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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Detritus of the week just ending: The culture (Sweden): A man live streamed a gang rape on Facebook.((Amateur filmmakers proliferating …) More culture: Gunfire ended a protest against a right wing speaker at the University of Washington. (We thought that … Continue reading

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A Racial Comparison Needing Explanation …

Group One: American blacks. Originally imported as enslaved field workers. Presently occupy the lowest economic tier, provide the highest per capita percentages of criminals, abortions and single parent families. They have the least average ed education. Young blacks are recognized … Continue reading

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The Politics of American Ignorance (What You Don’t Know, Can’t Hurt Me)

The State of New Mexico possessed among the lowest high school graduation rates in the U.S, a scandal. Never mind, the Democrats who control the legislature and the Republican Governor agreed upon the solution: They reduced the graduation requirements. The … Continue reading

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Is Immigration The Next Crisis? Or Is Ferguson To Last A While?

A few weeks back, we were sweating the possible arrival of more Ebola patients in the U.S. Just before that, we were anxious that ISIS might start blowing up Americans. Still earlier, the concern was Russia’s badly camouflaged grab for … Continue reading

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Only In America: White Lesbian Couple Sues Sperm Bank; Baby Came Out Black

It is becoming difficult these days, to distinguish irony and even tragedy from outright farce. God may be dead; His sense of humor unarguably lives on. Shakespeare wrote: “But man, proud man, Dress’d in a little brief authority, Most ignorant … Continue reading

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Michael Brown Replaces Trayvon Marin As The Show Goes On

Trayvon Martin is dead, buried and wrung dry; Michael Brown is in play in Martin’s role as understudy. A succession of dead blacks is needed to keep life in the client relationship between blacks and the political Left and to … Continue reading

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The Merry-Go-Round Accelerates In Fergusn, MO

The teen shot by Ferguson, MO police is being assembled into a new version of the Travon Martin case. “Protestors” from other areas, many with criminal records, are appearing in Ferfuson to loot and riot. The President, wo ignores police … Continue reading

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