General human behavior is biologically determined; it is implicit in human DNA. Individuals’ DNA varies considerably and therefore, so does individual behavior. Further, individual’s behaviors are subject to varying modifications through differing experiences. In a universe manifesting risk and economic scarcity, individual maximization is stochastically distributed: forget wealth equality, the design does not allow that any more than it provides equality of life spans.

An aspect of human DNA inclines individuals toward grouping; human groups both reduce risk and can be exponentially productive. However, significantly varying humans with a significantly less varied drive toward individual maximization must restrain such behaviors to permit cooperation in groups; that ability varies too. As groups enlarge, these variances produce behaviors that threaten the group; large groups form specialized subgroups – governments – to cope with these.  But individuals within these subgroups desire to maximize their own and their subgroup’s power; resulting conflicts are an inherent instability generously exemplified in history. This instability in human governments may be necessary for the species’ progress; human governments display a tendency toward imposition of stasis, seeing significant change as a threat.  To permit progress, this restraint must be limited.

Given human behavior, much thought has gone into optimizing government, not so much into maximizing outcomes for the governed. The primary determinant for a government seems to be its size compared to the number governed; next is whether the governed hold significant formal power over the governors. Government growth magnifies both the resources it extracts from the productive economy and the level of detail to which it can control the economy and the lives of citizens. Government control follows Murphy: What can happen, will happen. The only variable is time required.     Control is after all, the explicit purpose of government and an implicit measure of its success. Note too that human groups seem invariably to contain individuals gratified to give orders, additional confirmation that human government lies buried in our genes …

It must be noted that humans submit themselves to two forms of governing authority: physical and moral. The first is a monopoly of the legitimate government; the second, awarded by social acclaim, is held in various hands, particularly parents and  in the Western tradition, churches. That underlies the tendency of powerful rulers to combine church and state. It equally explains the divorce of the two in the U.S. Constitution. The emperor Napoleon said that the people must have religion and that religion must be in the hands of the government. He knew his business; so did America’s founders know theirs.   

America’s churches were singled out to bulwark the people as the seat of sovereignty, outside the government. That was conferred upon them by God, its sole source. Government was the people’s servant, not their master. But inevitably given human behavior, U.S. citizens have sold their independence and wealth to government in exchange for the illusory security of dependence upon much enlarged government. With that enlargement, the interests of the government naturally displaced those of the governed. .. A dependent cannot say “No”. Citizen concerns have been washed away with an ever-increasing stream of government subsidies. Ambitious politicians are pleased to buy votes with other people’s money, another exhibition of classic human behavior.  That also illuminates the overspending so common among politicians whose reality extends only to the next election; it may even explain the disappearance of the fable of “The Grasshopper and the Ant” from U.S. public education.  

The greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public is not as recently claimed, the government handling of the current COVID-19 epidemic; it is rather the idea that altering the form of human government can somehow alter human behavior in a way that will convert present reality into utopia. Changing human behavior will follow only alteration of human DNA, risking the future of the species. Rearranging the governors cannot change their innate behavior; such a claim is an unscientific and rather crude swindle, nothing more. Nevertheless, ridiculous though it is, it is the great swindle of our age, riding on another classic human behavior: Believing that reality may succumb to desire and just pressing (1) will bring a valuable, free gift.

Such naivete may endure in the species for a reason; the price of human progress has not been paid by pessimists, nor in a universe of scarcity will it ever. A really savvy species might not consider the game worth the candle.  Again, the design seems well tailored to the circumstances. Standing back a bit, the human tendency toward self-importance clearly fulfills a need; from farther back still, it may suggest that our species’ anthem should be: “Send In The Clowns.”

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

Acting Pentagon chief: End the wars (Report)

New York Hotels: Almost 90% are on the verge of default? (Report) (Locking down the economy)

Porch Pirates stole over $5 M worth of packages last year? (Report)

Mississippi: Will not participate in any national lockdown (Report)

The Church: A current report from the other side (Article)

Lockdowns haven’t lowered COVID mortality but have killed many jobs (Article)

The U.S. Economy: COVID isn’t the only problem (Article)

The pandemic: A recent arthritis drug cuts senior deaths by 2/3s? (Report)

The U.S. Election: Planning to overturn result in several states? – Details (Report)

More Election: Gaming voting machines caught (Report)

Submarines: Japan is keeping up (Article) More submarines (Article)

New York City: Exodus grows (Report)

The Economy: China’s bond market roiled by major defaults (Report) Biggest bank kills planned bond issue (Report)

Federal Reserve: More magic money; more debt (Article)

The Pandemic: Pfizer and Moderna vaccines information (Report)

More Pandemic: Governors tightening COVID lockdowns (Re[ort)

The U.S. Election: Biden (TX) campaign director arrested for electoral fraud (Report) (What follows?)

