question by capuchin monkeys (No, not monks) as reality strikes again.

Venezuela: Now it’s exploding corpses in decrepit hospitals. (Report) (And a zombie government)

Coming investors’ losses estimated by an expert. (Article)(For those interested

Philippines cozies with China, cools to America. (The Obama “Pivot to Asia” following hapless Middle Eastern foreign policy down the drain?)

Women are road raged faster than men. (Study) (New; older ones disagree)

The legal culture: “The NSA can access more phone data than ever.”

Mystery: 250,000 year old piece of manufactured aluminum.  (Scientific dating is not really so scientific)

Old style newspapers are fading. Report)

Are many fake Apple products sold on Amazon? (Report)

Failure to find a sexual partner is now a disability?  Absolutely, if you believe the World Health Organization.  (Report) (Hmnn … Does Pope Francis know?)

California is legislating against an anti-abortion ambush video producer.

Healthy food decisions are clarified in court. (Eat as you please; never mind the hokum)

Warning : It’s a better time for investors to sell stocks than to buy them. (Article)

The Ruling Elite Has Lost the Consent of the Governed” (Article) (We have entered upon interesting times …) (But what of the Hillary supporters?)

President Obama explains that only more government intervention can fix Obamacare. (Hmnn … “Hair of the dog” never really worked for hangovers …)

Is the Federal Reserve channeling the Great Depression? (Article)  (Central bankers never learn because politics never change)

Update: Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iran. (Article))

Universities are telling students to wear only politically correct Halloween costumes.

Chicago: 8 killed, 40 wounded in weekend shootings.

A naked man was arrested after “approaching women” in a Long Island park.

And that ought to be enough.

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In a Post – Christian Era, Why Is Prostitution Illegal?

Eye-Pad Pro....Why, in a post-Christian world, is prostitution illegal? If a nascent mother has a right to kill her inconvenient infant by reason of her ownership of her body, does she not also have the right to sell that body’s services to her advantage? It is after all her body and unlike abortion, harms no one else.

Under Christianity, prostitution was illegal because it offered the pleasures of sex without the responsibility for its results. Women were stuck with a decade or two of responsibility after reproduction; men could escape immediately after fertilization unless society enforced equal responsibility upon them; hence marriage and the outlawing of prostitution. But we have abandoned Christianity and entitled women to carefree sex in parallel with men. So, why is prostitution illegal? Particularly when we need the jobs …

So what exactly is going on here?

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Human Life and Healthcare In a Post Christian Era

ObamaCareBack in America’s Christian era, Medicare was the first government general health care; programs for the military and the poor were sidelines for special cases. That was because the elderly generally need more care and too often, could not afford it as healthcare costs rose. That reflected the Christian view of life: a precious gift to be preserved above any other values. In the Christian Bible, John 10 says that the good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. Today’s governments seem to regard its citizens as sheep surely, but it is their lives that are seen as expendable, not that of the governing shepherd. Perhaps in the end, Christian government must be seen as an oxymoron?

The sheep agree with that where it serves their purposes, a Christian mother who would not lay down her life for her child was no mother at all. But now, incipient mothers demand a “right” to kill a nascent child for her convenience. Whatever that may be, it is no Christian mother. We are bemused by such a “right,” especially when folk defending it rise up in wrath at the death penalty while advocating assisted suicide. Well, reality has never seemed a long suit of our species….

As this confused, contradictory mindset works its way further through the American society, those now advocates of the new, post-Christian view will find themselves facing the conundrum that they have created: If they have shifted the right to kill people from their Creator to themselves, they must yield that power to others as well, others whose motives will not be as desirable as the motive of their personal convenience. When I assume the right to kill for my reasons, I must accept the right of others to do the same for their reasons, reasons that in the end, may not please me.

This post-Christian view of life is now appearing, curiously without publicity, in our healthcare. Not only is assisted suicide becoming available, but it is being subtly encouraged; it seems wasteful to pour resources into prolonging elderly lives when so many younger, more productive folk are in need. Hence Obamacare transferred some $800 billion from Medicare to fund the new program for younger people at the expense of the elderly. Post Christianity has better economics. When it widens appeals to a larger number of voters, it has better politics, tpo.

