GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

Healthcare: Update on corona virus (Article)

The Balkans: Continuing sorting out the remains of Yugoslavia (Article)

Wine: Price drop expected, result of California grape surplus? (Report)

The church: A house divided against itself cannot stand …?  (Report)

The Chinese economy will tighten, not stimulate with magic money? (Article) (Channeling 1929?)

China orders lenders to tolerate declining creditworthiness (Article) (Keeping hollow banks standing?)

The war on cash: Mapping out the next step? (Article)

Japan slides toward recession? (Article)

Financial reality with a vengeance, triggered by Chin’s pandemic? (Article)

Subversion: Democrat senators met secretly with Iran’s foreign minister? (Report)

The war on the Internet: Facebook president asked government to define allowable speech? (Article)

More war on cash: China update (Article)

Guns: Red flag law seizure from wrong gun owner (Report)

Corruption: Mississippi welfare director arrested for massive embezzlement (Article)

Africa: Current locust migration approaching ancient plague proportions (Report)

Privacy: New bracelet jams eavesdropping Alexa, Siri etc. (Report) (Hmn … maybe?)

China: The economy remains depressed by the virus epidemic? (Article)

Politics: The Intolerance of the Tolerant Left: The End of Liberal Democracy? (Article)

Syria: Turkey to invade against Syrian government/Russia? (Article)

Turkey requests U.S. missiles to defend Syrian border area from Russia? (Article)

California corporations: New law assigns quota mandating female board members? (Report)

The economy: The national debt bomb (Article)

U.S. fertility rate drops to record low (Article)

U.S. Social Security cannot survive in its present form (Article)

The economy: Economist says nobody should claim credit for current U.S. economy (Report)

The culture: Female inmate sues prison for rape by transgender inmate? (Report)

India: Discovers massive new gold deposit (Report)

Corruption: California ignores congressman’s request for info re Chinese spy program? (Report)

The war on the internet: Update (Article)  (NOTE: The Trump administration has shut down the “Net Neutrality” program with which the Obama Administration was moving to regulate the wrb.)

Chicago: 4 dead, 22 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A woman was arrested after producing naked videos (Report) (She was unbareable?)

And that’s enough …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThis week’s lot:

The culture: Two New York City Police shot in separate attacks (Report)

Cell phones may be hacked when using public charging stations (Article)

Education: College campus censorship loses one for a change (Report)

New York charged Mennonite midwife with 96 felonies for delivering babies (Report)

Immigration: 75% of illegal aliens skip immigration court hearings (Article)

Tesla remotely removes features from owner’s cars without warning? (Report)

Politics: Trump budget would boost military spending, cut welfare? (Report) (Is that what he promised?)

North Korea: Update and coronavirus status (Article)

Fake news trick: Chinese astroturf attempt fails (Article)

Government: The IRS sent millions in tax refunds to thousands of illegals at the same address (Report)

Healthcare: Why is the U.S. government turning 11 military bases into quarantine camps? (Article)

The stock market: Now a political tool of the Federal Reserve? (Article)

The culture: Outrage over white students essay win on Martin Luther King (Report) (Anti-white isn’t racism?)

Government: The bleak future of Social Security/Medicare (Article)

France: Using Islam to sink Judeo-Christianity (Article)

Syria: Assad government, invading Turks, remaining rebels clash in border province (Report)

The economy: Subprime auto loans growing and going bad (Article)

Federal Reserve continues to prop up market with fiat money? (Article) (How long can frantic pumping keep a leaking balloon aloft?)

Government: U.S. high school girls sue against forced athletic competition against biological males (Report)

Foreign Aid Just empowers corrupt regimes? (Article)

China: Economy freezing in corona response? (Article)

U.S. Corona testing units setting up to test people with flu symptoms (Article) (What will happen to positives?)

