alfred_e-_neumannThe American Left now seems to be treating white men much as the Nazis began treating Jews. A New Orleans food stall gathered favorable (and evidently much needed) publicity advertising that White customers were charged more than others.

Race/gender based relegation to the back of the government employment and college admissions lines seems permanent. Universities offer disapproving courses such as “White Racism,” “White Privilege” and “The Problem of Whiteness.” A new lecture offering is “The Violence of Whiteness”. Universities are teaching anti-white racism as the solution to racism. Growing numbers of white workers polled have experienced or anticipate racial job discrimination, particularly in mid to lower income work. America’s white population is expected to become a minority before mid-century and U.S. males are already a minority at universities, eligible for minority scholarship benefits. White U.S. men are holding the short demographic straw while facing rising political demonization; one must wonder where this may lead

It is notable that after the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal dethroned Weinstein, the media quickly found numerous women suddenly motivated to pursue dozens of other highly visible moguls, 71 of them soon listed in the New York Times. The implicit impression was – and remains – victimized women bravely outing corrupt, lascivious and overwhelmingly white men. Never mind the perennial pattern of such behavior by both sexes and all races of humankind, the current message is that society holds too many white guys who should be deprived of their too powerful positions. Forget that most of those men earned their positions in successful competition. The most notable element in this new politics is the resulting instant dismissals and resignations, mere accusations destroying lengthy careers overnight. This result is new, though the cited behavior and occasionally public scandals are not.

The Jews rose from Egyptian servitude to Middle Eastern success; when the Romans exported them, they proceeded to significant international individual success as well. They have been punished ever since, ironically mostly by the Christians and Muslims whose societies proceeded from Judaism. White men’s successes provided the cultural and technological progress that is elevating everyone else, very much including white women. Women everywhere have been been relegated to subservient roles by lesser size and strength; their newfound ability to compete with men rests upon the new preeminence of intelligence and talent plus the willingness of white men to accept this new competition. Other societies follow – or not – at their own paces. Yet white men who have actually provided the progress are denigrated for not having dome more rather than applauded for the progress they have delivered.

It is tellingly ignored that the largest impact of the arrival of women in the workforce has been the growth of the demographic: Males not in the work force. And these men are largely white.

White men led and still lead the reconstruction of society intended to equalize the opportunities of whites and non-whites and white men have made the changes demanded by the feminists. This is a simple fact; after all, white men are still mostly in charge of what they have built, though change proceeds.

Another ignored fact is the planetary leadership of white societies in matters of tolerance and equality. Minorities and women are worse off almost everywhere that whites are not in charge. It seems particularly telling that so many white women have joined so unthinkingly the demonization of white men; when the white ship goes down, they will find themselves aboard.

God certainly has a sense of humor; not only are His chosen people entitled to second thoughts about being chosen; the descent of the white race from its preeminence is being led by white men and women. To date, only Asians show significant interest in replacing the whites; if they wish to pursue that, there is much they might wish to consider.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannAccumulated for your in case you hadn’t noticed:

The falling Chinese space station (8 tons) may crash in Michigan? (Report) (If it hits Detroit …)

The culture: The Screen Actors’ Guild has demanded observers on set to oversee sex scenes of major Hollywood films (Report) (Reopen the Hays Office?)

More culture: A New Orleans restaurant charges white customers more? (Report) (We’ll bet it has none – but it’s a sign of the times)

Still more culture: 5 of the world’s most violent cities are in the United States? (Report) (Someone selling something?)

Immigration: A GOP “immigration reform” bill in Congress is quietly accompanied by a separate bill speeding the arrival of Chinese and Indian tech workers (Report) (Giving up something without being deprived of it …)

The economy: Status of robotic worker replacement in retail (Report) (It’s coming, as wages rise … but a bit slower than prophesied)

More economy: The downturn has begun, if you believe the bond interest rates (Article)

Russia: Putin poll predicts win by 67% of vote (Report) (Communists gone; their elections remain?)

