Alfred_E__NeumannA new week’s worth:

Turkey’s coup attempt: A fabricated excuse for an Erdogan purge and clampdown? (Report) (Erdogan’s witch hunt begins. (Report) Erdogan has fired all college deans and suspended 21,000 private school teachers. 60,000 political opponents purged so far in crackdown. The government seized more than two thousand social, education and healthcare institutions and facilities also. (Another constitutional democracy evolves toward a police state. Who’s next?)

A stock market crash will take the California pension system with it.” (Report)  (Good candidate for: ‘Understatement Of The Year)

Another Obamacare co-op goes bust, Illinois this time.

“This is going to get very ugly. Obama has lost control of the Middle East.”  (Report  by a high CIA officer.)  (Prez Carter lost Iran; Bush and Obama have amassed bodies and refugees in destruction. When was that “control” the CIA folk lament? The Thomas Jefferson Administration?)

The U.S. Justice Department is negotiating allowing foreign governments to demand access to data and internet communications from U.S. tech firms. Supposedly, excluding  U.S. citizens. (Any bets?)

The chiefs of 5 public colleges are paid more than $1 million (Report). (And government workers are paid more than private sector ones, too.)

New Jersey busses collided in the Lincoln Tunnel.  (Who’s in charge here?)

Infants prefer toys typed for their gender (Study).

An ax-swing 17 year old Afghan refugee shouting “Allahu akbar” bloodily attacked train passengers in Germany. (Will Chancellor Merkel now demand ax control?)

Government ordered gas mileage standards expect an average 54.5 mpg by 2025.(Who’s kidding whom?)

Giant Deutsche Bank  will close some 200 branches. (The recovery proceeds.)

The culture: An Ohio restaurant served ground glass in an police officer’s sandwich.

2.4 million gallons of sewage were spilled by a broken 1929 pipe in Los Angeles. For now, none knows why.

The culture: L.A. Times suggested a military coup against President Trump? (And the Left is accusing Trump of totalitarianism?)

Germany is suddenly backing away from renewable energy?  (After Britain abolished its global warming department?)

Return to the old spoils system? “Trump to purge  federal government of Obama henchmen with aid of new law making it easier to fire civil servants.”

Why debt around the world is stomping upon economies. (Short, simple article)

FAA small drone regulation is pushed via a you tube video of small drones with a handgun or a small flamethrower attached. (Real9ty is now unreal …)

Homeland Security seizes electronic data records at border crossings, airports, etc. claiming a legal right to examine cell phones, tablets and other such at will. (Report)

A home invasion defender was sentenced to 4 years and to pay $23k damages to the invaders in Finland. He hurt them with a knife too much more than hey managed to hurt him with their gun and baseball bats.

Hillary had an epileptic seizure on camera? (Report, videos)

Hacked: Democratic National Committee emails published by Wikileaks, a scandalous reality check.

A naked male Tunisian streaked through a Padua city square, dodging police and shouting: “Praise to Allah!)A mother and 3 daughters at a French resort were stabbed for scanty clothing (shorts and tee shirts) by a 37 year old Muslim.. (Probably both are nuts, but we expect that good Muslims will condemn only one of the two.)

And that’s all she wrote …

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Helicopter Money, Negative Interest and Our Wiley E. Coyote Moment

wile Coyote

Wile E. Coyote Looked Down

Helicopter money is the coming economic salvation. Quantitative Easing didn’t set the economy afire and we are left with negative interest rates and helicopter money. Of course, the helicopter has been tested and failed, never mind. Our rulers will do anything before they will go kicking and screaming back to real world money management that pays its bills on time. Anyway, with the accumulated debt piled too high to repay, it’s too late for that. Our economy isn’t generating the cash to repay existing debts but no politician of either stripe will say so until, like Alan Greenspan, they are out of office.

All the above plus “Stimulus” legislation and any other snake oil label used  are but variations on the failed Roosevelt Administration expansion of Hoover Administration spending ideas. J.M. Keynes became a Lord by telling politicians to spend. He never worried about where the money was to be found.

Helicopter money is funded out of thin air, printed up and shoveled out of the central bank equivalent of helicopters onto consumers who have paralyzed an economy by refusing to spend enough. Buried, this theory goes, in free money, they will spend, the economy will perk up and all of us will be saved. Right. If you believe that. Doubters during the Great Depression called it: “Sending yourself rich.”

