Looking For Salvation (And Looking, And Looking …)

Obama Snake OilA seatmate on a recent flight was convinced that only government can solve Man’s problems for him. And of course, her and now we suppose, its as well. A common belief, these days. The experience raised some questions for us.

1. As government has been available for more years than history has recorded, why are all the significant problems still unresolved? How long do you retain a doctor who has never cured anything at all?

2. As humanity is visibly prone toward selfishness, hypocrisy, envy and dishonesty, how will those qualities be screened from all those in charge of government? And if they are not, how will government provide the common in place of the individual good?

3. All of us (hopefully excepting saints) hold self-interest as a primary motivation. For a compassionate and caring government, these must be excluded from power. How is that accomplished? How is it measured?

With these in mind, we have been considering the current news events. We note at once that the 12,000 Russian troops in Ukraine cannot possibly be there as President Putin signed a treaty with Ukraine guaranteeing its borders to motivate Ukraine to give up its nukes left by the extinct Soviets.

We know too that the U.S. will always protect Israel from its Moslem would-be destroyers as a succession of American presidents have promised. We know that Iran does not want The Bomb nor does it want Israel wiped from the map; Iranian negotiators have assured our President of those. (Never mind every other living soul in the place screaming the opposite.)

And of course, we know that we can keep our doctors.

With this pattern of reassurance, we should have no worries, right?

Hmnn …

I promise that, elected, I will assure a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage … no,sorry; that one’s been used (1928) and I guess it hasn’t happened yet, though Herbert Hoover was elected and is now long dead. I guess he owes it to you. But he saved us, didn’t he? Well, no … But our next one will! This time, it’s different!

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Will Obama and Netanyahu Sstop Worrying and Learn To Love The Bomb?

Dr. StrangeloveIsraeli Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu spoke to Congress today, or at least, to that part of it that was not absenting itself in support of President Obama’s snit. Afterward, the Prez sniffed that Netanyahu had said “nothing new.” The Prez’ head gun, Valerie Jarrett, declared ominously that Netanyahu would “pay a price.” Putting the welfare of Israel ahead of his instructions from President Obama is not acceptable.

The President was correct; the Israeli said nothing new. He merely pointed to the massively secret negotiations with Iran over its nuke program. Iran has repeatedly sworn to wipe Israel from the planet, one ought to be able to understand Israeli interest in its acquisition of nukes, right? But poor Prez. Obama: he’s in view just as the Left is switching from Pro Jew to Anti Jew and he’s having some difficulty managing the switch. Who wouldn’t?

President Obama has apparently excluded Bibi from the results of the negotiations with Iran, leaving the Israeli to assume the worst. Well, and leaving all the rest of us too. So Bibi has no choice but to not only assume, but to prepare for the worst as well, said ‘worst’ being near term acquisition of nukes by Iran. What other choice does Bibi have? Should he put Israel at risk of nuclear attack by sworn enemies simply for trust in a secretive President Obama?

In fact, Iran has ressolutely sworn to acquire nukes and driven toward that goal without letup for decades, regardless of sanctions and threats. Iranians, even when deprived by economic sanctions, are generally pleased by that. And no matter what anyone has said or done, the program has proceeded under forced draft in Iran. Bettors in the know assume that Iran will have its nukes, whether the world is pleased or not; Pakistan and North Korea after all, are there already. Never mind Russia, China and allegedly, Israel. Nor is the formula secret anymore; it’s on the Internet for those interested.

So the Obama negotiations are a sham, intended to let him take credit for whatever time elapses between now and the first Iranian nuclear explosion.

In his Congressional speech, Netanyahu repeated the declaration that this time, the Jews would not sit still, accepting the holocaust as they did under the Nazis. They would fight. President Obama wants them to sit still again as they are erased. Struggling will make him look bad. There is a story this week that claims he threatened to shoot down any Israeli aircraft attacking Iran.

