GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThe week’s picks:

The culture: Is U.S. society becoming dependent upon the state? (Article) (Gee, somebody noticed?)

California: Is the overdue Big Quake nearing? (Article) (Seems like the way to bet)

The culture: Swapping human embryos a new Wild West? (Report) (Human trade goods … )

The economy: Why economists are prostitutes for politicians (Article)

The culture: If America is to survive as a nation (Article) (Does it want that?)

More culture: World Chess Championships soon (Report)

The economy: Is the Federal Reserve really exiting the mortgage market? Permanently? (Article)

The internet: Chinese version has appeal for any government? (Article)

Computers: Google claims quantum breakthrough imminent with NASA help (Report)

Education: 9 years into Common Core, test scores are down; indoctrination up (Report) (What else should be expected from a federal takeover?)

Science: Hawks (and other predators) have moved into cities (Report) (Not news to those interested – add coyotes, owls and others)

The culture: A mob threatened the home of a Fox News host; broke front door (Report) (Cost of ‘free speech’ rising)

More culture: Antifa published home addresses of conservative columnists (Report)

The Constitution: Federal appellate court says 2nd Amendment does not apply outside the home?) (Report)

Gunsight tech: Now, long range bullseyes for snipers in all conditions (Article)

The war on the internet: Censored vs Open dispute is dividing the web (Report) (Will any governments long resist censorship?)

The media: Houston Chronicle retracts 8 stories after fraud investigation (Report) (And at the New York Times ..?)

The post 9/11 wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have killed 500,000 people (Article) (So far)

New York City raided Manhattan condo to shut down Airbnb rentals (Report)

The CIA: Spy vs Spy (Update)

Chicago: 2 dead, 13 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after struggle for infant (Report)

That’s all …

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Socialism cannot endure because it relies upon forcing inhuman behavior onto humans; Globalism forces unnatural behavior onto nations. Socialists suppress individuality; Globalists suppress nationality. Both are oppression that dissolve whenever the imposing force is not maintained. Except that the first is applied to people and the second to nations, they are pretty similar. Historically, they have appeared together since Socialists with capitalist neighbors have had to be walled in to limit the sort of turmoil now extant in Venezuela. The currently popular term “democratic socialism’ is an oxymoron. It is no coincidence that since the 19th century, The Internationale  has been sung as the Socialist anthem.

Globalism sells harmonious blending of everybody under a supranational government, the usual socialist utopia on a larger scale.  A primary requirement is removal of national borders,   a Globalist analog of the socialist abolition of private property. Those are equally willful, blind denials of human nature. In a real world, national borders may dissolve after everyone speaks a common language and lives in a common culture at a common economic level but even then it seems doubtful, given human competition. Further, it seems doubtful that such a degree of human uniformity can be accomplished even at gunpoint. Annoying as it must be for Socialists, people aren’t ants.

The Communists claimed that, after people were forced at gunpoint into good socialist behavior, their  descendants would evolve into naturally socialist folk and the barbed wire and guns would vanish. In our real world, no sign of that appeared in sixty years as the Soviets fell apart of their internal contradictions. Their Globalistic gathering of Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, the Baltics, eastern Europe, most of Central Asia and others was never happy; it decomposed overnight in a parallel part of the process.  All the suffering and loss of the Soviet era were a wasted sacrifice to a myth.

An all-powerful, supranational government  is too large, too remote and too bound with competing interests to recognize, let alone harmonize the myriad needs, behaviors and desires of inevitably disparate and distant populations. In our reality, government must as America’s Founders wrote, arise from the governed, not be forced onto them from above. That is not government, only the suppression of a conqueror. Conquerors have no citizens, only slaves. And once emplaced, such a state does not evolve into voluntary, happy slavery. At some point, the conqueror or his successor will die hanging from a lamppost and everything will fall apart, eventually to begin again for a new audience.

As used to be said in political science classes, “America has the worst possible government – except for all the others.” The Globalists would replace it with a blend of all the others, plus guns and barbed wire in the name of progress. Wisdom suggests asking what sort of destination depends upon guns and barbed wire … and how “Democratic Socialism” under a global government can be  installed and maintained without them. The Soviets and Venezuela should be informative. China, too.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

California: The state setting poverty records? (Article)

Losing the war on cash: Swedish central bank U-turns on cashless society (Article)

The internet: Concern over advancing political censorship (Article)

Science: smoking pot hooks women faster than men? (Report)

The TRUE U.S. deficit: Short article  (Money young folks plan to retire on is already spent)

Algeria: Update (Article)

Russia: Dwindling of the national space program (Article)

Immigration: Border  Caravan becoming mechanized? (Who’s paying?)

