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Money, Money, Money … And Stuff They Haven’t Told You

The “cashless society” is being proposed here and there, usually pointing to the convenience of credit and debit cards and the cash-based drug rings as justifying abandonment of cash. And those are truths, too. But there are some other truths … Continue reading

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U.S. Foreign Policy: Feel The Love? (You’re Paying For It!)

The IRS is now reaching into foreign bank accounts in pursuit of taxpayers. Using a new weapon provided by Congress in 2010, the IRS will withhold 30%of amounts paid to foreign banks from U.S. investments — unless the foreign bank … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene..( Politically Uncorrected)

Another Saturday, another helping from present reality (One sort or another) A group of college kids, illegal offspring of illegal parents, have sued their state for cheaper tuition at the state college. They feel entitled to pay the rates of … Continue reading

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Are You Ready To Be Saved Again?

Our President said he wants Congress to close Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the most spectacularly failed government subsidizers of home mortgages. That’s a bit like Hitler closing Dachau; you have to applaud the notion but it leaves you wondering … Continue reading

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London’s Liberated LIBOR Leaps Across The Atlantic

Leaping lizards! LIBOR has been kidnapped! Well, taken away at least. The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) reports the interest rate banks are charging each other in well, London. London is a historic financial center for Europe, sort of like … Continue reading

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When You Wish Upon A Fed…

Our economy is recovering, right? The stock market has risen, real estate prices likewise and the government says things are improving. Thank Obama! Of course, the numbers of people employed haven’t changed much and folks are still facing layoffs. New … Continue reading

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Bleed for the Nice Politician; He’s Trying to Help You!

Why doesn’t the government just hire everybody at a fair wage, thus solving unemployment? (It appears to be trying, right?) That’s what the politicians are selling, though they fancy it up. Consider: When a politician says government should ‘help’ he … Continue reading

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