A versatile, intelligent and social species naturally evolves commerce in response to a challenging environment; some form of money is implicit in that. Precious metal coins came to provide confidence that payment held value equivalent to that of exchanged property. The inconvenience of coins for large or distant transactions added enforceable, standardized promises, i.e. contracts and paper money. Government monopolized coinage and enforced the promises as commerce expanded.

The government involvement underpinned a vast expansion of commerce by broadening the ready acceptance of money. It also produced emperors who reduced the precious metal content of coins while maintaining their face value, creating inflation. Their successors printed paper money in excess of the value of the gold and silver promised to be exchangeable for it, putting inflation on steroids. History’s regular financial collapses have been enough to restrain most governments most of the time, thus enabling commerce, but insufficient to prevent the systemic failure being accelerated by the measures taken in response to the COVID – 19 pandemic. As is so often the case, the impending financial failure is rooted in measures taken for a predicessor.

Early Great Depression measures removed the exchangeability of U.S. currency with gold, outlawed most gold possession by the public and inflated the currency from $20 to $35 per oz. of gold, maintaining that price until the link to gold was fully severed in 1971. Without the leash to gold in mid-April, 2021, the spot price of gold is $1776. Governments like to inflate spending when they can repay their borrowings with less value than they borrowed. Current U.S. Federal debt is about $225,000 per taxpayer.  The government repays that debt with new borrowing as it comes due, protected, courtesy of the Federal Reserve, by low interest rates. That protection reduces savings and encourages further borrowing.  It seems a very human irony that the money that must rely upon government for its widespread acceptance so often see its ultimate destruction at those same hands….

The arrival of credit card/internet technology has redefined money, eclipsing cash as paper money previously eclipsed coins. Money was no longer a “store of value” after it was disconnected from gold; it is no longer a medium of exchange when nothing physical changes hands. Money has been reduced to no more than an accounting entry representing a claim on wealth. Cash money still in use is becoming almost vestigial.

“Almost” is the key: While most people use payment cards and services and governments are salivating for the control available with payments limited to regulated, recorded channels, there are still too many people outside that system and dependent upon cash. A substantial number of those probably prefer that the government remains ignorant of their affairs and not all of these are necessarily criminals. The next step in this progression appears to be central bank or governmental issuance of digital money similar to Bitcoin.     

Summing up: Valuable precious metal money and resulting government monopoly expanded the growth of commerce. The perceived value of commerce and the presence of government enabled the use of devalued money, replacing precious metal with formal promises. Now, excepting a few marginal users, U.S. money has descended to the status of an electronic accounting valuation system. Responding to this, the Federal Reserve is apparently mulling a digital dollar currently called Fedcoin. Wall Street and some economists are worried about the ramifications, particularly since the Fedcoin plan appears to include the abandonment of cash.

First, if citizens’ connections to the financial system is limited to electronic identification, all financial activity can be instantly terminated by authorized order, by technological or human failure or accident and by criminal actions. Those are not small risks. Second, the temptation toward ruinous, politicized, inflationary governmental manipulation of such “money” seems overwhelming. Finally, with the mechanism of exchanges reduced to the status of a government tool, the economic advantages of a market economy seem unlikely to remain available at even the present nominal extent.

The current discussion has brought forward a few who would return to valuable money, probably some form of a gold standard or an equivalent that would reinforce market valuation rather than government policy  for setting the purchasing power of the digital dollar. The protracted economic depression in front of us may increase their number but the increasingly authoritarian government seems likely to make that difficult; a full return to widespread economic success in a necessarily free market seems distant at best. Money has dwindled from precious metal to a tool of government policy, the antithesis of a free market. That is a very long fall, bringing down capitalism – and prosperity – with it.   

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The culture: The crisis of illiteracy (Article) (Unintended report on education?)

