Socialism cannot endure because it relies upon forcing inhuman behavior onto humans; Globalism forces unnatural behavior onto nations. Socialists suppress individuality; Globalists suppress nationality. Both are oppression that dissolve whenever the imposing force is not maintained. Except that the first is applied to people and the second to nations, they have much in common. Historically, socialists have been globalist; communists with capitalist neighbors have had to be walled in to prevent escape. The currently popular term “democratic socialism’ is an oxymoron. It is no coincidence that since the 19th century, The Internationale  has been sung as the Socialist anthem; the system cannot long coexist with less totalitarian competition..

Globalism sells harmonious blending of everybody under a supranational government, the usual socialist utopia on a larger scale.  A primary requirement is removal of national borders,   a Globalist analog of the socialist abolition of private property. Those are equally willful, blind denials of human nature. In a real world, national borders may dissolve after everyone speaks a common language and lives in a common culture at a common economic level but even then it seems doubtful, given human competition. Further, it seems doubtful that such a degree of human uniformity can be accomplished even at gunpoint. Annoying as it must be for Socialists, people aren’t ants.

The Communists claimed that, after people were forced at gunpoint into good socialist behavior, their  descendants would evolve into naturally socialist folk and the barbed wire and guns would vanish. In our real world, no sign of that appeared in sixty years as the Soviets fell apart of their internal contradictions. Their Globalistic gathering of Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, the Baltics, eastern Europe, most of Central Asia and others was only another empire;  never happy, it decomposed overnight in a parallel part of the process.  All the suffering and loss of the Soviet era were a wasted sacrifice to a myth.

An all-powerful, supranational government  is too large, too remote and too bound with competing interests to recognize, let alone harmonize the myriad needs, behaviors and desires of inevitably disparate and distant populations. In our reality, government must as America’s Founders wrote, arise from the governed, not be forced onto them from above. That is not government, only the suppression of a conqueror. Conquerors have no citizens, only slaves. And once emplaced, such a state does not evolve into voluntary, happy slavery. At some point, the conqueror or his successor will die hanging from a lamppost and everything will fall apart, eventually to begin again for a new audience. We call that “history”.

As used to be said in political science classes, “America has the worst possible form of government – except for all the others.” The Globalists would replace it with a blend of all the others, plus guns and barbed wire in the name of progress. Wisdom suggests asking what sort of progress depends upon guns and barbed wire … and how “Democratic Socialism” under a global government can be  installed and maintained without them. The Soviets and Venezuela should be informative. China too since 1978, the year it reinstated private enterprise of a sort in order to avoid the fate of the soviets. Britain is worth some thought too, as it exits the European Union. Most of this wraps up neatly in a political science principal: subsidiarity. Political decisions should be made as closely as possible to those affected by them. Seems like plain common sense, right?

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

Education: Will COVID close public schools permanently? (Article)

The pandemic: Gives rise to a California boondoggle? (Report) (Propaganda stunt?)

The culture: 1/3 of U.S. county jail inmates freed for pandemic (Article)

The U.S. national debt renders the economy an illusion (Article)

The pandemic: Expert claims lockdown isn’t helpful (Report)

Informant network: Pandemic ”contact tracing” network hiring (Seems expensive overreach?)

U.S. government clampdown on Chinese tech firm starts to bite (Article)

Surveillance: Hospitals installing cameras in patients’ rooms (Article)

California: Pays benefits to illegals while demanding Federal taxpayer bailout of deficits (Report)

The pandemic: Putting the wild statistics into context (Article)

Israel: Update (Article)

Surveillance: Some cities forcing re-opened bars/restaurants to collect customer’s data (Article)

The climate: Now it’s global cooling again? (Report)

Government: 68% of unemployed receive more benefits than when working (Article) (Why return to work?)

The Federal Reserve: Accelerating into a make believe financial system? (Article)

More Federal Reserve: Inflation! Inflation! (Article)

The lockdown is killing more people than it is saving? (Article)

Pandemic politics: Democratic U.S. areas hit three times harder than Republican ones? (Report)

 Los Angeles County: Unemployment claims pass one million (Report) (10 M total pop)

U.S. unemployment: Weekly new claims filed data significantly overstated? (Article)

The economy: 570 workers test positive (COVID) at North Carolina meat packer (Article)

Blame game: Politicians/bankers want COVID blamed for their economic failure (Article)

Univ. of CA drops admissions tests? (Report) (To develop its own)

The war on the internet: Online speech threatened by social media censorship (Article) (Indeed)

The [made,oc: Does NOT spread easily via contaminate surfaces (Report)

Washington: State loses hundreds of millions to Nigerian unemployment fraud scheme (Article)

Congress: How Nancy Pelosi is channeling Vladimir Lenin (Article)

Science: Earth’s magnetic field continues high jinks toward polar reversal?