So the reality, brushing aside all the political deceptions, is simple:

1. Iran (and others) will acquire nukes, regardless.

2.Iran has sworn to blot Israel from the earth, repeatedly including this week. If it wishes cover, it need only allow Islamic terrorists to ‘steal’ a nuke or two.

3. The Obamfolk and much of Europe won’t m,ind a bit. (Until the nukes start dropping on them, courtesy of ‘Islamic terrorists.”)

That’s only one scenario; in another, we are reminded that Putin has been threatening nuclear warfare against NATO because it objects to his reaqisitionof Ukraine. China hasn’t been threatening nukes, but it’s moving into South China Sea areas legally owned by others with new military bases built upon islands to which it has no rights.

The sleeping world nuclear threat seems to be waking up. President Obama is giving it cover in Iran with his secret deal, as though he had a choice. It appears that he accepts that. The only thing that he absolutely will not accept, is Israel defending itself.

But the only way Israel can do that, is a preemptive attack on Iran, one that would have to be massive. And the preemption would be temporary and merely enrage more Moslems against the Jewish state.

If you were Obama or Netanyahy, what would you do?


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Government Confers Privilege, Not Rights (Very Dull Post)

Government HelpAn honest observer admits that in the human species, men and women seek mates for pleasure, reinforcement and protection. Resulting children remain dependent for well over a decade. People also congregate naturally with others in groups, for the same reasons. And when the groups become larger, the inevitable disturbances resulting from conflicting individual versus group interests plus the advantages of organizing group resources bring government into being. It’s human nature!

Thus marriage, to bind couples for the needs of children is a natural expression. So is government. But the individual and individual rights are first, followed by families, the source of the future of the species. Then government, that can originate only via voluntary delegation or involuntary compulsion. The individual rights delegated to government remain the property of the individuals who have lent them to government and are therefore, revocable as stated in the American Declaration of Independence. When a government is imposed, no rights are transferred to it, it can rely only upon force as its position is fundamentally immoral. Its power comes as Chairman Mao put it clearly, from the muzzle of a gun.

This is commemorated in the Bible, beginning with its admonition that it is not good for man to be alone, proceeding to its recognition of marriage and its insistence upon recognizing what is God’s versus what belongs to government. Individual rights spring from duty to God and/or the species and there are no rights applicable to groups of any kind but those arising initially with individuals. Fundamental rights are as the Declaration states, unalienable; such can originate only with a Supreme Power or if preferred, in our human nature, by definition.

Today’s political Left prefers God dead and gone, wishing to substitute government for Him as the source of rights, not only of power. They crave legitimacy. But men and women are not God; grouping them into a government does not alter their fallibility. They cannot confer rights, only privileges. And those privileges will be awarded with political direction and therefore, liable to injustice.

We note that government by any religious organization has been no different, when history has produced such contradictions. Pope, Ayatollah, wise Mandarin, King or President (forget your average dictator) all governments have followed similar behaviors. In human groups, politics replace individual justice to varying degrees and will, so long as Homo sapiens remains as is. That is the natural corruption of government, reflecting the nature of the individuals who steer its operation. That is why government cannot be entrusted with any but delegated, revocable rights. Our grandparents might have put it: “You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!”

Yet today both Left and Right proclaim their Godvernment, that wants no strange gods before it. That is their current prescription for human salvation upon planet earth. It will spend us all rich, augment and control the police, pile up dead bodies in other, smaller countries, inflate away our wealth, diminish our economy to protect the environment and order our health, diet, education, communication and living quarters. It will decide what is good for us and impose it, wanted or not. And those compassionate men and women in charge will grow rich.  So it has ever been and so it seems likely to continue. That suggest that the program is built in somehow. While it meets the definition of dictator ships, we can’t help noting that it describes the paths followed by democratic places just as well, over the long term. Maybe that suggests that there might be a species-survival reason for it … Or perhaps there is a  Creator Who just thinks it’s funny …

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannCollected bits of the recent news just for you …

We have accumulated two  Illegal Immigrants for every new job created since 2000, per reports.