The economy: Global debt problem (Article)

Iran: The bosses’ bully bos are worried (Article)

 Portland: Perennially rioting Antifa set U.S. federal building afire with agents trapped inside (Report)

Government: Virginia therapist suies New York for right to teleconference her client (Report)

The United Nations: Un> tetanus vaccine supplied to Kenya contained anti-fertility agent (Report)

Burbank: Erects fence preventing restaurant customer access (Report)

The Federal Reerve wants more inflation (Report)

The Pandemic: New study suggests vaccinations may cause brain problems (Report)

The U.S. Election: 100 top CEOs organize against “restrictive” boting reforms (Report)

Yemen: Update (Article)

The U.S. government just spent 3.5 times more than it brings in (Report)

The Pandemic: New nasal spray treats COVID infections? (Report)

 The media: CNN admits that it engages in propaganda (Report)

Texas: Power grid under threat – again? (Report)

The culture: National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Board supports “trans” men in women’s sports (Report) NCAA Championships will boycott states that protect gemales in sports (Report)

Science: The earth gathers tons of space dust every year (Article)

Portland: Rioters set fire to police building (Report)

Corruption: Nonprofit hires Biden official, then receives large government contract? (Report)

Government: Biden Admin. Orders politicization of U.S. military? (Article)

Elections: Corporations join non-profit to lobby states against election reforms (Report)

The U.S. economy: Another bank running scared (Report)

The economy: Food prices continue rise as inflation digs in (Report)

U.S. Religion: Church membership drops below 50% (Article)

The economy: Increasing stress from pandemic per intelligence assessment (Report)

Vaccine passports: An attack on freedom (Article)

The Pandemic: Another view of vaccine passports (Article)

Mozambique: Update (Report)

Modern Military Intelligence: Update (Article) (Geeks with guns)

The media: CBS edited video to hide gun of kid shot by cop (Report)

The government: Journalist who recorded cop shooting Capitol rioter arrested; cop’s I.D. still secret (Report)

 Fedcoin: The push for a digital dillar (Article) (The government in control of your money?)

The U.S. F – 35 is a boondoggle/dog? (Article)

Afghanistan: Is Biden ending the war or just privatizing it? (Article)

Slavery today: Update (Article)

Chicago: 3 dead, 25 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested after breaking into a man’s home (Report)

That’s all …

EDITORIAL:         Mulling the Current Politics

The NCAA has pronounced support for biological males competing in female sports; the IOC has a barrier against that for the Olympics. There seem to be U.S. public high schools on both sides. Female athletes have been either pretty silent, or muzzled. The sports “journalists” likewise. The legitimacy of elections is questioned and the response is to attack the questioners. The response to a mild pandemic is to suppress much of the economy and most social activities under cover of debt-financed public welfare payments amid a flood of inflation-producing fiat money. The Federal government is weaponized against the previous President because he was chosen by the voters without the prior approval of the political powers. The education system is reduced to political/cultural indoctrination and STEM subjects.                 What kinds of lives should we expect for Americans of the next few decades?  

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For humanity, God is a concept, government a social necessity and behavior a product of DNA. An understanding of all of these is fundamental in pursuit of optimizing human existence.

God is first, He being our only available explanation for the existence of our universe and its contents. Joining those who deny His existence simply joins us with those lacking any explanation and burdened by the absolute lack of evidence supporting their negation. Put another way: The observed entropy in our material universe implicitly demonstrates imposed organization. Simplified: Our complex reality exceeds our understanding; we can either ignore the issue or blame it on God. You decide.

Closer to home, we need God; without Him, human life cannot be sacred but becomes as disposable as the millions who died in the communization of Soviet Russia and Communist China. That need shines clearly from the preamble to the United States Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Without a creator, men have no rights outside those revocable grants by government. In paying homage to God, we gained those unalienable rights and transformed erstwhile rulers by divine right into servants of the people. In post-Christian 2021, morality has degenerated into a power game with rules enforced by politicians, reinvigorating the corruption that has prevented progress in so much of the world.

And so to government. Existence on our planet in this universe is a challenge that an asocial homo sapiens is probably too fragile to meet; the multiplying effects of specializing and organization are needed for survival in this environment.  A naturally socialist version would lack the individual variability and competitiveness that have provided the progress that has allowed our species to flourish. Reinforcing the theory of intelligent design, our species seems perfectly adapted for our environment. But that progress comes at a cost; the presence of strongly individual traits is disruptive in a social species. However, human DNA carries an answer for that challenge too; as human groupings enlarge, they inevitably produce governments to minimize the disruption. The solution works, but as with everything else in our universe, it is temporary; governments have lifetimes reflecting the dynamics of their underlying societies. The transience of individual human life naturally extends to human societies and therefore, to their governments. That inherent instability is necessary; it motivates the adaptability required in a technologically progressive species.

