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Interesting Times Bulletin (For This Week)

The GOP-controlled House today passed the budget bill, a ‘bipartisan’ agreement that spending will accelerate regardless of the absence of money. The next Republican pol who deplores deficit spending should be prosecuted and hung for fraud; neither Charles Ponzi nor … Continue reading

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Congress Does Deals At Last (Grab Your Wallets)

To much praise from various observers, Congressional leaders have accomplished a budget deal. As the deal dumps the sequester spending cuts in favor of a spending increase, we can see why the deal is receiving praise as a return to … Continue reading

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Benghazi’s American Dead And “What Difference Does It Make?”

The full power of the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress seem bent on assuring that four dead Americans who died representing the U.S. in Libya, make no difference. Is that the whole story? I don’t know. What can we … Continue reading

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Obama’s Fudge-it Budget…

The Presidents’ new  Budget is remarkable for two reasons: First, it is the first serious public statement from  a political leader to state unequivocally that benefits cannot be afforded and must be cut, for which unpalatable truth the Prez deserves full marks. … Continue reading

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Leadership From President Obama (GOP: Be Careful What You Ask For…)

The Prez has stood up and led while his party and its GOP opponents in Congress continue to play kid-level games with the country’s finances. He has put up a budget proposal that faces this much reality: It identifies Social … Continue reading

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Federal Government Cannot Duck This!

When the politicians get together with science it’s wise to count your change, keep your hands in your purse or pocket and don’t look to either side. Weather science, adding alcohol to gasoline, ‘sustainable’ energy sources and a bunch more … Continue reading

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Being In The Wrong Place, At The Wrong Time…

In a Congress become more theatrical than Hollywood, Senate Republicans, stymied by the Presidents’ Chicken Little act on Sequestration, are considering handing the Prez the power to cut whatever he wishes, so long as he equals the $85 B to … Continue reading

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