North Korea, Financial Reality and A Few Simple Questions

North Korea FakeGiven that compassionate Progressives have run U.S. big cites, most states and the Federal government most of the time since the early 1930’s, how is it that:

  1. S. median household income is in continued decline?
  2. So many more people have had to go to work to support the middle class?
  3. So much less income now goes to the middle class and so much more to wealthy folk?

Some say that the increased share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) taken by Federal taxes may have something to do with it. Obviously, government spending benefits its recipient, but it also inevitably weakens the sources of the money.  You can’t “Spend yourself rich” as realists pointed out during the Great Depression’s Roosevelt New Deal programs. At least, there’s no historical record of that succeeding as yet. (We’re recalling economic history, not what they teach kids in public schools.)

Still, President Trump wants to increase military spending by $54 billion, ‘stimulate’ the economy with some $1 trillion in infrastructure spending … and cut taxes big time while doing all that. Republican Trump seems to be channeling Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt.

As we never tire of pointing out, such ‘stimulus’ resembles a blood transfusion to a needy patient, using blood first drained from said patient.

Meantime, the middle class continues to disappear into the proletariat, the money continues to disappear into the hands of the well-to-do and the politicians call the dogs of war from North Korea, Syria and anywhere else they can find them in order to distract us from economic reality, with the avid cooperation of the erstwhile “news” media. Or so it seems to us; feel free to argue …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannSeven days of data, some of it news:

The incestuous nature of U.S. politics peeps through some cracks? (Report)

The United Nations added Saudi Arabia to its Commission on Womens’ Rights? (Report) (Sorry, couldn’t find a laugh track …)

Will the Left bring blood to the streets as its Berkeley attacks fizzle? (Report)  (Your guess)

U.S. middle class collapse in two simple graphs (Very short article)

Last week’s multi city U.S. power outage blamed on cyber attack likely resulted from a geomagnetic storm originated on the sun. (Report) (It wasn’t the Russians?)

South/North Korea: Update (Article)

Trump’s budget eliminates 19 Federal agencies? (Report) (Like those 5,000 lawyers on the seabed –a good start) (But it’s just posturing unless Congress goes for it, right?)

How did New York Governor Cuomo make $780,000 from a book that sold 3,000 copies? (Report)

Spontaneous street riots require a lot of planning, organizing and money. (Report)

San Francisco restaurants struggle at intersection of food and politics.” (Article) (Minimum wage menus)

Chicago: After violent weekend, the city nears 1,000 victims this year. (Report)

Marijuana should follow alcohol with repeal of prohibition, for the same reasons. (Article)

Trump’s tax cut will drop corporate rate to 15%, boost debt by $2 Trillion? (Report) (Hmnn …)

Senator Shumer (D, NY)  attacks Breitbart News. (Article) (Would add censorship to the Left’s street violence and boycotts?)

The Economy: Reality sucks under Trump as it did under Obama. (Article) (The rest is propaganda)

Iraq: Update; oil, Kurds and Iran (Long Article)

European Union: Lawmakers voted to make You Tube fight “hate speech.” (Report) (More government censors)

The Culture: Some 50 teens mobbed an Oakland subway car, beat and robbed passengers. (Report)

More Culture: Up to 60 girls brawled at a Florida mall. (Report)

Still More Culture: A shooter fired at a Texas sheriff’s deputy’s children, home and car in an apparently retaliatory attack.  (Report)

Trump: Dumped economics for politics with his 20%  Canadian lumber tariff. (Article) (U.S. wood will cost more)

India/Pakistan: Update (Long Articled) (Pakistan still pushes Islamic terror and relies on China)

Venezuela: Short update(As the economy falls, murder rises)

Eating saturated fats isn’t really bad for you? (Report)

Solar rechargeable battery tech breakthrough (Report)

Canada’s housing bubble: Big lender goes “Pop!” (Article) (Hope it’s not catching …)

Triump’s individual tax plan will have 3 tax brackets? (Report) (When did taxes and spending get divorced?)