By now the reader has noticed that, while God was the first topic and Government the second, both are actually discussions of human behavior. That is as it should be; the attempts to divorce human behavior from God and government are the great swindles of this age. If man and his government are not beholden to their Creator, then ambitious human governors inevitably and swiftly assume His place over mankind. With that, they think to order human behavior to their liking rather than ordering their service toward its maximization. That is normal human behavior too and it is guaranteed by millennia of human history

All life seems to exist at some cost to other life and therefore must be ruthless and selfish to some degree. Humanity, having industrialized this, demonstrates these qualities on a magnified scale underlined by its wars upon itself. All human behavior stems from an individual’s DNA and so is always an expression of individual needs or desires. When a normal individual compromises a benefit for social reasons, it is either because the individual recognizes a greater benefit resulting from the compromise or from duress. Such perceived benefit is generally related to self-preservation or aggrandizement though it may be extended to others by some individuals, usually for reasons involving procreation or valued association. In the broadest sense, all directed living actions appear to reflect a biological/environmental mandate imposed upon a limited range of individually variable choices. Homo sapiens is a biological A.I. subject to delusions of godhood. .  

Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump share parallel human trajectories suggesting that they may also share considerable behavior. They share both reinforcing and contending interests and their complex interplay and its technological and social results may exemplify the subtle complexities that appear to arise so naturally from apparently simple human behavior. This behavior has taken Homo sapiens out of cave dwelling and is now propelling humanity out into the rest of the universe. That is eminent success by visible universe standards but humanity, from Biblical Adam to Zuckerberg and Trump, has never been satisfied. That too arises from DNA and it provides the changes that destabilize societies and governments with the results of progress. And then in turn, it restores stability at a cost to progress, providing the economic and societal foundation for the next destabilizing leap forward. It’s all in those genes! Where else?

But the roller coaster is hard on individuals, so is living with disease, crime and wars. Those and the other vicissitudes of human existence demonstrate the need for a strong sense of self-preservation. The universe shows little concern for individuals; only slightly more attention is provided for species. As individually conscious intelligences, we side with ourselves, insisting on our own individual importance while the universe doesn’t seem to notice.  This clash between our subjective and objective realities seems a primary driver of human behavior and, amplified by human competitiveness,  a source for much human conflict as well as progress. However uncomfortable the idea, Homo sapiens appears to be a design optimized more for general progress in its circumstances than for the welfare of its individuals. But then, doesn’t that apply to all life?

God or whoever else you prefer has provided this universe and fitted us into it with appetites and governments that can be destructive if not managed. With time and experience we have improved the management of both but each remains troublesome. And will so long as we remain what we are. Our universe is no paradise, nor are we angels; advertisers and politicians holding out promised upgrades in return for money and political power to the contrary notwithstanding.  Our few thousand years of available history demonstrate our reality when we choose to consult them but our innate conflict interferes: We know that those advertisers and politicians have lied in the past, but maybe this time will be different … That is very human behavior that has brought vast numbers of us to grief while it has also led to much of humanity’s vaunted progress. If we were not born resenting our reality, would we be forever laboring to improve it?

“All is well and wisely put” said the squirrel to the mountain;

“If I cannot carry a forest on my back, neither can you crack a nut.”

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

U.S. Congress: “Pro Act” will force union membership, suppress self-employment (Report)

The financial system: At some point, the system will restart (Article)

U.S. Religion: Church membership falls below majority (Report)

California: Felons apply for prison housing appropriate to their chosen gender (Report)

Afghanistan: Update (Report)

Scieence: U.S. Navy patent application for a low energy nuclear reactor (Report)

Russia: Why are media ignoring military buildup on Ukraine border? (Article)

Philippines: Chinese aggression in the South China Sea (Report)

Northern Ireland: Still torn between Dublin and London? (Report)

U.S. Senate: Expanding anti-Chinese legislation (Report)

U.S. Sec. of Treasury asking for world wide big spending (Report) (Never mind the lack of money?)

