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The Next Big Investment Opportunity? Legalized Drugs!

From 1920 until 1933, alcoholic beverages were outlawed in the United States during what was then called: “Prohibition” and would today be called the: “War on Booze.” Those thirteen years created, since no one stopped drinking, an illegal industry plus … Continue reading

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  Reports tell us that over half of Federal prisoners are drug cases and some $1 trillion has been spent on the ‘War on Drugs.’ The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has offices all over the world. That adds to … Continue reading

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Bill O’Reilly Says: “NO” to Legalizing Marijuana; What Do You Say?

Legalizing marijuana clearly upsets conservative populist Bill O’Reilly; he says that it sends kids the wrong message. He said it again tonight while his guests, one from each end of the political spectrum, agreed (as did O’Reilly) that the recent … Continue reading

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A Simple, Little Question…

Nothing complicated, just a short, simple question: Our wise leaders from both parties have cobbled up a solution to the (estimated) 12 million or so illegal aliens that live and work here but send their money south. The ‘solution’ evidently … Continue reading

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A Prayer For The Mayor And The President…

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg is a credentialed Lefty, currently wishing to sweep his city of rampaging guns to follow his successful foray against rampaging soda pop calories. As with all such, his compassion knows no bounds, or at least, none … Continue reading

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Does the Pope Work for the Drug Cartels???

Somehow, there are people who can’t see our President’s forcing the Catholic Church to supply birth control to its workers as an attack on the Church. The same folk likely see forcing Israel back to its 1967 borders as supportive, too. But … Continue reading

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Government Protection Is An Oxymoron…

They say there is on an increasing scale,  ordinary carelessness, human incompetence and government. The ‘Fast and Furious’ debacle being extracted from the Obamafolk like an inept dentist extracts an impacted tooth has hit a new level of comedic incompetence, a … Continue reading

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