Digitally altered video: “Believe nothing you hear; only half that you see” is outdated: Believe no one (Report)

The war on the internet: London Mayor demands censorship by Twitter, Google etc. (Report)

The culture: Tens of thousands of college students spring break on Florida beaches; booze, drugs, public sex … (Report)  (Our brave new post Christian society forming in public)

Yellowstone caldera: Quakes continue; a weatherman soothes … (Report)

Government: A study is exploring digital driver’s licenses that cops could read with cell phones? (Report) (Big Brother will always know who and where you are …)

Social Insecurity: U.S. elderly projected to outnumber children by 2035 (Report) (How many old folk can YOU support?)

New Jersey: High tax state raising taxes as disastrous financial mismanagement bites home (Report) (Comes of turning finances over to politicians …)

Manufacturing: Ford recalled 1.4 M cars for loose steering wheel bolts? (Report) (If Ford can’t keep it together, it’s all coming apart!)

The economy: Toys R Us follows other retailers out of business  (Report)

Turkey: Speeds political prosecution of American pastor (Report)

California appointed an illegal alien to a (minor) state office? (Report)

The law: A Romanian court rejected a man’s claim that he is not dead. (Report)

The economy: National debt (i.e. future taxes) hits $21 trillion (Report) (Bets open on the bond market’s Wiley E. Coyote date?)

The culture: Protesting students trashed Wal-Mart (Report) (Grown up, what sort of society will these provide?)

 The economic culture: “Americans don’t value work anymore” (Article) (Somebody noticed?)

Chicago: 4 dead, 14 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man and woman were arrested after walking into a Virginia hotel (Report)

And may St. Patty’s Day be happy everywhere (Even California)

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThese were our findings:

Nutria (20 lb swamp rats) are colonizing California and other states? (Edible, nice fur coats)

Russia accused the U.S. of election meddling? (Report) (Putin has a sense of humor?)

Iran’s supreme leader agrees with U.S. Democrats: Take away the guns? (Article)

The war on the internet: Twitter wars with pro-Israel group,  censors pro-lifers (Reports)

China: Uses internet to monitor citizens for compliance, punish non-conformists (Report) (Somewhere, George Orwell is laughing … And in the U.S.   “background checks” are becoming “necessary”)

China’s runaway space station will fall back to earth soon (Report)

Immigration: There’s still an 8% Federal tax break for small businesses that hire alien grads rather than citizens? (Report)

European tariffs quietly – already impact Chinese imports (Article)

 Male fertility has been declining without explanation (Report)

Science: New treatments make wood competitive with metals for construction (Report)

The culture: A drunken husband killed his wife by using a mortar bomb as a sex toy? (Report)

Libya: Update (Article)

The culture: White men, an increasingly troubled demographic (Report)

The climate: Federal judge allows children to sue Trump over climate change? (Report) (9th circuit fake law)

South Africa: The black government is demonizing whites, encouraging persecution? (Report)

Economics: 25 U.S. products that rely upon high tariffs to stay in business (Report) (It’s business as usual, not a Trump invention – and it sucks)

Daylight Saving Time: The madness endures … (Article)

Turkey imprisoned 24 journalists for failing to report the government propaganda as news? (Report)

California: The projected cost of the LA – San Francisco high speed train rose billions; completion faded farther into the future? (Report) (Reality sucks, but taxpayers pay for it anyway)

The culture: Ireland’s Supreme Court ruled that unborn children have no legal rights (Report) (Can Rome be far behind?)

Ukraine: The  President promised a swift liberation of eastern Ukraine from Russian invaders (Report)

Palestinians: Update on diverting western aid money toward paying terrorists (Article)

Chicago: 1 dead, at least 9 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman fatally shot a male neighbor (Report)

And that was enough …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannAnother week’s worth:

The internet is increasingly charging patrons for “news” (Report) (Which now is often propaganda)

The U.S. two party system will become multi-party? (Article)  (Or maybe more clearly single party?)

The culture: A biological boy again won a state girls’ wrestling title (Report) (Boy wrestles girls wearing skimpy clothes, gets medal, is no fool. Administrators, politicians, maybe boys’ parents are fools)

The economy: Looming retirement apocalypse (Article) Ballooning stocks and the U.S. debt pin (Article)

We can’t continue to run the world” (Article) (I know, you know; why doesn’t our government know?)

