GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom our trip through the week:

Venezuela: Another view of current affairs, and motives (Article)

Russia: Street protests over increasing internet censorship/control (Report)

Technology: The rise of totalitarian tech (Article)

Immigration: Ijjefal entry from Canada rising (Report) (But still minor)

Government: Trump order initiating facial recognition at major U.S. airports (Report) (We can see what’s coming, if we look …)

More Government: Jailing people on suspicion of future terrorism (Article)

Anti-gun activist ejected from hearing for threat to shoot people (Report)

Government: EPA employees destroyed files awaiting audit (Report)

Sudan: More dictatorship, opposition, unrest and deaths  (Article)

China: “Social Credit” system update (Article)

Corruption: Elite college entrance foe sale  (Report)

New York City to outlaw feeding pigeons, squirrels (Reoirt)

The climate: Scientists now seeing global cooling (Report)

The college admissions scandal proves how corrupt America has become (Article)

U.S. power grid vulnerable; extended blackout inevitable? (Article)

Corruption: Baltimore schools scandal squirming into public virw? (Article)

The economy: War spending is bankrupting America (Article)

Government: The European Union telling Europeans what to think? (Article)

Chicago: 1 killed, 14 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after assaulting police (Report)

And so it went this week …



EDITORIAL:  An Immigration Question Nobody’s Asking?


We’re repeatedly told that the U.S. southern border is overwhelmed by record-setting numbers of illegal aliens migrating en masse, though we’re given few useful numbers. We hear of succeeding caravans from Central America. All this requires a lot of money and organization to create and maintain; we’ve wondered before whom are its authors. We’ve wondered too why no one seems ready to tell us those things. That seems a bit odd to us. Now, we have a new wonder:

These arriving masses are, never mind the obfuscating terminology of the propagandists, in plain fact, aliens illegally violating U.S. borders. Therefore, aiding and abetting them is a U.S. crime in itself. So why is  boss U.S. lawman Prez Trump, the most vocal opponent of all this, allowing this massive, organized activity to continue unscathed? We’re told that it is headquartered at a Chicago church. If true, said church has wealth and management skills and staff reaching unlikely magnitudes. The media seem curiously incurious.

Perhaps mass migration is just current political theater, serving various political needs and also serving to distract us from the progressing impoverishment of the U.S. middle class to which it contributes?

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

Oregon: Rent control is now in effect statewide (Report) (This time it will succeed, reight?)

Science/Culture: Feds extend contract to breed “humanized” mice via aborted baby parts (Report)

The culture: FURY as ex Olympian woman says transsexual women should not compete in women’s sports (Report) (From Title IX to transsexual winners: The Short Life of Women’s Sports)

More culture: Corruption begins early with America’s new, young socialist politicians? (Article)

Canada culture: Court, school force chemical masculinization of 14 year old girl over parents’ objections (Report)

When Bubbles Burst – Tesla, the Everything Cycle and The End of Global Warming (Article)

Government: U.S. Postal Service “Cover Program” provides record of anyone’s mail sent/received to far too many requestors (Article)

More Government: China’s “Social Credit” controls on individuals going worldwide? (Report) (Murphy’s Law) China: “Social Credit” system blocks 23 M travelers (Report)

Science: Home births (Israel) are 3 times riskier than hospital deliveries? (Report)

The economy: What to expect as the Fed takes control of the bond market (Article)

Congress: Democrat legislators overinvestigating Prez Trump (Article)

Minneapolis: Somali immigrant gangs battle (Report)

India: May have fabricated reported attack on Pakistani terrorist camp? (Article)

The economy: U.S. households see largest decline in net worth since last financial crash (Report) (Result of added debt)

The war on cash: Philadelphia bans cashless stores (Report) (The public strikes back?)