More immigration: Caravan now riding buses (Article)  (Political show must open on time) (But later, the buses suddenly stopped coming)

Still more Immigration: 750,000 case backlog at immigration courts (Report)

Southwestern border statistics for comparison with current media caravan hype (Gov’t Data)

Science: Strong earthquake splits tectonic plate, confounding geologists (Report)

Chicago: 5 dead, 37 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

The economy: Robots appearing in Midwestern grocery stores (Report)

More economy: Most jobs don’t support a middle class life, per a study (Report) (Which is why housewives went back to work, right?)

Corruption: Federal Judge accuses State Dept of falsehoods about Benghazi scandal (Report) (Clinton dirt surfacing under Trump?)

Science: Possible breakthrough discovery leading to non-carbon automotive fuel (Report)

U.S. Citizenship: Birth to resident non-citizens was excluded during 14th Amendment debate (Report) (Trump may have standing for exclusionary executive order? Maybe)

China: Unrepayable debt ticking time bomb nearing explosion (Article) (Another country that tried to spend itself rich …)

More China: New “Social Credit” system unrolling total government control of individuals (Article)  (Will any government be able to resist this?)

Bedbugs continue rebound after ban of DDT (Report)

San Francisco will reduce its own water use to assist San Joaquin river fish (Report)

Government: Continuing pursuit of an all-seeing eye in the sky over the U.S. (Article)

The internet: Web freedom continues decline as “digital authoritarianism” increases worldwide (Report)

The economy: A quick peek at the economists that politicians hate (And you should love) (Article)

More economy: The Federal Reserve proposed looser bank regulations (Article) (Increase loans and risk?)

New York City joins the “imminent bankruptcy” club? (Article)

Drone: Insect-sized flyer invites misuse? (Report) (Flyswatters to become fashion item?)

Most Americans aren’t financially healthy despite ‘roaring’ economy (Article) (If you believe in the ‘roar’)

The culture: Two Florida high school girls discovered teacher having sex with both, informed his wife (Report)

Science: Breakthrough in treating spinal injuries restores limited walking (Report)

The economy: Labor force participation is dropping for college grads, rising for high school dropouts? (Article) (And rising even more for robots?)

  More economy: Real estate sales are cooling off on both coasts (Article)

Still more economy: World trade shipping is decreasing (Article)

The economy graphic:: Short, clear picture of why U.S. fiscal policy is delusionary (Article)

Economic prophecy: A sardonic eye on reality  removes  comfortable illusions (Article) (He’s right, you know)

A naked woman was arrested after falling through a restaurant ceiling (Report)

And thus it was, this week.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannEverything from the week that we could stand, and more:

The economy: They danced and jumped to celebrate; the floor gave way (Report) (Foolish college kids)

Corruption: Trump’s ethanol boondoggle exposed? (Article)

The internet: Censorship progressing details (Article)

More internet and how Google is helping China apply total state control of each citizen (Article) (Chinese perspective looming  in the U.S?)

Russian election meddling claims: A judge has ordered special counsel Mueller to prove Russian company’s meddling he has asserted (Article)

U.S. Aie Force: Drones forcing reality onto political paralysis? (Article)

The culture: The Left’s mobs sow the wind; who will reap the whirlwind? (Article)

More culture: Another such wind, blowing at the border (Report) (Who is paying the organizers?)

Corruption: A business that organizes and staffs protests is now accused of extortion (Report) (Not so far a reach, is it?)

Exploding toilets prompted recall of flushing systems (Report)

Migrant U.S. invasion: Prez Trump will cut aid to Central American countries refusing to deter migrats. (Article) (Lefty-funded and organized to create political headlines on election eve-Organizer clearly cares little what happens to the migrants.)

Canada/China have jointly  emplaced undersea monitors affecting a U.S. nuclear submarine base (Article)

SEC  Warning: All levels of government pensions are threatened by severe underfunding and will probably never be fully paid to new and future retirees? (Article)

The economy: $30,533 was the U.S. median wage last year? (Article)

Science: A much faster internet may result from a fiber-optic cable breakthrough (Report)

The culture:” Suspected” bombs sent to prominent Democrats  were fakes? (Report) (Or is the news fake?)

