Remember: War Is A Political Tool …

War.jpgWhy we’re sliding toward WWIII is an interesting if unsettling article worth attention and consideration. Especially if we recall that a war occurs while our politicians hold our coats while we fight. You may or may not agree with that, as seems right to you.

As for us:, we note two things: First, the world is polarizing around two power clusters. One is the pre-existing U.S./Europe of recent  history; the other is China, Russia and Iran at the moment.  Those are the likely opponents per the linked article. The new “Axis and Allies” as it were, if one were casting a war.

We’re expecting war too, if for our own reasons. We recall that President Roosevelt needed WWII because his nostrums for the Great Depression didn’t work. You’re correct, that’s not what they taught in school, but it is what happened nevertheless. (“America’s Great Depression” by Murray Rothbard)

President Roosevelt forced the Japanese to attack by denying them access to oil (beginning to sound familiar?). From there, all were behind him and he was elected to the fourth term that ultimately gave rise to the present two term limit. Never mind that his depression fix failed just as had the same one in the hands of his predecessor, Hoover.

Now again, the politicians and their battening  bankers have hollowed the world economy with spending via debt that cannot be repaid. And they must continue spending; cuts will deprive too many  voters of too much largesse.

What to do? Enter war to justify damn-the-torpedoes spending and retire ahead of the sheriff. “Apres moi, le deluge! …”

And everyone tightens his belt and feels good about it, rather than blaming the politicians and complaining. It’s been working for millennia.

So, as we run up toward international financial collapse, war seems likely. The match is already lit in the Middle East, right? And just about every major country is in pretty much the same shape, so “world wide” is already in the script.

The script joker is Islam,  if it pulls together instead of fractioning along the lines set up by the Europeans after WWI. We’ll see. Islamic re-unification seems unlikely to us. But we know nothing.

But what’s your though? Do you see our politicians admitting they’ve blown the world  economy? Maybe, we doubt it. A distracting war seems a lot more in line with history.

What’s you bet?





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Trumpery Politics Amusual …

TrumpDonald Trump’s appeal as a ‘reality TV’ persona is obvious; is his political appeal also a reflection of the mentality of his audience?

The political establishment, both sides, will trumpet: “Yes!” To say otherwise is an indictment of their leadership, right?

Some are pointing to Trump’s non-establishment position in a time of disaffection with the status quo as his appeal. We have noted that. When standard Democrats and Republicans are out of favor, a Trump stands taller. He is unstained by recent history.

It occurs to us that there is more. Not only does the Donald raise issues of concern to voters but ignored by their leaders, he does so repeatedly. Voters may hope that he cares about their concerns, as the (self-appointed)  intelligentsia do not.

While U.S. citizens worry about jobs, paying bills and raising their kids, the leaders blithely import large numbers of foreigners to compete for those jobs and consume billions in aid … billions that have to be extracted from citizens. Political leaders do not always seem to recall that they are using other people”s money. (Perhaps because their own comes so easily?)

Mr. Trump pounces upon that. He goes further, back to Ronald Reagan: “It’s morning in America!” While Democrats and establishment Republicans in particular are decrying what they disparage as “American Exceptionalism,” Mr. Trump says he wants to see America great again.  Mr. Obama wants America bowed to the average status while other Democrats do not disagree where we can see it.

Factually, America has been an exception, like it or not. Its advancement and wealth are unparalleled on earth. But that is now to be deplored among the mighty. Except Trump. He has seized Reagan’s shtick and is riding high upon it. That appeals to Americans who graduated from public schools more than a couple decades ago.

Mr. Trump has done a particular favor for Senator Cruz. Pre-Donald, Cruz was the village nutcase; now he is the saner and safely establishment member alternative to Trump. That change was not in Senator Cruz; it was in perceptions of him by the mighty. He was impossible; the appearance of the Donald has made him family.

As Trump proceeds, the attacks will increase in viciousness; the rulers will rigged against Trump and Cruz will benefit. He may begin to seem electable, in the light of Trump’s ongoing reality. At least until Trump fades, should he be so accommodating. .

Should Trump fall, short shrift will be made of Senator Cruz, we suppose. Attacks on Trump grow and led him to remind us of the possibility of a third party campaign recently. That is a real threat to Republicans, we think.

WE enjoy seeing the Donald reminding the GOP of what it no longer stands for but prefers not to admit that.  We think it a blessing.

We have no idea whom will wear the donkey or the elephant next November but the process is fascinating … crooked as a dog’s hind leg, but fascinating.





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Everyone’s Beating On the President … (Could He Be Right for a Change?)