The Pandemic: “Landmark study” shows face masks ineffectual (Report)

The U.S. : Supreme Court Justice Alito’s warning (Report) (Recommended!)

The Pandemic: A top pathologist claims: “COVID-19 is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public” (Report)

Corruption: Allegations of Biden son’s China deals (Report)

The War on the Internet: Censorship is spreading quickly, quietly in even the most free countries (Report)

Technology: Quantum tech is offering jobs but not yet taught in schools? (Report)

The U.S. Election: Video demonstrates Michigan results were rigged (Report)

More Election: Voting machine maker lawyers up; backs out of Pennsylvania fact finding (Report)

U.S./World Finance: How the death of the dollar will revivify gold (Article)

Chicago: 1 dead, 21 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested after sales pitch (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         Some Ephemeral Illusions Endure

                                What is an illusion? One dictionary provides this definition: “Something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.” Illusions can be dangerous, the regular tools of predators, particularly of politicians.             Two prominent illusions that have first beguiled and then despoiled unending generations of humanity are fiat money and the beneficence of government. The illusory nature of fiat money is featured throughout history, most recently from the Weimar Republic through Zimbabwe to present Venezuela. It will be underlined by the oncoming failure of the present world financial system. Re government, enduring struggle finally produced the U.S. and other constitutions, the long term endurance of which are increasingly questionable. Humans are social predators, not philanthropists. That is demonstrated, not altered by government and will continue until human DNA is altered. Then, the viability of the species will need to be recalculated. But seen in a mirror, illusion often beats such reality, not so?  

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

Government: U.S. Postal Service photos every piece of U.S. mail; shares with others on request? (Report)

Turkey: Continues toward financial suicide? (Report) (Why be diffenent ..?)

Britain: Pandemic lockdown opposition grows (Article) Greeks: Restive with new lockdown (Report)

Fact checks: A dyspeptic view  of news and views(Article)              

The U.S. Election: CIA software gaming Dominion voting machines used in all swing states? (Report)(Why does CIA have hacking software?)

More Election: Media announcement of Biden win “a naked attempt to silence GOP voters: (Article)

China: Continues arresting priests, nuns and seminarians (Report)

Lebanon: Christians increasingly persecuted (Report)

The U.S. Election: “Complete List” of fraud allegations? (Report)

More election: Journalist threatened re reporting voter fraud (Report)

Still More Election: A pattern of one-way “glitches” appearing? (Report)

The U.S. election remains to be decided: Details (Article) (Media misleading)

More Election: Thousands of Pennsylvania mailed ballots with impossible dates? (Report)

 Iran: Continues massive cheating on nuclear arms (Report)

Britain: BBC radio demands its contractors use 20% disabled, poor, minority staff (Report)

Satellites: Heavy traffic warning from NASA (Report)

History: Turmoil accompanies the advent of statistical methods (Article) (Long, recommended for those interested)

The U.S. Election: Some 800 Trump ballots versus 95,000 Biden ballots were otherwise unmarked in Georgia (Report)

More election: A look at Trump’s legal strategy re vote fraud (Article)

Ticketmaster to verify COVID vaccination status before issuing concert passes (Report)

The war on cash: European Central Bank Pres predicts move to digital currency (Report)

The U.S. Government: Record October budget deficit (Report)

Germany: Rising resistance to COVID restrictions (Report)

 Air Travel: A third of world’s air routes lost? (Report)

Minneapolis: Violence rises as police depart? (Report)

Georgia: Election recount/audit methods protested (Report)

The U.S. Government: Senior Admin officials lied to Trump to keep troops in Syria? (Report)

 Michigan: Governor orders oil/gas supply shutdown (Report)