Mortgage lender will ignore student loans for evaluating millennials’ credit? (Report) (No worries – it’s Fannie Mae, so expect the taxpayer to hold the bag)

Pilotless landings on US Navy carriers have arrived? (Article)

Turkey sent its army against Kurds in Syria, shelling Syrian villages. (Report) U.S. troops are being deployed to the area. (Report)

A funeral home was set afire by an exceptionally obese body. (Report) (Burning fat warning)

Brazil: Will it follow Venezuela’s path as its economic recession proceeds? (Opinion) The natives are shooting real arrows at the government.

3D Printing: Now, an entire building (Report) (Add that to printing body parts, metal assemblies and an unceasing flow of new items with a broadening range of materials.)

Science Breakthrough: Human DNA has been isolated from ancient cave sediments, asserting the presence of Neanderthals and Denisovans in places where no bones or tools have been found. (Report)

More Science: A mathematician has created a valid mathematical model for time travel. (Report) (But materials science lags)

Still more science: People have lived in North America much longer than previously thought, per a new study. (Report)

Wikileaks: Trump favorite while campaigning, now a target? Ron Paul interviews Julian Assange (Video)

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement): Games being played by Congress? (Article)

Transportation: World’s first London – China railroad train completed its first run. (Report)

A reasonable if gloomy view of the early Trump Administration (Article)

Chicago: 7 dead, 31 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked woman seen riding on the back of a motorcycle was arrested. (Report)

And so it went …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

The U.S. Left is pushing to add younger voters. (Report) (Brainwashed public school kids, right?)

Americans aren’t moving anymore. (Article) (Neither socially, economically nor physically: a static society and a static economy) (Until the dam breaks …)

Restaurants aren’t doing well (Report) (Like retail generally in this “recovery”)

The Culture: A brutal street brawl in Detroit (Report)

Airbnb is under regulatory attacks spurred by hotel industry lobbing? (Report) (“Progressive” politicians oppose progress)

Student/teacher sex : Some 150 cases are currently investigated in Texas (Report) (Is a rug being pulled off public education?)

Boeing is laying off hundreds of engineers. (Report) (Do they know something we don’t?)

Internet Censorship: By Goofle/Facebook, a review (Opinion)

Chicago: 2 killed, 43 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

Campus Kangaroo Courts: Using Title IX to take down students/professors via gobbledegook sex charges. (Book Review)

Bill O’Reilly was fired by Fox News after alleged womanizing? (Report) (But if you’re Bill Clinton – )

The Culture: A 75 year old veteran charged with hanging a napkin sized U.S. flag on a V.A. fence and facing up to 6 months in jail, was acquitted by a judge. (Report) (Why was he prosecuted?)

More Culture: Intelligence agencies fear rogue agents as much as spies. (Report) (Americans are no longer a unified people …)

Corporate Default threatens 20% of U.S. corporations if interest rates continue rising, per the International Monetary Fund. (Report) (So 80% of U.S. corporations are better managed than the Federal and a lot of state and local governments?)

Why our welfare state (and universal basic income) are economic snake oil (Simple Article)

North Korea: Some healthy cynicism about the current “crisis”? (Article)

Steel prices: Heading upward at President Trump’s behest? (Report) (Enforcing “Buy American” won’t be buying cheap)

Wikileaks: The U.S. is joining the hounds baying after Julian Asange of Wikileaks?  (Report) (He tells us too much that our governors don’t want us to know, right?)  Other sources call this story “Fake News”. (Article)

Libya: Update (Long Article) ((s Libya evolving Kaddifi’s improved replacement?)

Americans are tackling corruption directly in Illinois? (Report) (When law enforcement is compromised, citizens are steeping in)

The U.S. power grid: Outages in multiple cities raise cyberattack fears? (Report)

Leaving his car idling in his driveway cost a Michigan man a $128 fine. (Report)

A Reminder for anyone complaisant of world financial stability? (Report) (“He who has eyes to see, let him see”)

India: Update (Article-opinion) (Boss Modi’s war on cash accelerates decline?)