The economy: Pay cuts for workers moving to cheaper areas (Article) (Distorted economy)

Argentina: Defaults on bonds (Report) (Again)

The culture: New TV show has 15 men competing to impregnate 41 year old woman? (Report)

The pandemic: 81% of Canada COVID deaths were in nursing homes (Article)

Chicago: 6 dead, 32 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested outside Popeye’s (Report)

And that is all …


EDITORIAL:         The Lifetime of a Human Culture

Western Christian culture held for more than a millennium and a half because Its values suited human biology and behavior. The arrival of female contraception (The Pill) pushed biology out of the way toward changed behavior. That has ended the Western Christian era. Women, one ancient biological chain broken, are now testing their new, wider limits by deconstructing the society that imposed the old ones. This is unsustainable in many ways, not least of which is the declining fertility. It is also depriving children of adequate parenting. Cultures die as surely as people when they have ended their usefulness to the species.

The great economic depression of the 1930’s decapitated the Roaring 20’s, bringing a return to better, more Christian behavior. The pressures of the presently oncoming economic depression will probably act similarly. Behavior will improve within a modified culture.

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Nicole Bobek

What’s Missing Today…

Will the Erstwhile Queen of the Winter Olympics Survive in a Post Pandemic World?


The sport may be too difficult, too costly, too unrewarding and too inaccessible for our new reality. Never plentiful, ice rinks grew in a cheap energy, at-your-own-risk world; now that we are saving the planet and protecting everybody they are few and often exist on subsidies. The ice shows and show business roles that once offered skaters a future are largely gone. And the sport itself, invented by a ballet dancer, has repudiated those roots at the cost of much of its audience. Why should any parent with at least half a brain aspire to make a child into a figure skater today?

The sport’s managers and coaches have contributed: the social ballroom dancing on skates that once provided a demographic of older teens and younger adults was lost to societal changes and Olympic aspirations and today the sport’s bureaucrats intend to “improve” judging of theatrical skating events by imposing “objective”, categorized, point-based judging upon it. These events are intended to reward entertainment skills, not skating ability; it is not obvious how itemized skill and points will accomplish that better than the current “critic’s choice” approach. It seems rather like handing an artist boxing gloves to wear while he paints. The theatrical events retain significant numbers of participants after they have given up in the face of triples and quads; it seems a shame to complicate something already working well for no obvious gain.

Impacting all this is what seems shaping up to be a lost season, victim if the current pandemic. Competitive skating careers are short, staying in shape is a major effort only increased by the absence of events. The numbers of both skaters and rinks that will remain after the pandemic has passed will have to be seen; it may not reach the original level of activity. The numbers of parents able to finance skaters seems likely to have shrunk as well. A few showpiece skaters will continue to be produced by governments for propaganda but that is hardly a sport.

But the feelings that arise from flying over the ice carried by music are as addictive as they are exhilarating and competence in the sport is a distinction. There will continue to be figure skaters, though perhaps fewer than there have been. We can only hope that they will rediscover their roots and regain an audience.



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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThis week produced:

Argentiina: Going bankrupt AGAIN? (Report) (What idiots loan them money?)

Government: Creating COVID-based spy/secret police agents? (Article)

Corruption: How the Obama Administration politicized a spy agency (Article)

Surveillance: Employers installing tech to monitor employees? (Article)

 Pandemic lawsuits next? (Article)

U.S. Unemployment: Understated? How many will return to jobs? (Article)

Government: U.S. reports record ‘4758 B deficit in April (Report) (All borrowed)

The culture: A journalist explains (sort of) why we can’t believe anything anymore (Article)

Congress: U.S. Senate blocks bid to curb surveillance of citizens’ internet habits (Report)

Government: New York City sets price controls on meals deliveries (Report)

More government: Identity cards, contact tracing, immunity passports (Article) (Kind of excited – but can you say he’s wrong?)

The economy: The collapse of main street and local tax revenues cannot be reversed (Article)

U.S. government attacks China’ leading tech company (Report)

The U.S. economy: Industrial production drop exceeds last 100 years (Article)

 The Federal Reserve is finishing the U.S. (and world) monetary system? (Article)

Education: Schools going online (Article) (how much longer will buildings/staff be nee needed?)