Censorship: Now applied to U.S. telephone calls? (Report)

Space: Accumulating trash/traffic spoiling the neighborhood (Article)

The lockdown: Florida woman arrested after refusal to mask at school board meeting (Report)

U.S. Federal Election Commission Chair calls election illegitimate due to voter fraud (Report)

The culture: U.S. Religious liberty declining per Supreme Court Justice Alito (Report)

The U.S. reality, through a jaundiced eye (But is it mistaken?) (Article)

Ethiopia: Rebels fire missiles at two airports (Report)

U.S. Election: Some details of reported voting fraud (Report)

More Election: Reported Pennsylvania voting corruption (Article)

Sstill More Election: An obstructed look at the Georgia recount (Report)

Chicago: 6 dead, 35 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man found in a school pond was arrested (Report)


EDITORIAL:         Is U.S. Democracy Viable?

Democrats are crowing over the “Biden Win” while Prez Trump and a few Republicans (Most being silent) cry foul over large scale vote fraud allegations. The media largely support the Democrats claim of a pristine process. The evidence, mostly available from internet sites, does not.

It appears that the predictable Post-Christian corruption all too visible elsewhere has also infected voting. Since recourse must be found in the courts, the degree that the corruption has reached in that arena will now become evident …

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In this year 2020, the U.S. Government reaches nearly everywhere, politicizing everything; God, religion and reality are out of fashion. Societies that reach a certain arrogance and governments that reach a certain size begin to resent sources of limits such as religion, God and reality. That resentment grows with government power. Political power is a zero sum game: government power can swell only as the power of the citizens is diminished. Today’s government stops and searches travelers, restricts or shuts down enterprises, institutions and churches and confines people in their homes as it pleases. Particularly telling, most government employees earn more than the private sector equivalents whose taxes pay their wages. God and His Judeo-Christian churches on the other hand, are not doing so well. Atheism and agnosticism are increasing; ordering peoples’ lives is becoming a less tolerant government’s monopoly. Government, filling a vacuum, is anointing itself Godvernment over supplicant citizens entitled to dependency in return for obedience, an  impressive reversal of America’s founding vision.

God is a believer’s term for the otherwise inexplicable source and sustenance of our universe. Non-believers are unwilling to admit God’s existence, thereby rendering themselves unable to account for their own. Meanwhile, the universe and humanity within it, somehow continue. Philosophically, Homo sapiens is a biological machine: stochastically variable individually, physically and mentally relatively unspecialized, versatile and well adapted for life on earth and perhaps, elsewhere. The prodigious capabilities of his groups is challenged by his equally prodigious drive toward individual maximization; the resulting need for compromise is a troublesome variable that both underlies his need for government and challenges his ability to provide it. Whether in spite of or because of this design, mankind is so far, inordinately successful in the Earth environment. An intractable limitation on the species’ continued success remains the innate difficulty with which individuals confront the reality of a universe where the costs and benefits of effort/progress are unequally distributed, though the variability of individuals capabilities and experiences guarantees that. This characteristic illuminates the endings of both periods of progress and of governments; humanity lurches forward spasmodically, in tune with the degree to which its current social model permits confronting reality.  

While individual humans must compromise their interests to retain membership in groups, this regulator is not inherent in relations between groups. It may not exist at all between competing or unrelated groups and is very one-sided between government and the governed. America’s founders set God above government, made it beholden to the governed and reinforced that with elections. They protected the independence of the churches to institutionalize Judeo-Christian behavior and the flow of sovereignty outside of government. With the churches in eclipse, those restraints are as well; social change has become a primary political tool. Presently that tool is devoted to the enhancement of government with the diminution of the citizens. Free and independent citizens are annoying to a governor but demand respect. Obedient dependents are much less annoying … and much less respected. They also tend to be less innovative, less ambitious, less entrepreneurial and absent respected  religion, less honest. Add those up and you have: much less productive. You have also the primary difference that has existed between the advanced civilization of the West and those of the rest of the planet. Historically, it is those others that seem to represent humanity’s default condition, one toward which the West appears to be returning.