The biometric threat: High tech identification systems have problems (Article)

The economy: Debt, deficits and spending ourselves rich (Article)

A short history of U.S. biological warfare programs (Article)

U.S. foreign policy: Another view of the current reality (Article)

Corruption: Detroit: Activists/Lawyers swarm trial to keep dead voters on rolls? (Report)

The culture: 39% of recently married heterosexuals met on the internet? (Article)

The U.S. military: A quiet stress/concussion revolution proceeds (Article)

The culture: Biological male invited to compete in U.S. women’s Olympic trial event? (Article)

Chicago: 9 killed, 14 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after breaking into an apartment and attacking occupant (Report)



EDITORIAL:         Some Questions About The New Corona Flu Pandemic


  1. What is the average mortality rate in China?
  2. What are the telltale initial patient symptoms?
  3. What are the typical symptoms of an average fully developed infection?
  4. For how long is the average patient excluded from normal activities?
  5. What is presently recommended care/treatment?
  6. Who are the patients considered to be at greatest risk of death?
  7. Why, given the scale and resulting attention to date, are the answers to these questions largely unreported?
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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)


The culture: One third of wives now earn more than husbands (Report)

The culture: Nyw York and California spend billions more in taxes than Texas and Florida but get worse results? (Article)

The Chinese economy: Big injection of fiat money to crutch corona panic? (Article) India follows (ArticleO

Geopolitics: Will Russia/Turkey block Israeli gas exports to Europe? (Report)

Corruption: 378 U.S. counties have more registered voters than eligible residents (Report) (More than 2 M votes)

China: Update (Article) (Long, informative re corona virus, somewhat repetitive)

The war on the Internet: U.S. tech giants as politicized censors (Article)

Canada: Minister said all news websites must have government license for approved content? (Report)

The economy: What is coming, and why (Article)

Yemen: Update (Article) (Long, informative summary)

The culture: Rev. Franklin Graham banned in U.K. (Article)

The moon: Luring competing interests (Article) (But still mostly talk)

Afghanistan:  Update (Article) (Long, informative plus repetitive)

California: Protecting workers by outlawing their jobs (Article)

Healthcare: The Lies We Are Told about the Coronavirus (Article)  (Why are FACTS so scarce?)

Argentina: About to flip off its debt – again (Report) (Who still lends to them?)

The culture: School called police when six year old with Down Syndrome made a gun with her finger (Article)

Iraq: Depends upon Iran for gas and electric power … (Article)

Venezuela: President Maduro switches to capitalism? (Article)

The war on the Internet: Federal appeal to restore Obama internet regulation rejected (Report)

 The economy: U.S. cities debt burden (Report)

Politics: Why Democrats and Republicans find Russia a convenient enemy (Article)

Emergy: China’s natural gas imports collapsing? (Report)

China: Some scary numbers from the corona scene (Article)

The Federal courts: Analysis of Trump’s judicial appointments (Article)

Coronavirus: China starts mass arrests of people thought infected (Report) (And 50 M are quarantined in their homes)

More coronavirus : The pandemic isn’t ending; it’s just the beginning of global depression and disorder (Article)  (The Chinese government is clearly panicked; is this the 1919 Spanish Flu scene reprating?)

Education: Speech and thought control ramping up at universities? (Article)

Science: Will light replace electricity in computing? (Report)

More science: Big step forward toward mastering photosynthesis (Report)

Still more science: Quantum information storage progress (Report)

Chicago: 3 killed, 19 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after walking around neighborhood (Report)



EDITIRIAL: The U.S. Market Is Too Regulated To Be Called “Free”

When President Trump brags about his trade deals, he is bragging about the control he exerts upon business between countries. When businesses pay lobbyists, they are buying influence to short circuit direct competition. When government regulators impose rules, standards and limits upon businesses, their motives are political, not commercial. So is legislation directing workers’ wages and benefits. When governments impose taxes, they are distorting markets and altering economic in favor of political goals. The Federal Reserve intervenes heavily in financial markets affecting the entire economy.  There is little in the U.S. today that is not regulated usually by multiple layers of government. A citizen cannot conduct significant business without paying government for permission in most places. The newsfolk regularly report some kid’s summer lemonade stand being shut down by the police. And almost every conceivable personal service requires licensing of some sort, even prostitution where it is legal. There is no longer a U.S. free market. To make the picture worse, U.S. government battens upon some 38% of GDP

That has substituted political for heretofore economic decision making, with the usual economically stifling results. That is a primary reason that, even with the high worker wages, American workers are being replaced by machines and foreigners while the U.S. middle class slowly degrades back into a proletariat. It appears that government comes in two sizes: Too small to be very effective or too large to let many others be very effective …

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Socialism is hardly a new idea; its principles interested Plato and Aristotle.

Socialism, regardless of anything proponents proclaim, cannot exist with democracy. The dictionary definition of socialism:  “Political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.” Masses of humans will not willingly live for long deprived of ownership or control of nearly everything important to their own lives. Such conditions require compulsion.

