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Gay Marriage: Mayors Spout, Then Chicken Out…

The Colonel was fried chicken until he had to move over a tad to accommodate Pollo Loco and gay men were queer but nothing special if they didn’t hit on you or act funny. That seemed to work all right … Continue reading

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We’ve Ordered the Banquet; Who’s Going To Pick Up the Check?

Funny how nobody seems to be talking about the financing of ObamaCare when that’s the most salient point. Yeah, some say it’s unaffordable, especially the expansion of Medicaid involved; some of the states (mostly red states) are refusing to pursue … Continue reading

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Getting a Big Bang Out of the Gun Nonsense…

As usual, a murderous sociopath, the latest in probably a googolplex of predecessors along this line, has triggered, not a dialog re murderous sociopaths but instead, hand-wringing over some of his chosen tools. The Aurora Joker shot his victims, though … Continue reading

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New York’s Gray Lady Becomes a Working Girl…

Time has passed; things have changed. The dying Dean of American Journalism, the New York Times, has admitted in public that it submits its work to the politicians for censorship before publication. The Gray Lady has done a public strip, … Continue reading

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Olympic Competition in Sports and Spending

The Olympic opening extravaganza satisfied, in order: The UK’s pride, the needs of TV and tourism and the neo-Olympic tradition. It was a ring-ding party, enjoyed by all unless maybe the folk cleaning up afterward. The Brits have always understood … Continue reading

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A Liberal Jew, has Thinking To Do…And Catholics, too!

Jews and Catholics are Democrats, born and bred. White, Anglo-Saxon Protestants are Republicans, likewise. Democrats favor the little guy; Republicans are Wall Street. We know that in our bones… but bubby, it ain’t so no more! It’s what they teach … Continue reading

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Public Education and Mail Service Helped Build; Now They’re Demolition

Government’s compulsory public education isn’t very old, only arriving with urbanization and the industrialization of the U.S, following developments in Bismarckian  Germany. It has never been intended to educate folk; rather, it’s purpose has always been to produce citizens instructed … Continue reading

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To Repeal ObamaCare, You Must Repeal Republicans!

ObamaCare repeal isn’t wanted by either Democrat or Republican leaders. Both prefer the government (them) in charge of as much as possible. A Republican Illinois Congressman, Robert J. Dodd, recently wrote his constituents that he would fix the bad parts … Continue reading

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Will Less Be More at JC Penney?

My mother first and then my wife always bought my socks and underwear from Penney’s. Neither trusted me to acquire my own from God knows where-some overpriced brand name, no doubt. Penney’s has stood for quality at a price with … Continue reading

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Hey! Nutjobs Shooting Folks Wasn’t in the Script!

Every so often, some nutjob shoots a bunch of people. It occurs everywhere and is inevitably followed by cries for confiscation of guns. Random Murders at Batman Premiere is the latest. Noting the enormously larger numbers offed by drivers, one … Continue reading

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