The advance of the West is ending. New technologies have outrun management by current social organization; the numbers and capabilities of U.S. workers are a declining match for the increasingly automated, technical and/or specialized nature of available work. Western society has been stabilized by its common Judeo-Christian churches and by the arrival of the historically enormous economic middle class that resulted from the politicization of the price of labor. However, the resulting economic imbalance vis a vis the rest of the world invited competition from both lower priced foreigners and from efficient machines. In defense of their living standards, middle class housewives have diluted the labor force, further increasing pressure upon wages. Facing the foreign competition, U.S. employers imported cheaper foreign workers. The most expensive labor was naturally replaced first, decreasing the job market for the increasing numbers of candidates coming from higher education now regularly indentured by student loans. Most of the erstwhile middle class has rejoined the dependent proletariat.

As working mothers began to replace housewives, they were handed the first practical, convenient female contraceptive: The Pill. The subsequent massive change in female behavior has fronted the devaluation of marriage, the family and the churches. As the middle class lost its’ economic and abandoned its social stabilizers, ambitious politicians and educators have sold Godvernment into a developing market. Innate human behavior always leans toward dependency until its costs hit home.

The U.S. and most of the world’s significant governments are engaged in an orgiastic destruction of their currencies and economies with runaway money printing, unsustainable debt and the imposition of productivity paralysis, currently in the name of a pandemic.  This is a record setting economic depression awaiting its incipient financial collapse and over that hangs an iconoclastic U.S. presidential election. A centrist, populist maverick faces an apparently senescent, corrupt political hack; the decision is supposed to be provided by voters relying heavily for the first time, upon the U.S. Postal Service. The political Left has been producing nationwide street riots and behaves as though it feels entitled to single party rule. The Right is intimidated. Quietly, government and businesses have been assembling the elements of the high tech social control system already expanding in China. Calling this mix explosive might be a considerable understatement; major historical turning points have hinged upon less. Potential instability is lubricated by declining reverence for the U.S. Constitution and likely to be accelerated with the impending arrival of hard times.

We must note that for the first time, the world’s governments, organizations and individuals are linked by a common communications system with effects that are only beginning to be realized. This is the real globalism: Nearly everyone everywhere can reach  and hear from nearly everyone else. The results are incalculable. It is probably safe to predict that the planet’s governments, business and lifestyles will acquire greater uniformity and that fewer languages will be widely used.  Such trends already exist. Will President Trump’s government as a reality show using social media feedback to reinforce election supplant China’s use of social media as propaganda outlets for ordering behavior? Accelerating censorship suggests t hat the Chinese model will prevail, at least for a while.

The confluence of government preeminence, religious retreat and economic mismanagement is falling over most of the developed world, the home of most of the significant democracies. A severe and probably protracted economic adjustment seems likely, and soon. To these, most governments have added sharp restriction of many economic, most public and many private activities in the name of what appears to be a comparatively mild pandemic. This novel response is producing some unrest, particularly in Europe. As the impending economic readjustment becomes recognized, unrest will likely become widespread, supporting imposition of technological and procedural individual control measures. Simultaneous reduction of old style policing will ease acceptance of the new regime as Western government methods converge with those of China

It is difficult in a time of growing political corruption to imagine the endurance of large democracies while both votes and money are reduced to invisible arrangements of some elementary physical particles. It is not only that we don’t know who counts the votes or the money; it is impossible to verify the count when we do know them. Add that presently, both those processes are controlled by elected politicians whose interests are best served by the citizens’ ignorance. An increasingly authoritarian state, a politically crippled economy and an abandoned socio-religious model that is no longer a counterweight to corruption appear set to define the near future. Economic privation will add volatility. The financial system will be addressed at great cost. . Government imposed stasis will serve as calm within which society will rediscover its Source and commonalities, gradually or violently regenerating some counterweight to government. Significant economic improvement will await sufficient government withdrawal from the economy, another infrequent and uphill event. This will probably be a long and in human terms, costly progression. When it has completed, bringing society, the economy and government back into an optimum productive balance, the next cycle of extraordinary human progress may begin and continue until it too falls victim to the strains it will create. Augmented of course, byy Homo sapiens’ eternal, wistful search for a free lunch.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

U.S. Politics: Federal workers plan to disrupt government, shut down White House? (Report)

Libya: Update (Article)

The war on travel: New system will impose worldwide controls on personal travel (Report)

 Robots: Being replaced by humans at Walmart (Report)

North Korea: Update (Article)

The election: Can the U.S. now rely upon elections? (Report) (How bad is it and how can we know?)