The pandemic: Small percentage of adverse reactions shuts Colorado vaccination site (Report)

New York to provide $15,600 COVID unemployment to illegals (Report)

Inflation: Food costs climb (Report)

Casual sex: The post-Christian norm? (Article)

Portland: $1.4 M for unarmed patrols to fight gun violence in parks (Report)

Science: Network analysis math can predict market collapses? (Report)

U.S. election: Initial results of Michigan investigation: 66,000 unregistered allots (Report)

 The pandemic: Using Ivermectin for treatment (Report)

The global trace and track regime (Article)

The pandemic: Has decimated the middle class worldwide (Article)

The U.S. economy: The Federal Reserve’s debt-fueled spending won’t create growth (Article)

More U.S. economy: What didn’t work in the Great Depression won’t work now (Article)

Chicago: 8 dead, 26 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

Eleven naked women, one man arrested in Dubai (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         Observations In Response To  Some Current Political Propaganda

  1. The United States seems notably less “racist” than most other parts of the world.
  2. Much current activity does more to promote anti-whiteness than to reduce racism.
  3. While the U.S. is no paradise and its people are not angels, it remains the primary attraction on this earth for for migrants from anywhere.
  4. If there is no controlled border, there is no country.
  5. No economy  can thrive  when financial/economic decisions are made for political reasons.

Channeling U.S. Founder John Adams: The United States Constitution cannot stand in the absence of a moral and religious people.Nor can democracy exist in the absence of free speech and tolerance of opposition.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

Ukraine: Another take on current geopolitical reality (Article)

The Biden Administration is developing COVID vaccination passports for shoppers? (Report) Florida governor will interfere (Report)

Finance: Central bank digital currencies are imminent? (Report)

The pandemic: A chemical that can shrink penises found in facemasks? (Report)

More pandemic: Study finds U.S. media work to frighten the public, downplay positives (Report)

The “Free Market” has degenerated into political theater (Article)

U.S. Politics: A large, armed Antifa group violently attacked a small Salem, OR ys demonstration in Portland (Report)

The pandemic: Another expert worried about vaccinations (Report)

Israel and neighbors: Update (Report)

The pandemic: Dozens testing positive after vaccination (Report)

U.S. government: FBI screening National Guard for pro Trump sympathies? (Report) (Making a political tool of the military)

Government: Europe pushes mandatory COVID vaccination; New York joins, Arizona opposes (Report)

Biden infrastructure project: Analyzes as a boondoggle? (Article)

Russia: Update (Report)

The U.S. culture: Ten new rules that are changing America (Article)

U.S. government: Continued growth, at the people’s expense … (Report)

The U.K. culture: Disapproved social attitudes now bring jail (Report)

China: Expanding its illegal grab of the South China Sea (Report)

Geopolitics: The South China Sea heats up (Report)

Russia: Accused Biden Administration of anti-white racism (Report)

Chicago: 4 dead, 32 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested while soliciting sex at a park (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         Questions About That $15 Hr. Minimum Wage

First, if an employer’s labor cost rises, won’t the customers have to pay for it? Maybe a     general, widespread wage increase just inflate the cost of living?              

                Second, doesn’t a significant rise in labor costs reduce employment as employers look for cheaper alternatives?

                Third, isn’t it ironic that the politicians pushing the increase are are also the folk demanding mass immigration and special H-1b visa expansion of workers who will compete in the U.S. for jobs?

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2021: The Self-Destruction Of The West

  The West found its ultimate expression in the United States where mostly European Christian immigrants and their diseases cheerfully brushed the comparatively primitive natives aside and built a new society relatively unimpeded. Given their origins, the result was naturally an ambitious, hard-working, Christian and 18th century politically liberal society where big business and small government both had to respect the demands of citizens while independent Catholic and Protestant churches, disciplined by their competition, helped restrain the powerful. Corruption was minimized, personal responsibility was maximized and it helped make the Protestant work ethic famous. It became an advertisement of capitalism and of a large scale economy. And with linguistic and social uniformity to help, it became rich and powerful relatively quickly. Its example influenced and helped accelerate socio-political development in Europe and eventually elsewhere. But neither societies nor their governments are static; attaining success has never guarantee retaining it..

