GLENINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

U.S. Finance: Pres. Reagan’s Budget Boss on current bank problems (Article)

U.S. Politics: Lawsuit rises from pre-teen surgical sex change (Report)

The New Feudalism (Article) (Long, but recommended)

India: U.S. Intelligence helped rout a Chinese border incursion (Report)

Oregon: Innocent man imprisoned nearly a year by error in state database (Report)

Finance: This Financial Crash Will Be Like No Other in History (Article)

The Pandemic: Story of physician’s assistant fired after reporting vaccine injuries (Articled)

Finance: Sweden’s largest pension fund sees large loss from failed U.S. Banks (Report)

U.S. Employment: Fake job market as employers post ghost jobs (Report)

U.S. Healthcare: Drop in workplace attendance after COVID shots (Report)

Russia: Has stopped paying its soldiers in Ukraine? (Report)

The War on Cash: The perils of central bank digital currency (Article)

U.S. Healthcare: Leaked military data show adverse effects of COVID shots (Article)

U.S. Banks: Why deposit insurance is an illusion (Article)

Walmart: Shrinking U.S. Warehouse workforce (Report)

Gold: Surpasses $2,000 (Report)

Disney: 7,000 layoffs (Report)

U.S. Military: Politics inhibiting recruiting (Article)

Arizona: Supreme Court returns dismissed election fraud case to lower court for trial (Report)

The War on Investment: Politicization overcoming economics (Article)

Energy: The war on U.S. Home appliances proceeds (Report)

Chicago: 4 dead,15 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested after beating a homeowner with a frying pan (Report)

EDITORIAL: Breaking the Bank in Washington D.C.

Our rising bank panic is the public reappearance of the conditions that governments hastily swept under the central bank rug in 2008 but did little to alleviate. The politicians have reversed the prior order of finance, now printing and borrowing money to match spending instead of the once taken for granted reverse of that. The resulting financial instability has been swatted down by central bank shenanigans that have now served to magnify the trend rather than hiding it. The U.S. Federal Reserve is caught between those it has robbed of interest income and decent credit management and those whose access to money is shrinking, which can not surprise; a central bank is a politician’s cookie jar. That is why the U.S. Has endured three of them since the founding: Their destructiveness guarantees their ultimate demise, but the politicians and bankers always eventually persuade a later, inexperienced generation to put them back again.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

U.S. Elections: New Mexico voting machines open to the internet? (Report)

Illinois: Enacts mandatory paid leave for any reason (Report)

U.S. Finance: Another major bank collapses (Report)

The Paandemic: German Health Minister says vaccines much more damaging than admitted (Report)

Congo: Update (Article)

U.S. Finance: The banking system is toast? (Report)

U.K. Healthcare: Breaking down? (Re[prt)

Finance: Credit Suisse is about to fail? (Article)

San Francisco: Pursuing $5 million per black resident reparations plan (Report)

U.S. Healthcare: Employee medical insurance surcharge if unvaccinated (Report)

U.S. Finance: Big banks panic, bail out small one (Report)

Big Tech Layoffan’s: Meta boosting cuts in workforce (Report)

Japan’s Space Program: Update (Article)

More U.S. Finance: Banks borrowing record sums as effects of failures spreads (Report)

U.S. Education: New York schools continue to dumb down (Report)

China: Update (Long article)

U.S. Politics: Trump expecting imminent arrest? (Report)

Warplanes: Why everyone wants the F-16 (Article)

New York: Governor seeks authority to detain citizens in quarantine camps (Report)

U.S. Energy: Impending government attacks on household appliances (Article)

Science: Surprising similarity between stone tools made by early humans and monkeys (Article)

EDITORIAL: Panic In The U.S. Banking Sector

A few substantial banks have gone bust as too many rushed to withdraw too much. Government and the big banks are working on bailouts as was done in 2008. Nothing to fear, right? Hardly; these, like the earlier bailouts, just hide the disease behind camouflage. Proliferating fiat money and debt weaken rather than reinforce an economy. The overvalued assets and unsustainable debt remain. So do the hopes of those pushing replacement of physical money with digital dollars. As reported above, Moody’s has downgraded the credit of the entire banking system into negative territory.