Obama DuckIt was pointed out that the Democrats are using ISIS and the Paris murders to push their anti-gun, disarm the citizens agenda. That is certainly true; the Left is worried by citizens who might resist its nostrums.  (So is the Right, for that matter; being caught with a sword if you were not a noble was death in the old days. ( That was why Robin Hood and Little John dueled with  wooden staffs in the movie.)

Both parties are using ISIS as a distraction from our oncoming financial debacle and the ongoing impoverishment of the U.s. and Europe presently attributed to saving the planet. Ebola failed to hold up so now, it’s ISIS. The Prez is downplaying it so he must be incompetent, uncaring, etc.

Apologies, but we see the Prez as too warlike by half. We see ISIS as a local problem for the Sunni Arabs and their Shia relatives to sort out on their own. Arabs and Iranians (Persians) have been jousting for millennia; why are we now supposed to go broke interfering?

We are much more interested in what our Mighty Leaders are planning to do about our national insolvency, declining economy and every-increasing spending of non-existent money. Instead, everyone seems bound to goad the Prez into hyping up war we can’t afford and won’t gain anything from. Those doing the hyping will gain, though. But we won’t. We’ll just owe more money that our grandchildren will have to repay. If they can fain a job.

So the Prez’ refusal to escalate re ISIS is one of the rare cases where he seems correct.Relatively correct anyway, better if he ignored ISIS altogether. Then, it would have no motive to send nutcases to shoot innocents in Paris or Washington.  Or so we suppose.

The Prez can afford his position; he can’t run again, so long as the Constitution holds up. But the Democrats in Congress and their Republican clones all need financiers for upcoming elections, many of whom sell weapons and such for a living. Could that affect their attitudes?

You decide.



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Things We Don’t Know About God, Man and Government

Crystal BallQuestions that bother us include:

What is the significant difference between blaming the universe on God and blaming it on a Big Bang? Seems to us, only the name has changed …

What is the difference between blaming life on God and blaming it upon Evolution? Again, said difference seems to us, to rest upon a name.

In both cases, the assertion that God cannot be involved remains unproven with another name replacing His unexplained.

Put simply, it smacks of a coon  job, we think. For religious folk, God is also unexplained, a matter f faith. Replacing Him seems merely a variation on the same process. “A rose, by any other name, …”

We wonder too, how human voters can continue hoping for relief of the universe-imposed human condition via electing politicians of any stripe. Millennia of human history have demonstrated the fallacy of that proposition; it amounts to putting the wolves in charge of the sheepfold, as the ancient Roman: “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes”  clarified a couple thousand years back. Translation: “Who will govern the governors?” for this go around. Readers may notice that this has come up before. (With no one answering the question.)

America’s Founders made this a centerpiece, the reason their Constitution provided so limited and impecunious a government.Why have we emasculated all of their protections?

We suppose, because it is our nature to do so. In ancient Scripture, the Israelites first act when Moses left them to run up the mountain to fetch the Ten Commandments, was to abandon all of his instructions and to immediately — well, over a month or so — revert to paganism and the accompanying license to do as they pleased, rather than as Moses told them God had instructed. Paganism was apparently a lot more fun. (Though from subsequent experience, likely less productive.)

The thing is, in all of the thousands of years since, our species has been repeating that cycle, over and over. The post-Roman, very Christian West suffered its Reformation or Protestant Revolt as you perfer, over a similar pattern when too much of European Christianity had embraced too much human corruption. If you consider it, deja Moses all over again.

It seems to be what we do. We yell for God, agreeing to do as He says when we are suffering; only to abandon the annoying restrictions when things get better. Some religious folk see this as Original Sin, damning us. Others see it as a function of our DNA, designed in so that we can combine a strong self-preservation drive with a strong social drive, both being needed for our species to survive. You choice. Again it seems to us mostly a difference of viewpoint.

It’s notable that, after the social freedoms of the “Roaring 20’s”in California at least, an unmmistakable swing from loose and corrupt behavior toward a rather strict rectitude accompanied the progress of the resulting Great Depression. A famously corrupt Los Angeles city administration was replaces by a spectacularly honest one for a considerable time and the pattern also affected the State.

Perhaps a coincidence, we don’t know. Or perhaps a routine human cycle completing itself? Quien sabe?

Just more that we don’t know. We do note though, that across the globe, the more corrupt a place, the poorer and less peaceful it is likely to be. (Search: “Corruption world map.”) And we note rising corruption in the United States and Europe that were once called: “Christendom.” Maybe more Christian behavior has something to do with wealth and progress? We don’t know that, either but it seems reasonable.

Our last unanswered question: If corruption brings poverty and unrest, what is n store for what has been the most advanced part of the planet?

We don’t know that, either, but we will admit that it worries us.