A couple of little realities intrude:

  1. The government has to borrow the money for the helicopters. Therefore, it must be repaid, by taxpayers who are also the affected consumers. Hnmm …
  2. This amounts in the end, to injecting a sick economy with money taken from said sick economy. Think of it in terms of a blood transfusion. Smart?

And then, printing up money does not add to wealth; wealth is what money buys, not money itself. Try eating, wearing or living in or driving around in money …

It’s all a scam used to keep as many as possible from catching on so they won’t get scared and precipitate the next stock market crash.Economically, this is our Wiley E. Coyote moment. We have gone off the financial cliff and we are waiting for the citizens to look down. There is nothing that any central bank can do to change it; they can only try to postpone the inevitable for current politicians until new ones arrive to take the fall.


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In Order of Precedence: Democrats, Republicans … and Voters

Trump ClownThe first inarguable clue: The same big donors contribute to both parties. Thus, it is evident that they are buying political favors, not differences in ideology. The party in office receives more of course, no matter which one.

The Democrats, seems to us, are there to push affairs in desired directions; the GOP is used to provide cooling off periods when the push has progressed farther than pleases the voters. Witness that NEVER has the GOP reversed any significant Democratic policy short of a related calamity and/or voter discontent.

That’s the system. The public schools prepare the kids, the next generation of voters, to accept as normal what their parents saw as pushing the envelope. And the parents will be bought off with government subsidies using other people’s money. Roosevelt Administration Godfather Harry Hopkins famously put it: “We shall tax and tax, spend and spend and elect and elect.” So it has gone, and another clue has been that, while objecting loudly, the GOP has never significantly imposed financial prudence. Thus as we like to point out, our father’s 1937 new Chevrolet now goes for some $15,000 or more, though in 1937 it cost $750. (You may Google it if you wish).

The Dems push things, supported by the generations of judges and school teachers, in the directions desired by their major donors.  Naturally, what would you do? The donors are needed for elections and they won’t donate without a return. (Reality Sucks again) Hillary Witch

But masses of voters are threatened by too much change; only the known status quo feels safe. They become uncomfortable, frightened even, when change comes too fast or goes too far. So the GOP is on hand to take over and let things cool down for however long is necessary until the “Progressive” Dems can assume the lead again. Back and forth, good cop, bad cop. A very old political game for keeping real power in the same group of hands.

Mrs. Clinton’s are clearly such hands, though she is supposed to be washed clean somehow by her X chromosomes. Mr. Trump is another, transferring from an influential donor to a candidate for president while espousing the same policies desired by the machine with a few changes to provide a reasonable claim to non-insider status.

We suppose that Mr. Trump was an insurance policy, set to capture the discontented voters if that was necessary; or to be told: “You’re fired!” if one of the old standbys seemed acceptable. Political pros with that much power and wealth at stake aren’t overtaken by chance on their own turf, are they?

This may illuminate the reason George Washington opposed allowing political parties in the new United States. He lost that fight of course. Perhaps, so have we …


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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour weeks’ worth of snippets that seemed significant, or something.

Hugh Hefner declared victory in sexual war (Well, if switching love/procreation to sex/recreation is a ‘victory.’)

Black activists hope killings prompt more action from whites. (Hmnn … “Be careful what you ask for …”)

A new European bank bailout was prescribed by the Deutsche Bank chief economist.   The alarm spread. (Banks, like rattlesnakes, warning before they strikef?)

North Korea advertise a missile test but it took the BBC to reveal its failure.  A recent U.S. anti-missile defense test was publicized as a success but actually, badly missed its target. (A short, fat little Korean and a taller, thin quasi-black American seem to have something in common?)

Black agitators vs Police (Baton Rouge):  The poor against the rich of “Occupy Wall Street” failed to fly high enough; now it’s the blacks against police serving as incitement. The hoodlums are still mostly bussed into town; will it take off this time?)

Black Panthers to bring guns to “protests”.  (The violence attained to date in the Left’s planned, organized “protests” by bussed-into-town thugs  seems unsatisfactory; the New Black Panther Party has issued the order to bring guns to the GOP convention in Cleveland. “if legal.”  Do the black power leaders want a war?)

China: Lost its legal case over its invasive takeover of South China Sea islands owned by neighbors. China is ignoring the court and proceed with its expansion, it says. (A feisty, unemployed kid and an out of work ex-Navy Seal went into a bar …)

China’s space station may be approaching a crash on earth as China loses control of it. (Worrisome, considering the gravity of the situation …)

Fallacies of “The War On Cops.” (Short article by the king of common sense: Thomas Sowell.)

