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Nuclear War: Held Off by Promises From U.S. Politicians and Iranian Islamist

What are we to think of the Iranian nuke deal of which our President is so defensive, so secretive, and his opposition so critical and yet, uninformative? We are considering replacing our picture of a tiger captioned: “Trust Me” with … Continue reading

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Dancing Politicians Just Look Silly …(Especially When They’re Elephants)

The House Republicans voted to sue the President; the House Democrats voted against that. These are the people presently conducting the governance of these United (sort of) States. We should not be abandoning God with such goings-on in play; we … Continue reading

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Iraq, With A Little More Perspective …

  Iraqis full of things that the ‘news’ media have not bothered to report in their descriptions of its developing chaos. For one thing, it’s not so chaotic as it sounds; the fighting and jihadist atrocities are mostly in the … Continue reading

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In The First Inning, Does It Matter Who’s On First?

It’s interesting to watch the reports as the 2016 Presidential elections come into sight or at least, into smell. The flaming radiance of the halo around President Obama (at least, within his party) has obscured development of any serious Democratic … Continue reading

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The Clowns Are Dancing In Washington…

Though laughter is left to you, this is a humorous piece; it’s about the GOP’s proffered budget, presently on offer from Speaker Boehner. Boehner’s Budget will inform you. The good Speaker of the House has smugly offered the idea of holding off … Continue reading

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Dognapping, Retirement, and Are You OK; the President Is!

Sometimes, it can be fun to line up a bunch of news reports on varied subjects, just to see what falls out. For example, we learned this recently from folks who worry about pets: Dognapping Up 70%. We conclude from this … Continue reading

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The Hair Of The Dog…

Readers old enough (pretty old, actually) will recall “the hair of the dog that bit you” as a prescription advising folks with a hangover from the previous nights’ imbibing to cure the next morning’s unpleasantness  with another drink as soon … Continue reading

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It Just Seems Curious…

I have no idea whether Barack Obama is a Constitutionally qualified President but the scene makes me very, very curious. He’s self-declared big on transparency but has paid millions to lawyers to prevent anyone getting the goods. As soon as anyone … Continue reading

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U.S. Military Needs ‘International Permission?’

The Presidents’ concern for the Constitution is getting some attention from non-major media sources; it’s not newsworth enough for the MSM big boys, apparently. Defense Sectretary Panetta recently clarified any doubts in public: Panetta: ‘International Permision’ Trumps Congress’ Permission for … Continue reading

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