Dour, restrictive Judeo-Christian morality reflects human biology better than it reflects human behavior. The advent of cheap, easy female contraception defenestrated permanent marriage, female sexual reserve, the primacy of the family and the sanctity of human life. With so many Commandments of the Judeo-Christian Decalogue dismissed, a little application of some enlightenment thought quickly accounted for most of the rest, completing the process with the interment of God. Although restrained by a strong Christian residue, the West has become essentially a post-Christian society. Its elected governors have predictably, lost little time finding advantage in adapting.  

Without God, the post of Lawgiver devolves to human government and its might is right.  In democratic societies morality becomes ongoing negotiation between the voters and the politicians; compulsory public education becomes a primary tool for political indoctrination. In the United States, Common Core Curriculum pursues uniformity among locally governed public schools; the result seems effective for indoctrination, unimpressive for education, and expensive. That is unsurprising; politicization naturally compromises what it touches. That effect increases with the size of the government and such growth is implicit.

Growth is a government imperative. Increased staff and responsibility raise bureaucrat salaries and authority; along with the power and electability of politicians.  At some point, most workers in a growing government will come to earn more than their private economy counterparts. Where this is prevented, corruption typically expands to help fill the difference. Growth offers something to nearly everyone in government. However, governments are economic vampires that produce no wealth but consume or divert the resources of those who do. Expanding governments interweave their economies, stultifying them with politicization. Politics is no substitute for economics when profits are needed, a reality that is the bête noir of central planners. Consider the organized labor laws: U.S. labor unions successfully parlayed political support into wage increases until employers went offshore for cheaper labor while immigrants and new machines replaced U.S. workers.  Elected union bosses deemphasize the future just like their government counterparts. Politics subverts but cannot overcome economics.

While America’s government has grown; its middle class and private sector unions share decline. Its once iconic housewife was demoted to a working mother earning less than her husband. The resulting politicization  has decreased that gap at the men’s expense. The government growth has preempted an increasing share of U.S. Gross Domestic Product; inflationary policies have devalued workers’ already constrained earnings, widening wealth inequality. Unsurprisingly, the middle class decline has contributed to growing poverty. In effect, government grew with crony labor unions until foreign competition interfered; from there, it has grown toward oligarchy with crony corporate bosses. Once the mainstay of the economy, now America’s middle class is rejoining the enlarging proletariat, diminishing economic prospects..

Ever increasing social welfare programs and international military adventures have bought votes, fattened corporate purses and magnified government by means of deficits and debt. Currently, that debt amounts to about $143,000 for every living American taxpayer. To ease and grow the borrowing, the Federal Reserve has expanded the money supply and depressed interest rates, leading to inflated housing and stock market prices. Such policies depress the middle class particularly and the economy generally by interfering with the accumulation of secure savings and devaluing the consumer’s dollar. The Federal Government is not the only borrower from the cornucopia of endless, cheap money; every citizen’s share of all of the country’s debt securities and loans from all sectors approaches $250,000. Facing this, almost 70% of Americans have less than $1,000 saved. This is unsustainable. Politicized, irresponsible finances have become  common in the West and elsewhere. In summary, Congress and the Federal Reserve have bought the voters, enriched the capitalists and expanded the government and its worldwide informal empire by manipulating the currency at the expense of the middle class and the U.S. financial system. The bill for that is about to come due in the U.S. and many other places.

The reckoning has arrived via the COVID – 19 pandemic: The U.S. and most other governments have adopted draconian restriction of human contact and travel that have closed businesses, schools and churches, thrown millions into unemployment and nearly paralyzed entire industries. The economic impact of these actions has been deferred by widely distributed welfare provisions  but the money – trillions – was borrowed. Governments have added economic depression to the pandemic, bankrupting small businesses and impoverishing people. Compounding the imminent impact of all this, it has been built upon a foundation laid by the 2008 Financial Recession, the causes of which had been papered over with fiat money bailouts instead of curative bankruptcies and financial retrenchment. The result resembles a house that appears attractive to those unaware that it is riddled with termites and the continuing profligate spending is the wind that will bring it down..

