alfred_e-_neumannAnother week of human history sans noticeable improvement:

Israel: Hamas desperation mounts with repeated failures (Article) (When will someone sneak them a nuke to play with?)

The climate: Audit of global warming data disqualifies it? (Report)

Government: The FCC is effectively nationalizing new 5G communication infrastructure? (Report) (Is it lawful?)

Science: Cuisine of farmers 8,000 years ago varied, sophisticated (Report) (And served with ceramic plates and jars?)

The Stock Market: Ron Paul predicts a 50% drop in value (Article)  (Probably right – And real estate too)

Somalia: Update (Article) (A sort of government, looking for a country)

The culture: Antifa intimidation politics on display (Report)

Healthcare: Why have deductibles risen 12 times faster than wages since 2008? (Article) (Somebody has to pay for Obamacare)

Government: The GOP Congress and President hike spending again (Report) (On borrowed money)

Trade Wars: Trump’s “free trade” stance is a joke per the terms of the new Canada-Mexico-U.S. pact (Article)

The culture: Selling censorship – for your own good … (Report)

Orthodox Church Geopolitics: Constantinople Patriarch meddles between Moscow and Ukraine (Article)

War Science: Researching insects and growing crops for use as weapons (Report)

Science: Visual signs may exclude raptors from airports (Report) (Birds can read signs?)

Technology: A Belgian Air Force mechanic servicing a fighter jet accidentally shot up a neighboring aircraft (Report)

Syria: Russia wants Europeans to fund reconstruction for Assad; U.S. wants Assad gone (Article)

China: Update (Article)

Corruption: Nuclear boondoggle shut down by Trump antagonizes both parties? (Report)

Technology: China catching up in warplanes (Report)

The economy: 40% of Americans nearing retirement will face poverty? (Report)

The culture: Antifa Democrats vandalized a New York Republican club’s building (Article)

Chicago: Only 2,346 people have been shot so far this year (Report)

A naked woman was arrested at a Titusville gas station (FL) (Report)

It was that sort of week …


EDITORIAL:    U.S. Politics: Are Assassins Waiting In The Wings?


Americans now yawn at carjackings and road rage and remain unsurprised at mass shootings of innocents; should we not expect political assassinations? The degree of heavily publicized, raw hatred pumped out by media, politicians and celebrities against President Trump and now against Justice Kavanaugh paints, in today’s atmosphere, prominent targets upon their backs while long range sniper rifles and improvised bombs are widely available.

President Kennedy’s murky November, 1963 assassination remains, if dimly, in the public consciousness and the degree of protection lavished upon his successors far exceeds that which can be made available to say, Supreme Court Justices or Congressfolk. Extending that outwards toward governors, mayors and perhaps CEOs seems likely to propose a growing list of opportunities for our evidently plentiful supply of nutcases, Muslim fanatics and opportunists; will it not draw too the attention of shadowy intelligence and political operatives? In some places, it has done so already. And in today’s U.S. the ground seems now prepared.

We are unsure exactly how Justice Scalia died; we hope that Justice Kavanaugh will be very, very careful

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannOur choices from the week:

Corruption: Inside the secret courts of Massachusetts (Article)

 Science: Is the sun intruding upon global warming? (Report)

Government snoops are adding license plate readers to portable roadside speed displays (Report)

Detroit decline drags on … (Report)

Science? Study finds dogs might grow depressed when owners overuse smart phones (Report) (Yeah, right)

Science: A new material may revolutionize car making? (Report)

More science: A study found the U.S. ranks 27th among nations investing in education and health care (Report) (If we believe)

California requires women on corporate boards of directors (Report)

 The economy: Skyrocketing deficit: “So what?” ask politicians  (Report)  (Never mind reality)

Venezuela: Nearly 2 M people have left since 2015 (Report)

Turkey: 16 year old boy sentenced 4.5 yrs in prison for kissing girlfriend, 13 (Report)

Technology: Machines making decisions for us with insufficient consideration? (Article) (Why not, politicians do it all the time)

More technology: The coming 5G cellular rollout of much faster tech is drawing political controversy (Article)

Austin, TX: Restaurants and food businesses no longer allowed to throw food out (Report) (Costs will rise)

New York Times accused Prez Trump of tax fraud based upon his father’s tax returns? (Report)

Central Asia: Update (Article) (Autocrats in charge, China looms)

California: Adopted mandatory, permanent indoor/outdoor water rationing in May, effective 2022 (Report) If unchanged, cuts personal use to 55 G/day from today’s average 90 G. This is a repeat; nobody seems to have noticed this yet)

Amazon workers make less after minimum wage increase (Report)  (TANSTAAFL – There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lun)

The Church: Faces gravest threat since the Protestant Reformation? (Article) (Someone noticed?)