Venezuela: Is the new Petro a desperation oil swindle? (Article)

 Science: A glitch in the expanding universe? (Report)

Schools are safer today than in the 1990s per a recent study (Report) (And educate less, we’d bet)

Economics: More now support universal basic income (Report) (We still wonder who will be supplying the money?)

The culture: A woman fired a pistol during a seat dispute at a “Black Panther” showing (Report) (And the GOP wants to arm all the teachers …)

Science: Reconstructing the genomes of long extinct species is moving closer (Report) (Jurassic Park looming?)

The Culture: Fake gun news is rampant? (Report) (Whom can we believe, anymore?)

Corruption: The Feds are soliciting huge lawsuits against drug manufacturers of opiods? (Report) (Government’s charter is to legislate, regulate and enforce laws, not try to entice courts)

More war on cash: Apple CEO slams cash (Article) (Hmnn … Cash doesn’t need Apples’ phomes or computers, right?)

The economy: New Federal Reserve Chair Powell admitted that the U.S. is not on a sustainable fiscal path (Article) (Duh! But talk is cheap)

Iraq: Update (Article)

The media: The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) will provide a new conservative talk show? (Report) (Let’s see how they define “conservative”)

The culture: Barbara Streisand cloned her dogs (Report) When for people?)

California will allow testing driverless cars without human presence as of April 2nd (Report) (The day after April Fools’ day, right?)

Corruption: Pennsylvania is sued for hiding voting records of non-citizens (Report)

Is California following Venezuela’s road? Some seem to think so (Article)

Teacher in custody after shots fired at high school (Report) (Arm all the teachers, right?)

Government: President Trump said: Take the guns first; go through due process second? (Report)  (Well, then hang him first, give him his fair trial second, right?)

The culture: A California state senator (D) known for his support of gun control is going to prison for gun trafficking? (Report) (!)

Education: Washington D.C.’s high school graduation rate drops from 73% to 42% after massive fraud revealed? (Article)

The economy: Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs channeling earlier Bush fandango that failed? (Article)

Universal Basic Income gets another push (Article) (The free lunch endures)

Trump threatens Europe with tariff on cars (Article) (Is he channeling Herbert Hoover now?)

The culture: The degeneration of the U.S. military (Article) (Training drops to the levels of the weakest girls)

Chicago: 4 dead, 20 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after stealing an ATV (Report)

And that will have to do …

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Question MarkWhy do we demand redress from a businessman who does not keep his promise or whose product does not, but grant immunity to politicians in the same circumstances?

(Think about it …)

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Florida School Shooting Responses: Record Nonsense

GUN CONTROLIt is difficult to decide whether the media’s intellectual flatulence or the politicians’ hypocritical bombast is the more repellant reaction to the pointless deaths of the 17 high school kids at the hands of a madman. Both media and government are battening upon the deaths with the enthusiasm of hungry maggots, using the dead kids to advance their own interests.

From the Democrats rounding up brainwashed survivors to demonize guns and fire the local sheriff to the Republicans trying to impose arms upon teachers or impose armed guards upon schools, the only thing being omitted is common sense. Oh, and of course, honesty.

Never mind uncooperative reality: Whip up emotions and ram through your political goals before rational thought settles in, if it is ever allowed. We are watching classic lynch mob tactics from both sides.

Let’s consider: The shooters are madmen and/or Muslims, are they not? The FBI and the local sheriff are faulted for not arresting the shooter before he shot anyone; the FBI is regularly faulted for not arresting terrorists before they act. Never mind the thousands of suspicious posts, tweets, actions and appearances regularly presented to law enforcers by people who never harm anyone. Law enforcement folk aren’t better mind readers than the rest of us; they must react to facts, not to guessed-at intentions. Fire the Sheriff because he didn’t prevent the crime? No sheriff anywhere prevents much crime; all of them capture and imprison felons after their crimes. Maybe that will change when the tech provides mind reading but that isn’t now. Nor will we enjoy a world where intentions are punished before actions have occurred; too many of us will be punished.