The democratic socialists claim that voting is an adequate substitute for or even an improvement upon private ownership; in that case, we should expect the U.S. Postal Service to equal or surpass private UPS. Most know that the reverse is the case; and that “waste, fraud and abuse” are bywords for government programs. (Examples: Small Business Administration and healthcare) Such results are implicit in any situation where politics supersedes economics.

Human nature contradicts socialist principles, the “Tragedy of the Commons” being a famous economic example wherein public lands are abuse for the private benefit of herdsmen. People do not voluntarily put their own welfare at risk for the benefit of others. The need for self-preservation forbids it.

A democratic socialist politician asks voters to believe that she will care for and use your productive property better than you can yourself since your property will have to produce more to fulfill her promises than it did when it needed only to fulfill yours. The terms: “Democratic Socialism” are mutually contradictory. (Sorry, Bernie – but we have to live in this universe.)

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannHere they are:

Education: FBI probes deep rooted fraud in New York City Schools (Report)

The economy: Banks are raising limits on credit cards for free spending users (Article) (Quenching a fire with gasoline …)

The Middle East: Since last spring, the U.S. has added over 20,000 troops to oppose Iran? (Article)

Washington: The state’s tax increase appears insufficient to keep its college tuition promise? (Report)

Sweden: Immigration overwhelming the welfare state? (Article)

Healthcare: Supermarket pharmacies are closing (Report)

The culture: Univ. of Missouri requires students to install tracking app (Report)

Libya: Update as Turkey moves in (Article)

The U.S. Weather Service: A chance to rise from third rate to leadership? (Article)

The Middle East: Analyzed for you by one observer (Article)

Geopolitics: China’s Belt and Road initiative vs Sea Trade and U.S. hegemony? (Article)

California: Sued after refusal to open spending to scrutiny (Billions undisclosed) (Article)

The climate: Congress funding plan to cool earth by spraying particles in the sky? (Article)

Corruption: San Francisco Director of Public Works arrested by FBI (Report)

U.S. Government:  A rational analysis of an inevitable result of America’s two party system (Article)

The media: If you haven’t heard, the Iranian missile attack in Iraq injured 50 U.S. troops (Report)

Iraq: Iranian missile attack on U.S. troops wounded count now 64 (Article)

Syria: Update – depressing progress (Article)

China: German newspaper claims evidence Chinese intelligence working with Huavei 5G rollout (Article)

East Africa: Ancient plague locusts massively destroying crops – again (Report)

The border: Section of wall under construction blown down near Calexxico (Report)

Healthcare: Corona virus reporting is very overblown? (Article) (Wouldn’t be the first)

Russia: Update – Ukraine, Libya, Syria etc.

 The war on privacy: Your smart vehicle is recording your every move? (Article)

The economy: Nordstrom will open a line of second hand clothing (Article)

Government: Man responsible for racist robocalls to be fined $13 M? (Report)

The economy: Our coming debt crisis (Article) (Ann optimistic time frame)

Internal Revenue Service under fire for failing to curb erroneous tax credit claims (Report)

The culture: Homosexual cross dresser to be featured on kid show Sesame Street (Report)

U.S. Government: The House considers government takeover of consumer credit standards (Report)

California cities are providing night time parking lots for people living in their cars (Article)

Israel: Palestinians cut diplomatic relations; also with U.S. (Report) (Over Trump’s peace plan)

U.S. Democrats: Altering debate rules in favor of latecomer Bloomberg (Article) (Is he the anointed savior from all the self-appointed opportunists?)

Corona virus “contains HIV insertions” leading to fears of manmade bioweapon? (Report)

Chicago: 2 killed, 14 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested for assaulting boyfriend (Report)

And that’s enough …


EDITORIAL:         Summing Up the Impeachment Show


The procedure was a nearly party line showwith little likelihood of success given GOP control of the Senate. With their control of the House, the impeachment provided Democrats and their cooperative media a priceless opportunity to bad mouth Trump while essentially gagging the Republicans and the Dems made the most of it, manufacturing non-existent offenses to do so.

Once the House voted to impeach the President, the Senate sat still for several weeks of delay while the House actors rehearsed their lines ffor the Senate trial. Then the GOP-controlled Senate handed the Democrats from the House most of an additional week to further bash the President via the attending media before interjecting a comparatively short though factual and telling analysis of the deficiencies in the Democrats’ complaint. The show concluded with a potful of mostly leading questions, one of which from the Republicans, was blocked. Aftter that, the performance was ended with the vote to finish up without additional witness testimony, leaving the final acquittal pro forma.