Italian trains killed 11, injured many in a head on crash. (If they can’t keep trains apart, what’s the hope for their banks?) Toll rise later.

Iraq: ISIS continues its decline. (Article)

A pet owner was arrested when his Chihuahua tested positive for meth.

Deficits will worsen without cuts to healthcare/Social Security or large tax increases. (Congressional Budget Office.) (No worries; print more money, right?)

U.S. gun deaths have dropped as gun ownership has grown. (CDC data)  (But, but, but …)

U.S. health care spending now exceeds $10,000 per person, a new record. And rising. (Paying for lots of services for lots of people costs lots of money, especially when those receiving services aren’t those paying.)

The culture: A 75 year old man was beaten unconscious apparently at random, in Greenwich Village. A 20 year old WalMart worker stabbed two apparently at random, on the street. (Post-Christian: When you’re upset, just go out and bash somebody; preferably one who won’t hit back.)

The GOP convention apparently will be left open to demonstrators as police are ordered  by city officials to stay back. (Report)

Closed: Britain’s global warming government department. (Yup, Britain’s new government abolished the whole enchilada. Climate change has no official home in that country’s government any more. (Bet Obama’s gonna be mad?)

U.S. industrial production declined again, for the 10th straight month. It’s the longest decline outside of recession. (If you believe we’re outside of recession.)

Turkey: Military coup  failed. (Islamic dictator next?) Victorious President Erdogan  is prosecuting 2,745 judges and prosecutors and arresting hundreds.  Erdogan shut down U.S. anti- ISIS operations at Turkey’s Incirlik airbase. (Temporarily?)

The Black Lives Matter  local amateurs were called out for today’s “Day of Rage.” But nobody showed up. Fizzle. (For the imminent GOP convention, expect long lines of bussed-in pros. Will they bring guns this time, as told by the Black Panthers?)

War, rumors of war and decaying banks: A warning. (Article)

Helicopter money:  Article (When government spending deficits are funded by central bank loans of non-existent money to be repaid by taxpayer’s real money, later. With interest.

A naked Missouri man and woman were arrested driving along the road on a stolen lawnmower.

Are we watching an era cracking as it starts its dissolution?

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Seems We’ve Seen It All Before(So Best Not Look, Right?)

TrumpQuestion 1: To which socio-political grouping do we owe our living standard and its underlying technology?

Question 2: What is the comparative status of all others on earth?

Question 3: What is the trend followed by the folk identified for number one above?

Answers are simple and unarguable: Western Christian groupings produced today’s wealthy technological living standards. None other has but copied that, though some are trying to catch up. And the Western groupings are both now post-Christian and seeing financial and civil decline setting in. Historically, the world has seen half the wealth owned by a few and the other half diluted among the many. We seem, as the U.S. and European middle classes dissolve, to be returning to that, although with a more comfortable proletariat resulting from improved technology. A more manageable proletariat too, as everyone’s money, travel, healthcare and more are open books via computers with various governments paying variously increasing attention.

When government is small and weak enough to leave most people alone, some rise up and become wealthy, benefitting others as well by creating jobs, etc. As that spreads, creating more wealthy folk, the resulting advances in tech, business, living standards etc. are not evenly distributed, leaving some low and some high on the economic tree. More low than high, usually though more high than before. Wars often pop up, dumping hordes of ex soldiers into a tough job market. The new wealth takes decades to be more evenly distributed. That provides a lot of disgruntled folk open to political promises to use government to distribute the wealth more evenly. Voting such into office is always easier than going out to become an entrepreneur oneself.

But when that politician is elected, the drive to create new wealth is diluted by knowing that one who gains it will have it taken by government and handed to others who have done nothing to earn it. Wealth production then ceases as government cannot order it into being. All returns to the status quo before the new wealth was created. A very old story that some decades back, was even taught in public schools. Just human nature in normal operation, right?

Western Christian mores included personal honesty, hard work and a powerful self-reliance coupled with a problem-solving outlook. And a human life was the most precious gift and so, a great responsibility to preserve.

However, those are hard virtues met only as the old Biblical admonition had it, in the sweat of our faces at best. Politicians selling much easier entitlements taken forced others to alleviate the sweat and of course, risk of life under such principles have always found listeners.

Convenience abortion, recreational sex, subsidized healthcare, retirement and a stream of added new goodies as time passed sure beats a sweaty face, don’t they? Every time, sooner or later per our history.

