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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

A Saturday selection of ridiculous reports representing a ridiculous species cavorting before a mirror: A Beauty Pageant  contestant was arrested during the pageant, for Workman’s Compensation fraud. We will leave you to decide what this says bout our society. (If … Continue reading

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Choices We Ignore That Our Leaders Cannot (And We Pay Their Prices)

Europe is quietly (so far as U.S. news reports are concerned) declining to improve economically. It remains Stuck   in its Greatest Depression and can no more find its way out than can the U.S. But there is one very significant difference … Continue reading

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“Bibi” Netanyahu And Israel: Between The Frying Pan And The Fire

Israel and Hamas are each claiming victory in the latest ceasefire. Prime Minister Netanyahu is in hot water with both his cabinet and his party. That’s the politics; what’s the reality? The miserable reality is that both sides lost much … Continue reading

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The Dead Are The New Weapons Of War …

Gaza is splitting the Israeli coalition government, per reports. Prime Minister Netanyahu appears to have accepted the Egyptian brokered cease fire with Hamas over the objections of his cabinet and without consulting them first. This spotlights a growing problem that … Continue reading

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Teens With Genes From More Than Two Parents Seem Healthy …

The health of some special Teens  is under study amidst controversy because the kids have more than two parents. Conception in vitro at a fertility lab apparently included genes from at least three parents. This appears to disturb some folks. The … Continue reading

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An Incredibility Shrinking Presidency …

President Obama appears to us to have reached that point in his political trajectory where he has passed apogee and is falling back to earth. Even Democrats are now complaining of what he has done or what he hasn’t done. … Continue reading

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Government Spending Explained …

We heard from President Bush (GOP) and from President Obama (DEM) that the government must spend more to make up for the drop in our spending that started in 2008; this will get the enervated economy going again. This is … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Your Saturday selection; enjoy! Or not, as pleases you … Brain Differences   visible via MRI show up in teens who habitually take risks. Let’s hope that the government fails to notice … The newest casino in Atlantic City   is closing … Continue reading

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Militarized Cops Are In Fashion! (Park Your Tank and We’ll Talk)

The Militarization  of police is attracting attention in the U.S, most of it disapproving. On a larger scale, Japan is moving away from its post World War II abjurement of military force outside of defending its archipelago. Both instances involve a … Continue reading

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Round and Round We Goes, and Where We Comes Out, Nobody Knows …

The Puritan were 17th Century Christian fundamentalists whose female garb would satisfy any Moslem excepting those who insist on faceless females. Down south in Maryland, even Roman Catholics were accepted, something that to a Puritan, was not so far from … Continue reading

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