More culture: A violent threat was sent to a GOP candidate and his family in an NJ race (Report)  (Becoming a public figure seems increasingly risky?)

Oops: A U.S. military plane dropped a military vehicle onto a New Jersey neighborhood? (Report) (We’re glad it wasn’t a nuke)

Finance: A wary watcher’s warning (Article)

Pakistan: Financial desperation (Article)

The economy: The now deluded, once middle class is losing its illusions? (Article)

Drones that deploy smaller, armed drones (Article) ( That will eventually fall into the wrong hands …)

The economy: 25% of homeless Americans actually have a job ? (Article) (The camouflaged depression)

More economy: Half of Americans receive more welfare than they pay taxes (Article) (Is this a stable society?)

U.S. volcano threat levels rise, including Yellowstone supervolcano (Article)

The Economy:The average stock is HIGHLY overvalued? (Article) (All that Federal Reserve funny money)

Mali (The Sahel): Update (Article)

The culture: HBO will staff all sex scenes with an “Intimacy Coordinator”  (Report) (Porn goes mainstream, becomes profession?)

Politics: Is the mail package bomber Cesar Sayoc a registered Democrat? (Report) (He has been reported a Republican too – Whom can we believe now?)

Science: A computational model to predict human behavior (Report) (Isaac Asimov’s Foundation sci fi becoming real?)

More science: Crows assemble pieces into useful tools in the wild (Report) (Critters are smarter than we wish to admit)

Still more science: Commercially available device improves brain data handling and memory (Report)  (That’s nice, but for how long?)

The economy: Student loan bubble expands as post-student opportunities recede (Article)

Iraq: Iran’s waning influence adding violence (Report)

European culture: Woman convicted of crime for naming Mohammed a pedophile over his marriage to a 6 year old girl not protected by free speech (Report) (Some speech in Europe is less free than other speech?)

Science: Your pets can tell time (Report)

Corruption: NBC sat on information that would have discredited Kavanaugh accusers (Article)

Chicago: 8 dead, 20 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested watching porn in a stranger’s apartment (Report)

And here went another week.

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Egypt: The possible instability ahead.Just now on planet Earth, nearly half the inhabitants live on less than $5.50 a day, while in the wealthy U.S. the middle class and the fertility rates are shrinking. But then, life on our planet has always been unstable; coping has always been a preeminent activity for everything that lives. That’s the setup of our universe, like it or not.

That has perpetuated the happy hunting ground for politicians promising relief from this uncomfortable reality via government, if it is put into their hands. Given that government is only another group of people operating on whatever it can extract from defenseless others. That promise is unsupportable on its face in theory and in all of history in practice. Government transfers, it does not create wealth; the more it transfers, the less remains at the source. Too much always sticks to the hands that perform transfers; the end is always shared poverty at both source and destination of the transfers. So, “This time will be different!” is always a keynote of these promises. That theme pervades public education and propaganda whenever this “solution” is on offer. We are expected to forget that, in an inherently unstable universe where every thing has without exception, a beginning and an ending, nothing, including “solutions,” lasts.

Classical Western civilization collapsed into the Reformed Christianity that ultimately settled and built the United States. That Reformed Christianity has in its turn been abandoned and its resulting society is deconstructing itself in front of us: Almost half of U.S. births now occur outside of marriage. Roughly half of marriages have ended in divorces for decades and the American middle class housewife is now but a legend. That is social instability on a large scale.

The current political paradigm values women and racial minorities while it demonizes the white males whom largely created the American state and society. The Left, objecting to the constraints of the U.S. Constitution, wishes to brush it out of the way. Given that the Left visibly disapproves of folk who disagree with or offend it holding office, holding important jobs or dining in public, perhaps ending of the American socio-political model will be long and painful as technology enhances governmental control of individuals in detail and that accelerates in the name of order.