More election: Wisconsin votes exceed registered voters? (Report)

California: Voters overruled legislators with approval of Uber, Lyft etc. business model (Report)

Phillipines: U.S. help against Chinese bullying? (Article)

The economy: Western economies embrace state intervention (Report) (Not capitalism)

The ekectuibL Democrats are hacking voting machines? (Report)

More election: The Art of Counting Votes (Article)

Still more election: The worst possible outcome? (Article)

Russia: Update (Article)

The economy: As California voters protect Uber/Lyft, more states attack (Report)

The election: Another fun view of the scene (Article)

The pandemic: A straightforward techno-medical explanation that the government lockdown is a political scam? (Article)                

 The U.S. election: Voting hacked in every swing state? (Report)

Chicago: 4 dead, 25 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after a Halloween assault (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         Is Democracy Still Possible in America?

                                The current presidential election is characterized by vituperative, dishonest and politically biased extremism from all sides. A large portion of the vote was offloaded to the U.S. Postal Service on short notice, with inadequate provision for security or reliability. Reports and accusations of vote fraud abound. Since such cheating is traditional, there is little doubt that it exists; the question applies to its scale, traditionally minor. But allegedly, not this time. Given America’s steady retreat from traditional religion, ethics and tolerance, it is a reasonable concern.

                It’s important to realize that voting machines and the voting process can be hacked.  Beyond that, transferring the machine data can be hacked, leaving no evidence. We assume that folk who have bothered to write hacking software for U.S. voting machines intend its use. Reports have described Trump votes awarded to Biden, election interference, dead people voting and large, mysterious Biden ballot dumps in swing states. Recounts have been ordered in some states. Voter turnout is unreasonably high in some places  and it is questionable that Biden would overwhelm Trump in places where other GOP candidates are showing strong gains. But who will recount?                 The Democrats act as though only they have a right to power; they even impeached the President upon trumped-up evidence. If the voting is administered so as to justify a loss of faith, how can a democracy exist?    

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

Space: NASA begins contracting for sustainable human presence on the moon (Article)

Illinois: How a state goes bankrupt (Article)  (NY, CA, NJ, CT, KY too?)

Californnia: New fire evacuates 60,000, power cut 1,000,000 (Report)

The U.S. Economy: Bondholders face rising losses (Article)

 The Pandemicy: Shrinking the Jails (Report)

The U.S. Election: Disinformation By Popular Demand; How The Authenticity Of Hunter Biden’s Laptop Became Immaterial (Article)

 Texas: Ballot Harvester Describes Work (Report)

Sudan: Update (Article)

Philadelphia: Looters shooting looters in riots (Report)

The Pandemic: A Review of Government Actions Efficacy (Report)

The U.S. Election: How long to count all the votes? (Article)

Government: States face biggest cash crisis since Great Depression (Report)

The economy: Pandemic jobless claims up again (Report)

India/Pakistan: Update (Article)

The economy: Alice doesn’t work here anymore (Article) (Another view worth the time)

The Economy: A New World Monetary Order Is Coming? (Article) (Recommended warning)

Black Lives Matter: Some 50% arrested in Seattle are white and from elsewhere (Article)

Chicago: 7 dead, 26 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A Naked Man was Arrested  after two shots with a Taser (Report)

And that’s All

New Powers of U.S. (and other) Governments
It is now established that American government has the authority to:

  1. Modify/Close businesses, schools, churches and any other public gathering places atwill without notice or due process.
  2. Order the operations of nursing homes, hospitals and public service enterprises on the same basis without regard for economic effects.
  3. Confine citizens and order their behavior on the same basis.
    The authority to forbid travel and to search travelers on the same basis was acquired previously. It seems evident that these actions are as much violations of the United States Constitution as were the arrests and confinement of U.S. citizens of Japanese ancestry by presidential order during World War II. Years later, the surviving citizens were compensated by the American taxpayers, a group that included them.
    Have we been delivered into an economic depression by outlaw government? And of greater note: What’s next?
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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

Palestinian senior official with COVI’D goes to Israeli hospital (Report)

Thailand: Bangkok protests of military grow (Report) King faces problems (Article)

