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Beck and Soros Expect Violence; Government Has the Army Ready…Any Bets?

Will we soon see the American military sweeping the streets, “disappearing” people and imprisoning thousands without due process? We know it will be legal per the new Section 1031 of the Defense Authorization Act just enacted in Congress. We know … Continue reading

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Brit Kids Grabbed, Jailed and Deported Over Harmless Tweets

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  Vigilant Homeland Security saved us again, grabbing, handcuffing, jailing and deporting a couple of twenty-something Brit tourist kids on arrival before they could “destroy America” or dig up Marilyn Monroe, as one had proposed in tweets to U.S. friends … Continue reading

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One Real Champ from U.S. Figure Skating Chumpionships

The figure skating world of 2012 is upside down in the U.S. Long known for ice queens and occasionally for ice kings, the American ice dancers have been also-ran performers internationally for decades and almost equally unnoticed at home. Not … Continue reading

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Bernanke: The Fed Will Continue the Status Quo, or: Look for Helicopters Distributing Money!

The ‘Independent’ Federal Reserve has now signed on to underwrite (with fake money) whatever spending excesses our masters plan to make for the next two years as: Bernanke’s Decision May Lead Planet Into Financial Chaos explains. You may rely on an … Continue reading

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Cheeseburger Chomps Chef

A politician selling out these days is  strictly dog-bites-man, ho-hum. One holding to her principles might be more man-bites-dog, real news. If it ever advanced past the theoretical, anyway.  But a gross sellout on video no less, by a revered, … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Anyone Care About the Country?

Does anyone in the media or any of our politicians care about the problems America is enduring? That’s the question columnist and economist Thomas Sowell asks in: Is Anybody Serious? America’s problems are rooted in a declining economy resulting from: … Continue reading

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Black Market Barbie in Iran?

The powerful Ayatollahs ruling Iran threaten the U.S. Navy, Europe and Israel but those powers seem to shrug off the threats. Maybe they need to reconsider in the light of what’s happening in Iran to another major power: the world-wide financial … Continue reading

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More Inflation Coming, No Matter What You Hear From ANYBODY!

We know by now our politicians won’t stop buying votes with borrowed money we can’t repay and we’re ignoring the reality that fact is about to hand us, hoping that, like the fabled Chinese dragon, maybe reality will go away instead … Continue reading

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The Kettle We’ve Known Is About To Boil Over…

It’s said that when the British surrendered to General Washington’s army, their band played: “The World Turned Upside Down.” Not having been there, I can’t say but the events of 2012 are shaping up toward that sentiment; with much of … Continue reading

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How the Progressives Have Scammed the Blacks (and Others)

The Progressive pitch is simple: See all those who have more than you do? THEY made you poor, it’s not your fault; it’s theirs! Just vote for me; I’ll take some of their ill-gotten loot and give it to you! And … Continue reading

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