The measurement of time seems a foundation stone of human civilization. The sundial and hour glass could support an Egyptian pyramid or a stone city; mens’ ubiquitous  pocket watches were needed before Henry Ford’s production lines could form. The immediacy and reliability of universal, inexpensive wrist watches supported an entirely new level of coordination and organization into the electronic era. But now, even as new refinements of time measurement are available from particle physics, we are putting this beating heart of technical civilization at risk.

Too many of us seem to be thoughtlessly abandoning our wristwatches for the convenience of admittedly more accurate time signals from our cell phones. Indeed, why carry a wristwatch when the now nearly equally ubiquitous minicomputer is always with us?  Well, consider.

Sundials are stuck in one location; the hour glass added portability. The wristwatch empowered everyone individually to measure and respond to time. Failure of anyone’s device crippled an individual but went unnoticed by civilization. Failure of one’s cellphone will do the same, no more. But what of failure of a satellite, a cell tower or a central power system? What happens in a high tech civilization when millions simultaneously lose timekeeping? And perhaps, lose communications to? And worse, know that their loss is at least locally universal?  Murphy’s Law remains in force; it will happen. We are abandoning individual, self-sufficient timekeeping that brought us to today for dependency upon a centralized, government regulated structure. Much as we seem to be doing with nearly  everything else …  

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Our selections from the current week:

Science: The accelerating migration of the North Magnetic Pole continues (Report)

 Scary geology: Yellowstone: Magma continues rising under the supervolcano whose eruption could make North America uninhabitable (Report) (Last blew 700,000 years ago?)

(NOTE: There is a theory that sees these  two events as related.)

More science: Quantum communication security is under test in the Holland Tunnel (Report)

Corruption: FBI probe of Los Angeles city government seeking evidence of Chinese bribes (Report)

Science: Electronics breakthrough grossly increases speed of electron flow (Report)

More science: Transforming cancer cells into fat cells (Report)

Recent Chinese dark side moon landing was faked? (Report) (Why would they bother?)

Government: Secrecy increases with corruption, enforced with punishment (Article)

Foreign Relations: Spy vs Spy in real conspiracy analysis (Article)

The Clinton email and Benghazi scandal investigation by Judicial Watch proceeds in federal court as judge orders Obama officials deposed under oath (Article) (Loud media silence)

Censorship: Google has manipulated searches on You Tube? (Article)

Immigration: Some facts about border reality and the wall (Article) (Stuff neither Trump nor media seem to mention)

The economy: The Federal Reserve confessed responsibility for all U.S. recessions (Article) (Including what’s coming. We’ve known; now they’ve admitted it: Where’s the media?)

California: State/local governments mismanaging recreational marijuana (Article)

Tedhnology: How U.S. spy tech props up dictators (Article)

Immigration: Illegals crowded under and over the Arizona border fence (Report)

Russia: Update, domestic/foreign  (Article)

The world economy: Debt is the Achilles heel of the global establishment (Article)  

The culture: Today’s U.S. politics recalls China’s Cultural Revolution?  (Milder so far, but that’s the direction)

France: A man was jailed 6 months for posting an attempt at yellow vest action (Rport)

TheU.S. Government: Setting up to cook its books? (Article) (Seems like …)

  Syria: The Iranian view (Article)

Chicago: 3 killed, 8 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested walking through traffic in Louisiana (Report)

 And so went the week.


This week, an internet news source (Buzzfeed) claimed the Mueller probe had the goods on Trump ordering his attorney to lie to Congress; the media lit up immediate impeachment. Until the Mueller folk flatly denied it. Meantime, the internet told us (above) of the very quiet revision of government accounting to permit hiding spending information plus the faking of reporting, never mind the Constitutional requirements. No howls from the media; only silence on this. Hang Trump without a trial? Go! Cook the government books? Shhh … That’s not news.Whose side do our media now represent, do you suppose?

The internet is increasingly blocked/censored as in China or just censored as in Russia so far and now too in the U.S. by the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. The U.S. government is sitting on internet “regulation” plans, likely until Trump is gone or effectively castrated. The War On The Internet is unceasing. And it does publish a lot of shlock. But reading shlock is voluntary, its presence a price we pay if we want to hear about the governments’ cooked books … As always, nothing is free.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Our current selections:

 Syria: U.S. warned Turkey against attacking Syrian Kurds (Report)  

Syria:  The warning went public (Article)

Government: How bureaucrats earn a bad name (Report)

Okinawa: Beefing up U.S. military presence in Asia as response to China (Article)

Cultural and religious factors set limits on Middle Eastern progress (Article)

The declining quality of people available for military service (Article)

Censorship: A Judge ruled politicians cannot block social media posts (Report)  

Astronomy: Miniaturization breakthrough for space observation satellites (Report)

California: At least one female board member is now required for publicly traded corporations headquartered there (Report) (Other states aim to follow) (Wanna bet re her party registration?)