Again though, once embarked upon this political in place of Christian value set, we will see the political value set of power and wealth served at the expense of the previous Christian values. Congressfolk will receive special healthcare while the rest of us stand in line and numbers of military veterans die there. One with power and influence is worth more to the state than one with only a vote. Reality sucks, but remains real. So the elderly will see less lifesaving surgery, fewer costly diagnostic procedures and will find longer waits to see their doctors. What the Government giveth, the Government taketh away. Fall to your knees to bless the Government and expect to pay for your lunch.

The biggest joke though, has been played on the hapless “beneficiaries” of Obamacare. Even with the robbing of the seniors, the resources allocated to fund the program are inadequate; Obamacare is unsustainable. The Obamafolk knew that of course, but seem to have expected the underfunding to be repaired when happy beneficiaries reacted by demanding it. But so far, that has not occurred and the program is going broke while insurers are bailing out of it.

Our post-Christian valuation of human life seems to be working out as a swindle. If the earlier version was a swindle too, at least none has ever returned to complain. And life was valued.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannOur Saturday sample of actual and imitation reality:

China too has built economic growth on debt that it cannot repay, a foundation of economic sand.

25 Hillary statements to big donors that contradict her statements in public. (Wikileaks)

Trumps’ crude words re women seem milder than some of Clinton’s remarks. (And Trump was a Democrat when he said that …)

Electric cars are unsustainable? (Article)  (Existing on political fashion and taxpayers’ money)

US State pensions: Another warning re dwindling resources and debt undermining pension obligations. (Article)

Immigration: Illegal border crossing numbers understated; Feds deceiving Americans per the head of the Border Patrol union. (Report)

Swatting students is in use in 19 states’ public schools. Such punishments are criticized for their more frequent use on black, male and disabled students.  (It’s race and sex, not behavior, right?)

Afghanistan: After 15 years of death and destruction, what is there to show for the lives and money spent? (Short article)

Syria: An update on the reality there. (Article)

Commercial bankruptcies rose significantly. (Report)

17 new cardinals appointed by Pope Francis outline the politicization of such appointments. (Article)

Iraq: The Shiiite Prime Minister’s anti-Sunni, anti-Kurd “reform” was blocked by the Iraq Supreme Court.

The culture: Virtual girlfriends are growing into a new reality. (Report)  (About the only way a male can get a little respect, these days …)

The culture: “College students flood mental health centers” (We note: 1. Federal law requires equal spending on mental/physical care; 2. We doubt that the students are paying for it and 3: It hands schools more student control.  (Add: 4. We bet it costs too much!)

Today (10/11) is National Sausage Pizza Day. (Article for pizzafolk)

Cops monitor ‘protestors’ with help from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram surveillance? The ACLU identified Ferguson and Baltimore for this. (Why no mention of the NSA?)

Barclays (big British  bank) warns that stock payouts must decline; they now exceed cash flow generally.  (No dividends on stock, no interest on debt and inflation to grow. Thank you, political leaders!)

Pakistan, Afghanistan and India: An update for those interested. (Article)

Greece: Voters vs governors over refugees (Like some other places …)

Inflation is snake oil; read why (Article)

A judge tossed his robe to help grab and immobilize a defendant. (Real order in his court)

Free college courses to be shut down by Feds?

Selling aborted baby parts for profit is under attack in court by a California District Attorney. (Report)

Why the Federal Reserve’s two predecessors were ended but replaced anyway. (Article)

While the media rages to destroy Trump, Obama’s U.S. debt has reached $18.7 trillion – with little notice. (Article) (Notable silence from Republicans in Congress)

Why the Fed is paralyzed between low interest rates that destroy pensions and higher rates that devalue assets. (Article) For those interested

Amazon’s planned entry into the grocery business will “upend the industry?” (Article)

66.6% of Detroit residents have debt six months overdue. (Report)

Verizon will close call centers in five states, affecting 3200 workers. (Report) (Duh – people cost more than machines or foreigners)

Trump’s view of the Fed praised … (Article)

Trump presented a student loan forgiveness policy. (Report)  (If students don’t pay, who will? Duh! Mr. Trump offers spending without the money to spend…. Channeling Bernie Sanders.)

Counseling for students offended by Halloween costumes will be available from the University of Florida.