The culture: Facebook/Twitter are pushing Biden, pulling Trump? (Report)

The Government: Budget gap exceeds $3 T in new record (Report)

The election: Bags full of stolen ballots found in Seattle suburb (Report)

U.S. Politics: Pro Trump Free speech Rally attacked by Antifa, BLM (Report)

The culture: Women’s group wins first complaint against transgender, biological males in female sports (Report)

The Election: 353 counties with more registered voters than residents? (Article)

More Election: What Happens If No One Wins? (Article)

The Internet: U.S. sues Google under antitrust laws (Report)

The economy: Robots threaten 800 M jobs (Report)

More Economy: Goldman predicts new job cuts from coming mergers? Acquisitions (Article)

Corruption: Previously nonpartisan election commission now controlled by Democrats (Report) (And Republicans silent?)

More Corruption: Goldman Sacks to pay over $2 B settlement of prosecution (Report) (And guarantee no criminal prosecutions)

The Federal Reserve: What is its purpose? (Article) (Recommended)

More Fed: Why Do We Put So Much Faith In Central Bankers? (Article) (Recommended)

Iran (and surroundings): Update (Article)

The Hunter Biden Scandal: N.Y. Post provides facts (Report)

Food Shortage Coming: Starting in China? (Article)

Geopolitics: China challenging on tech and finance? (Article)

Communication: Censorship rising in the U.S. (Article)

The New York economy: Food banks can’t keep up (Article)

The U.S. Election: First class mail not arriving on time in battleground states? (Article) (First mail election)

The Pandemic: “Second Wave” is politicized fake? (Report)

The omtermet” Why big tech censorship won’t stop? (Article)

The Climate: Arctic moving south? (Report)

Time: Measurement is getting tricky; blame Einstein? (Report)

The U.S. Election: Pennsylvania sets up fraudulent voting? (Article)

More Election: Whoever wins, we all lose (Article) (Recommended)

Still More Economy: The destruction of the Euro (Article) (Recommended)

Science: Electric Cars – New battery material may recharge rapidly (Report)

Chicago: 7 Dead, 26 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A Naked Man was arrested after aiming a rifle at residents (Report)

EDITORIAL:         U.S. Presidential Election 2020

                                The Democrats, running an apparently senescent, corrupt political hack, act and speak as though they feel entitled to single party rule of the country. The Republicans appear largely complicit or intimidated; their candidate a largely self-produced populist maverick. Both candidates pursue economic fantasy with financial recklessness.

                The President has been impeached upon a straight partisan vote relying upon a fabricated accusation unsupported by jurisprudential evidence.

                The novel postal voting on a national scale is untested, many irregularities, errors and omissions have already been reported and the U.S. Postal Service is currently reported having widespread difficulties delivering first class mail. The Democrats already predict that the President wil refuse to leave office in January. It is becoming questionable whether the U.S. is capable of legitimate democratic government any more… The next few weeks will be instructive!

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The Pandemic: The second act will be worse than the first – Lockdowns are not the answer (Article)

More Pandemic: World Health Organization urges retreat from lockdowns (Article)

Corruption: Another view of the Bengazi scandal (Video)

Geopolitics: Another view of world progress (Article)

Serveillance: New I – phone 30X camera can snap photos from miles away? (Report)

Myanmar: Update (Article)

Communication: Deep Fakes – Who and What can you believe now? (Article)

U.S. Finance: Racially politicizing the Federal Reserve (and its member banks) (Article)

Illinois: Spendthrift is sole state forced into Fed loan, now needs more? (Article)

Iraq: Iranian presence wearing thin; U.S. wants out? (Article)

 Education: The cost of a “safe space” at one university (Report)

Somalia: Update (Article)

Corruption: New evidence re Biden/Ukraine scandal (Report)

The U.S. Economy: Federal Reserve V.P. affirms government controlled market likely permanent? (Report)

 Government: U.S. tax policy crushes poor – Bloomberg (Report)

The U.S. economy: Half of workers earned under $34,000 last year (Reportr)

Government: “Slouching Towards The Socialist States of America” (Article) (Exaggerated?)