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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother Saturday, another selection of News and Views:

Chicago: A person shot every 3 hours; one murdered every 17 hours? (Does the report surprise?) 2,689 were shot there since January. (Feeling safe in Gun Control Central)

International freight rates just plunged 70% in the last 3 weeks, unmatched in 2008. (Another deposit under the mattress ..?)

Millennials: 40% want speech censored, per a poll. (Hmnn … Where did they go to school?) The Federal Elections Commission plans to regulate presidential debates sponsored by media.

Los Angeles, after spending $25 B on welfare, saw a 20% increase in homelessness. (Right, subsidize something, you get more of it.)

A British Christian was brutally beaten outside his home by Moslem neighbors for his ‘blasphemy’. (Lucky fellow; in Pakistan, they’d have killed him.)

Puerto Rico sees cash shortage looming; government employee pay at risk as debt default looms. (No, the place is owned by the U.S, not Greece. It’s just not news. )

Congress  passed the heavily porked transportation bill while ignoring the fact that it requires spending non-existent money. It attempted to raid the Fed for fiat funds but that finally failed.  (It’s ok; you’ll make it good!)

A Planned UN ‘Hub’ in Washington: United Nations and United States growing closer? (World government following the E.U. model?)

The GOP Establishment redoubles effort to destroy Trump. (Good grief, the clown actually listens to the voters! Of course, we hear what Trump says; we don’t know what he might do.)

A woman stopped San Francisco Bay Bridge traffic with a striptease on the road.

The US Post Office lost another $5 B last year. (Ho hum; Congress will borrow and pay it … again.)

‘Refugee’ report: Fake passports stopped 6 Syrians in Honduras, 1 in Costa Rica. 6 men from Pakistan and Afghanistan were stopped entering from Mexico. .  8 Syrians were detained at Texas border. (You can pick out bad ants from good ants? Best stick to controlling the numbers of ants, seems to us.)

Students at Occidental College demand campus police without bullet proof vests. (A good cop can catch a bullet in his teeth … ask any professor!)

The $15 hr. ‘National Minimum Wage’ demanded will cause job loss and higher prices. (Duh … ).

A dog lover adopted a Rottweiler, that a few hours later, killed him. (Man’s Best Fiend?)

Resolute government agents nailed a smuggler at the L.S. airport; they protected us from 450 illegal pork tamales. (Feel safer now?)

Iran’s stock of enriched uranium has grown. (We’re SHOCKED! SHOCKED!)

A 19 year old Chicago woman dropped her newborn from an 8th story window. (Why not? A lot less fuss and cost than abortion.)

A Dairy Queen was robbed at sword point. (The cutting edge of modern crime.)

Texas landowners have sued the feds over their latest private property grab.

A drone struck a truck outside a New Jersey refinery.  (Add drones to the Paris murderers; , then guess what’s coming … )

Police removed a 3 foot snake from a woman’s bathtub. (Well, it was a clean bust … )

Uber: Pennsylvania proposes $50 M fine against company. (Fronting for the kostly kabs)

Retirement income changes coming in 2016 (Special to retirees)

A knife wielding Muslim slashed a woman at Washington, D.C. Union station, then charged a cop. (Not news …  Maybe she was Jewish?)

Houston: The next Chicago? (Illusory public pensions again … )

US debt is 3 times larger than you hear. (US former Controller General (S’all right; you owe it anyway …))

Moviemakers batten on tax subsidies. (Average movie costs $200 million to make) (Uh – Isn’t that corruption?)

A teen was arrested with a loaded gun in her vagina. (Hmnn … Ammo?)

With this, we give up, hoping to be revived over the weekend.

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Mass Migrations, Politicians, Hypocrisy and Hard Choices

MigrantsDo you believe that your President and Congressfolk are honest with you? Obamacare provides better care cheaper and you could keep your doctor, right?

We blundered into Fox News and regretted it. It was a propaganda piece full of deceit and short of logic and facts. Just like, in other words, the other media outlets these days. Perhaps a bit less relentlessly Democratic in out look, as though that excused the flimflam.

The subject was the currently omnipresent ISIS and related mass migration into Europe and now the U.S. by special invitation of the President and the leading Democrats and Republicans. It was revealing mostly of the low ebb of U.S. journalism.

President Obama was reviled for claiming that ISIS is “contained” just before the Paris murders. The Prez was further criticized for having failed to make ISIS disappear. Both complaints are specious in the extreme.

We note that first, ISIS is a result of Bush policies and second, that it is indeed contained; it is now losing territory. Sending a few thugs to Paris as a distraction does not reverse that geographic fact.