Uncertainty about banks is probably a good time to put by some cash, at least until it is replaced by electrons.

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An Inevitably Authoritarian America ..?

The recent and probably now permanent COVID pandemic may serve as a historical marker if nothing else; specifically, the public onset of U.S. authoritarianism. The lockdown, mask and vaccine mandates coupled with the supression of medical, behavioral and scientific dissent were a shocking public announcement for citizens of a proudly free country … if they were paying attention. But such were few.

Technological progress has obsoleted the churches that once supported personal freedom by imposing rules for human behavior that confined government as well as individuals. But the churches could not stand under their own contradictions, the arrival of female contraception and the other social changes resulting from technological progress. With God’s rules dismissed, we are left with moral relativism and government supremacy over all.

Technology has not only helped remove churchly competition; it has empowered government with abilities to watch, manage and control the citizens heretofore only dreamed of. And government is not ignoring the opportunities, though it is remaining quiet about it. The current history of the U.S. surveillance state should be a must read. Warming up in the wings is the Federal Reserve program to replace the dollar with electronic currency, providing it of absolute control of your money while depriving you of its use at government whim. Some Congressfolk are becoming restive at tha idea, sut so far few citizens seem aware or interested.

Americans are not threatened by an authoritarian state; we have one, although at the entry level. The impending dissolution of the world and U.S. economies by excessive debt and inflation will generate unrest; that will serve to justify government application of force to keep the peace ; it will also serve to mark the maturity of the newly authoritarian government. It’s all a very old story in human history ….

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From the week:

U.S. Capitol riot: Court evidence shows undercover police fomenting riot? (Report)

U.S. Economy: Banks bracing for consumer weakness (Article)

The Pandemic: Vaccine trial data predicts the deaths/disabilities resulting from vaccinations (Article)

The U.S. Capitol Riot: More on covert police fomenting invading the Capitol (Article)

U.S. Recession: Visible on Wall Steet, admitted publicly or not (Report)

Syria: Update (Article)

Russia: What has been lost in Ukrine (Article)

The inflation and tax assault on the American people (Article) (Recommended)

China: Ordered state-owned firms to stop using auditors with Western connections (Report)

Propellers: Design breakthrough for both air and water (Report)

Human sperm counts continue to decline worldwide? (Report)

Science: C0ckat00s are smarter than we thought (Report)

More Science: Astronomers flummoxed by new finding (Report)

U.S. Energy: Electric power sources shrink as demand grows (Article)

Censorship: Google tests blocking some news and search content for certain Canadians (Report)

Chicago: 3 dead, 8 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested driving an ambulance drunk (Report)

EDITORIAL:         Watching An Impending Collision

                                U.S. (and other) governments are steadfastly reducing the production of the thermal and electrical energy that has empowered the economy and the well-being of the population. The burning of gas, oil and coal are being eliminated, taking much electricity with them; the wind and solar replacement is thus far inadequate for that task. Available electric power is increasingly fo,omodhed by both intentional and unintended blackouts. This does not offer optimism  for the future.

                At the same time, governors are pushing replacement of gas and diesel powered cars and trucks by less efficient electric vehicles with stoves and heaters soon to follow. Inevitably as these policies converge, growing numbers of people will find themselves  growing short of ordinary necessities as the energy that has heretofore provided them evaporates. By deconstructing the energy sources that fuel our current technological civilization, government policies are deconstructing that civilization; why?                             