Medicare doctor payment overhaul is under way because the old system is unworkable. (Any bets re the new system?)

Federal regulations compelling electronic truck driving recorders are expected to hurt small truckers, satisfy large ones.

Prime money market funds can now suspend investor withdrawals under disturbed financial conditions. (!)

Israel: Update of its neighbor relations. (Article)

Clinton protected from Wikileaks hacked emails by a media blackout? (Report)

The culture: 3 killed, 12 wounded at an L.A. restraint shootout. Chicago: 7 dead, 14 wounded Friday night.

Congressional finance: The deficit increased 34%  while the government collected a record $3.27 trillion in taxes. (And the economy is supposed to grow?)

Climate change: A new international agreement, described as mandatory, will eliminate HFC gases required for refrigeration and air conditioning. (Will sweat be a new fashion?)

Clean coal has arrived?   (Will environmentalist kill it?)

And apparently, everyone remained clothed while committing foolishness.

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On Making A Silk Purse From A Sow’s Ear

RiggedAssessing the two candidates for our 2016 presidential election reminds us of two famous quotes about America. One was Benjamin Franklin’s as he left the constitutional convention in Philadelphia, in response to a question asking what sort of government they had agreed upon; he responded: “A republic – if you can keep it.”

The other was provided by H.L. Mencken, who observed that: “… no one ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” Quite so; it is evident that the voters gathering behind Mr. Trump to revolt against the status qui are easily reelecting their Congressional incumbents without any strain. In ancient Biblical terms, they persist after all those centuries to: … strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.”

Mrs. Clinton somehow swallows her husbnds’ sexual hi-jinks while taking unbrage at lesser offenses allegedly of Mr. Trump. All such allegations are conveniently decades past and unsupported by evidence or by complaints at the time. The ploy worked to destroy Bill Cosby, a black entertainer who did not know that the was required to elect Democrats. The same technique – media propaganda endlessly repeated – destroyed Republicans Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin.

If President Obama has initiated ruling via an unending campaign in this new era of the internet and social media, Mr. Trump has displayed how to campaign that way; Mrs. Clinton is following, though apparently at somewhat greater expense to her. Following is not good enough; there is no second place in this contest.

The real question here is not so much who will win; it comes down to two more questions. First, will the fed up Republicans and Democrats (Yes, they exist too) see through or just ignore the propaganda and vote for Mr. Trump, or at least against Mrs. Clinton? And the second and by no means less important second question: Who will actually count the votes? The two parties divide that between them usually; this time, one of the candidates is at least somewhat, opposed by both parties.

In a bit less than a month, we will see the result, whether or not we believe it. Considering that most all else stemming from government is suspect these days, it seems a lot to expect that voting will stand as the exception to the general corruption.

We can hope though, remembering that hope is the triumph of desire over experience

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannNews and information that caught our notice:

Fed Homeland Security continued to push states toward inviting it into l state election processing in the name of security.( Josef Stalin was all for that idea.)

The first domino … Britain starts reexamination of its pension obligations.(Where’s the money to be found?)

The refugee problems: Crime, corruption, violence, Islam, charity and politics (Article)

US construction spending dropped into warning ranges for the first time in five years. (Is that allowed in a recovery?)

OPEC’s recent production cut agreement may not be real; some producers are hyping production to take advantage of it?

Clinton’s former prosecutor (a Republican) has now endorsed her for president.  (If she seemed innocent, why was she prosecuted? If she seemed guilty, why is she endorsed?)

Many Spaniards enjoy life without any elected government officials. Two elections have failed; the bureaucrats run things without political bosses and a lot of citizens are pleased. (America’s Founders would understand …)

Columbians polled on granting FARC terrorists amnesty in exchange for giving up terrorism said no, demanding that the murderous thugs face responsibility for their crimes. (How do you say “Duh!” in Spanish?)

Obamacare problem per the New York Times: “Only government intervention can cure this government intervention.”  (Yeah, and only more Federal Reserve intervention can cure the economy and only more cancer can cure cancer, right?)

A Big quake warning from the US Geological Survey shut down southern California’s San Bernardino City Hall.(They found another, previously unknown  fault paralleling the San Andreas fault, too.)

