GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannYour sampling:

Government: Australia has mandated reporting of child abuse heard by Catholic priests in confession; the church has said it cannot comply –  now, what? (Report)

Israel: Previously ignored fire balloons launched from Gaza become news as Israel targets them (Report) (Attacking Israel gets a pass; defending Israel doesn’t?)

Amazon: Is bringing two hour delivery to Whole Food? (Report)

Politics: Catching up with science as Prez Trump ordered Pentagon to establish a Space Force (Report) (Somewhere, Stephen Hawking is smiling …)

The government: Peaceful pro-life demonstrators jailed for 45 days? (Report) (Bears watching)

More government: Appellate court upholds Catholic seal on confessions (Report)  (After lower court breached it … another issue to watch)

War: Are Chinese using lasers to attack U.S. forces? (Report)

Corruption: The ‘nonprofit’ Southern Poverty Law Center has over $90 million stashed overseas? (Report) (Not so much poverty …)

Nicaragua: Following Venezuela as another disintegrating socialist paradise? (Report) (A city rejects national government; asserts self governance)

The Internet: Faces new E.U. copyright law heavily penalizing posting either copyrighted material or links to it? (Report) (How to keep everyone ignorant?)

Demographics: For the first time in U.S. history, white deaths outnumber white births in a majority of states (Article)

 The Internet: U.S. Supreme Court allows South Dakota to collect sales taxes from out state retailers  for internet sales (Report)

Corruption: A politicized FBI (Report) (Imagine what the rest must be like?)

 The climate: 30 years on, how well do global warming predictions hold up? (Report)

Science: New discovery offers brake on metastatic cancer? (Report)

North Korea: Update (Article)

The economy: The reality under the propaganda, by retired Congressman Ron Paul (Article)

Culture: Saudi Arabian women are now allowed to drive (Report)

The economy: Median price for a Bay Area home: $930,000 (Report)

More economy: Internet retailers must plan how to comply with sales tax ruling (Report) (Supreme Court decision won’t be easy to implement)

Chicago: 9 dead, 45 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A drunk naked man was arrested after throwing chairs at police (Report)

Just another 7 days of educated, civilized behavior …

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QUESTION: What of the kids of U.S. jailed Single moms and dads?

Question Mark

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Is Prez Trump Suddenly Responsible For The Children of Invaders? (While Prez Obama Wasn’t)

Illegl Aliens

The Uninvited

The Prez is villainous by continuing the Obama policy of providing separately for the children of imprisoned, lawbreaking adults at the border. Wat a villain! We’re not told; did Prez Obama begin that or have we always provided separately for the kids coming in with illegal (i.e. “criminal”) immigrants? Dunno and no one’s telling me.

Should we jail kids with lawbreaking parents? That’s a debate we haven’t had, right? We clearly haven’t built the special jails that would be needed for that. If we were to decide to do that, where is the money to fund such special jails in this time of deficits?

Seems to us, the bottom line is: We not only can’t support the world, we’re having growing difficulty supporting ourselves as we once did. Our middle class is dissolving. Should we not insist that these very illegal invaders go stand in the legal line like everyone else? As does every country (With varying degrees of unvoiced humor).

Bottom line: We don’t owe the world a living because they can’t manage their own affairs at home, do we? Like above, where’s the money for that?

Trump’s abused because he continues a policy that denies that we somehow owe the world a living. With that in charge, who would produce anything? Instead, we’d just go somewhere else to demand it from others … like those invading our borders.

Feel free to disagree, but marshall your facts, paleas.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannOur pickings:

Government: Vermont and New Jersey will now force all residents to buy health insurance (Report) (And California is imposing water rationing as of 2020)

More government: In Newark, police cameras and the internet watch you (Report)

Still more government: How government statistics evolved into propaganda (Article) (Given the needs of those in charge, how could they not?)

The economy: U.S. households are borrowing more and saving less? (Article) (Everything  getting better and better)

Politics: Enemies hoping Trump will channel Herbert Hoover (Article)

Turkey: Update (Article) (Prez Erdogan’s mounting difficulties)

Turkey: Prez Erdogan predicts religious war after Austria expels Moslem imams (Report)

Geopolitics: Naval military spending is rising around the Pacific? (Report) (China’s South China Sea territory grab)

More geopolitics: An Iraqi armored group is replacing American with Russian tanks(Report)

The war on cash: Sweden is retreating somewhat from cashlessness (Report) (Reality dawns?)

