Thoughts: The Trump/Clinton ‘Debate’

RiggedWell, it was no debate. A debate presents opposing speakers who first display their ideas and research respecting a given subject and then are allowed to criticize what the other has said. Our Trump/Clinton foofaraw was more a recitation of political blather, unsupported assertions and glittering generalizations firmly rooted in air. Both candidates undertake to enrich the workers … somehow. Both are apparently in favor of good and against evil, and each accuses the other of reversing the two. Both salt and pepper their diatribes with statistics that may be reasonably accurate but are not traced to relevance. We see two clowns selling snake oil. In of course, our opinion. But then, they are addressing an audience of public school grads and dropouts produced by the system our governors have perpetuated.

We see two salient subjects in dire need of address: First, the unbearable insolvency of most of the world financial system resulting from the political leaders’ reliance upon unrepayable debt to temporarily appear to fulfill their promises to the feckless voters. Second, how candidates plan to deal with the oncoming expansion of wars intended to obscure the results of the first conundrum. Neither of those seems on offer in public. Neither candidate wishes to disclose a list of spending that must be ended because the money to continue does not exist. .

There is a reason for that omission: Admittance of those to the conversation would likely bring to notice the fact that the related problems have been manufactured by those same political leaders. Debt is simply the result of spending that which you do not possess, right? For which you, or in this case, our political leaders, are responsible. Best avoided …

Next, there are the alleged solutions to the problematical issues. All of them depend upon either more spending by government, ignoring where the money spent can be found, or the forbidding of free economic competition, that always impoverishes an economy. Mrs. Clinton will as the critics of Great Depression economic theories put it, “spend us rich” while Mr. Trump will somehow force businessmen to operate in the U.S. high cost environment while competing with low cost Asian competitors. As Mrs. Clinton glosses over the effect of withdrawing the money her government will spend from the economy, so does Mr. Trump ignore how his compulsory high prices will be able to avert insolvency for his captive producers. It is all bombast, seems to us.

Backing up a step, if we the people have fallen to the level that we fall for this sort of drivel, we deserve what will inevitably result. We will have earned it.

We note that our species seems to do best under duress; we rise to adversity. When things are too easy, we become spoiled, lazy. Historically, that seems a repeating cycle. After things remain bad enough for long enough, we get off our hindquarters and go back to work, returning to a more honest and less corrupt social framework, at least for a while. But that change may require generations.

We appear to be witnessing one of those massive social collapses almost worldwide at the moment; few countries are honestly solvent. Few are not corruptly governed. (If any). We inhabit by all appearances, the ancient Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

Let us, if that is so, hope that perhaps our grandchildren will enjoy the fruits by inhabiting the next rising cycle …

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Gleanins From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThis weeks’ work:

Reality sucks?  Trump facts from the past …

Russia’s national legislative election is looking rocky. The pro-Putin party ‘s prospects seem bright. (Too bright?)

The European Union: Why the center cannot hold and fracture will proceed. (Article)

Russia  gave Syria permission to shoot down Israeli planes. (Let’s you and him fight)

China faces a full blown banking crisis (Report) (So, who doesn’t?)

U.S. condominium owners  face financial strains; communities encounter risks.

TRUMP: Trojan horse for the Establishment or mouth for the common man? (Article) (And THAT is the question, right?)

21 (GOP) states sued the Feds to stop a December start for an overtime pay regulation that will effectively double the earnings level required to exempt an employee from overtime pay . (And the suckers earning more will pay more to live)

Was Obamacare designed to fail? (Article) (Someone finally noticed?)

The culture: New York City seniors are no longer safe when they go out. (Report)

Global warming’s fingerprint does not exist in reality. (Research study)

The anonymous cell phone game detailed for you …

State/Local Pensions: : Future payments from an empty wallet. (How does that work, exactly?)