Though largely unadvertised, the impending inflation and financial collapse is no secret. Government planners have been preparing for years in anticipation. They hope to eliminate or at least minimize the use of cash, replacing it with more traceable and controllable electronic payments. They would like to equip every citizen and their cars with trackable identification and a centralized dossier. Some hope to magnify pandemic welfare payments into a guaranteed minimum income, greatly magnifying dependency upon government. These, added to the existing travel policing, rapidly increasing political censorship and proliferating facial recognition capabilities have only to be combined to provide a U.S. version of the Chinese social credit citizen control system. The coronavirus pandemic’s extra constitutional lockdown controls of individuals and businesses are a new mode of governing in the United States, one that appears predictive. The two-party political system has evolved into a forced choice, increasingly hereditary oligarchical structure now being reinforced with controllable voting. People are arrested in predawn raids and jailed and deprived of their children for violating arbitrary civil orders of questionable legality. Unsurprisingly, U.S. corruption seems to be increasing as God, His churches and now the U.S. Constitution recede..          Summing up: The Judeo-Christian descendants of Rome – the West – who built the United States, evolved its classical liberal government and resulting modernity have transferred their allegiance from God and self-reliance to Government. That government has naturally responded by expanding into nearly every aspect of life, applying ever increasing control. The resulting conversion from dispersed economic to centralized political decisions is restricting individuals and stultifying the economy. The West is retreating from the leadership of human progress; this should not surprise. It is only another act in the play of human history, reprising the pattern of earlier societies and it is firmly embedded in human DNA. The same behavior that drives societies forward has the opposite effect when applied in a government. It only remains to be seen how much will be lost in the collapse, how long it will endure and from whence will come the next burst of restricted government with unrestricted human progress.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

Government: The reality of liberty needs attention (Article) (Recommended)

Corruption: Obama officials returning to White House are now wealthy (Report)

The European Union’s doomed finances (Article)

The Military: Support, the contractor conundrum (Article)

The pandemic: Interesting update on vaccinations (Report)

Immigration: Illegal aliens receiving COVID relief checks (Report)

The U.S. economy: Inflation warning with explanation (Article)

U.S. Energy: Where will the Biden solar plan find enough room? (Article)

U.S. Asians being recruited into the anti-white race war scenario? (Article)

The panemic: Now traced to its true origin? (Report)

More pandemic: How effective are the vaccines? (Report)

Pornography blocker now required on phones in Utah (Report)

A U.S. wealth tax: Some realities (Article)

Somalia: Update (Report)

Corruption: Shadowy “agreements” with Ukraine (Report)

U.S. Government: Illegal domestic spying? (‘’report)

The pandemic: Lockdown worse than the disease (Article)

North Korea: The latest (Report)

Taxation: Push to tax U.S. drivers per mile driven (Report)

The pandemic: Sweden experience better than most of Europe, without lockdown (Report)

Racism: Oakland will pay $500 month to all legal/illegal poor except whites (Report)

Corruption: Police scam kills two innocents (Report)

Ukraine: Biden Admin makes large military equipment delivery (Report)

Chicago: 4 swS, 17 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was pulled from a storm drain by police (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:          Dominion Sues Fox News

The voting machine maker filed a $1.6 B lawsuit for defamation over election fraud claims reported in the news. We might wonder, why? It seems unlikely that Fox was amateurish enough to publish anything that would sustain such a claim in court. In an honest court, anyway. And if such a case goes to trial it seems likely to publicize information that the politicians as well as the machine makers would prefer kept private. We guess that the filing is meant to reinforce the indignant claims of the election officials about the sanctity of the process as they prevented actual investigation by impartial observers, if any could be found.  Will the suit ever go to trial? Any bets?  