Israel: Update on the neighborhood (Article)

Israeli Drones: Update (Article)

Government: U.S. has fewest cops in quarter century? (Report)

The media: Facebook and Twitter now fact checking the major media? (Article)

The Environment: U.K. power grid at the mercy of the wind? (Article)

Pennsylvania: 334,000 duplicate ballot applications to date? (Report)

China: Threatens Canadians in Hong Kong if Canada accepts more refugees (Report)

The Economy: Hyperinflation is here (Article) (Recommended)

The U.S. Election: String of ballot mishaps question reliability of mail-ib election (Report)

Chicago: 5 dead, 48 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested walking drunk in front of children (Report)


EDITORIAL:         Interesting Times …

                                Compared to a lot of places, America has been pretty boring politically for the last couple of hundred years. Well, excluding our Civil War. Following the Constitution, presidents, Congressfolk, judges and generals have come and gone with varying degrees of recrimination or occasionally even praise. Probably, few have thought much about it. Suddenly its different.

                Our Federal and too many state and local governors have burdened the taxpayers with more debt than will ever be repaid and continue to borrow. Now, spending exceeds their ability to borrow so the Federal Reserve adds to inflation with magic money out of nothing. The current u U.S. and world financial system seems unlikely to survive these current policies. The U.S. and world economies, struggling with this burden of political profligacy, has now been deliberately paralyzed in the name of a pandemic. It can hardly stand after all this.

                And in the midst of all this, the U.S. will conduct its first massive mail-in, hugely contested presidential election. A large scale, highly detailed data collection requiring much coordination and since it will be conducted by opposing interests, exceptional security. All apparently conceived, created and provided in a few months.                 Interesting ties, indeed …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

Guatemala: Sends 3,000 migrants home from U.S. bound caravan (Report)

The economy: As robots replace people, what happens to the unemployed? (Article)

Government: New, injectable microchip “to control COVID” can control the population? (Article)

Corruption: Why is the Hunter Biden scandal so little reported by the major media? (Article)

The U.S. economy: 2020 food banks replacing 1930s sop kitchens? (Hawaii) (Article)

Geopolitics: The widening impact of the Azerbaijan/Armenia war plus Turkey (Article)

Seattle: Leftist riots becoming normal? (Video)

Tech: Amazon’s palm reader threatens credit cards? (Report)

Thailand: Update (Article)

The economy: Unpaid utility bills a mounting problem (Article)

The economy: “Planned in Advance by Central Banks: A System Reset”? (Article) ”The Real Move in Gold Hasn’t Started Yet”?)

Mali: Update (Article)

Geopolitics: Anti-ship weapons (Article)

Government: How Congress REALLY works today? (Article)

Serveillance: You’re being watched when a green dot appears on phone screen? (Report)

Science: Huge improvement in lightless vision, communication (Report)

Yemen: Update (Article)

Corruption: Russiagate explanation, update (Article)

California: Governor orders restaurant patrons to wear mask between bites (Report)

Expose: Secretive leftist billionaire operative/donor viewed (Article)

Colorado: Sued for having more voters than people (Report)

The propaganda war: Questionable pandemic death stats? (Report)

Corruption: Government agencies stonewalling inquiry into Biden scandal (Article)

The COVID lockdown: “A Failed Experiment” (Article)

Serveillance: The Average American Is Recorded 238 times a week? (Article)

Israel: Fires breaking out, set by Palestinians and nature (Report)

History: Who was Cristopher Columbus? A mystery … (Video)

Florida: Newport Ridge threatened by expanding sinkhole (Report)

Afghanistan: Trump wants out by Christmas, Deep State resists? (Article)

 The world economy: Central Banks Digital Currency? (Article) (The end of cash?)

The pandemic: Interesting information unavailable from the media (Article)

More pandemic: The virus has yet to be isolated? (Article)

A beetle fights a robot (Video)

Corruption: The Ukraine/Biden scandal remains somehow unnoticed (Article)

California can’t reopen economy until poor blacks aren’t sick? (Report)

Chicago: 5 dead, 32 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested wandering around outside a hotel (Report)