For this observer, it was all a rather disgraceful show, a prostitution of the Constitutional process, which was abused by the Democrats for political purposes, trashing Trump before the coming election. It was even more shameful for the Republicans, who did not have to provide their opponents the weeks of preparation and hours of unsupported accusations they handed to the Democrats in the Senate. This observer’s conclusion: Neither party is happy with Trump but only the Democrats are willing to say so. It would appear that both the Dems and the GOP are chagrinned that the people have elected someone one of them did not first bless; an event unlikely to be repeated after 2020. The Democrats and Republicans have made it as difficult as they can but perhaps it is a good time to consider new political parties in America?

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannHelp yourself:

Healthcare: Mandated new asthma inhalers draw complaints (Report)

Corruption: Fake investigations – designed to fool you (Article)

Iran: Outline of its proxy forces throughout the Middle East (Article)

India’s giant, self-administered housing failure (Article)

Surveillance: New app provides your name/info to anyone snapping your photo? (Report)

More surveillance: U.S. Customs rolling out facial recognition at U.S. airports (Report)

The climate: Climate expert shreds apocalyptic claims in Congressional hearing (Report)

The culture: Bill to exclude biological males from female sports failed in Congress (Report)

The Federal Reserve is destroying the money supply in order to save it? (Article)

The economy: Global central banks are fueling a Ponzi market (Article)

Education: Too many costly or tax-funded college degrees are useless? (Article)

Scientists may have stumbled onto a cancer cure? (Report)

The war on the middle class: Will pods replace home ownership? (Article)

Lebanon: New government to deal with financial crisis (Article)

United Nations: Human rights ruling requires U.S. to open borders for all Central Americans (Report)

Australia: Government attacks secrecy of Catholic confession (Report)

China: Government jails Univ. of Minnesota student for unflattering tweets in U.S. (Report)

Maryland: Man shot dead by officers confiscating his gun under red flag law? (Article)

Illinois: Hundreds of noncitizens registered to vote (Report)

Syria: U.S. troops blocking Russian military access to oil fields? (Report)

The war on the internet: Secret curt orders censoring anti-vaccine sites? (Report)

France: Anti-Macron multiple city, massive street protests (Report)

Journalism: The war on anti-government reporters (Article)

America Before and After: How things have changed … (Article)

Politicization: Goldman Sachs to refuse IPO services when all customer company board members are straight white men? (Report)

Foreign relations: “Sanctions” can be war and often are? (Article)

The climate: Washington state legislators consider declaring climate emergency (Report)

Italy: Slouching toward an eventual E.U. exit? (Article)

London: Police deploy facial recognition across city (Article)

Chicago: 3 dead, 13 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after trying to board a school bus (Report)


Editorial:              THE LATE, GREAT U.S. NEWS MEDIA


In the days of independent newspapers and radio stations, competition rewarded objective and detailed reporting; if you didn’t get the story out quickly and correctly, your competition would, garnering the readers and the advertisers they attracted. But now, the remaining media outlets represent far fewer owners, too many of whom are too closely entwined with government and too much news has been replaced with what amounts to politicized propaganda. Once vaunted, America’s freedom of the press now seems to have merged with the world’s unimpressive average. And in this new surveillance age, the world average seems to be a declining standard.

That trend cannot surprise; no government has ever suffered dissemination of details f its doings happily; too many government workings fare poorly under much light. And while today’s technology boosts dissemination of information, it also increases the governmental span of control. The important thing as this tug of yes, war plays out, is to remember that the replacement of information by propaganda is always the first implementation of a newly police state.


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(From: Notes on

Coming up on the 2020 U.S. presidential election, President Trump takes repeated curtain calls for his creation of the best economy ever, crowing endlessly over an unemployment rate currently 3.5%.  His would-be Democrat opponents whom usually attack him for even breathing, do not attack his assessment. Their somewhat dubious pack of intended opponents instead promises an unbounded cornucopia of government-supplied goodies to fall into voters’ hands from their election to office. Both the President and his opponents are hoping to be elected before economic reality has time to disillusion American voters currently distracted by a faux impeachment, the North Korean threat and other dramatic manufactures.