Venezuela: A Supreme Court justice has defected to the U.S. (Report)

The climate: : Let’s play follow the climate money (Article)

New York City now guarantees comprehensive health care for all without insurance or citizenship and without a tax hike?  (The rich will pay, right?)

Mueller probe: A Russian lawyer has been charged to prevent her return to the U.S. because her testimony refutes Mueller’s story? (Report)

Healthcare? Medicaid plans are branching out into provision of welfare/education services? (Article)

Immigration: Record number of illegal families crossing border (Report)

 Government: The GOP controlled House increased federal debt by $7.9 T in the last 8 years? (Report)

Science: Breakthrough in using light on electronic chips may speed quantum use (Report)  

California: Federal post-fire reconstruction funds on hold as state refuses immigration cooperation? (Report)

  Immigration: Some southwest border statistics (Report)

The culture: How will free speech and vulgar language fare at the Supreme Court? (Report)

Chicago: 3 killed, 7 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after walking into a courthouse (Report)

And that’s enough.

EDITORIAL:  Why, with some government services stalled and Trump and anti-Trump folk blatting school kid accusations about border control at each other, does neither side of the argument nor the media provide current and historical statistics of real border traffic? A suspicious soul might wonder whether the scene is a put-on show to distract the voters and excuse spending while actually changing nothing …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

The last gasp of 2018:

Declining fossil energy explains declining civilization? (Article)

The economy: Significant percentage of recent U.S. GDP growth now sits unsold in overflowing inventories?  (Article)

The war on cash: More U.S. retailers rejecting paper money (Article)

  More war on cash: 500 Euro note no longer to be printed (Report)

Science: An injection capable of halting Alzheimer’s within a decade? (Report)

The internet: An exposition of FACEBOOK censorship of its users (Article) 

The Mueller probe: Why did Chief Justice Roberts intervene in a secretive procedure? (Report)

The climate: A global revolt against government raising energy prices to restrain climate change? (Report)

A Federal regulation enlarging franchisor’s liability for franchisee’s acts was reversed in court (Report) (Unions/Employers await rewrite breathlessly)

Education: Student loans raised college tuition? (Report) (Duh!)

China: U.S. threatened response to continued claims in South China Sea (Report)

The economy: Will enormous , threatened student debt be dumped onto taxpayers? (Article) (A lot of it is already guaranteed)

Communication on the fringes: Update

The church: Struggles following Vatican II: The Latin mass proves hard to kill (Article)

The culture: Modern Luddites trash Arizona testing of self-driving cars (Article)

The climate: Sun watchers predict currently dawning mini ice age (Article)

Healthcare: Belated reaction by CDC draws fire from parents of children paralyzed by mysterious, polio-like disease that continues to spread (Report)

Science: Quantum computing coming into sight (Report)

Wars & Terrorism: Worldwide status update (Article)

 Religion: Egyptian government will renovate and restore churches destroyed by the Muslim Brotherhood (Report)

A Federal judge paused a New York City law forcing AirBnB to provide its users data to the city (Report) (City helping hotels suppress competition)

The culture: Pack of black/Hispanic teens beat man to steal iphone in Brooklyn (Report)

More culture: A pack of teens beat several passengers at a Chicago train station (Report)

Still more culture: The Women’s March is stalling over left wing imposition of racism? (Report) (Marches becoming too white)

Robot delivery of snacks will be tested by Pepsico at University of the Pacific (Report) (Predict fail)

Socialist sexual harassment charges for white male Bernie Sanders campaign? (Article)

Immigration: Feds released thousands more illegals into U.S. (Report)

Science: 40% boost in crop growth from new photosynthesis discovery (Report)

 Weather: A stormfest is about to hit the west coast (Article)  (So why has California rushed to water rationing? ) (Passed legislature in May, 2018; takes effect 2020)

President Trump: Stalking horse for the globalists and patsy for the Fed? (Article)

Chicago: 2 dead, 27 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man’s ex-girlfriend was arrested for posting his photos (Report)

And now, a whole new year to screw up …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorredted)

Dribblings from the week:

 Thhe oil wars: Venezuelan navy drove off Exxon oil explorer ship in neighbor Guyana’s waters (Report)  Commentary

China: How arrest of Chinese princess exposes regime’s world domination plot (Report) Another version …

Britain: Rape gangs still attacking young girls in media darkness? (Report) (Must not speak ill of Muslims?)

