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 Yellowstone National Park (USA, Montana/Wyoming) is on the edge of the news, set there by some scientists with a timely warning. Well, sort of a warning. Much of the park sits on the world’s largest caldera, or if you prefer, … Continue reading

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Real Science Channels Doctors Caligari And Franenstein …

Some allegedly ‘leading’ biologists have requested a world-wide  DNA Editing Ban on a new DNA editing technique insofar as human DNA is concerned. Next we will read of a leading bear requesting a ban on honey. The magic new tool allows … Continue reading

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Al Gore, Channeling An Ancient Pope, Reveals A Truth

Al Gore, Joe Biden’s predecessor as Clown Prince, has just informed a big techie confab that it is time to punish climate change deniers. He evidently fells that the contract cancellations, grant refusals, arrested teaching career progress and outright firings … Continue reading

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Sweet Briar College, Liberal Education And Cultural Morbidity

Sweet Briar College is near Lynchburg, Virginia. It has been educating women in the liberal arts for a hundred and fourteen years. Though a small school, its endowment is a healthy $94 million. And it has announced that it is closing. … Continue reading

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This Week’s Not Quite Record-Breaking New York Blizzard

By now, most with the awareness of say, a cabbage, understand that the civilization-halting blizzard predicted by the National Weather Service sent in its little brother in its place in New York and Boston. The Weather Service apologized (sort of) … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

News items extracted from the passing flow, we hope that you find them worthy of thought  … Chicago   2Dead, 8 hurt Friay into Saturday  (One extended day in the windy city …) The  US Marriage Rate:  ‘Never married” was 10%, … Continue reading

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The Climate Change You Haven’t Heard From Politicians …

If dishonest politicians and the dishonest ‘scientists’ on their payrolls can write about the future climate, we figure so can we. And as no one is offering us any money to lie about it, we will speak only the truth … Continue reading

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