U.S. Capitalism: An illusionary rug pulled over a state – corporate amalgam. (Article)

So Many Contractors in the battle zones (Article)

A naked Alabama man was arrested for harassing drivers on Interstate 10. (Report)

That’s all there is; there isn’t any more …

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A Potemkin Economy, Constructed By Corrupt Politicians? Or Is That Too Hard On Those Promising Our Welfare?

TitanicTotal U.S. debt averages $828,000 per family.

The percentage of working Americans has fallen back to late 1070’s levels (When there were still some housewives).

The average student borrower owed $35,000 after graduation with a bachelor’s degree.

The average U.S. household owes $16,000 in credit card debt.

Real median U.S. household income is around $57,500.

The typical U.S. couple has saved $5,000 saved for retirement.

President Trump has pledged heavy spending on the military and infrastructure, plus his wall and is committed to a tax reduction.

Market values of stocks and real estate are highly inflated by injections of Federal fiat money, values that must collapse whenever enough people lose their faith.

Adding it all up, what can possibly go wrong as our Trump recovery follows our Obama recovery?

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannSelections from the week:

A second opinion after medical diagnosis produced a different conclusion 88% of the time, per a Mayo Clinic study. (Report) (Hmnn …)

Nicaragua: The government is encouraging expansion of Russian interests in the country. (Report)

Pizza will cost more as New regulations from Obama add requirements. (Report)

Syria: Was the nerve gas a U.S. cover job? (Article) Michael Savage: The radio host thinks so. (Report) A former CIA officer agrees.  (We don’t know but we have one question: Why would Assad use gas? Nothing to gain; much to lose, seems to us.) Putin: “Idlib was a false flag attack and we have learned that more are coming.” (Article)

Chicago: A father shot and killed his son over an argument about who would walk the dog. (Report)

The first U.K. to China freight train is departing. (Report) (A lot more significant than it sounds, economically and politically)

The culture: Anther shootup, in a San Bernardino elementary school. (Report)

North Korea: Background Update (Article) Add: N. Korea doesn’t test?

Robots are replacing half of a CHINESE firms’ workers. (Report) (If it’s happening in China too …)

Corruption: A secret slush fund in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. (Report) (What fills the vauum left from expelling Christianity, maybe?)

New York: State and City colleges will become tuition free for students from families with incomes less than $!00,000. (Report) (Are we cynical predicting higher taxes and lower quality education?)

Retail: Bankruptcies proliferate. (Report) (The Obama recovery now seeks Trump)

Air Force Robot: An F-16 that flies and can take out a target by itself? (Report) (An awfully expensive drone replacement?)

China: Has threatened to bomb North Korea’s nuclear facilities? (Report)

Puerto Rico: Bankruptcy approaching (Report) (A precursor for U.S. cities, counties and pension plans?)

O’Reilly scandal: Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly (the  “O’Reilly Factor”) may lose his show; sponsors are deserting over his womanizing accusations, though fans remain loyal. Note: His ex boss at Fox, Roger Ailes, went the same way, after the network’s takeover by the next generation of Murdochs who own it. (But Bill Clinton still rides high …)

The U.S. Attorney General has directed a return to enforcing immigration law against illegal aliens. (Report) (Now, will we see declining arrival statistics reported?)

California’s illusory pensions: Explained simply.(Article) (The scam isn’t limited to California)

Google is putting CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times in charge of its fact checking? (Report) (Foxes protecting hen coops?)

Alcoholism researche progress: Alcoholic rats brains differ from non-addicted rats.(Report)

Brazil: The political class is “in crisis” as some 100 are investigated for corruption. (Report) (Not even a good start!)

Most illegal immigrants overstay visa rather than swimming the Rio Grande. Enforcement follow up is notoriously lax.  (Report)

The culture: A decorated Navy Seal is moonlighting as a porn star? (Report)

Science: Hhypothesized dark matter bridges among galaxies have been demonstrated by a study. (Report)

 Economics: The great Japanese potato chip crisis (Report) (Supply and Demand in an internet age)

The culture: A decorated ex-Marine faces a 3 year prison sentence for visiting New Jersey with his legally owned gun? (Report)

More culture: When the Soviets abolished the family (Article) (Read of how free love and single moms worked when the Communists tried them)