The climate: Now it’s global cooling? (Again)

The culture: Thief stole truck minutes after release on zero bail order (Report)

Government: Inflation in the COVID death counts? (Article)

More government: The justification for lockdown fading? (Article) Overcounting U.S. deaths (Report)

Even more government: New York omitted reporting COVID deaths at elderly facilities (Report)

Still more government: Child’s toy gun seen via internet brings police to accost parents (Report)

Endless government: More states hiring “contact tracers” to set up informant/surveillance functions based upon COVID (Article)

Science: Breakthrough toward quantum transistors (Report)

Chicago: 4 dead, 19 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

Naked woman arrested walking down road (Report)

That is all …


EDITORIAL:        The COVID-19 Conspiracy

Who benefits? China spreads its watch of citizens as “contact tracing” which is also proposed in the U.S. President Trump, the Democrats and other world leaders can blame the resulting economic collapse on the virus instead of their decades of financial mismanagement. It justifies the trillions of deficit spending that sanctifies the politicians while producing the resulting inflation that will force reconstruction of the world monetary system; that will further the devolution of the erstwhile middle class. If you are wealthy and/or powerful, what’s not to like? And it all came from a Wuhan lab where both China and the U.S. government have apparently been funding research…

No, we don’t think someone released the virus with this in mind but we do think that these ideas were in minds awaiting opportunity. Looking back from a few years hence, will the lockdowns still make sense?

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThis week:

The U.s.. economy: The final suppression of the once free market? (Article)

Government: New York City police enforcing social distancing (Video)

More government: Drones to check people’s temperatures raising concerns (Article)

France: Cameras will monitor public masks/social distances (Report)

Government: Preventing COVID patients from receiving HCL treatment (Report)

More government: Bankrupt cities/states hide accumulated mismanagement behind pandemic? (Article)

The War on the Internet: The inevitable pandemic censorship crisis arrives? (Article)

Mexico: The economy is collapsing? (Article)

U.S. Treasury: Borrowing trillions – Who’s lending? Nobody, the Federal Reserve just creates it (Article) (Then, how can it be worth anything?)

Corruption: Mexico’s president advised investigation of all U.S> officials with ties to former minister (Report) (Will it happen ..?)

Washington D.C: Hiring investigators to trace and identify all COVID patients/contacts? (Article)

Surveillance: 3 U.S. universities creating citizen monitoring tech (Report)

Pandemics: Compare 1957 with 2020: Why the difference? (Article)

Science: Obesity cure  at hand? (Report)

The pandemic: Masks/Respirators don’t work for the virus (Report)

Federal Reserve intervention has replaced free markets? (Article)

The economy: A more realistic view of the Federal “stimulus” (Article)

Biblical wave of bankruptcies about to flood the U.S.? (Article)

The government: The problem is not deflation; it is attempts to prevent it (Article) (Recommended)_

The IRS has ordered the dead to return stimulus checks? (Article)

Government: Ventura County (CA) to test, track and control housing of virus patients? (Article)

COVID-America: 73.4 M dead, 33 M unemployed; stocks soaring (Article)

Education: The U.S. Common Core curriculum has reduced achievement scores (Report)

Democrats: New bill in Congress would pay nearly everyone $2 k per month for 3 mo (Report)

Saudi Arabia: U.S. withdrawing Patriot missiles over oil price? (Report) Why the pullout? (Article)

The economy: Time to plan for coming shortages? (Article)

Government: The destruction of our fiat money explained (Article) (Highly recommended)

Chicago: 4 dead, 42 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman running down street led to man’s arrest (Report)



EDITORIAL:         Trump Demonizing China

Our President blames the Chinese government for its delay in addressing the current pandemic though his administration has done the same, U.S. intelligence having warned of the problem in November. Large governments cannot afford to be fast on their feet and would find it difficult if they tried.

The politicians need someone to blame for the economic destruction produced by the lockdown; the Democrats are blaming Trump; he is blaming Chin and the World health Organization. Perhaps if the media had not vastly overhyped the pandemic, no lockdown would have been generated and the economy would have struggled on for a while longer before collapsing under the contradictions inflicted by several decades of political mismanagement by all concerned …

But the Prez is shoveling out free money in evident pursuit of reelection, tossing an anchor to a drowning swimmer and for the result of that, he is responsible, since that money represents debt rather than wealth.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThe week’s offerings:

The economy: Oil is moving into the end game? (Article)

The Lockdwn: Another, less charitable view (Article)

Government: “We will never return to free market capitalism” (Article) (Recommended)

The U.S. economy: A Neat, Short List of What’s Wrong (Article) (Recommended)

More economy: Life After COVID: A Look at the New Economy (Article)

Censorship: Youu Tube removed video with 2 Calif. Doctors opposed to state’s lockdown (Report)

The Federal Reserve: Third major transfer from the middle class to the wealthy in 20 years (Article)

China: Updte (Article)

Education: Study finds dropping math/English scores since adoption of common core by public schools (Article)

Unemployment: 26 M have filed successfully for unemployment; how many more await? (Article)

Government: Nearly half laid off workers may receive more from unemployment than they can earn working (Report)

Reopening: Will not be uniform and will take months (Article) (Old “normal” won’t returnS)

The “homeless crisis”: New York City civilization on view (Article) (Why are liberally governed cities the ones breaking down?)