Will we replay the anti-trade protectionism that worsened the Great Depression? (Article) (Trump sounds protectionist while Hillary appears both for and against it.)

Fed lawmen paying big bucks to informants?  (An open invitation to corruption …)

Obamacare is “… a crazy system that doesn’t work” per Bill Clinton? (Report) (Bill’s try didn’t fly; is he jealous?)

Voter registration fraud investigation expanded to multiple Indiana counties. (If they have to investigate Indiana, we wonder what New York is like?)

Yahoo secretly scanned all  its customers’ email at US government request. (Report)

25% of Chinese firms earn too little to pay the interest on their loans? (Report)

The European Union ordered the British press not to reveal that terrorism incidents were perpetrated by Muslims.

The IRS continues to mistreat tea party groups.

Russian newspapers are predicting military conflict with the US, soon.

Sex change surgery for members of the military will be paid by government. (That is, by taxpayers)

Germany’s Deutschebank, in trouble again, last time received a US bailout twice the size of Lehman Bros.

Governments care increasingly less whether their citizens agree with their directions.  (Pew Research Report)

Walmart is expanding services to internet and self-service shoppers. Expect home delivery and remote ordering and payment.

The Clinton foundation amended and refile three years of tax returns after public disclosure of its hefty foreign contributions. (Report) (Media outrage at Trump for not paying taxes he didn’t owe; silence at Clinton’s asserted illegal donations?)

The Department of Justice reported that police hiring using criminal background checks and requiring US citizenship  requirements are an impediment to police diversity. (The Feds don’t want honest American cops?)

Obamacare for illegals in California  will follow the Obamafolks’ approval of Governor Jerry Brown’s request. (Report)

China is laughing at the ridiculousness of the US presidential election. (Well, so are we …)

Chicago: 5 dead, 39 wounded in weekend shootings.

No newsworthy naked arrests notice this week, apparently. And that is all …

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Thoughts: The VP “Debate”

vpdebateFirst, the effort seemed even more a propaganda show and less a debate than have the presidential examples so far. In other wors, it seemed a scripted show , a propagandafest.

The Republican candidate was a hapless Christian condemned to the arena to feed the Democratic lion under the management of the approving and complicit host. It began when it was made clear that the Republican’s wife is no sylph, hardly a relevant bit of information. Then it was carefully shown that the Democrat is taller than his GOP opposite.Does anyone recall the fuss recently to assure that Hillary’s diminutive stature vis a vis Trump was not visible to the presidential debate cameras?

Finally, the ‘host’ repeatedly bullied Mr. Pence and encouraged Mr. Kaine, while allowing the latter considerably more latitude than the former. It was not a debate; it had more the appearance of a kangaroo court, to this observer. And that gave rise to a thought: If we had been standing on Mr. Pence’s dais at the start of this pastiche, we would have felt justified to inform the ‘host’ that we had better things to do with our time, better at least than standing up as a target for unprincipled advocates of our opponent. We would have bowed politely and departed, leaving the host and his henchmen to fill their air time with whatever they desired, but not with a protracted public beating of a Republican VP candidate. We would have assured that such was part of our contracts for the show.

The GOP’s Mr. Pence did no such thing. He politely accepted his beating and politely proceeded to make his quiet and unspectacular case while his bullying opponent looked down upon him. Perhaps Mr. Pence thought to make the Democratic lion look bad for its public consumption of a hapless GOP Christian? Unfortunately, reality still sucks: what we saw left only the impression that Mr. Kaine is a lion to Mr. Pence’s Christian. That leaves the voters with a choice between a bully and a victim. Which do you suppose they will prefer as vice president? We don’t know.

Of course, the VP segment is not controlling the presidential race. However, it is a portion of it, perhaps a bit more than usual when both candidates for president are historically elderly and one is subject  to health questions.

As this was the only VP debate planned so far as we know, the resulting impression is likely to last. Given that we suppose that all these affairs can occur only with firm rules accepted in advance by both parties, we are left with the conclusion that first, the host TV channels needed some excitement to hype their ratings and second, that the three lead players, candidates and host, were scripted for their respective parts. Too much is at stake to leave either the business or politics to chance.

So we paraphrase Shakespeare: “All the world’s a stage and all the politicians merely players …” We are watching not so much an election, as a show.




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