The Department of Justice has sent to Charlotte the same team that was accused of fomenting riots in Ferguson and Baltimore. Violence is spreading. (Report)

Charlotte riots: 70% of rioters arrested have out of state addresses (Report) (Question: If they arrest the destructive rioters, why don’t they go after the folk who hire, pay and organize them?)

Mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddi Mac are lowering lending standards again. (And taxpayers will bet to pay again)

Switzerland is resisting the European Union’s attempt at Swiss gun control.

 Brazil is now investigating the new president who replaced the impeached president?

A passenger is suing an airline over a 9 hr flight seated next to an obese man. (!)

Colorado: Home of the voting dead? (Report) (A new series in the making?)

A naked Dallas crack smoking babe spit upon arresting police. (No clothes, no manners?)

And so went the week.

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Some Thoughts On The Charlotte ‘Protests’

charlotteWe are becoming used to the sight of black mobs destroying property and beating people; that is losing its shock value and becoming, as radio host Rush Limbaugh said today, “Normal.” That set us thinking.

Why are these people doing that? More why are we allowing it even excusing it? What would be occurring if those mobs were white people? It all seems to deserve some thought.

We hear that the ancestors of blacks were enslaved. Yeah, but go back far enough and everyone, black, white, brown or whatever was enslaved. That’s how they did it in Asia, Africa, Europe and in America, among the Indians. So nothing special there, if we’re being honest. Add too that the slaves were sold to those American ship captains by black Africans and Christian churchmen. Being black is not being innocent. Being white is not being anyy guiltier than being black.

And if your great, great grandfather was enslaved, how does that entitle you to the hard earned wealth of your neighbors, many of whose ancestors never saw a slave? Are children born innocent, or are they born responsible for the acts of their great, great grandparents? No civilization founded on such complex and disputed webs could exist for long. It is ridiculous. Thinking about it, if such webs of ancient responsibilities existed, how could there exist private property now?

Our political leaders encourage these riots to keep us divided and easy to rule; they fear the loss of their corrupt power should we join together. They decry earned jobs and educations of whites and increasingly now of Asians over the comparative unemployment and ignorance of too many blacks, refusing to note that those blacks really do start with the same opportunities as the others; it is their own choices, encouraged by the politicians, that impede the progress of so many. Blacks are given privileged entry to education and too often, refuse to take it seriously so that it must be dumbed down to let them complete it. In their too human search for something for nothing, they cheat themselves. Politicians protecting  blacks, or any of us, from competition do us no favors.

It is not the actions of whites and Asians that put so many blacks and Hispanics in prisons. It is their own aversion to the rules and procedures of the Western society in which they conduct their lives, and they are encouraged in that by heir own leaders. If evidence is needed, note that wherever their own rules and procedures govern, the resulting societies are poor and dangerous, leading to migration to the U.S. and Europe.

There is a political rule: Tax something, you get less of it. Subsidize something, you get more of it. We have for much too long, taken resources from workers to subsidize poverty. And sure enough, now we have more of it, all the time. The most cursed victims have been blacks, encouraged to depend upon government instead of depending upon themselves.

Perhaps it should not be surprising that our first black President presides over Black Lives Matter riots that destroy black neighborhoods and diminish black opportunities.Were blacks not to remain poor and resentful, how would the Democrats be able to depend upon them?




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What Is Terrorsm?

terrorismTo ruminate productively upon our subject, we must first define it. Terrorism: the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims. Terrorism is an extension of politic, as is war said to be. Terrorism might be said to be a small scale version of war. In the end, war and terrorism consist of destruction of life and property until the victims capitulate to the political will of attackers.

There is however, one signal difference: war is waged by states; terrorism may be pursued by smaller, less legitimate entities. Individuals, even. Or as in the case of Islam by members of a religion. The boundary seems a bit diffused. No matter; the foundation remains untroubled: Shed blood and destruction until you get your way. If the scale is large, call it war; if small, call it terrorism.