Education: Home schooling expands in reaction to school shootings, liberal social studies (Report)

IHOP has become IHOB – the “B” is for burgers – but pancakes will stay (Report)

Healthcare: Are prescribed medications raising suicide rates? (Article) 1/3 of Americans take medications with depressive side effects? (Report)

The economy: Bonds based on subprime auto loans? (Article) (Building on sand – again)

Philippines: Update (China South China Sea threat and Islamic terrorism)

The economy: Satellites augment statistical reality  (Though governments may not)

New York City: People may be leaving, but rats are multiplying (Report)

Politics: New York State is suing the Trump Foundation for illegal personal use of non-profit (Report) Washington D.C. and Maryland too (Report) (And the Clinton Foundation remains pristine …)

Technology: Microsoft may supply Walmart and others software to eliminate retail checkout lines as Amazon is doing at its new “Amazon Go!” store (Report)

Nicaragua: Drifting into civil war? (Report) (Another socialist paradise gone bad?)

Science: DNA determines gender without using genes (Report)

Government: The Senate refused an amendment preventing rounding up, imprisoning U.S. citizens without due process? (Report)

California: Carving the state into three (Article) (Before or after the more likely earthquake?)

Congress perpetuates the deficit for 2o19 (Report) (Living on our great grandchildren’s money)

Government: Background checks assumed by Dept. of Defense (Report) (SNAFU on order?)

Chicago: 9 dead, 30 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman’s posted video resulted in the arrest of another woman who had posted it (Report)

And so it went …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannAnd so:

The economy: Central banks worsen, don’t stabilize financial instability? (Article) (Duh!)

Government: Feds seized a traveler’s life savings without due process or evidence of crime (Report)  (Becoming routine for travelers with cash)

Science: Big astronomical discoveries increasingly result from searching old public data (Article)

New Jersey: Pushes into fiscal crisis mode under new governor (Article)

Politics: Portland (OR) sees bloody fighting as Antifa activists attack Patriot prayer rally (Report) (Funded promoters attacking civil order) Government: A Trump fan was arrested for disorderly conduct at a Patriot prayer rally after violent Antifa protesters attacked him? (Report)

The Constitution: Supreme Court said a Colorado baker is not required to provide a wedding cake to a gay couple against his religious belief (Report)

Stockton, CA: Will pay a $500/mo guaranteed income to a group of poor as a privately funded experiment (Report) (We think we see why the city has severe financial problems)

Science: More evidence for sterile neutrinos  challenges particle physicists (Report)

San Francisco prevents Uber/Lyft picking up airport arrivals, resulting in huge traffic (Article) (Politicians protecting cab drivers at passenger expense)

  The economy: Free trade realities, some uncomfortable (Article)

The climate: The Arctic has been much warmer in the past, without human produced CO2 to explain it (Report) (Spinning body precession, for one thing)

The War on Cash: Why a cashless society is dangerous (Article)

Science: Archeologists’ radiocarbon dating method seems a couple of decades off (Report)

Education: The dumbing down of politicized U.S. colleges (Articles)

Republicans split by Trump struggle with immigration (Report)

The economy: Debunking the ‘success’ of the post WW II Marshal Plan (Article)


The economy: The long death of America’s middle class (Article)

How Democray Ended  Politicians representing the rich while claiming to represent the public (Article)

 California: The state’s volcanos most likely to erupt (Article) (Well, they want to secede, don’t they?)

The economy: The problem of phony prosperity (Article) (Trumped up good times floated on debt someone will repay)

The economy: Americans are better off than they appreciate or are told (Article) (For how much longer?)

The culture: Ten percent admit checking phone during sex? (Report)

Science: Dementia symptoms relieved in mice (Report)

More culture: Prediction that cameras will ultimately be watching Americans’ every move (Report) (Betcha its less “cameras” and more “government”?)

Still more culture: Two Connecticut ‘trans’ boys took top medals in state high school open track events (Report) (Substituting madness for culture)

California: Has adopted permanent water rationing, starting at 55 Gal/Day per person in 2020 (Report)  (Dry cleaners, zeroscapers and perfumers must be ecstatic)

Chicago: 1 dead, 30 wounded in weekend shootings (Report) (Shooters drinking?)

A naked man was arrested near an elementary school (Report)

That’s all, folks.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom this week:

Columbia: Deciding  whether to follow Venezuela’s socialist trail? (Report)

Californians will choose between standard auto license plates or $700 little digital message boards (Report)

Britain: Gov’t uses Soviet style disappearance to vanish pesky journalist (Report) Update: Embarrassing backlash)

Corruption: “Confirmed: Obama ordered spies into Trump campaign” (Report) (Assume that where spies pay off, there will be spies)

More corruption: Protests as Syria presides over world disarmament meeting (Report) (Well, they gave terrorist in chief Yasser Arafat the Nobel Peace Prize …)

Chicago: A civil breakdown emerging? (Report) (Visibly oncoming since L.A.’s Watts riots …)

Europe: Predicting the E.U. collapse (Article)

The economy: Home prices an expanding bubble? (Article) (They’ll be cheaper after the next crash)

Israel: Gaza Palestinians fired a barrage of mortar shells into Israel (Article) (And the damn Jews better not defend themselves, right?)