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From the week:

U.S. Cities: Adding low-rent apartments to single family home zoning (Article)

The U.S. Economy: Statism is destroying real wages (Article)

The climate: Natural gas bans taking shape in U.S. (Article)

 U.S. Government warns citizens tin Russia to leave immediately (Report)

U.S. Inflation: Not diminishing (Report)

Healthcarre: Worldwide tracking code ID now assigned those unvaccinated for COVID (Article)

Television: Declining faste as the internet sucks away its contents (Article)

Nigeria: Update (Article)

Healthcare: States moving to prevent medical sex changes for minors (Report)

European Union: Joins California banning gasoline fueled cars after 2035 (Report)

Iran: Update (Article)

Censorship: U.S. Government funds group attacking conservative news sources (Report)

U.S. Economy: Credit card debt sets new record as inflation continues (Report)

The Pandemic: Study shows natural immunity as good or better than vaccine (Report)

Science: The latest reports/developments (Report)

Chicago: 4 dead, 21 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man in a hot tub was arrested after struggling with police (Report)

EDITORIAL:         The War On Money

                                As anyone can plainly see, the politicians everywhere are drooling over the irresistibly tempting opportunity to use our electronic progress to rob the citizens of the little money still left to most of them. This will occur in your case the day your government announces the arrival of central bank digital currency (electronic money) to ultimately replace old-fashioned cash. On that day, your government will assume absolute control of both your money and its purchasing power.This permits spending to be electronically tracked and blocked.

                While politicians salivate, others worry about this. Articles are being published on means for protecting your finances as these “CBDCs” are rolled out. The corpses of maundering gold bugs are reviving with new hope. A few European countries are showing some reluctance. The doleful results of present governmental economic mismanagement are not promising … but what politician will resist the temptation of total control of everyone’s money?   

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From Last Week:

U.S. Taxaion: An eight state suicide pact (A wealth tax) (Article)

Food: A world crisis taking shape? (Article)

The pandemic: Impressive study says masks ineffective (Report)

Philippines: U.S. to join anti-Chinese patrols of the South China Sea? (Article)

U.S. Catholics: Conservatives now considered a threat by the FB(?  (Report)

Education: 49% of U.S. public school students are performing below grade level in at least one academic subject (Article)

More Education: Why 65% of America’s 4th graders can’t really read (Article).  

U.S. Education: 23 Baltimore city schools have no students doing math at grade level (Report)

U.S. Food Stamp benefits to roll back from pandemic levels in many states (Article)

U.S. Surveillance: Credit card companies will now track gun purchases? (Report)

Chicago: 3 dead, 17 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested after boyfriend thre her out (Report)

Editorial:              “Mysterious” Balloons

                                For more than a week, the media has preferred to gabble about a balloon seen initially over Montana rather than discuss details of wars in Ukraine and other places or election fraud in Brazil and the U.S. to mention other more pressing possibilities. Reporters acted as though the balloon was a sudden, unique threat until the attention started to produce reports of other balloons in many oter places. Balloons being much cheaper than satellites, there seems little doubt that such intelligence gathering has been operating worldwide for some time. We must wonder what was going on that needed such a transparent effort to bury?

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From the week:

Fraud: Hundreds of billions of U.S. Government COVID relief funds gone missing (Report)

Population: The worlds’ next megacities (Article)

Religion: Christianity continues decline in U.S. and elsewhere in the West (Article)

Healthcare: Colorado rural hospitals offered payment to drop in patient services (Article)

The COVID mess: Something dark is happening (Article)

U.S. Economy: Expect a mass die-off of public companies later this year? (Vjdeo)

U.S. Population: Where did all the workers go? (Article) (Recommended)

Norway: Going cashless – digital currency project raises questions (Article)

Peru: Protests, arrests spread after president detained re failed coup (Report)

U.S. Capitalism: An illusion, courtesy of the Federal Reserve (Article)

The Church: New push against old ways and sacraments (Article)

U.S. Finance: Big banks to compete with PayPal and Apple Pay (Report)

Vaccine fact checkers at Facebook funded by vaccine companies? (Report)

Science: Humans retain genes for a full coat of body hair (Report)

Pakistan: Most of the electric power grid collapsed (Report)

U.S. Economy: Rent takes more of income than ever reported before (Report)

Ukraine: Rocked by corruption scandal (Report)

Finance: Why central banks are buying gold (Article)

Science: Earth’s core has stopped spinning and may reverse, study says (Article)

The epidemic of: “Died suddenly” (Article)

Healthcare: Risks of COVID shots (Article)