The war on guns: Political theater and confiscation laws (Report)

Trump order helps hide victims of drone assassinations (Report)

The economy: Major banks moving branches from lower income areas? (Article)

European Central Bank returns to cheap money to counter economic slowing – and fails? (Article)

Amazon: Switching from supplier customer to commissioned sales rep? (Report)

The culture: “How much longer will the middle class tolerate its own destruction? (Article) (Recommended)

Chicago: 2 dead, 15 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman arrested was awarded $125,000 (Re[port)

That’s all …


EDITORIAL:     Investigating Trump

The House Democrats dumping dollars and hours into investigating the President instead of into dealing with legislation are prostituting their Constitutional mission with nothing but political animus to justify their extraordinary distortion of their official duties. This addition, after the evident failure of their Mueller probe to topple their target, marks these folk unfit for the responsibilities for which they were elected. They are attempting to negate the voters’ choice instead of doing their jobs.

No doubt enough of them are as guilty as they assume is the Prez; would it not be fully appropriate for him to return their suspicions by initiating criminal investigations of some of them, via the FBI? And if he does not pursue such fat targetst, why would that be?

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alfred_e-_neumannA wee week’s worth:

The culture: Biological boys winning girls’ high school athletic events again (Report)

India/Pakistan: Does Pakistan want a war? (Report)

Chase Bank denies service to political conservatives? (Article)

Foreign Affairs: U.S. Navy ships transit Taiwan Strait, disputing Chinese claims (Report)

The culture: Arizona legislator pushes compulsory DNA database? (Report)

The culture: Top ranked NCAA women’s runner competed as a man last year (Report)

California: U.S. Geological Survey gives volcano warning (Article)

Cable TV: Viewers migrating to the internet seem threatening? (Article)

Government: Democrats push “Medicare for All” bill that eliminates employer health insurance (Report) (Governments dislike competing)

Woman jailed for freeing bear cub from trap? (Report)

Civilization: Only as secure as the increasingly fragile electric power grid (Report)

Science: Researchers have given night vision to mice (Report)

ISIS: Another view of its U.S. relationships (Article)

New York stonewalls over mental health project run by mayor’s wife (Article)

The economy: The accrued debt is unrepayable – except in hyperinflated dollars (Article)

Finance:  A segment of the largest U.S. supermarket will refuse Visa credit cards after March 3 (Report)

Socialism: A surfeit of mass Soviet graves … (Report)

Chicago: 2 dead, 10 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked Portland man was arrested after attacking a woman (Report)

And that’s all …


EDITORIAL:                  DEBT

We hear that America’s debt has passed some $22 T but we aren’t listening. We reelect the spenders. Prez Trump is King Louis XIV: “Apres moi, le deluge.” Maybe; a lot of Democrats would prefer he take the blame over a Democratic successor. We’ll be seeing whether the Federal Reserve is more afraid of the Prez or the Dms.

No matter to us; either the debt will destroy our wealth when everything loses its value in a collapse or it will be pretend repaid with hyperinflated dollars that themselves have destroyed our wealth. Debt after all, amounts to a mortgage and mortgages result in repossession when they aren’t repaid. Reality does suck, especially when we try to ignore it or too long. If yours is an average family, your share of the debt repayment currently exceeds $838,000. Be nice if the kids understood that …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThe week’s catch:

Iran: Attacks by Islamic terrorists from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia? (Report)  (Who lives by the sword …)

U.S. Government: Spending binge now worse than under Bush/Obama (Report) (And it’s borrowed money)

The economy: Student loans in “serious delinquency” top $177 B (Report)

Stockton, CA: Begins Universal Basic Income experiment with $500 mo? (Report)  (A city that recently went through bankruptcy)

Science? : Women more likely than men to wish variety in sex partners? (Article)

The economy: What happens when more Federal Reserve money pumping stops working? (Article)

U.S. Crime: Continues long trend decline, contrary to perceptions (Article)

Haiti: U.S. citizens ordered out as unrest grows (Article)

The economy: Over half of homes listed in New York City last year never sold? (Article)

U.S. corporations will be forced to report leasing liabilities as additions to their debt? (Article) (When so many look financially weak enough already)

Ukraine: Update on Russian invasion (Article)

The culture: Hackers can turn sex robots into killing machines? (Article) (!)