The world economy faces a new crash warns the International Monetary Fund (Article) (The bankers getting spooked?)

Science: An arthritis breakthrough? Maybe (Report)

The economy: The “mystery” of America’s multiple job holders (Article)

Chhicago: 6 dead, 15 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after he was driven off by a grandmother (Report)

And that is our sample from this week …


EDITORIAL: Three Cautionary Current Trends

  1. A Congress/ Media Kangaroo Court/Lynch Mob in use against political opponents
  2. Routine demagoguery and public personal attacks by the President.
  3. Major media replacing news with propaganda.

Behind this front page distraction, actual government proceeds with declining visibility. This is a model for current authoritarian regimes; we believe it renders genuine democracy unsustainable.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannYour contemporary citations:

Real estate: Hackers steal money transmitted via emails (Report)

The church: Vatican deal pledges Chinese Catholic loyalty to Communist Party (Report) (And they call the U.S. divided!)

Government: A North Carolina woman was arrested for caring for pets during a hurricane without a permit. (Report)

The culture: Schools are joining a new behavior reporting system enlisting students (Report) (Making spies of kids – sound familiar?)

The economy: Average Americans spend more on taxes than on food/clothing combined? (Report)

Corruption : The IRS continues to target conservatives? (Article)

The culture: Houston mayor will fight proposed robot sex brothel (Report)

Government: West Virginia will allow cell phone voting for midterm Congressional elections? (Report) (A new era of whomever counts the votes, wins the election?)

More government: Federal debt may soon drive interest costs above military spending? (Article)

Government: Homeland Security is pushing facial recognition tech onto airlines? (Report)

India/Pakistan: Update (Article)

 Immigration: Caravans of illegals continue crossing U.S. border (Report)

Syria: Russia threatens Israel with advanced air, missile and satellite defense installations (Report)

The internet: A pro-privacydata revolution offered by the inventor of the web (Report) (Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s life expectancy may now be less than Trump’s?)

North Korea: Denuclearization continues to be a bait-and-switch scam? (Article)

The economy: How Congress and the Federal Reserve have devalued it (Article)

Chicago: 2 dead, 29 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after trespassing (Report)

Your summed up surveillance from the week …


EDITORIAL: Political Persecution Is Becoming A U.S. Routine


Bill Cosby: Jailed black conservative – Where are all the other male celebrities who hung out with him at the Playboy Club? Why were the female “victims” there?

Brett Kavanaugh: Allegedly conservative Trump appointee – How many Congressfolk can demonstrate their own youthful sainthood? Should that outweigh decades of adult superior performance?

Numerous fired/resigned male leaders: Where are the women who enable or duplicate these sexual predations? Why are ‘victims’ appearing years after the reported events?

Not to condone bad behavior, only to note the hypocrisy of such highly selective, obviously politicized, retroactive applications of standards otherwise generally ignored. Worse, the applications take the form of media circus lynchings rather than measured governmental procedures. This sort of thing exploits a basic weakness of democratic government, the primary reason for America’s Founders choice of a republic rather than a pure democracy.

It may be that the advent of instant, mass individual communications via the internet and cell phones has replaced the U.S. constitutional republic with in practice, a functionally pure democracy subject to mob emotions. If so, its stability must be questioned. That question is underlined by current reliance upon well organized, well funded, heavily politicized street rent-a-mobs. Some of us may recall the last days of the Roman republic….

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maxresdefaultMedia reports portray our Prez as a mad protectionist throwing tariffs like Zeus was supposed to throw thunderbolts. A Google search reinforces that. But a patient searcher may find that, as seems often the case with this President, the opposite may be the truth.   President Trump as reported in The Hil, is a free market exponent who wishes to eliminate tariffs altogether. His problem is his trading partner countries that are interested only in eliminating U.S. tariffs but not their own. So the Prez is trying to make them an offer they can’t refuse by slapping motivational tariffs onto the recalcitrant. You’ve shown me yours; I’ll show you mine. The media reports somehow seem to have missed this angle; the Prez must be getting used to that by now.