U.S. wind power: A fading green dream? (Article)

The U.S. Electric Power Grid: Current fragility inviting destructive attacks (Article)

Chicago: 6 dead, 23 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested running from a car crash (Report)

EDITORIAL:         Enter the U.S. Republicans

                The Democrats having upset enough voters to hand the House of Representatives over to their opposition, will now work to consolidate their gains while blaming the new majority for any resulting unpleasantness that may irritate the public. The Republicans will propose crowd-pleasing nonsense: ending the income tax and closing the border, knowing that neither will occur. Then, they will get busy behind closed doors drafting legislation that may benefit some different interests but from a public standpoint, will seem little different from the work of their predecessors. In U.S. politics, the G.O.P. is the relief pitcher, not the other team. Barring unforeseen events such as financial collapse, this relatively ineffectual status seems reinforced by the new House Speaker’s unenthusiastic selection and his haste to meet with Democrats.

                But recession has not been avoided, only denied and government finances remain unsustainable. With financial failure, it will be every politician for himself and no holds barred.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

Gas Stoves: An interesting take on the proposed ban (Article)

U.S. Inflation:  Out of control and continuing (Article)

  Military Conscription: Status worldwide (Report)

Education: Minnesota teachers’ licenses to assign woke indoctrination duties (Report)

Pakistan: Developing wheat shortage grows serious (Re[prt_

The U.S. Debt Ceiling Swindle: How the U.S. repays debt with newly borrowed money (Article)

The Pandemic: New research details vaccination risks (Article)

More Pandemic: New York Supreme Court struck down state vaccination mandate (Report)

Space Satellites: A survey of developments to date (Article)

Congo: Status and update (Article)

California: Almost 11 M ballots unaccounted for in presidential election (Reprt)

Food: Suddenly, a global crisis? (Article)

Dogs and Dolphins: In the military (Article)

Mali: Update (Article)

Ukraine depleted NATO ammo reserves status (Article)

Sudden, unexplained deaths (Report)(More)

Gas cooking/heating already banned for new construction in several major U.S. cities (Report)

Biology: Male and female hearts react differently to stress hormone (Report)

U.S.Economy: Banking institutions quietly admit implosion in 2023 (Article)

California: Natural gas prices to more than double (Article)

America: Deconstructing its own civilization (Article)

Food: The worst food crisis in human history? Article) (Repeat)

Money: Gold backed currency threatens the fiat U.S. dollar (Article)

 Chicago: 5 dead, 21 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

Bloody, naked woman arrest after attacking police officer (Report)

EDITORIAL:         The True Cost of Public Education

                Beginning with the onset of the progressive education movement, America’s public schools have evolved from local institutions for the production of capable and useful citizens into today’s temples of increasingly woke indoctrination. Providing knowledge and strengthening the intellect have become secondary to conditioning behavior along governmentally approved lines. These policies have arrived at the college level as well and are even seen in science and engineering schools. The program appears intended to replace private individualism with socialized state dependency and obedience, hardly surprising from a government program.

Private or home schooling have offered the only escape from this trend, though many of these have been affected by it. School choice programs have not altered the situation. Government schools are producing a dumbed-down population to inhabit the declining economy with its declining standards of living.  

                Instead of continuing to show the world how to do better and move ahead, America now seems bent on merging with the laggards to share their poverty. Retreat into stasis is a losing gambit, as sleeping Ming China learned when the Europeans advanced to the East. Government can train people but its attempts to educate will always end prostituted by politics. A new paradigm must be found for mass education; today’s advancing technology seems full of opportunities.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

California: Heavy rainfall/snow floods damaging (still drought?) (Re[ort)

Science: Why ancient Roman concrete outlasts today’s (Article)

Labor: Global strikes advance the Left’s agenda (Article)

U.S. Congress: Concessions that made McCarthy Speaker of the House (Report)

U.S. Economy: Credit card interest and debt both reach new highs (Aticle)(More)

The Climate: The fallacy in demonizing CO2 (Article)