Some New Jersey Boys  offering snow shoveling services were halted by police; they were not a government registered business. (In our previous Great Depression, such initiative was admired and imitated.)

President Obama: “Silicon Valley has a ‘shared mission’ with government.”  (Besides spying?)

The Obamacare  religious exemptions to abortion and birth control granted in the Hobby Lobby case were removed by a Federal court from a Christian college, Catholic dioceses and religious charities. Is someone expecting the Supremes to change their minds?

The BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) banned common, jacketed  rifle ammo as “armor piercing;” ammo; sales shot upward at once. AR-15 ammo is largely such; demand is suddenly out of sight. The shtick is, these slugs will penetrate police “bulletproof” vests. So will an ice pick …

A New Genetic Tool  lets users customize genes. Now,  Mouse embryos  are in use to compare human with chimp brains by installing genetic material from both into different mice and comparing results. Hmnn … it’s all right; Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” copyright has run out.

Whether the President’s illegal alien amnesty edict has been stopped by the court order ‘stopping’ it appears a question:  The  Border Patrol  may be ignoring the court injunction and  Contracts are being let, too, per reports. It must be fun, being President!

Al Sharpton   is reported being sued for racial discrimination. (Really!)

Immigration:   Big donors are demanding GOP support of amnesty.

Courts and cops are being quiet about the   Police Stingray surveillance gear that provides eavesdropping on cell phones in a given area. Current usage apparently often lacks a court order …

Some big banks, flummoxed by low interest earnings are charging Deposit Fees for large accounts, instead of paying interest on the money. If the Fed keeps rates low, this may spread, right?

A Bathroom  in Rhode Island mysteriously exploded when a friend of the owner used it. (We leave this to you; we are not going there …)

U.S. Home Ownership has hit a 20 year low. The Obama ‘recovery’ is certainly a ‘change’ from previous definitions of the term …

17,000 Federal Employees earned more than $200,000 last year. No doubt the taxpayers who paid them are celebrating!

Three U.S. men received the first mind-controlled prosthetic hands ever produced.

The State of  New Mexico has been unable to pass a financial audit since 2007?  Well see, the previous governor was a Democrat and the new one a Republican but with a lot of Democrats left in office …

A Leg Muscle  has been grown form cells in a dish. Next time they remake ‘Frankenstein’ they won’t need an actor ….

Corned B eef and Ground Beef  have set new price records. Thank government for assuring us that there is no inflation … Imagine the prices if there were inflation!

Chicago Finances were downgraded (again) by Moodyy’s – The fiscal cliff looms; Wiley E. Coyote/Chicago seems about ready to look down …

In Cambodia,  no nudes is good news at Angkor Wat – foreign tourists posing nude at ancient temples draws ire (and prosecution) from the locals. Why? Haven’t those folk heard of diversity?

Thus saith Zarathustra, capping the week that was until today. This residue is yours to enjoy … if you can gigure out how.

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The Corruption Of The Internet; A Play In One Act …

InternetChina has stepped up to forward the Obamafolks’ nefarious plan to assure governmental control of the only presently free information source: the Internet. One result is a  Silicon Valley Panic. While it is true that China is no U.S. friend, all governments do share interests and on occasion, cooperate to forward them. Controlling the information reaching citizens is a shared interest.

As one might expect, the Chinese Internet is government censored, heavily. When the Chinese government learned that the American NSA had embedded spyware into American tech manufacturer’s products, those suppliers were deleted from Chiese procurement lists forthwith. And when it leaked via Edward Snowden that NSA spying was reaching the big U.S. based Internet providers, the folks that actually provide the service, China took note.