Science: New discoveries from ancient Amerind civilizations (Report)

Chicago: 8 dead, 30 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

Science: Rethinking evolution –again- based upon a new gene survey? (Report)

The economy: A Denver child’s lemonade stand was shut down by the city; the operator had not bought a permit (Report) (U.S. free market?)

The culture: New Jersey outlawed AR 15 and bump stocks with jail term but NONE have been turned in as demanded (Report) (Watch to see if the gov’t will back off or activate the police state?)

Europe: Why the Eurozone/Euro are doomed (Article) (Brussels parliament can’t paper over reality?)

The war on the internet: The E.U. is about to destroy the internet (Video) (And the U.S. is just awaiting Trump’s sucessor)

More culture: The airport screeners (TSA) enhancing their police state image? (Article)

The war on private cars: Waymo and Softbank are investing heavily in self driving cars, taxis (Report)

The economy: U.S. savings rate drops to record lows (Article) (While debt rises)

Education: An South Carolina art teacher resigned after repeated student sex acts occurred while she was preset in her classroom (Report)

The culture: A woman gave birth to a daughter during an appointment at an abortion clinic (Report)

The economy: Americans not in the labor force remains at 1978 levels (Article) (Then, it was non-working housewives)

 Government/Culture: Portland promotes extra tax for corporations with high CEO pay (Article)

Chicago: 9 dead, 29 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested at a store after biting an officer (Report)

Considering, that should be enough.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThese attracted our notice:

Los Angeles: Thousands march against Mayor’s homeless shelter (Report) (Closing the unaffordable old poor houses didn’t  solve the problem, so reopen them?)

Venezuela: Prices double every 17.5 days as hyperinflation proceeds (Report)

Venezuela re-elects President Maduro (Russia hacked the election?)

Italy: Either the north pays the south’s debts or the E.U. breaks up? (Article)

The European Union: As its cracks widen, the Union tries to rally around demonizing the U.S. (Article)   (It must be Trump’s fault)

Sweden: Several thousand people have implanted microchips in fingers to replace credit cards and I.D. (Article) (Unforseen considered consequences await?)

Government: How democracy ended: May the better liar win (Article) (Representing the rich while claiming to represent the public)

The economy: Smaller banks face spiking credit card delinquencies? (Article) (Big bank competition forcing higher risks)

Pakistan: Undercover U.S. foe in Afghanistan increasingly resents pressure from Trump admin (Article)

Labor Law: Employers can force workers to waive rights to file some class action lawsuits (Report)

The Church: Pope Francis said that God created homosexuality (Report) (That biology agrees will likely not protect him)

The internet: Britain plans censorship of content, other restrictions (Report)

Education: 4 day school week spreading? (Report) (Politicians not helping all those single mothers?

Electric aircraft: New electric motor made first flight (Video) Boeing backed hybrid electric commuter plane targets 2022 (Report) (Lots of electric small military drones now but batteries/generators are still heavy)

Corruption: A snapshot of the state of current U.S. government (Article) (Not the media version)

The economy: How we have foreclosed the economic future of our young (Article)

Turkey: Another economy on the edge as it dissolves into dictatorship? (Article) Currency meltdown (Report)

Who needs enemies? (NATO does) (Article)) (If they aren’t enough, inflate ‘em)

The economy: 43% of American families are challenged paying for food and rent (Report) (A great recovery since 2008, right?)

The church: Episcopal doctrinal schizophrenia spreads as Pope Francis transits his minefield (Report)

More church: Catholic student at catholic college harassed over his conservative doctrine (Report)

North Korea: Strategic update (Article)

The culture: Customers rage as Starbucks morphs into a homeless shelter (Report) (When political correctness bumps into reality)

The war on car ownership: Opening salvo from New York uses climate change to force shift from cars to enlarged public transport (Article)

Science: Researchers move forward substituting light for electricity (Report)

More science: Brain tissue regrown after stroke in mice (Report)

Still more science: Complex biological tissues now created via 3D printer (Report)

Science edging belief: Manufacturing at atomic scale? (Report)

The economy: Antidote for thinking the stock market is free and fair (Article)

Science: An embryo combining human with chicken cells (Report) (Frankenstein is SO yesterdsy …)

The culture: Degeneration of Western marriage proceeds (Report) (And the quality of child raising and so of Western society along with it)

More science: Computer virtual assistant (Alexa) now helps programmers (Report) (Hmnn … How much longer will we need programmers?)

Israel: More fake news as Israelis defend their Gaza border (Report) (Israelis on defense are attackers, Palestinians on attack are “demonstrators”)

The church: The Pope is disempowering the contemplatives? (Report)

More church: Ireland appears to have adopted legal abortion (Report)  (Update: It passed)

The economy: The millennials aren’t making it? (Report) (The screwed generation about to inherit the wind)

Mystery: The latest rational UFO report from the U.S. Navy (Report)

China: How to industrialize fast without being caught at it (Report)

Chicago: 6 dead, 32 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested strolling (Report)

Und also sprach Zarathustra …

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