For the future, the detritus of the past must first be cleared away, then a new social construct identified, accepted and installed. Somewhere along the line, somebody’s spare nukes will escape and be misused; what can happen, will happen after all. How long the heightened instability will proceed and what sort of society its exhaustion will finally provide is anybody’s guess now but all of that seems on the menu before another period of societal progress can give rise to the next acceleration  of instability. Nothing is free, most especially including human progress.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThis week’s scrapings from reality:

The culture: Masked Antifa thugs attacked a Patriot Prayer demonstration in Portland; no arrests (Report)

The economy: The nothing down subprime mortgages that help sink 2008 finance are back? (Report)

Israel: Hamas enlarges border fence riots in Gaza; Israel threatens tougher response (Report)

The culture: Harvard is sued for anti-Asian discrimination (Report)

Geopolitics: An interesting political/strategic analysis of the Middle East and beyond (Article)

The culture: A biological male won a world women’s cycling event (Report)

Science: U.S. Cherokee Indian DNA exposes Middle Eastern roots (Article)

The economy: A clear explanation of why San Joaquin valley farms and U.S. finance are committed to  collapse (Article)

More economy: The mechanics of imminent U.S. financial deflation (Article)

Still Moreeconomy: The decreasingly middle class … (Article)

The Culture: Planned Parenthood, ACLU want abortion of Down Syndrome cases (Report) (Eugenics comes calling )

Tax evasion: Alive and well in many places – if you can afford it (Article)

The culture: Student videos classroom sex with high school teacher (Report) (Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore …)

Science: Planning the exploration of Venus (Report)

The Internet: : :Life after Google or, a shift toward distributed processing (Article) (If governments can’t prevent it)

The culture: Nearly half of U.S. births occur outside of marriage (Report)

The world economy: Nearly half the world lives on less than $5.50/day (Report)

Fertility rates continue to fall (Report)

Science: Study finds possibility for restoring lost hearing (Report)

Education: 190 universities just added new free internet courses (Report)

Charleston, SC: Sewer processing plant clogged by thousands of flushed baby wipes (Report)

Science: New measurements confirm that electrons are perfectly spherical (Report) (Gee, we didn’t know that …)

Iran: The Israeli Intelligence nuclear document heist (Article)

Science: 5 mysteries of particle physics (Article) (Open holes in the standard model)

The economy: A short, specific, clear description of economic reality you won’t like – but can’t refute (Article)

Chicago: 3 dead, 24 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A Naked man was arrested after jumping into a shark tank (Report)

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Figure Skating: A Political Solution For A Real Problem

In its beginning, figure skating – drawing d

Nicole Bobek

What’s Missing Today…

iagrams upon ice with skates – wasn’t very interesting to most people. Until an American ballet dancer displayed his art on skates and charmed the capitals of Europe. The resulting sport brought audiences together with a judging problem: Crowning an ice queen is a pretty subjective process. Judges who had served well enough for ranking tracings on the ice were immediately in trouble trying to sort ice ballerinas with an audience looking on. Never mind that most audience members disagreed with each other as often as they disagreed with the judges.

A few years ago, the sport’s managers solved that problem, or said they did. They replaced subjective judging with a convoluted, murky point system that effectively awarded titles to whomever could provide the most revolutions while jumping on a given day. Counting revolutions is much easier to defend than one’s preference for any particular ice ballerina. Problem solved! Unfortunately, it was a solution that also removed much of the incentive for watching skaters. The audience shrank. The sport had shot itself in the skate.

Figure skating officials are elected or appointed by those whom were elected. No such officer can afford to admit a mistake in public and so the success of the wonderful new judging system is still advertised. It continues in the U.S. to be further extended into every corner and crevice of the sport with increasing difficulty (it is expensive, labor intensive and becomes debateable when jumps are not top notch.)

How does one reclaim audience interest without admitting that the judging change was a mistake? Figure skating’s leaders have ordered a reduction in the numbers of points earned by jumps. That naturally will make points earned by spins, footwork, musicality etc. relatively more influential, right? Thus returning the lost entertainment values that used to draw the audience? In theory, yes; in reality, probably not, at least for a while. Judges, in spite of skaters’ secret thoughts, are human and keen to justify themselves under criticism. Criticism in figure skating is a constant. Judges should be expected to manipulate such that defensible jump revolutions continue to prevail. Several iterations of alterations to scoring may be required before much difference is observed, by whomever remains to watch.

Obviously, the sport should have returned to forthrightly – and debateably – picking ice ballerinas as of yore, but that would be an admission of a mistake in dropping it in the first place. So the sport’s gradual fadefrom the public eye seems fated to continue for awhile. That is sad; it has given us lovely moments.

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