Second, those decrying the President’s policy do not explain either their different preferred solution nor how they would pay for it. Admittedly, the Prez has not explained how he intends to finance his more modest approach. All is bombast.

Mr. Trump is the only voice presently recognizing that flooding the U.S. and Europe with foreigners, let alone Moslems who absolutely reject Western culture, is a problem. For that, he is reviled though it is truth, if an unpleasant one. Senator Cruz tries to follow more circumspectly so as not to lose too many Latino votes.

In history, no effective difference has existed between ‘mass migration’ and ‘invasion’ from the standpoint of the locals. The result is the same. New Mexico has extensive ruins of now vanished pueblo peoples who inhabited the area until the arrival of migrating Athabascans from the north, who are now the indigenes known as Navaho. It is a common pattern.

So when locals who have invested, built up and enriched a territory face masses of new arrivals who have no local roots and no source of support, those locals must stop and think or be overrun to their cost, by needy arrivals.

To that end, all countries have laws controlling admissions and enforcement apparatus to apply those laws. The rationale is to limit invasion to economically and culturally manageable levels. But E.U. and U.S. leaders are ignoring those laws and excluding those subjects from the debate and worse, the media are supporting that profligacy with taxpayer wealth.

None are discussing how many ‘refugees’ may be received, put to work, provided welfare, educated and so on given available resources. None discuss the miscibility of such alien cultures as those involved, nor the probable result of massive admixture. The public hears only propaganda, appeals to emotion.  The political leaders are so corrupt that they no longer even attempt to fulfill their responsibilities. Nor are their constituents much better.

We have made a fine mess in the Middle East and now, we are supposed to choose between drowning our children in it, or having the sailors of our ship of state cut off the hands of drowning folk trying to climb aboard after we sunk their rickety vessel. And it’s all to be someone else’s fault …

The bottom line seems to be: Giving up what we have made to – maybe – save some refugees (if they are refugees) appears a version of sending good money after bad. Pointless, and destructive. To us, if not to the fortunes of our elected leaders.

So, it’s really just one more reason that we need new leaders. (Who will come, if they come, with no guarantees …)

It’s not very nice, but the refugees and we have made it. Things won’t improve by pretending.





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Politics, Economics … and Diogenes of Sinope

DiogenesUS government is the top job killer. The link will explain; the short version is that a businessman will try to maximize profits but an intervening government will instead, try to buy votes. Businessfolk are economic creatures; governments are political creatures. Therefore, their motives differ. The different motives produce different results.It’s pretty simple; business has a profit motive, government doesn’t.

That allows politicians to decry capitalism, claiming that profits are evil because chasing them leads employers to do such evil things as layoffs and low wages that won’t support families. As there are more workers than employers, politicians buy votes with minimum wages, overtime rules and such. (Other people’s money, that is.)

Employers just raise prices to cover the cost increase until competition from places with cheaper labor prevent that; then they replace workers with machines, move to the cheaper places or go out of business. It’s still pretty simple, but as schools no longer teach students such things and more people are workers while fewer remain farmers or tradesmen, a lot of voters just don’t notice. They notice larger paychecks for the same work and just grumble when those larger paychecks somehow don[t buy any more than before without bothering to understand why that occurs.The economics are pretty simple but politicians have assured that so are the voters, or at least most of them.

The most clarifying aspect of all this is the obvious strong profit motive retained by the politicians for their own accounts. Congress is a millionaire’s club and we will be most pleased to be told of any successful politician who did not end his career with much more wealth than when it started. Politics has not only become a career path but a lucrative one.For those with inquiring minds, that’s a clue.

We suppose that most at least suspect these facts to exist, but are able to lie to themselves in the misguided expectation of something in it for them. You can’t, as the saying goes, cheat an honest man.

We are slow learners, too: Old Greek Diogenes, who was said to live in a barrel and to go about with a lamp, looking for an honest man, was a philosopher. He was called Diogenes the Cynic. Nothing we are discussing would surprise him in the least and he was born  over 400 years BC. Little in the area under discussion has changed since.

There is another clue that stares us in the face but which we somehow are unable to see: Both Left, that promises to rob the rich to buy us and the Right that warms against that are the same in that, both plan to use government power on our behalf to fulfill their nostrums. In that, they agree. And that is the sellout. Government has nothing but power; it cannot spend what it has not first taken from private producers. All government is a leech upon any economy.

Old Diogenes of Sinope knew that in 400 BC. America’s Founders knew it in 1776 and 1893. That is why they left us a very underfunded and limited federal government. But we have listened to the Siren call of politicians wishing to bribe us with our own money, and thereby created the Obama Administration and its successors. And in the ultimate existential joke, we complain of what we have made, right?

Somewhere, Diogenes sits with his lamp, laughing.





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