U.S. Air Travel: Government computer failure grounded all flights? (

U.S. Government: Not planning ban of gas stoves (Report)

The pandemic: Vaccination update (Article)

War fixes everything, which is why they need it (Article)

U.S. Military: New training features how to live communally with transsexuals (Article)

 Brazil: The recent fake election (Report)

 U.K. Postsl service: Overseas deliveries shut down by computer problem? (Report)

U.S. Employment scams multiplying (Article)

Iran: To station warships in the Panama canal? (Report)

Russia: Smuggling military communication equipment (Article)

The Pandemic: A new study supports Ivermectin treatment efficacy (Report)

U.S. Economy: Rapidly growing number of credit card users paying record interest rates (Report)

Yemen: Current status (Article)

U.S. History: A short, interesting take on America’s history (Article) (Recommended)

The Biden papers: The entire story is is from the presidential lawyers? (Report)

U.S. Gun Ownership: Where military style weapons are banned (Article)

Unmanned Ground Vehicles: Finally becoming useful to the army (Article)

 U.S. Healthcare: Sneak attack on Medicare Advantage fails (Report)

Chicago: 1 dead, 10 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested while walking in Hesperia (Report)

EDITORIAL:         Some Simple Electrical Questions Needing Answers

Government, the popular zeitgeist and Elon Musk demand replacement of fossil-fueled transportation by electrically powered methods ASAP. Taxpayers are burdened with subsidies to hasten that program; factories in China, the U.S. and around the world are churning out EV cars, trucks and buses. Moratoriums for fossil-fueled vehicles are being set. Much publicity underlines all this but only silence seems to apply to some other, critically related aspects.

First, where will the growing EV fleet find the necessary massive increase of clean electricity while government policy is reducing power generation to save the planet? Second, how will it be distributed? Then, who will provide the astronomical cost of the necessary charging stations? How will the economy react to the lengthy duration of the charging process? And too, given the relative scarcity of some of the battery materials, how will that limitation affect the program? Other questions await, but these will do for now. The impending economic conditions seem likely to impose reality onto more economic dreaming than just replacing gasoline with electricity in a decade or two.

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

California/New York: Mandated abortion coverage by insurers providing maternity care (Report)

Electronics: Unintended consequences of proliferating (especially military) gear (Article)

Intelligence: Russian spying update (Article)

California: Bans 2010 or older big trucks and buses (Report)

America’s declining standard of living – ? (Article)

Current Wars: Planetary update (Article)

The Pandemic: Boosted patients sicker than vaccinated only? (Report)

The Internet and other governmental propaganda programs update (Article)

U.S. Taxation: Newly bloated IRS will skewer taxpayers (Article)

Syria: Update and status (Article)

The Church: An important insider’s tell-all book threatens to divide (Report)

Facial Recognition: Provides arrest of wrong man (Report)

European Union: Corruption in very high places (Article)

U.S. Government spent 250 million for new system; doesn’t use it (Report)

Healthcare: More evidence of COVID vaccination risk (Report)

Chicago: 7 dead, 21 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested running down the street after kidnapping a child (Report)

EDITORIAL:         Inflation Politics

                Inflation is no mystery; it is only the result of government flooding the economy with too much fiat money. There is no increased production of goods for the new, extra money to buy, so that money simply slops over onto the prices of existing goods for lack of anywhere else to go. Governments inflate when they can’t borrow enough to maintain desired spending. And politicians pretend inflation is a mystery because they want to duck the blame for its destructive effects. Pretty simple, really.

Government can’t fix inflation, either. How do you suck surplus money back out of an economy? Increasing the price and decreasing the flow of money constrict the economy, painful for voters and government. And the debts run up with cheap money remain to be repaid at a higher cost. A financial crash, a major war or these days, electronic replacement of the currency may provide distraction and a do-over as cover for the wholesale disappearance of taxpayer wealth. The politicians who have produced the entire show will remain individually wealthy. This is an old story; Roman emperors did it by reducing the amount of silver in their coinage. But it sill remains a mystery to the average taxpayer; the planet’s oldest and most successful major scam …

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