The Obamacare Reality: One couple’s experience with Obamacare costs (Article)

Trump won’t micromanage his generals as Obama did? (Report)

Why science chose Western culture in which to flourish. (Opinion)

The Media: The First Lady’s visit to a home for abused girls went unreported? (Report)

How Obama became Bush and Trump is becoming Obama? (Opinion)

China: Pumped more debt to keep its economy afloat? (Report) (The world’s Potemkin economy)

Chicago: 7 dead, 28 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked woman ran into oncoming traffic, assaulted an officer and was arrested. (Report)

And that’s about all we can bare …




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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannCollected for you since last week:

California police are arresting some 20% fewer drug criminals and more for violent crimes? (Report) (Sounds good to us …)

The culture: New security at Disney’s Magic Kingdom (Report)

Trump follows Obama absolving the Muslim Brotherhood of its terrorism? (Report)

Federal arrest and quarantine are now in force for suspicion of any of a list of diseases. (Report)

The Economy: What’s really going to happen, by President Reagan’s Budget Director. (Article)

The World Economy: Russia/China continue plan to bypass the U.S. dollar in world trade. (Report) (Will this reinforce gold?)

Battlefield control is devolving back to the military from the White House as Trump puts his generals back in charge after Obama’s micro-management? (Report)

Italy: Approaching financial collapse? (Opinion)

Venezuela: Though President Maduro stepped back from shuttering his legislature, he still acquired broad new powers from his “coup.”

The culture: A Swedish employer implants a chip in its employees. (Report) (You knew it would come)

The automakers: Are they headed back to government for another bailout? (Article) (To cover their mismanagement)

Syria: The Russian supported Syrian Assad regime for the first time in the civil war, fired at Israeli warplanes that were attacking Iranian weapons deliveries to Hezbollah for later use against Israel.

America’s divided government: How long will it hold together? (Article) (One observer’s analysis of U.S. political stresses)

A 15 foot python was captured by Everglades hunters. (Report)

Food production: A new revolution? (Report) (An artificial leaf creates cheap fertilizer)

The oft-criticized F-35 is unfit to fly? (Report) (An Air Force testing officer is critical)

Tesla is now America’s most valuable car company. (Report) (So why is it still government subsidized?)

Spain is using the U.K.’s Brexit to try a grab at Gibralter? (Report)

Retail: Ralph Lauren will close its Manhattan and some other stores, chop employees. (Report) (The little mentioned retail contraction continues)

Iraq: Mosul recapture from ISIL update (Article)

U.S. sky eyes at sea monitor shipping (Report)

Argentina: Recent president Fernandez and her two children were charged with crimes. (Report)

U.S. Housing: Should government subsidies continue or should banks take over? (Report)

Physics: Heisenberg is becoming a tad less uncertain (Report)

Why Russia is so demonized (Article) (Hint: It’s more international finance than election hacks)

U.S. Health Care Spending: More than any other developed country, with less to show for it. (Article)

A new desalinization sieve promises cheaper, more abundant drinking water. (Report)

Trump’s new border/customs boss is an open borders Obama holdover? (Report) (The border agents aren’[t happy)

Auditor’s report: Large discrepancies in Federal accounting (Report)

Internet: U.K. pushes more punitive censorship mandates for You Tube (and others) (Report)

Syria: Per retired Congressman Ron Paul, there’s a zero chance Assad’s regime used gas recently. It was a false flag game. (Article) The U.S. attacked the besieged Syrian government with cruise missiles (Report) The U.S. reportedly planned in 2013 to make a gas attack in Syria and blame it on Assad. (Report) ((s anyone believable anymore?) Senator Rand Paul: “Another unconstitutional rush to war” (Report)  Another view (From the Washington Standard)

Syria: General update (Long Article)

Pensions: Democrats urge removal of pension protections?

Robot lawn mowers are available. (Report)

Roadside rest stops are vanishing as more states close them. (Report)

A Girls’ high school track accepted a boy who identities as a girl. (Report) (Title IX money now funds boys?)

The War on Cash: Explained by the International Monetary Fund ((MF) (Article) (A view of the near future?

