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American Cities Taking Over From Noah and His Ark?

Man has not been alone for a very long time. Dogs, cats, cows and horses gave up freedom for security long ago by joining us. Pigs, sheep and goats, too. I have to wonder what it is that is going … Continue reading

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The New Malthusians: The U.N. and the U.S. President

The new Malthusians are just as wrong as the originals were. Thomas Malthus announced that since food production increased arithmetically while human population increased geometrically, the only answer to general starvation was for government to limit population. The ‘green revolution’ … Continue reading

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Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee for Thee?

You gonna vote for Obama? Or for Not-Obama? Sorry, but those are the choices offered by the current ruling class. Used to be Democrats who believed in sound money, a strong America and an equal shot for the little guy … Continue reading

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Sometimes, someone writes something that all who bother to think, Democrat or Republican,   should read. Lew Rockwell just did that at Mises Institute with: Twin Demons. It’s a simple explanation of why the politicians now wage wars at our … Continue reading

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I.S.U. Politicizes Qualifying for the World Figure Skating Championships?

Each country once selected its skaters for the World Championships; no more. Now, the International Skating Union (ISU) decides which skaters and countries make the cut. The ISU is an international, political body; those decisions will therefore be politicized. With … Continue reading

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Why Would a Cop Shoot an Unarmed (No Pun) Double Amputee in a Wheelchair?

Act one, scene one: Cop with gun and double amputee (1 arm, 1 leg) in wheelchair, unarmed. Act one, scene two: wheelchair person, clearly upset, yells at cop, waving a pen held in (only) hand. Act one, scene three: cop … Continue reading

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Who Lost the Chicago Teachers’ Strike? The Kids!

Chicago teachers are distinguished by an average annual salary of some $76,000 and their schools, by very poor test and grad rate results for their hapless kids. Nevertheless, the generous, selfless teachers have struck the insolvent city schools for both … Continue reading

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