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:                               

Congress: New racist farm aid bil excludes whites (Report) (Details)

Oregon: State Senate bill would pay blacks $123,000 reparations for slavery (Report)

California cities are mandating large pay raises for grocery workers, stores closing in response (Report)

Government: Why human governments always grow large (Article)

More government: Another view of what COVID has revealed (Article) (Recommended)

U.S. elections: A review of the new election law passed by the House (Article) (Recommended)

Globalism: A view to consider (Article)

The pandemic economy: The relief checks exceed the real loss of income? (Article)

U.S. Employment: Foreigners take 2/3rds of tech jobs each year? (Report)

U.S. Congress: COVID relief exceeded $41,000 per taxpayer; how much did you receive? (Re)

Yemen: Update (Report)

 Portland: Antifa violence continues (Repoer)

 Government: A federal judge ordered release of information on purchases of aborted baby parts (Report)

China: Mutable borders (Article)

U.S. Congress: Legislation would automatically reduce paychecks, create retirement savings (Report)

 European Union: Plans vaccination travel document (Report)

 Education: Columbia University students will graduate grouped by sexual preference, race and income (Report)

U.S. Government: Extends travel restrictions at Canada, Mexico borders (Report) (Except illegal aliens?)

The Pandemic: Ivermectin treatment gaining support (Report)

The climate: The once green Arctic, without human intervention (Report)

The Federal Reserve: Rising inflation is just temporary? (Article)

Education: Reassessing the value of a college education (Article)

Judicial Watch has sued for details of police officer’s death, unreported after Capitol invasion (Report)

Canada: Father jailed after refusal to conform to transgender claim of age 14 child (Report)

U.S. Elections: A view of the Democrats’ election law revisions in Congress (Article)

Digital trails: How FBI identifies and rounds up dissidents (Article)

U.S. Government: Michigan restaurant owner arrested, jailed in predawn raid for violating pandemic restrictions (Report)

Chicago: 5 dead, 35 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested in a chair next to apartment parking (Report)

That’s all …

EDITORIAL:         Texas Has Suffered; Will The Rest Of Us Heed?

Texas water and power providers shut down under unusual but not unheard of cold, inflicting freezing and thirst across the state. The widespread suffering was blessedly not protracted for most but the event deserves more attention than it has received. It advertises a systemic failure of government and a much greater impending risk.

The water and power failed because the government that empowered its providers as regulated monopolies led them to pursue populist political goals in place of customer service. Green power did not flow from frozen windmills and snow-covered solar farms obviously, nor has heating gas flowed via inadequately insulated machinery. Nor has politicized utility rate setting protected the customers’ interests. But all of these do diagnose government interests at odds with the declared responsibilities of the government; we call that corruption. Look for politicians frantically shifting blame … There is a much larger danger looming over all of us that is illuminated by the suffering of the Texans: The ever-more integrated U.S. national utility grid is not only fragile, it has become a vulnerable system now central to civilized life in the United States. Consider the result of a really wide scale, protracted U.S. power outage upon light, heat, communication and production. Note that our politicians are adding transportation to those. Then recall Murphy’s Law.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

Congress: Federal workers scoring massive perks in COVID relief bill (Report)

Georgia could not authenticate 67% of mail-in election ballots? (Report)

The economy: Games played by U.S. government with U.S. money (Article)

More economy; Effects of declining births (Article)

Still more economy: Mulling the idea of borrowing and then spending ourselves rich … (Article)

The Federal Reserve: A sadly realistic conspiracy theory? (Article)

U.S. elections: New Biden order expands questionable voting practices (Report) Details

 Illinois: How will it continue to pay its pensioners? (Report)

U.S. Elections: Democrats’ new voting law challenged by 29 states (Report)

 The U.S. economy: A mountain of debt (Article)

The pandemic Now there’s a book about U.S. projects at the Chinese virology lab (Report)

U.S. Education: The miseducation of America’s elite (Article) (The subversion of rhe residue of the middle class)

Syria: Update (Article)

The pandemic: Astrazeneca vaccine on hold in (taly, Norway (Report)

Usraek/Iran: Blowing holes in each other’s oil tankers? (Report)

   The U.S. military: How Special Ops became the universal power tool (Article)

Portland: Antifa attacks continue, police invisible (Report) Details

Science: Astronomers detected supermassive black hole moving (Report)