And now, the Ul.S. Government has announced that it plans to regulate the heretofore free Internet via FCC, FEC and FTC regulations. This has not attracted much attention from the media or from the citizens but it riveted Chinese attention. For some reason, China isn’t happy with its primary opponent running the world’s primary communication outlet now discovered to be full of U.S. government spying. Can’t imagine why …

So China has simply told the world Internet honchos in Silicon Valley that it is entitled to the same snooping and controls over the Internet that they have been providing the NSA, which is to say, the U.S. Government. Reasonable enough, right? And the silicon valley Big Internet Honchos are businesses; they aren’t likely to be willing to accept exclusion from the world’s most populous market. But we suppose that the NSA might have other views. What to do? For now, panic!

In essence, the Internet has been a free, commercial and personal milieu. Under those sigils it became what it now is. Not so of course, in China where it has always been government controlled along with everything else. But generally. Now, the Obama Administration has announced that it is taking over and China and no doubt others are not going along. We wonder why the American people are acquiescent; there will be regret, after it is too late, we suppose.

So the Obamafolk, by their hubris, have awakened a sleeping dragon. Foolish, we believe and clumsy too. And you can keep your doctor, if you can find him. And, it adds a dose of government economic poison to what has been a wellspring of growth and enterprise. Oh well, that’s what governments are famous for, right? Truly free enterprise is always an intolerable threat to any government!

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The Frustrating Owner’s Manual For The Human Species, Believe It Or Not …

MosesThe Judeo-Christian Bible is among the oldest human documents of significant length and is still in publication. Offhand, that seems unique enough in itself. But there is more; the Bible is a sort of instruction manual for the keeping of human beings, rather like a book for those interested in raising say, mice. It goes beyond that of course, with history, genealogy, advice, analysis and threats for readers unwilling to accept its advice. It’s certainly comprehensive!

Probably the most impressive of its attributes is the simple fact that, after all these thousands of years of being preached by prophets and religious folk, it remains the most disregarded collection of human wisdom extent, without losing any of its sales. Its decalogue, the basic rules for human behavior that we call the Ten Commandments, has to be the most ignored rule set in human affairs, while being also at least in the West, the best known. Regarding those rules, one familiar with current Leftish doctrine, might be excused for thinking that it is based upon those Commandments, just reversing each of them 180 degrees. Upon some thought, that is in itself, a form of unintended reverence. The American Boy Scout oath ends with: “… brave, clean and reverent.” The Left we might expect, should it establish a boy’s group, would have an oath ending in: “… cautious, grimy and blase’.” If there are any of he Ten that the Left has not bothered to reverse, we cannot easily identify it.

We are reminded of a cliche’ common among Christians: “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it is still wanting to be tried.” Jews have similar thoughts, rather more wryly expressed as is their wont. See, both these folk are well aware of the nature of their reality when compared to their Bible. It is generally (among believers) accorded excellent advice while none actually expect to follow it themselves. The Leftish version is much more influential and has ever been, even before our present Left was around to push it at us. The current Left isn’t very creative or original, actually. In fairness, neither is the current Right.

What is most notable by the inquiring mind though, is that over the aeons since initial publication, those folk who have come closest to living by the recommended order of that Book, have tended to prosper far beyond all others. The Jews were early in this; the Christian West was recent. And it is notable that the post-Christian West is headed down the historical tubes under its own inability to govern itself or maintain rational finances. At this moment, Western leadership seems anxious to replace the “obsolete” and “irrelevant” Biblical advice with teachings from the Koran. That makes excellent sense for those admiring of mass poverty, ignorance and mayhem that appear to be the calling cards of that tome’s most active adherents. One might see it as the current “Anti-Bible.” Barring that, nihilism of various sorts seems popular, we note that physics tells us that for nothing, one should expect nothing. Of course, the Bible gives us nothing too; it is only a challenge and one at which we haven’t proven very apt.

In fairness, we note that the Bible records the Israelites murdering every living human in a conquered city (well, with one minor exception) but that was history, not recommended human behavior. That always returns to the Ten Commandments. As of course, our species prefers to avoid. Are we really such slow learners?