Surveillance: Baltimore initiates the “Big Brother is watching you” government in the U.S.? (Article)

The lockdown: Small business liable to be sued by customers who sicken after reopening? (Article)

The economy: COVID isn’t the cause of collapse; it’s just the trigger (Article) (Recommendeds)

More economy: The May 1st General Strike (Article) (Did it happen? )

Government: Democrats demand taxpayers bail out spendthrift states? (Article)

The world’s debt: Suddenly becoming real at the worst time? (Article)

The culture: U.S. marriage rate now at historical low (Report)

Science: Breakthrough in spinal cord/optic nerve injury healing (Report)

More science: Many psychological experiments lack validity (Our suspicions validated)

Corruption: Whistleblower jailed by Justice Dept. rewarded by IRS (Podcast)

Government: Some sheriffs refusing to enforce “unconstitutional”) lockdown orders (Report)

The post-pandemic economy: Are the airlines toast? (Article)

The pandemic: Turning out to be huge hoax perpetrated by the media? (Article)

Chicago: 3 dead, 16 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A woman was arrested after beating a naked man (Report)

Which ought to be enough …


EDITORIAL:         The State of Post-COVID U.S. Healthcare

U.S. healthcare rides three divergent steeds: It costs too much, its availability is fragmented and everybody is encouraged to feel entitled to it.  Those are incompatible realities that cannot long coexist.

Responding to these conflicts and to the pervasive politicization of U.S. society, healthcare is completing a transition from a once professional to a now industrialized service. Clinics staffed by less expensive staff will deal with common issues, front line medical doctors will be replaced by elaborate, nested internet questionnaires supplemented by telephone contacts. Common and low cost needs will be effectively served; less common and more costly cases will be subject to increasing rationing. The old model prompt, professional service from a highly trained MD will continue only for the wealthy and powerful who can afford their ever rising costs.

In the post-Christian era, human life is not sacred; it is only a valuable commodity and its maintenance must be cost effective.

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The Great Fallacy Ending the Judeo-Christian West

Government cannot perform Effectively, Efficiently and Economically for a reason: Government by definition must conflate multiple, often competing interests. That requires successive compromises and compromise is the enemy of effectiveness, efficiency and economy. But accomplishing those compromises in a generally acceptable manner is the purpose of human government. Put another way, government is humanity’s tool to optimize social behavior. When it imposes its selected behaviors, it crosses the line into tyranny. Leading society toward improved behaviors is for other, non-governmental institutions.

As of 2020, it is the great fallacy of much of the world that the purpose of government is the well-being of society, that well-being implicitly to be defined by government. That view seems an inevitable result of the spread of democratic governments wherein politicians compete in bribing voters with promises of benefits at the expense of others.  Pursued, that produces an all-encompassing government, resulting in a nearly totally politicized society. As is currently visible, such conditions are antipathetic to Judeo-Christian morals and intolerant of competing beliefs, which tend to be crowded out as government expands, increasing its dominance. President Ronald Reagan famously said that government is not the solution; government is the problem. He was correct; to believe that a process politically compromising competing interests can simultaneously optimize those interests seems absurd on its face and even more so in a universe where nothing is free..

Solutions for social problems must proceed from the society affected; they should not be politicized, misbegotten impositions such as we see today when a biological male wins female athletic honors by claiming that he identifies as female. Though that is admittedly an extreme example, it is nevertheless a cogent support for the idea that government, along with fire and money, makes a good servant but a poor master. President Reagan’s indictment arises from the reality that human government necessarily proceeds from human nature; it is an expression of human DNA.

Human government is, like the human nature that produces it, conflicted since it must recognize the conflicting interests representing a society of competitive individuals whose advancement rests upon combining efforts. The reality is expressed in the following axioms:



  • Humanity cannot expect to maximize outcomes for everyone.
  • Humanity needs to maximize outcomes for the species.
  • But humans need to maximize outcomes individually.
  • Therefore, the species must strive for the most generous average individual outcomes and
  • Individuals should accept that, but often do not.



  • Government is contested among individuals seeking improved outcomes.
  • Policies balance between the minimum outcomes acceptable to governors and governed.
  • Available surplus is appropriated by the governors firs; accrues to the governed second.
  • Any deficit is charged to the governed first, the governors second.

None of these axioms are altered by the design of the system of government in use, though their effects may be skewed. (They all proceed from human DNA, or if you are Judeo-Christian, from God.)

In America, the Judeo-Christian liberals who founded the United States used their Declaration of Independence to advertise a hierarchy: God, His created people and only then their government, dependent upon their consent. The structure erected by the U.S. Constitution sits on that foundation; without it, much of its meaning is lost and with it, most of its safeguards for liberty.

To become the arbiter and enforcer of societal well-being, government must dethrone God and reduce his people to servants, reversing the founding hierarchy. That is the direction of America and much of today’s recently Judeo-Christian West.

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