There is one additional factor: Organization. For the required political goals, there must be a political organization to pursue and operate it. Hence, a U.S. nutcase recruited and used by ISIS can honestly be called a terrorist; the same nutcase on his own, cannot. He (Or she, or it) is only a nutcase. American media reporters presently seem to be trouble by this.  American lefty politicians, even more so.

Further, the internet provides such as ISIS the opportunity to preach to local nutcases, inciting them to desperate acts with no other connection between the two. Like passing a loaded gun on a table, picking it up and shooting someone with it. Is that organized? Well, if ISIS is trolling for and using such opportunities, it is certainly organized. A tool in pursuit of ISIS goals and certainly terrorism. It remains terrorism when the nutcase never contacts ISIS if he acts knowingly for ISIS goals as a volunteer.

Political leaders prefer to consider violence opposing their goals as terrorism, violence in favor of their goals, as tolerable. Black Lives Matter is ok; ISIS is not, but local ISIS type acts are ok until proven to be ISIS related. And even then, attributed to racism or some such if possible.

Never mind that no violence in pursuit of political goals is ever appropriate in a democratic polity. Such is an attack on the roots of democratic ideals. Any and all uses of political violence and intimidation should be extirpated root and branch without a thought if democratic government is in fact the goal.

The sort of selective reaction to political violence that we see is not only destructive of American values, it destroys any body politic in which it is allowed to endure.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannNuminous newsbits to nosh upon …

The culture? Murder rates rose significantly in 25 of the largest U.S. cities in 2015. (Deadly!)

U.K. hospitals are on the edge of collapse, per National Health Service chiefs. (A new budget cycle starting?)

Limits on energy use by computers are coming in California. (Air conditioners, anyoe?)

Dolphins conversing like people have been recorded.  (Duh!)

English language pronouns used at Vanderbilt, Princeton and other universities must be revised to delete gender connotations under new school policies.  (So, Orwell wasn’t exaggerating?)

Turkish democracy  decline proceeds as the government replaced 28 elected mayors with appointees.

 Google search manipulates data to favor Hillary? (Research report)

A factory where workers demanded higher wages … replaced them with robots.  (Reality still sucks)

Tent cities of the homeless are growing fixtures in American cities. (Starting in 2008 but ignored by media selling “recovery.”)

Trump/Clinton: “Signs of desperation in a twilight zone of ignorance.”   (Article)

Sec. of State Kerry’s State Department funneled millions to his daughter’s group. (Report)

A prophecy: Your financial future. (Short article)

U.S. consumption decline continues. (Article) (Folks short of money buy less; who knew?)

The INF turns on globalization: A warning from the leader of the International Monetary Fund.

Syria Report: Who’s doing what to whom, clear and simple. (Well, Middle East simple)

Uber debuted trial driverless car rides in Pittsburgh. (A test)

Mexico builds its own wall against immigrants? (Report) (NOT on the U.S. border)

Venezuela: $150 for a dozen eggs (If you can find any eggs).

About believing Federal economic reports … (Article)

Why the (Insert your choice) Russians/Chinese/Iranians are so scary now.

Times do change … Trump just noted in Michigan that Ford is moving all small car making to Mexico and you can’t drink the water in Flint. (We remember when the reverse was the case.)

Climate change: Sorry, the seas aren’t rising per current studies. (Report)

What Obama, Hillary and even Trump won’t tell about the economy (but is nevertheless true).

Why median income finally started to grow, in an election year …followed by some less published reality.

The Middle East made clear for you, really. (If you’re interested)

Bonds/stocks  mystify experts by rising/falling in tandem. Scary! (None wish to notice that they’re no longer a free market?)

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity” organized and published …

Israelis are under attack using knives and cars in the Wet Bank and Jerusalem. (As usual)

New business formation remains moribund. (Report)

GOP Congressfok are tied in knots maneuvering to spend while avoiding responsibility for it.