Trump’s attitude if The Hill is correct, is pure Adam Smith:

“It’s the maxim of every prudent master of a family, never to make at home what will cost him more to make than to buy…what is prudence in the conduct of every private family can scarce be folly in that of a great kingdom…The general industry of the country…is certainly not employed to the greatest advantage, when it’s thus directed (by protectionist tariffs or subsidies) towards an object which it can buy cheaper than it can make. The value of its annual produce is certainly more or less diminished, when it’s thus turned away from producing commodities evidently of more value than the commodity which it’s directed to produce.”

For public school grads like me, Smith is considered to have founded economics; the quote is from his 1776 book, “The Wealth of Nations.” The book is revered in schools so long as no one actually reads it; it contains more such sensible stuff  uncomfortable for modern politicians. Maybe Prez Trump has read it, he doesn’t seem to follow orders very well. And if The Hill has it right, more power to him.

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alfred_e-_neumannThe current week’s worth:

California: A lament, circa The Beach Boys … for the highest poverty rate in the U.S. (Article) (How much of the Golden State is just iron pyrites these days?)

More California: A new law diverts legal settlement funds from victims to benefit state instead? (Report)

The remote New Mexico solar observatory raided, evacuated and closed by the FBI remains closed and unexplained (Article) (Later explained as a child porn investigation, if we believe it)

Israel will lease its largest port to China? (Article) (U.S. Recessional …)

More Israel: The Trump Administration is freezing U.S. bank accounts of the Palestinians (PLO)? (Report)

San Francisco’s first cashierless store has opened (Report)

The war on the internet: The E.U.’s coming new copyright law may shut down much info sharing (Report)

Saudi Arabia pushes execution for 3 leading conservative clerics who oppose modernization policy? (Report)

Immigration court: A (quietly) revolving door for illegals? (Report)

Cell phone/internet warning system test postponed to October (Report)

Trump’s trade policy actually explained (and it’s perfect basic economics) (Article)

Science: The sort of advance needed to move out into the uniberse? Maybe (Report)

More science: A study says there is no evidence that cholesterol levels relate to heart disease? (Report)

Oops: Syria shot down a Russian plane during an airstrike on rebels (Report) Or maybe Russians, not Syria that downed the plane? (Article)

Government: Prez orders declassification of documents; Congressional Dems forbid, who’s in charge? (Report) (And what do the Dems want hidden?) Prez reverses himself (Report) (Shucks!)

 The U.S. culture: 67 million don’t speak English at home? (Report) (Anyone remember the “Tower of Babel?”)

North Korea: Denuclearization, a perennial illusion? (Article)

The war on the internet: A contentious Federal internet privacy law is gestating in Congress (Report)

China: Celebrities are targeted and punished for visibly immodest lives; every citizen is measured by a “social credit” score imposed by government, and treated accordingly. (Report) (Ought to appeal to the U.S. Left …)

Amazon is considering opening up to 3,000 cashierless stores by 2021 (Report)

Science: Breakthrough in battery tech – if it holds up? (Report)

Corruption: Documented on video, systemic rot in U.S. government displayed (Report)

The culture: A mother was arrested after impounding her teen daughter’s cellphone (Report)

Yellowstone: Thermal springs activity increasing (Report) (Lava growing under the supervolcano?)

New York City: A high performing local school district ordered to drop middle school scholastic entrance criteria in favor of diversity (Report) (Hmn – Formerly high performing, now)

Palestinians: Warned by U.S. of aid cut if financial rewards continue for murdering Israelis (Report)

Afghanistan: U.S. (Finally) pressuring Pakistan for supporting Taliban (Article)

Iran: Gunmen killed at least 25 at a military parade (It begins; regime change awaiting?) ISIS took credit but Iran blames U.S. (Report) (Later: Blame for Saudi Arabia)

Immigration: A Yale study found 25 M illegals living in U.S. (Report) (Double previous estimate)

Chicago: 2 dead, 17 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested with a sleeping child (Report)

  • 39 –
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ClownDncnThe earth’s most significant country was founded by serious men in a revolutionary experiment that has shaped human history; circa 2018, its government is running as farce. A Supreme Court nominee, an outstanding legal scholar with an impeccable judicial record,  is vilified by Congressfolk and media headlines because a woman finally noticed after some 30 years, that the nominee and some other juvenile were involved in groping her at an unspecified high school party, an event whose time, location and other details she is unable to remember. That is categorically denied by the nominee. The complainant is militant Democrat, the accused is nominated by a Republican President who has been publicly castigated by the accuser. There is no other evidence, there are no other witnesses and apparently, there are no other such incidents in the accused’s history. But this is presented as an insurmountable obstacle to the nominee’s confirmation. If we are to feel safe, we must hope that our generals are better selected.