Arm the teachers? You want to trust your kids to an armed group of such folk? I’d be more afraid of such a group than of the probability of a madman. Churches are shot up too; guess we’ll have to arm the clergy, right?

Posting armed guards at schools has issues too. They are expensive and would have little to do but sit there all day. The quality of interested talent seems a likely question. And schools are pretty jail-ish already, aren’t they? Too, will not a determined shooter find entrance anyway and a less determined one simply shoot up a church or picnickers at a park instead?

The elephant in this room of course is the U.S. founders’ intention behind the second Amendment: They wanted an armed public to keep their government afraid of mistreating them. It seems odd that even the defenders of gun ownership never seem to bring that into view, thought the founders wrote plainly about it.

The one area that may, eventually reward more investigation is the area receiving none at present: progress in medicine and law for dealing with mental health. Oh, and tack on some recognition that historically and today, a fringe percentage of Muslims are ready to pursue terrorism. That is not anti-Muslim; it is only fact and so should not be ignored. What should be done about it requires thought, not pretense. To his credit, President Trump has made this point, mostly ignored. He also said that he would have rushed in against the shooter unarmed; we hope he will be a little less excitable when he is considering our military …

We in the U.S. have made an increasingly violent society; we shall pay the price of that change as we have done before. And if we disarm the public, we will not reduce violence; we will only insure that allof it is perpetrated by criminals and government. That is inarguable; what should be argued is whether that will be an improvement over the present.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannHow it was:

Corruption: Can Ukraine win its war on corruption? (Article) (ts independence from Russia depends upon it)

Education: A Georgia school will drug test students using hair samples? (Report) (Schools more like jails)

Government: A former CIA boss admits U.S. meddling in foreign elections (Article) (Normal foreign relations for governments, we suppose)

The CIA argues that the public should not see information it has already leaked to reporters (Article) (Ven ve vant your opinion, ve vill give it to you …)

The war on cash: Sweden worries impending cashlessness will dispossess poor and elderly (Report)

Turkey threatens to invade the Greek islands in addition to its ongoing invasion of Kurdish Syria (Report)

Corruption: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) asked Ukraine to stop stalling an anti corruption court (Report)

Yellowstone supervolcano quake swarm continues but scientists say “never mind” (Report) (Hmnn )

Iran threatened to level Tel Aviv, kill Prime Minister Netanyahu (Report) (Relations per usual)

The culture: College lost national basketball title over sex scandal (Report)

Israel: Iran threat develops (Article) Israel and Iran on collision course in Syria (Article)

The climate: The U.S. government (NOAA) was caught fiddling the temperature data again (Report)

The climate: The melting Arctic sea ice is a scam again? (Report)

The culture: An example of government designed “security?” (Report)

Government: Four lawsuits challenge the electoral college system in four states (Report)  Opposition to the “winner take all” version)

The border wall: Construction begins on some 2 miles of Trump’s border wall replacement in California. (Report) (Only 1,931 miles to go …)

Turkey: Gloomy financial update (Article) (Maybe why stirring up distracting foreign aggtrddiond?)

More Turkey: Turkish warships threatened and drove off an Italian oil drilling ship contracted by Cyprus to drill off its shores (Article)

The economy: Already underfunded public pension funds are overinvested in stocks, increasing risk (Article) (Private sector pensions vanished for a reason; a generation of public servants will be toast –  along with taxpayers on the hook)

Thailand: Update (Article)

Post Christianity? German bishops open holy communion to non-Catholics? (Report)

Corruption: Nashville Mayor’s sex scandal; Missouri Governor too (Reports) (Our post-Christian era)

The culture: A woman caught a camouflaged drone peeping through her bedroom window (Report)  (You knew this was coming …)

Science: No truly wild (never domesticated) horses exist on earth today (Report)

The internet: Censorship has arrived, unannounced? (Report)

The economy: Los Angeles criminalized sleeping in cars and RVs?  (Article) (Eliminating poverty by punishment)

Chicago: 6 dead, 22 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A man was arrested after putting a naked woman’s dead body in front of his trailer home (Report)

Which ought to be enough …

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