Texas: Man arrested after shooting wife’s laptop (Report) (Sometimes, we’d like to shoot one of the dmn things too)

Syria: Trump is right; get out  (Article)  

More Syria: Update (Article)

Ukraine: The Russian invasion, as seen from Russia (Article)

The economy: Treasury Secretary called “plunge protection team” to oppose stock ecline? (Report) (“Free markets” are history?)

Politics: Democrat Congressional socialists push largest expansion of government since Roosevelt’s New Deal? (Report) (“Freed” goodies for all, funding unmentioned)

New York City: Exodus of endangered middle class (Report)

Foreign policy: How a world order ends, and what follows (Article)

 Science: The cause of aging in human skin (Report)

The wae on home schooling: Massachusetts update (Artcle)

The culture: A song sparked a 200 person gang-related brawl at a Roanoke skating rink (Report)

The Boring Company tunnel of Elon Musk vs. tech/economic reality (Article) (Reality sucks)

California/ New York : Warm financial sunlight ahead of newly freezing pension chill (Article)

The economy: Auto industry cutting back in China (Re;ort)

Immigration: Border patrol brings in and releases stream of illegals (Report) Mass releases continue (Report)

Healthvare: A cancer breakthrough may revolutionize treatment (Report)

The media: “Gun death”  reports are shameless propaganda? (Article) (Pretty much, seems to us)

Seattle now forbids landlords checking criminal backgrounds of prospective tenants (Report)

More media: Dead immigrant boy’s father declined treatment – media silent? (Repprt)

Sears (and Roebuck): Morituri salutamus!

Congress: New young disrespectful, entitled and unleashed Democrats are bringing U.S. social changes to Washington? (Report)

Chicago: 1 dead, 22 wounded in weekend shootings (Report) (Christmas peace…)

A naked British man was arrested after chopping  a woman (Report)

And that’s enough …

EDITORIAL:  The trouble with that “New World Order”

            Germany’s Angela Merkel said nation states must give up sovereignty within the new world order. She didn’t say, but we presume she meant that sovereignty would accrue to her and her friends instead of its previous owners. It seems a roundabout way of saying we must start obeying her in place of those we have been selecting. We can see why she might approve of that.

            But she glosses over a problem: We do not have a new world order, only the troublesome, motley and disparate states of yore now technologically better connected but no moe amenable to orders from outside folk of other cultures, languages and goals. It does not seem that the Ukrainians want to take orders from a Russian; are the Americans likely to bow before Ms. Merkel?

            Democratic sovereignty resides in the people; it is not given up but only delegated to governments. The world’s very different peoples cannot cohere enough to join in that endeavor, which is a major element of the European Union’s increasing fragility. Ms. Merkel must know this; perhaps she simply plans with Teutonic pragmatism and a little help from well-armed friends to proceed as others before her and impose control from above. Look for a move to provide the E.U. and ultimately the U.N. with its own army …

            Unless of course, she and the other globalists intends to lead us in linking arms while singing Kumbaya …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE pASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

The week’s pickings:

Education: Oklahoma middle schools call police to arrest  frequent truants (Report) (Escaping prisoners not tolerated?)

China: School uniforms provide electronic student tracking to control truancy (Report)

Getting a real bang out of history – unexploded war munitions still abound in Europe (Article)

Education: Thousands of L.A. teachers demand more money (Report) Present salary range: $55,000 – $73,000

California: Audit report says high speed rail project is billions sized boondoggle (Report)

Sub-Saharan Africa: U.S./European military involvement update (Article)

China: Government feels threatened by Communists (Article) (!)

GermanyL Kids from right wing families must be reeducated? (Report)

Man set for world’s first head transplant cancels after falling in love (Report) (Obviously lost his head …)

The war on cash: 3 countries mapping the way? (Report)

South Africa: Has been confiscating their property and now persecutes whites? (Report) (And nobody disapproves?)

Turkey to head world Islamic union? (Article) (Another old empire on the remake?)