That economic reality is cold: The U.S. economy and those of much of the world have become illusions clothed in concealing political posturing and propaganda. For instance, the crowing centers upon unemployment rates that no longer reflect the long term unemployed, only those currently collecting unemployment benefits. The more inclusive labor force participation rate rose significantly when the erstwhile housewives had to find jobs in the 1970s but it has remained in decline since about 2000. The passing of the middle class housewife was the first significant evidence that established family living standards could no longer be maintained on a single income. Put differently, labor was losing economic value. That value had been propped up by politically influential labor unions but as that influence waned, so did the relative price of labor.

Digital automation has accelerated the trend: Computerized machines became cheaper as labor became more expensive so the machines began to take the jobs. As transportation and communication improved, the jobs began migration to lower cost Mexico, India and China, places to which American enterprises went to maintain profitability . Union based politicization could increase labor’s share of profits for a while, but that could not be maintained in the face of post World War II foreign competition.  The coup de grace has come from government expansion that has stultified productivity in endless regulatory minutiae, impeded markets with modern mercantilism, seeded exchanges with corruption and wasted huge amounts of capital on unproductive military adventures. America’s expanding politicization has made it into one of the world’s high cost producers.

Few now dispute that America’s middle class is degenerating back toward a proletariat as income inequality increases, driven by shifts in political power. As business, finance and government interests merged into America’s current crony capitalism and foreign competition has grown, labor and its unions weakened; government workers have come to earn more than those in private enterprise. The jobs of which President Trump is so proud now not only often fail to support a middle class family but in too many cases even two family earners are no longer enough. Some 69% of U.S. families have no significant savings.

At the same time, employers are demanding more from their job applicants; high school graduates face declining prospects and at least some college education is coming to be expected. Unfortunately, too many of today’s proliferating college degrees are increasingly worthless in the job market. And perhaps no less unfortunately, graduates with valuable degrees are too often indentured with heavy student loan burdens as they enter the job market, crippling them financially for years. The cost of college degrees has risen with demand for them but in most cases, the associate rewards have not kept pace. The average millennial is handicapped by a subprime credit score.  .

This widespread financial vulnerability seems a natural result of government policies that minimize interest rates and support monetary inflation as the Federal Reserve and other central banks have continued to do in recent decades. There is little incentive to save money when it offers no significant return and its value is inflated away. Governments that cling to such policies are imposing dependence upon their citizens, forcing them in essence to live hand to mouth, deprived of the ability to provide for their own futures.

That is bad enough; worse is the fraudulent values pumped into real estate and the stock market by the proliferation of fiat money and credit from the Federal Reserve. Stalling off the 2008 U.S. financial collapse with a flood of instant electronic money did not increase real wealth, only the amount of money available to buy things, particularly stocks and real estate. Prices rose to reflect the xtra money bidding for the goods; the real economic value of the goods did not change; only their money prices inflated.  Such inflated values disappear overnight in market corrections often called “crashes.” Or they are merged into the wider economy when prices of everything else inflate to match them. Either solution leaves a lot of people worse off. Already, the average family can’t afford to buy a home in 71% of the country.

As of 2020 the Federal Reserve is intervening again on a large scale to keep the markets afloat; such manufactured money once used, becomes an addiction because no politician wants to ride out a market correction (likely crash) for which blame may attach. But if continued too far, such expansions pop of their own extremity; pick your poison.

However, that’s not all that’s hanging over us: There is also, courtesy of the same politicians, a Damoclean debt. Per the National Debt Clock, the average U.S. family share of total U.S. debt is about $877,000. There is interest to be paid too, of course. When will U.S. taxpayers repay all that? For now, the U.S. Treasury continues rolling it over, paying off the old, due amounts with newly borrowed money. People and countries provide some of these loans for now though that may dry up as the perceived risk rises. The Federal Reserve can manufacture and loan its electronic magic money to keep the Treasury going only so long as nobody wonders what those electrons are really worth. Profligate governments have created these sorts of insolvencies throughout history; they have ended in overnight or more gradual, inflationary collapse for those governments, just as they do with profligate individuals; governments just take longer to fail. President Trump, and the politicians who support or oppose him know that well; the former are determined to hold off any economic disturbance until after the coming election while the latter are committed to presenting it to Trump as soon as possible, hoping to make him another Herbert Hoover, the president who took the hit for the Great Depression.

Current full U.S. employment means that a lot of workers are busy; it does not mean that they are enjoying a plenteous society as present politicians would have us believe. In fact, the citizens have been led to depend upon their government and that government is insolvent, indebted beyond its ability to pay. Consider for a moment: Were not the serfs of the Middle Ages even more fully employed than American workers today?

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