That’s all …

EDITORIAL:         U.S. – BORROWING ITS WAY OUT OF DEBT?                                 Acting in concert, the U.S. and much of the world is binging on debt. That binge is both terminating and terminal. There are Two debt realities: First, you can’t borrow yourself rich, and second, you CAN borrow yourself poor. . More specifically, your government can borrow you poor; the average U.S. taxpayer currently owes some $217,000 the Federal government has borrowed for him to repay.  And states and cities add to that while those taxpayers borrow for homes and cars and credit cards. And generous Prez Trump aims to shovel out another trillion or so to help with all the income cut off by the pandemic shutdowns from our mayors and governors. The interest payments on all this are using up too much government tax income, forcing reductions of other spending. Every U.s. adult owes about $15,000 of that. Smart people aren’t lending money to the government anymore; it is relting on Federal Reserve magic money, which is to say it is inflating the money supply. Diluting the money supply without adding things to buy just devalues the money, right? Watch inflation boom until the dollar busts …(Or is replaced by magic digital money?)  

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The Pandemic: Costs of world shutdown looming larger than benefits? (Report)

More Pandemic: Man jailed 1 yr. fined after holding second party at home (Report)

The Economy: Painfully rising inflation that politicians will pretend not to notice? (Article)

More economy: President Reagan’s Budget Director dissects the REAL U.S. economy (Recommended Article)

Libya: Turkey expands its intervention (Article)

The US.election: Federal intelligence has been identifying Antifa/BLM bosses and funding? (Report)

Tech: Nearly 1,000 9emergency U.S. police 11 lines down due a Microsoft services glitch (Report)

The U.S. election: Big time mail voting bungle in Brooklyn (Report)

Mandatory Propaganda: Cities forcing police attendance at “Implicit Racism” classes (Report)

More Propaganda: Chinese Bible revises Christ into killer? (Report)

Corruption: Details on Biden family overseas income (Report)

More Corruption: U.S. Representative ILhan Omar involved in vote fraud?? (Report)

The U.S. economy: Mass layoffs spreading (Report)

New York City: To use patrols to enforce pandemic mask conformance (Report)

Corruption: J.P. Morgan Chase to pay $920 M in fines for fraud (Report)

The Pandemic: Has from the beginning been shrouded in lies? (Article)

Government: U.S. Federal spending setting new record (Report)

 Azerbaijan/Armenia: Fighting expands; Turkey helping Azeris (Article)

Afghanistan: Update (Long Article) (Very informative for tose interested)

 California: Continuing quake swarm (Report)

Immigration: New migrant caravan sets off from Honduras (Report)

Science: Crows posses higher intelligence (Report)

The U.S. economy: Congress to bail out airlines? (Article) (With borrowed taxpayer money)

 Corruption: Rochearwe, N.Y. Mayor and campaign officials indicted for fraud, misuse of funds (Report)

Healthcare: Hundreds of doctors and other caregivers charged with fraud across U.S. (Report)

Science: Will new discvery dissolve the plastic from landfills? (Report)

More Science: New discovery may help reverse periodontal disease (Report)

Still More Science: Clean, limitless power from Graphene (Report)

Biased decisions from AI’s: A Problem? (Report)

 Washington: Governor unhappy as Boeing moves production to So. Carolina (Report)

Michigan: State Supreme Court Strikes Down Governor’s Emergency Powers (Report) (COVID lockdown)

Turkey: Growing intervention in Azerbaijan/Armenia war (Article)

Chicago: 7 shot dead, 42 wounded; 5 year old stabbed in weekend violence (Report)

A naked woman was arrested after spitting at police (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         The Economic Impact of the U.S. COVID-19 Shutdown

                The economy was vulnerable: Though unemployment was low, the numbers did not reflect the long term unemployed or the fact that employee earnings have failed to balance the rising cost of living for most private sector workers. Most significantly, total U.S. debt was 125% of GDP as of March with a Federal deficit currently $3.3 trillion. Cities, counties and states aren’t collecting enough taxes from furloughed workers and mass layoffs continue. Bankruptcies are rising; many businesses will never reopen. The U.S. government in its wisdom has chosen to face what seems to date a relatively mild epidemic by gutting normal healthcare and imposing a magnified replay of last century’s Great Depression upon the 78% of Americans estimated to live paycheck to paycheck. Recovery will require years; political stability is already strained. Oddly, our divided political leaders united to bring this about; what are they thinking?  And why don’t the reports of COVID deaths provide comparison to deaths from all causes?

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