Chicago: To bail out underfunded pensions, each resident would owe $140,000a? (Article)

“Jarring Fedex cut suggests severe global recession” (Article)

Afghanistan: Update (Article)  (Pakistan keeps the Afghan pot boiling)

President Trump: Who’s REALLY in charge? (Article)  

Science: Dark matter revealed? (Report) (Maybe – still relying on assumptions?)

More science: Various groups of pilot whales have their own dialects (Report)

Still more science: Global quantum communication is possible (Report)

The economy: The Federal Reserve wants another market crash? (Article)

More economy: Bill Dudley admits the Fed is tightening until something breaks (Article)

The climate: “An inconvenient truth for Al Gore: The ice is still there (Article)

The culture: Federal Appellate court ruled colleges must censor, block online sources that offend someone (Article)

Corruption: New military housing plagued by construction flaws (Rport)

Russia: Update (Article)

 Democrats spent as much on fake Russian bots as Russians spent on real bot? (Report)

The forever war: Is the U.S. preparing to move its Middle East wars to Latin America? (Article) (Or will Trump prevent that?) (Another view of reality)

The culture: Amazon’s creepy  facial recognition doorbell will survey entire neighborhoods from people’s front doors? (Article)

The economy: Banks fail to sell $1.6 B in loans (Article) (SCARY, if it continues)

Europe: Is disintegrating? (Article) (The 5th Republic is dead?)

The trade war: Is less about trade, more about military tech advantage? (Article)

Chicago: 1 dead, 23 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after tearing down a neighbor’s Christmas decorations (Report)

Call 2018 “The Year Of The Naked Grinch?”

EDITORIAL: Should The U.S. Leave Syria?  (President Trump has announced that)

 Why stay? To block Iran and help rebels remove a nasty dictator.

Why leave? High cost in lives and borrowed money; desired payoff complicated by Russian and Turkish interference. Joker: Will the U.S. military withdraw at presidential order?

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History: Japan’s Pearl Harbor attack remembered – with a little information unavailable at the time. (Article)

U.S. military veterans can shop at the online exchange? (Report)  eligibility

Russia: Space programs update (Article)

 Corruption: U.S. government funds radical political programs worldwide (Report) (Judicial Watch finds taxpayers funding George Soros programs)

 Immigration: Illegas in Tijuana trickling under and over wall (Report)

More immigration: The Trumpfolk are depoorting fewer illegals than Obama did (Report) (The Democratic states are refusing to identify them for the feds)

France: Yellow vest protest is more than we are told … (Report)

 The “trade war”: Another view of show about China (Article)

The culture: FBI raided a lice removal salon in California (Report) (California is lousy?)  

Immigration: Left wants repeal of historic requirement that immigrants demonstrate self-sufficiency (Report)

Ecuador: Is now hurting from burden of Chinese loans (Report)

Immigration: Some 1,100 illegals enter the U.S. daily? (Report)

Google: Approved an app for Muslims to report blasphemy, insults to Islam (Report)  (Crimes with a death sentence)

California wants to tax text messages? (Report)

The climate: Switching to a home battery won’t help (Report)

The Federal Reserve: Political chickens coming home to roost … (Article)

Government: FBI plans rapid response DNA database  (Report) (How long before everyone is posted at birth?)

Science: Bumblebees broadcast sensor data with their portable radios? (Report) (Hmn … will the spies be using bugged bugs?)

North Korea: Update (Article)

Healthcare: Obamacare unconstitutional per federal judge (Report)

Border wall: Must allow immigrants to pass per federal court (Report)

Stocton, Ca: Launching the first U.S> “basic incomed” pilot program (Report) (Stockton recently filed bankruptcy …)

Syria: U.S. troops will stay indefinitely (Report) (Presumably to stymie Iran?) Perhaps “Russia’s New Rules of Engagement” are involved?

The economy: How the U.S. fake capitalism is becoming terminal (Article)

More economy: European auto registrations plunge for a 3rd month (Article)

The war against globalism (Article)  (Is it the 1% versus the people?)

U.S. demands Europe join its (economic) war against Russia (Article)  

Chicago: 2 dead, 27 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested rolling around in a Bronx street (Video)

The human condition, this date …


  1. Why don’t “journalists” tell us who’s funding the immigrant caravans?
  2. Why is Special Prosecutor Mueller’s new filing in a locked-down, secret courtroom?
  3.  Who’s REALLY in charge of the U.S. government?
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