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ObamaCare via Dems; ObamaTrade via GOP; Where’s the Difference?

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi assured her immortality with her advice to pass Obamacare so as to learn what was in it. That scandalized the GOP that waited until now to adopt the same attitude, for ObamaTrade in the later … Continue reading

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If Racism Is Bad, Why Is Government-Imposed Reverse Racism Good?

Our ancestors were a motley collection of mostly northern Europeans; therefore according to the Left, the miseries of the world are our fault. Even more, any miseries of Americans. Though preeminently silly, it is incessant and we are tired of … Continue reading

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Dumb vs. Dumber for President, Come 2016? (But This Time Is Different, Right?)

We are told that  49%of Americans receive government benefits. That more than 80 million receive Medecaid. That’s over a quarter of the population receiving government healthcare for the ‘poor.’ And referring to last night’s post, this is the situation in … Continue reading

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The GOP: How To Oppose Immigration Without Being Deprived Of It …

The Democrats want as many million illegal aliens imported, working and ultimately voting as possible. President Obama has made that unarguable. Republicans resemble a young girl long pledged to the boy next door, suddenly rushed by the son of the … Continue reading

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NEWS: Information, or Distraction?

Cable and broadcast TV plus newspaper chains now owned by a half dozen or so news giants control what we learn every day about our world. In the U.S, most of these reflect the Obama Administration and/or Democratic Party talking … Continue reading

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An Incredibility Shrinking Presidency …

President Obama appears to us to have reached that point in his political trajectory where he has passed apogee and is falling back to earth. Even Democrats are now complaining of what he has done or what he hasn’t done. … Continue reading

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Do Democrats Or Republicans REALLY Want To Elect The Next President?

The Democrats have obtained most of what they can expect from President Obama; his polls are drifting into George Bush territory. And frustratingly, they are for the moment at least, stuck with Hillary Clinton as heir-apparent-with-baggage. Given all the Obama … Continue reading

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