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The Devil Arrives In Detroit (And Feels At Home)

A Statue of Satan is being unveiled in Detroit. The event is being billed as: “The largest public Satanic ceremony in history.” Typically American hyperbole, we suppose. Discounting that side of things, the event still manifests considerable political significance. It … Continue reading

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Government Job Creation In Real Life …

Voters know that politicians lie for votes; still, they supply those votes anyway. By lying to themselves, mostly. We conduct our affairs (more or less) in recognition that we cannot have something for nothing but we suddenly erase that hard-earned … Continue reading

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Was George Washington Right, About America’s Two-Party System?

George Washington, when the new American government was being formed, opposed the use of political parties. He lost, on that point. We don’t know exactly why he lost; perhaps someone said that publicly visible operators were somehow less a risk … Continue reading

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Wealth Redistribution: The Wages Of Corruption Is Poverty

Confronted by ISIS, an amateur assemblage of semi-trained youngsters riding pickup trucks, the Iraqi Army collectively dropped its tanks, planes and artillery and ran away. That may be a bit hyperbolic, but it conveys the situation. What remains, is why? … Continue reading

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Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics From The Government

As our leaders assure us of ongoing recovery from the 2008 financial collapse, pointing to various government statistics in support, we cannot help recollecting childhood tales of foxes in charge of henhouses. The politicians after all, are in charge of … Continue reading

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The Human Comedy Plays On In America (Per An Ancient Roman Script)

It is pretty clear that, given the choice, a very large number of people would prefer to go to North America or Europe to live and raise their families. What matters, is why? It isn’t just wealth; that’s plentiful in … Continue reading

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Bill Cosby, Lovable Serial Rapist Of 30 Years Ago?

Everyone’s uncle Bill Cosby, paterfamilias extraordinaire a rapist? Certainly not! And the accusation is 30 years old and without any supporting evidence, at least to date. But then another materialized from that long darkness, and another and more. Now, we … Continue reading

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Too Much Ebola Raises Questions …

Broadcast and cable TV are as usual, marching in lockstep: Devoting endless hours of billion dollar air time to a single subject: Ebola. Why? Yes, it’s a nasty, contagious disease by all accounts. So are malaria, yellow fever, dengue, Chagas … Continue reading

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ON WAR (With Apologies To Carl Von Clausewitz)

Among military professionals it used to be said that the Americans understood war, especially after the worlds’s generals started studying the U.S. Civil War as part of their educations. That was demonstrated for all to see in the winning of … Continue reading

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Public Pensions and Public Unions Are Public Corruption (And Financial Poison)

American government pension funds are short what they owe government workers by some $2 trillion. That does not show up in the national debt, of which every taxpayer recently owed some $150,000 and counting, plus interest. Either retiring government workers … Continue reading

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