We doubt it; it seems to us that even in prehistory, we well understood that our standard of behavior is not ideal for our species; it is too closely bound with what we see at any particular time, as good for us individually. Nor has that changed one whit since we acquired cell phones. So it is somehow a normal element of our design. Or for believers, a result of Original Sin. Call it what you will; the result is the same so far as our behavior goes.

Nevertheless, we still see the Bible as the only proven owner’s manual for Homo Sapiens, proven in all of human history as the most successful guide to productive human behavior. And of course, the most reliably ignored. We recall an apt remark from the Roaring Twenties, the time of lush and licentious living that preceded the last Great Depression; it was typically addressed by a middle-aged man to a young flapper, as the young women enjoying night life were then called: “I love my wife,” the man would say, “but oh, you kid!”

Admitting familiarity with Biblical advice now guarantees exclusion from the best circles and largely from politics. It marks you as one of them. Unfortunately, its absence seems likely to deliver our newly modern society impoverishment and thuggery, using history as our guide. Nothing new though; we seem to have been cycling through like this since the damned Bible was foisted somehow upon us. You’d think that by now, we would have either abandoned it or learned to live by it. But that doesn’t seem to be in our design …

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As “Healthcare” Became “Obamacare, The “Internet” Becomes The “Obamanet”

THERE was a young lady of Niger
Who smiled as she rode on a Tiger;
  They came back from the ride
  With the lady inside,
And the smile on the face of the Tiger.

We seem to recall that public utilities needed regulation by government because they were natural monopolies. Left alone, you’d expect rows of power/telephone poles marching down both sides and maybe the middle of every street, competing with each other. So, to avoid that, the government took control of the market. The reality as one might suspect, was a bit different but nevertheless, the government ended on top.

Today, the government approved FCC regulations asserting control of the Internet, based on that same now ancient, utility law. It is reality nonsense of course; there is only one Internet and it is full of competition already. Never mind … The government cannot stand a widely disseminated information source that it does not control: Witness China, North Korea, Russia and others already controlling their citizens’ access to information. If you are in charge, your version must be the only version. Shortly, we will have the add-ons from the FEC and the FTC to augment the new FCC regs, in case any of the original effort falls by the wayside for any reason.

The new edicts are based upon laws written long before the Internet was even a dream. The new regs are patently illegal, unblessed by Congress, mere assertions of a President now making his own laws, so far with impunity. There will be court actions of course; the government will look for sympathetic judges while opponents will do the same from the other side; eventually they may meet at the Supreme Court if public attention makes it necessary. Congressional Republicans will complain bitterly and agonize over their inability to prevent the actions. A replay of Obamcare and immigration programs.

Meanwhile, government, that has been leaning upon Internet providers quietly to further its spying, will have the color of law to tell them what they can and cannot do. And unapproved information will gradually vanish from the net.

Unless naturally, there is a general uprising in favor of net freedom. That net freedom seems to us, is a stand-in for personal freedom; both are diminishing under creeping government controls. Saying that likely makes us right-wing terrorist suspects on Homeland Security listings these days., though we do not adhere to any wings Selah!

Look first for social media — Facebook, Twitter etc. –to promulgate ‘standards’ for use. Standards that outlaw anti-government political positions as ‘inappropriate” for social media. Unapproved news will gradually disappear. And so on.

We are hoping for enough fuss to head this off. We actually expect just enough uproar to divest the anschluss of its worst aspects, leaving the noxious essence to move forward at a slower than hoped pace. That’s our view of reality these days.

We assume that the Republicans are no less interested in controlling the Internet than are the Democrats. We assume also that, as the official opposition party, they want to be seen as opposed to government Internet control without having to give it up. Like say, their position on immigration. We have noted that a lot of Republican and Democratic funding comes from the same people now. That tells us something.

So stay tuned as the now free Internet becomes or does not become, a government apparatchik. Anyone out there ready to predict the Las Vegas odds?

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