And then, the freebies pass the point of no economic return and the whole thing collapses into reality – again. As it is today in Venezuela. Same old, same old And yet, always somehow, enticingly new.

The more that we change …

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Who Is Funding Political Demonstrators?

Black LivesIn 2011, a lot of money was spent organizing, transporting and paying young people to “demonstrate” via quasi riots under the signature: “Occupy Wall Street.“ Most of the demonstrators were young white people. Wherever they appeared en masse’, there were likely to be rows of empty buses nearby; their ride in and out. They were then, a core of hired thugs who often did not live where they ‘demonstrated.’

The planned, funded “protests” did not ignite the masses but fizzled. The U.S. was not destabilized, if that had been the goal. A scripted pitting of the poor against the rich did some property damage and hurt a few participants but that was about it. A waste of organizing and of money for all but the bus companies.

The obviously Left wing sponsors of that program are now apparently trying to use black versus white instead of rich versus poor, with “Black Lives Matter” at the center of the latest attempt at civil war. The same rows of empty buses appear and no doubt the same social media organizing. The “demonstration out of control” tactics are on display but now, most of the young hoodlums are black instead of white.

The violence has been escalating, peaking so far in Dallas with some 12 shot of whom 5 are apparently dead. Whether that shooter was part of the planned activities remains unknown and probably, unlikely but will set a standard nevertheless. The New Black Panther Party has told its GOP convention demonstrators to bring guns, “if legal.” Obviously, the level of violence is intended to escalate.

How far it is allowed to go will depend upon the managements of the cities involved.  Some mayors and police chiefs have ordered officers not to interfere unless too many people were endangered. Such folk after all, vote. Others, including liberal bastion Los Angeles, controlled things from the outset. It will be interesting to see how it goes in Cleveland for the GOP.  We fearlessly predict that, regardless that the entire Cleveland scene will be anti-Trump, he will be blamed for it regardless.  And when Hillary’s mandatory “equivalent” demonstration is staged, she will be afterwards credited with its safety and lack of thuggery and damage.  Any bets?

One of the theories du jour says that this will be intended to excuse President Obama’s declaration of martial law and stalling off the election, keeping him in office. We don’t know whether it is our tinfoil hat protecting us or the fact that the Constitution fails to provide for martial law, but we doubt that one for now.  Lesser enhancements of Federal police power however, are not unthinkable. Who would have predicted being searched by a Federal cop before boarding a flight on September 10,, 1991?

In any case, a lot of money and organization is going into these “demonstrations.” You’d think that journalists would be telling us whose money and organization, right? Unless perhaps some of that same money pays their salaries … but who would believe such a thing, these days?

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE ..(Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannWhy these days must we hunt so far for so few items of significance and/or interest?

Global cooling replacing global warming again? (Latest weather ‘science’ gymnastics) The earth continues to cool, per satellite measurements. (Satellite recall order coming?)

A Navy reservist was sentenced for behavior apparently a mini-model of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. For which she has now been cleared. (Maybe the sailor should have run for President?)

U.S. at war: Replacing warriors with Lawyers. (Politically correct replaces victorious)

The Culture: 30 shoppers threw cans, swung bats in a WalMart brawl following a teen’s insult about a young woman’s dress. (Being offended vs Free speech)

A mystery drone hovering was spotted by the underlying homeowner. (Get used to it.)(When will one of these kill someone in the U.S?)

Europe’s banks becoming scary? (We thought that taxpayers had saved them …)

The Culture: The U.S. Navy:  Cowardice and incompetence off the coast of Iran. (How do you make warriors of folks whose main concern is which bathroom to use?)  The U.S. Marines will now accept chubbier and weaker women.  (Feel safer yet?)

The European Union is sanctioning Spain and Portugal for continued deficits; France and Italy walk. (Some animals are more equal than others …)

Two snipers ambushed and shot 10 Dallas police; 3 dead, two more died later. A Black Power group claimed responsibility, promised more. (Oops, it later turned out to be a lone gunman without group connections. And 12 shot, 5 dead. But the gunman remained black …)  The culture: Agitators taunted cops and danced after the Dallas massacre.

A Federal (USGS) lab was found to have falsified environmental data for over a decade. (Did it use workers from unemployment/cost of living backgrounds?)

A naked beach photographer whose wraparound towel ‘fell off’ was arrested for indecent exposure.(Will he sue the towel maker?)

Und Das ist alles or something like that.

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