Compassionate government spending truthfully explained in honest, if jaundiced terms. (Article)

Internal Revenue Service: More evidence of illegal blockage of conservative applications for tax exempt status. (Report)

Chicago: 7dead, 17  wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked Bostonian tried to rape a woman in a Las Vegas spa’s women’s restroom. (Report)

And that’s how it was …

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannAnother week’s worth:

Deep Sea Mining: The World’s first such venture is about to begin operations, subject to hope, fear and the usual suspects in opposition. (Article) (If it flies, look for an international mineral feeding frenzy?)

Reality Health Care: The only system that really works and is realistically priced: The free market (Article) (When government does it, you end with  the VA.)

The U.S. is drinking the most champagne since the stock market topped out in 2007. (Report) (From Melania Trump’s slipper?)

The first legally genderless person has been created by a county judge in Oregon. (Report) (Why didn’t the sucker ask the judge to declare him legally rich, too?)

Uber: A driverless test car crashed in Arizona. (Report) (If you drive for Uber, you can sleep tonight.)

The culture: 16 shot, 1 dead at Cincinnati bar. (Report) (No references to Allah)

Iraq: Howls over civilian deaths in Mosul fighting. (Report)  (Only when Americans are involved?)

Internet censorship: You Tube makes an ass of itself? Trying to ‘protect’ kids, it offends homosexuals. (Report)

Turkey’s move against the Kurds in Syria seems in check by both Russia and the U.S. (Report)

Chicago (and Illinois generally) is bleeding people? (Report) So are other big cities and some fear an apocalypse. (Article)

Pension mismanagement is suddenly being noticed? (Article)

The death of women’s athletics, obliterated by political correctness? (Article) (And Title IX money deflected to fund erstwhile boys)

Keystone Pipeline opponents will ramp up obstructive tactics. (Report)

Greece: Will stop accepting refugees? (Report) (Well, they have more Greeks than they can afford already …)

Afghanistan: Why has the U.S. wasted so many lives and dollars for so many years? (Article) (It’s not drugs; those are produced regardless.)

Health Care: What’s REALLY wrong; why few can afford a doctor anymore. (Opinion)

The culture: A North Hollywood public middle school’s budget cut and resulting layoffs was triggered when the percentage of white students rose too high. (Report)

The culture: A teen who threw her newborn out a window received probation, therapy and 50 hours of public service from a judge. (Report)

NASA announced plans for a deep space station to support space travel. (Report) (Will aliens pay for it?)

The culture: A five year old girl was suspended for play shooting with a gun shaped stick. (Report)

More culture: A biological male has been ok’d to play women’s volleyball. (Report) (We’re still awaiting a biological male in women’s figure skating)

That Obama spied on Trump was publicly admitted by an Obama Defense Deputy interviewed. (Report)

The economy: The Congressional Budget Office suddenly discovers the Federal debt? (Report)

Good Question: Why don’t any critics of Congressman Nunes (Obama spied on Trump) go look at his evidence before attacking him? (Article) More (Report)

The culture: Weaponizing police drones comes up, facial recognition tech risks accusing innocents, a woman was shot in a Victoria’s Secret store in a fight over a man, More teacher sex with students..

Chocolate: A 25 second pause will remove the craving, a study suggests. (Report) (Yours, maybe …)

The “National Debt” seems a game played by politicians and the U.S. Treasury? (Report)

Your pension: Current/prospective pensioners are whistling Dixie? (Article)

Ultimate culture: Actresses Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin posed prominently holding passionate purple vibrators, advertising their upcoming TV series season. (Report) (Barbarella’s encore?)

The New Culture: An Uber driver discovered her passenger was her boyfriend’s side squeeze by delivering her to his house from the airport, tweeting the entire encounter, including the resulting fracas. (Report) (An old farce plays in a new theater)

Paraguay: Following Venezuela toward a return to dictatorship? (Report)

Venezuela: President Maduro backed away from his coup, one day later? (Report)

Chicago: 3 deadm 29 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked man screaming at drivers was arrested after a Taser didn’t affect him. (Report)

And that’s all.

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