Democratic Senator Schumer stated that he believes the woman.  Senator Hirono said that the woman must be believed.  Senator Harris said that she believes the accuser. Hilary Clinton stated that Kavanaugh’s accuser deserved the benefit of the doubt.   She does not seem willing to extend that same benefit to the nominee, however. Nor do the vocal feminists demanding acceptance of the accuser’s unsupported and vague attack because she is female need to recall Ilse Koch, Bonnie Parker and Ma Barker. Or perhaps the historic fact that the American Indians handed their most hated enemies to the women to be tortured to death. Whatever happened to the fair trial before the execution? The President has made a serious nomination for an important position; Congress is responding with farcical political theater very unlikely to staff the Supreme Court with competent, honest justices. The present process is a display of disrespect for the President, the Supreme Court, the nominee and for the country.


And whom are the producers of this farce? The prop, a revelatory letter from the accuser to Senator Feinstein, came from the Democrats. The howoing lynch mob is gleefully supplied by the media, who have apparently lost interest in presenting much news. And the Republicans? They are the functioning impresario: They provide the theater for the performance. With control of Congress, they can bote the nominee onto the Supreme Court or into the discard at any time they wish. They seem to be hoping that this farcical, juvenile distraction playing out will let them blame the Democrats for discarding Kavanaugh. If that is an accurate assessment, it suggests that the United States government is no longer in the hands of adults. Or even of honest children. Let us hope for the best.

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alfred_e-_neumannWhat we thought you should know:

Gender wars: A researcher reports that a current upsurge in gender-challenged girls seems a form of social hysteria rather than genuine dysphoria (Report) (She is under furious attack by the usual suspects)

California: State Supreme Court dumps independent contractor status for millions of workers (Report) (Some prices will rise, some jobs will be lost; some will earn more )

The war on science: Academic political censorship rises further (Article) (Feminists suppress research)

The internet: New York City’s 7500 free on street internet access kiosks are equipped to recognize and track people? (Report)  (And this surprises exactly whom?)

Israel: “Worldwide” boycott Israeli arts/business pushed; President Trump is closing the Palestinian office in Washington over refusal to make peace. (Reports)

Argentina: Governments latest financial failure is hitting the streets (Report)

China: Government is closing more churches, removing crosses and forcing citizens to renounce Christianity (Report)

Satellite warfare: Update (Article)

Russia: Restoring the Cossacks to legitimacy (Article)

The war on cash: Update (Article)

Science: Why are male sperm counts declining? (Report)

The economy: The U.S. oil boom is a fraud (and so are the economy’s festive new clothes) (Article)

The culture: Mysterious crack pipe vending machines baffle New York officials (Article)

More culture: A man and two teens ignored a clerk collapsed with a heart attack, robbed the store and left the clerk to die (Report) (Well, that’s post-Christian isn’t it?)

Still more culture: A transgender man has raped and sexually assaulted several fellow prisoners at his/her female prison? (Report) (Wonder how many of these haven’t been heard from?)

The world economy: A simple, hard, very unpleasant glance at a towering and tottering economic reality (Article)

Chicago: Considers Universal Basic Income along with its unrepayable debt? (Report) (Mayor isn’t seeking reelection)

The war on the internet: The E.U.’s new copyright laws will shut down access to news? (Report)

The culture: An hour video of Google top management devoted to partisan political action (Report)

Government: A remote solar observatory in New Mexico was raided and shut down by Federal agents in a black helicopter without explanation? (Report)

The culture: Author of “How to Murder Your Husband” arrested for murdering her husband? (Report)

Venezuela sinks farther (Report)

Politics: Reddit shut down a fake “pro-Trump” site operated by left wing trolls? (Report)

The censorship culture: Should anybody decide what we may say, read, hear or see? (Article) (Including Google, Apple, Facebook et al)

The culture: Fake wind at the Weather Channel (Report) (Whom can we believe anymore?)

Government: Prez Trump will address nearly everyone on their cell phones to test a new warning system? (Report) (Bet the media won’t like that …)

California will launch its own weather satellite now the Federal system isn’t reporting desired result? (Report) (Governor Moonbeam shines again …)

Chicago: 2 dead, 19 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after grabbing a 13 year old girl (Report)

And thus our corner of reality …

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