Afghanistan: Update (Article)

The internet: European Union copyright proposal will paralyze the web? (Report)

China: Tracks citizens via DNA relying on American expertise (Report)

U.S. Government:  The FBI is building a DNA database to include everyone? (Report)

Surveillance: Airliners with cameras that can monitor passenger seats? (Report)

Transportation: Small, electric driverless shuttles are tentatively operating around the U.S. (Report)

Science: Breakthrough in using graphene for electronics (Report)

Civil property seizure hits limits at the Supreme Court (Article)

Military technology: ALICE is a wallflower at the F-35 ball (Article)

Science: Chinese gene-edited twins subject to more changes than anticipated? (Report)

Oregon: Is adopting mandatory rent control (Report)

Syria: Update (Article)

Louisiana: Mother arrested for sharing video of two boys fighting at her son’s school (Report)

California: Bill would let drivers eat roadkill (Report)

India: Supreme Court ordered eviction of more than a million indigenous people (Report)

Iran: Scores European help against U.S. sanctions (Article)

U.S.court:  Drafting males only is unconstitutional (Report)

The culture: The cost of having children is rising exponentially in the U.S. (Report)

North Korea: Cyberwarfare update (Article)

Chicago: 2 dead, 9 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman attacked her fiancé (Report)

Well, …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThe fallout from the week:

The internet: Google, Apple agreed with Russia, China and Saudi Arabia to provide censorship (Report) (Don’t they already in the U.S.?)

More internet: “Impartial” fact checkers reveal anti-Trump bias (Article) (Who’s impartial these days?)

The census may ask citizenship question per Federal judge (Report)

The church: “Is the Pope Catholic?” takes on new meaning … (Article)

Education: One teacher’s view of school reality (Article) (How did this get published?)

The interet: Georgia mulls download tax (Report)

A Targt app provided customers inside the store higher prices than those outside? (Article)

Yellowstone supervolcano: 400 miles of rising magma getting intense attention (Report)

Haiti: Public order breaking down as protests mount against president (Report)

North Korea: Update (Article)

Pakistan: Update: (Article)

The economy: U.S. consumer debt at new record as economy slows (Report)

Oregon: New legislation would replace health insurers with state healthcare (Senate Bill 770)

California: Governor Newsome canceled the L.A./San Francisco high speed rail project (Report) (Unaffordable)

U.S. national debt tops $22 T for the first time (Report)

Venezuela: Update (Article) (Socialist paradise comes apart)

The economy: Largest retail sales drop since 2009?? (Report)

New wave of retail closings?

Walmart now uses contractors for home delivery service (Report)

Government: U.S. House set to vote on huge spending bill representatives haven’t read? (Report)

Healthcare: Two thirds of U.S. bankruptcies result from medical expenses? (Article)

Immigration: Congressional budget deal expands “catch and release” numbers at border (Report)

The internet: Microsoft “Newsguard” to steer voters via censorship? (Report)

California: State takeover bankrupt utility as it drifts further into financial fantasy? (Report) (Stick the taxpayers!)

Science: Reversing depression and age-related memory loss (Report)

Chicago: 4 killed, 8 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested on route 60, West Virginia (Report)


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chicken-little-sky-is-falling-1aThat earth’s climate changes is not debatable: repeating ice ages and warming periods are prominently exposed in the geological record. Whether the climate is presently changing as a result of human activity is today’s heavily politicized debate. The fact that it is a debate is undeniable when the proponents of the two sides refer to each other respectively as “alarmists” and “deniers”. That it is politicized is visible when one side claims absolute, total certainty to the point that opponents should be silenced. Honest science is a perennial debate.

On climate measurement, there is plenty of room for debate. The two most significant temperature measuring systems are surface weather stations and satellite sensors that do not agree very well. The surface measurements are reported after significant “adjustments” have been made to them. Their thermometers cluster in some developed areas and are few in remote places and even if they were evenly sited over earth’s entire surface, daylight and dark, wind and seasons provide a kaleidoscope of variances hard to reconcile. The earth has recently warmed but that process has appeared to be on hold for the last dozen and a half years as best we can tell. Some glaciers are indeed melting; others are growing,  Reporting on this politicized subject seems like so much else, questionable.

The belief that human activity is causing whatever changes may be occurring is a theory, not proven fact. The theory is based upon computer climate models that are improved (i.e. “corrected”) regularly. These corrections are often not small. And the geological record shows that our planet has been warmer and cooler than it is presently. The “alarmists” claim to “settled science” is politicized fakery; some of the deniers are not much better.