The European Union continues toward fracture …

The recent legal ‘mercy killing’ of a child in Belgium was a European first that will not be a last.

A gasoline pipeline is demonstrating our civil fragility by dumping gas from a huge, unexplained leak.

“Why the Fed destroyed the market economy” (Article)

A new attack in the war on cash (Article)

The most taxpayers ever are fleeing from WHERE? (Report)

Who is it exploring means for crashing the Internet?

A naked man was arrested for murdering a female lawyer in the U.K.

And that seems about enough …alfred_e-_neumann

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George Soros Advises Europe On Its Obligations …(Why Not … It Isn’t His Money)



George Soros warned Europe on its refugee problem.  He is a far left billionaire, somehow convinced that his monetary accumulations entitle him to prescribe the lives of all who lack his wealth.  He appears unaware of how his wealth insulates him from the realities others must face. In our opinion, of course.

Mr. Soros seems to think that the needs of Middle Eastern and other refugees trump the needs of Europeans; that the Europeans somehow owe the Moslems rescue.  Given that the European governments have abetted the U.S. destabilization in the Middle East that is not entirely unreasonable.

But neither is it entirely reasonable. The region has been unable to govern itself well enough to provide its folk lives comparable to those in the West, though it has had longer to do so. That is no fault of the West. The Middle East was originally a Christian society like Europe; it chose to swap that for Islam. That is no responsibility of the E.U. But yes, the U.S. and the E.U. have stirred the pot over oil and bear responsibility.

The problem is how to weigh those responsibilities. Refugee inflow is one thing; invasion is another. Moslems are currently incompatible with post-Christians by all appearances. That says that the numbers of Moslem refugees succored in Europe must be limited in some way so as not to create civil disorder. Add that as Europe is experiencing its own segment of the world’s generally declining economic wealth,  its ability to fund floods of desperately impecunious refugees is limited. As the numbers of arrivals increases, so does the likelihood that they will only convert their hosts to a like status.  That risk is exacerbated by the financial mismanagement already imposed by local governments that have spent beyond their ability to pay in search of votes.  How many of the poor can be saved by more of the poor?

These questions Mr. Soros, secure in his billions, does not address.  Thus we are advised that he is a politician, not a statesman. He chooses to ignore inconvenient realities in order to pursue what he desires for himself. In out of date Biblical terms, a whited sepulcher, attractive on the outside but full of dead men’s bones. Yeah …

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U.S. Minorities: The Tail Wagging The Dog

tail-wag-dogFirst, blacks and other minorities were considered victims of discrimination by the majority whites and anti-discrimination laws came because discrimination based on race was wrong. Those were followed by “affirmative action” that discriminates against whites in favor of blacks and other minorities. We don’t understand why that isn;’t wrong, too?

If it is wrongto discriminate over race, then simply empowering government to choose who is discriminated against remains wrong, doesn’t it? Or does “FAIR” have different meanings for different races, somehow? Said differences to be government enforced? Where is “FAIR” in that?

Now we note that homosexuals, another minority often ill treated by all races, are to determine the usage of restrooms and showers and such for the rest of us. Homosexual percentage of population  are very small, so we are handing control of public facilities to a very few at the expense of an overwhelming majority of people. We are using government to impose minority desires upon very large majorities without so far as we can tell, first establishing any serious reason for so doing.

Are there studies showing that sharing restrooms with one’s biological match is somehow damaging to these LBGT political clients? We have seen none, but they could exist. If so, they should be published. Not done to date that we are aware.

Ont the other hand, it seems obvious that allowing healthy high school boys to use the girls’ showers will be mischievous at best. Never mind public restrooms in venues beyond public schools.

The nuts are running the asylum; the tail is wagging the dog. And no one seems much to care. We are sowing the wind. And there may be some who recall what is reaped by those who sow the wind …

It seems to us that politicians playing to any minority or to a majority are but hypocrites; that justice lies in treating all alike. Some politicians even say that, but it is not what they do …




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