The pandemic: Are vaccines riskier than COVID? (Article)

The U.S. economy: Living standards decline accelerating (Article)

The Floyd police shooting trial: Some underreported details (Report)

Science: The gene pool is deeper and older than we thought? (Report)

The pandemic: Some interesting (and cautionary) details about current vaccines (Report)

U.S. Education: Who can afford college anymore? (Report)

U.S. Congress: A House bill would outlaw most modern rifles, require government permission for gun sales (Report)

Government: Operating prisons becoming unaffordable? (Report)

U.S. Government: House election bill sets up rigged elections without real recourse? (Report)

U.S. Economy: Exploding lumber prices attacking new home construction (Report)

Government: Canadian father faces prison for opposing young daughter’s gender change (Report)

Chicago: 2 dead, 20 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested for stalking neighbors (Report)

And that’s all …

 EDITORIAL:        Some Fairy Tales Are Grim

                                In the 2008 financial crash the U.S. Government bailed out the failing financial institutions it considered “too big to fail” using fiat and borrowed money to paper over the ugly financial realities. As of 2020 that government, having crippled the economy in the name of a pandemic, is bailing out nearly everybody whether directly affected or not. The money is coming from the same source, which is to say it is a fairy tale. The reduced economy will be a long time restoring its previous creditworthiness; the situation merely awaits the little boy who will inform the multitudes that the government is really financially naked under illusory new financial clothing.

                Meantime, that government is accustoming its citizens to rely upon it for financial support instead of relying upon themselves; what will likely happen when most of them come to understand that they now owe repayment of the government’s enormous borrowing?          

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

Portland:  Destructive Antifa riots continue, largely unreported, (Report)

What “normal” are we returning to? The depression nobody dares acknowledge (Article)

 The U.S. economy: Food price inflation (Article)

More ecoomy: 11 million homeowners/renters behind in payments facing end of COVID protections? (Report)

Congress: Democrats cementing obedient election procedures? (Report)

Is the U.S. going the way of Afghanistan? (Report)

New York State will require citizen personal (COVID) ID to enter public places? (Report)

FBI: Large group of agents broke Dr. Simone Gold’s door and dragged her away in handcuffs? (Report) (Moral: Don’t disagree with the government)

The U.S. election: FBI confiscated, then shredded ballots under audit?  (Report)

Government: Judge blocks unmasked parents from seeing kids (Report)

  U.S. Congress: $350 B for cities, counties, states in COVID bailout? (Report)

The climate: Unlike politics, science says that the earth is cooling … (Article)

Portland: Trashing businesses continues (Report)

The government: U.S. Policing is eviscerating the 4th Amendment? (Article)

 The pandemic: The hew vaccines aren’t really vaccines? (Report)

The pandemic: CEO of Pfizer remains unvaccinated? (Report)

Corruption: How it works in Pennsylvania (But it’s everywhere)


The economy: Reality explained simply (Article) (But you won’t like it)

U.A. Elections: New House bill HR-1 will guarantee election fraud? (Report)

The pandemic: A case of severe side effects from Moderna vaccine (Report)

The U.S. election: New Hampshire’s shifty voting machines receiving notice? (Report)

Texas: Governor introduces bill banning social media censorship (Report) (Residential ambitions?)

Chicago: 5 dead, 20 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested jumping upon neighbor’s trampoline (Report)

That’s all …

EDITORIAL:          Mythical Government

Human societies require and so always evolve governments because humanity is a social species without an external top predator; members of human societies must fulfill those responsibilities with little outside assistance. Police and thus governments are produced to keep human predation within reasonable bounds.

But humanity has not yet evolved a satisfactory means for similarly policing government, leading to their instability.  Summing up, humans are social animals whose innate behavior tends to disrupt its societies. Politicians and especially elective politicians peddle the myth that government or particular governors can alter either the universe’s innate economic scarcity or equally innate human behavior, thus resenting humanity a long desired utopia; this is the primary government myth today. Socialists especially depend upon it but they aren’t alone; it is the primary tool of every politician who claims that government is a solution to any human reality. Human government is a crutch that when small, assists human progress but increasingly evolves into a burden as it grows.  

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