The reality is that we can’t predict the weather very well; predicting climate is even more an educated guess. Changes in the sun’s output are a large factor of which we have much to learn. The earth’s precession (cycling axial tilt) is a big factor too, altering distribution of sunlight, volcanism and the planetary magnetic field.

We admit to a suspicious mind when politicians are involved; the magnitude of carbon taxes regularly proposed in the name of warming must be tempting . Very large amounts of money are involved in abandoning carbon for “renewable” energy, another reason for suspicion as these shifts become compulsory. Billions of dollars are already in play with a great deal more to come with those carbon taxes, which are expected to hurt the poor without reducing atmospheric carbon.

We think the President is right in refusing to be stampeded by the climactic Chicken Littles fronting for very arge dollar interests until the facts are in.

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alfred_e-_neumannOur current crop:

Social Security: Democrats propose to raise benefits and taxes to fix deficits (Report)

The culture: Boy Scouts inaugurate first all-girls troop (Report) (Whom the gods would destroy …)

New Jersey wants to tax property that delivers rain runoff to sewers? (Report)

Los Angeles upset by military battle drills in city (Report)  (Hmnn – Why is the U.S. military drilling in U.S. cities?)

Science: Migratory magnetic poles gaining more attention (Report)

Geology: Multiplying Pacific Coast quakes and a threatening Mt. St. Helens volcano (Article)

India: Sacred cows eat too much of poor farmer’s incomes (Report)

Oil politics: Will Saudi Arabia/OPEC team with Russia to counter U.S. shale production? (Article)

The economy: The U.S. government’s debt trap explained (Article)

Los Angeles follows San Francisco into expanding poverty/disease? (Article)  City Hall is overrun by rats while typhus spreads (Report)

Venezuela: One insider’s view/update (Article)

Venezuela: Soldiers deserting in droves (Report)

More Venezuela: Could Trump’s meddling be more about oil than democracy? (Article)

Serbia: Street protests spread (Report)

The culture: Continuing rise in cohabitation, decline in marriage as student debt surpasses credit card debt (Article) (Disintegrating culture, accelerating impoverishment?)

Syria: Russia attacked Iranian facilities in Syria? (Report) (Helping Israel?)

U.S. Government has rigged filing lawsuits against its wrongdoing? (Article)

The economy: Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) (Article) (The coming scam from the spend us rich crowd)

 Politics: Is Trump abandoning his “hire Americans” policy? (Report)

The economy: One writer’s specific predictions (Article)

More economy: Is the U.S. Treasury running out of suckers to lend it money? (Article) (Bond buyers vanishing …)

 The culture: 5 black Nashville kids, 12 to 16 years old, arrested for robbing and killing 24 year old white musician (Report)

Amazon: Building a “Sprawling surveillance state” for everyone? (Article)

The internet: Governments increasing control (Report) (In U.S. net providers do it)

The war on guns: Gun seizure laws proliferating among states (Report)

Science: Improved measurement of Hubble constant exposes holes in standard model (Article) (We don’t understand what we thought we knew)

The guaranteed minimum income experiment in Finland was unsuccessful (Article)

The economy: Next stop: Recession (Article)

Chicago: 3 killed, 19 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested running along route 30 in York (Report)

Enough, already


EDITORIAL:   A Social Security Scam from Democrats

So many are now at least vaguely aware that Social Security taxes have become insufficient to fund pension payments that politicians anxious about the 2020 elections are already promising a fix. The fix has to be a tax increase of course but that is sweetened with a pension increase, a tacit admission that pensions have not kept up with inflation.

That this is a scam will become clear when the size of the tax increase necessary is published, which may be awhile as the requisite numbers will be discouraging if not faked. Retirements are rising with the arrival of the Baby Boomers; births of future workers/taxpayers have been declining. More retirees will for a while, be collecting pensions from fewer workers in a system already bankrupt. It will take a lot of new money to put that right, so much that we doubt it can be reality.

But at least somebody is recognizing the very real Social Security bankruptcy in public, which has to be better than continuing to ignore it. Or, if they are going to continue faking it, maybe not.

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